Trinity Episcopal Church Of Seneca Falls Records,1831-1886.

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Trinity Episcopal Church of Seneca Falls records, 1831-1886.
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Trinity Episcopal Church of Seneca Falls.
3 reels microfilm.
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Two registers, 1831-1886, list baptisms, confirmations, communicants, families, marriages, and burials. In addition, there is a soldier's prayer book from the Civil War period and a mite book for 1858.
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The Trinity Episcopal Society vas organized January 1831, when Rev. Reuben Hubbard was elected minister, and the wardens and vestrymen were elected. In 1833 the church resolved to build a church, which they did. A Sunday School and a mission school were established by the minister soon afterward. For more information see the History of Seneca County, pp. 112-113.


This collection consists of two registers held by the church and two additional items which are now held in the Seneca Falls Historical Society. The Registers (1831-1886) list baptisms, confirmations, communicants, families, marriages, and burials. In addition, there is a soldier's prayer book from the Civil War period and a mite book for 1858.

Trinity Episcopal Church of Seneca Falls.
Hubbard, Reuben.

Episcopal Church--New York (State)--Seneca Falls.

Seneca Falls (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.
Seneca County (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.

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Baptismal certificates


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Trinity Episcopal Church of Seneca Falls records, #6002. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Church Registers
Volume I
A Record of all the Baptisms, Confirmation, Communicants, Families, Marriages and Burials, in the Parish of Trinity Church, Seneca Falls. No Pagination.
"A Record on Baptisms in the Trinity Church Seneca Falls." 1831-1855 .
14 pages. Lists date, home town, officiating minister, child or adult and parents or sponsor.
"Confirmations," 1831-1850 .
8 pages. Lists date, name, presiding Bishop.
"The Names and Residences of the Communicants belonging to Trinity Church Seneca Falls" 1833-1840.
4 pages. Indicates removed, deceased, only on 1st page are individuals numbered.
" June 1st 1839 , Families."
Lists heads of households
"Trinity Church of Seneca Falls Families of the Congregation." Aug. 1, 1850
5 pages. Column 1, name of Family (actually head of household), col. 2, number of adults and young persons attending church, col. 3, children and infants baptised.
"Record of Marriages in the Parish of Trinity Church Seneca Falls." 1832-1850 .
8 pages. Indicates name of bride and groom, their towns of origin, date of the marriage, location, and officiating minister.
"Record of Burials in the Parish..." 1833-1851
9 pages. Lists name, parents or spouse of the deceased, tovn of origin, age, sometimes cause of death, sometimes vhere buried, sometimes if baptised.
Volume II
Parish Register Trinity Church Seneca Falls, 1851 , (Printed)
Parish Register adapted for Parishes of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.
Parishioners, pages 1-46, as of 1855
Baptisms, pages 47-136, 1831-
Confirmations, pages 137-155, 1831-1886
Communicants, pages 183-228, 1831-1886
Marriages, pages 229-251, 1832-1855
Burials, pages 252-29, 1833-1886
Burials list date, name, place of interment, age.
Church Offerings, pages 297-320, 1876-1886
Divided into at Holy Communion or at Other Times.
Seneca Falls Historical Society Items
Item 1
"The Soldier's Prayer Book arranged from the Book of Common Prayer; with additional collects and hymns", 1861
Philadelphia: Protestant Episcopal Church Society. 64 pp.
Item 2
Mrs. E. Coving Mite Book, 1858 "
Trinity Church, J.M. Guion, Rector. Kept in a workmen's time book, the pages list 75 names with their contributions for 10 months.
Scope: Part III contains one volume of vestry meeting minutes (1831-1890) which deal with the temporal affairs of the church, 4 issues of The Parish Record, a newsletter published from 1885-1887, and miscellaneous documents including a deed to the church property (1833), miscellaneous vestry minutes (1893), a deed to a pew and pew rent diagrams.
Item 1
Vestry Records, 1831-1890.
Monthly vestry meetings deal with supplying the pulpit, arranging for premises for the church meetings, construction and maintenance of church property and other temporal affairs (see the church history for dates of specific events). Contents include:
p. 3
2 photos of the church.
p. 21
Rectors of the church. 1831-1885.
p. 31
Account of meeting for incorporation January 13, 1831. Vestrymen and wardens elected.
p. 32
Articles for incorporation.
p. 33
Meeting circulates subscription to pay minister
p. 66
November 17, 1833 List of documents placed in the cornerstone of the church
p. 97
Rev. Mr. T. resigns as his character has been maligned in the village.
Item 2
The Parish Record, Advent 1885, Advent 1886, May 1887, September 1886.
Lists church officers, services, societies, baptisms, marriages, burials and announcements and prayers, moral and religious advice, a history of the parish, and hymns.
Item 3
Miscellaneous Documents.
List of expenses incurred during the construction of the church. March 5 -July (?) 28, 1834.
Letter from Bishop W.H. DeLancey to the Warden of the Church July 12, 1845 introducing the Rev. Mr. Davenport.
Deed of the church. August 13, 1833 from Ansel Bascom.
Copy of letter from wardens and vestrymen of St. Peter's Church of Auburn, New York thanking Trinity Episcopal for the tribute to their pastor, November 28, 1888.
Letter to the Rev. John Brainard praising him for 25 years of continuing service to St. Peter's Church, Auburn, New York.
Vestry minutes, April 21, 1893, May 19, 1893, May 26, 1893, June 5.
Item 4
Pew Rent Documents, 1836-1871.
Deed to Pew #9 to Carlton Seely. April 7, 1836.
Diagram showing pews and their renters.
Diagram showing pews and their renters.
Diagram showing pews and their renters.