Emma Koberg, Collector, Letters,1822-1852

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Emma Koberg, collector, letters, 1822-1852.
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Emma Koberg, collector
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Forty-one letters concerning the Sons of Temperance, religious activities, legal actions, family matters, 1848 Democratic State Convention, a Revolutionary War widow's pension, a petition for a government post for a physician, and complaints about a bequest. Correspondents include John F. Graham, Jno. H. Redington, Aaron Vanderpool, and Erastus Corning.
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Forty-one letters concerning the Sons of Temperance, religious activities, legal actions, family matters, 1848 Democratic State Convention, a Revolutionary War widow's pension, a petition for a government post for a physician, and complaints about a bequest. Correspondents include John F. Graham, Jno. H. Redington, Aaron Vanderpool, and Erastus Corning.

Koberg, Emma,
Corning, Erastus
Graham, John F.
Redington, Jno. H.
Vanderpool, Aaron.
Democratic Party (U.S.)
Sons of Temperance of North America.

Temperance--New York (State)
Family--New York (State)--Ontario County
Family--New York (State)--Wayne County.
Military pensions.


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Letter #1
From A.B. Clemons, D,G,W,P. (Palmyra N.Y.) to John F. Graham, G.W.P. (Geneva N.Y.).
December 4, 1847
Discusses the growth of the Wayne Division of the Sons of Temperance and current activities of both the Wayne and Palmyra groups.
Letter #2
From Hiram Schur, M.P. (Port Gibson N.Y.) to John F. Graham G.W.P. (Geneva N.Y.).
June 6, 1848
Asks for information concerning a Sons of Temperance member whose position in the local government required him to rule on granting liquor licenses. Brother James Halladay Esq. has been charged with violating his obligation since he granted a license.
Letter #3
A Prohibition leaflet stating "The Saloon Must Go" copyright W. Brown.
Letter #4
From A.B. Lucing (Philipsville N.Y.) to John F. Graham (Geneva N.Y.).
September 11, 1868
Letter discusses whether it is amenable to the Sons of Temperance Constitution that a member be granted a license to retail liquor.
Letter #5
From H. Boynton and J.A. Murry with a post script from J. Smith (Red Creek N.Y. to Rev. P.A. Murry (Geneva N.Y.).
December 15, 1842
Describes a revival in Red Creek lasting 3-4 weeks where the authors have labored with the assistance of Bros. Tonisley and C. Smith.
Letter #6
From Jno. H. Redington (Auburn N.Y.) to Jedediah Burchard (Evangelist) (Springfield, Windsor Co., Vermont)
November 27, 1834
Redington encourages Burchard to be a true Christian, talks about Burchard's wife, and requests prayers for "a serious student of theology and a true minister," i.e. himself.
Letter #7
From ____ Armitage (Jefferson) to John F. Graham G.W.P. (Geneva)
March 8, 1849
Concerns an application to the Grand Temple at N.Y. City for the charter of a temple to be located in Jefferson and called "Salubrin Temple." The author requests that Graham write a letter of recommendation. He reports that two divisions have been formed from his: one at Townsend's settlement, one at Reading Centre. Another is to be formed at Burdette.
Letter #8
From Alvah Nash (Havanah N.Y.) to Dr. John F. Graham (Geneva N.Y.).
February 10, 1848
The brothers have been directed to sing those tunes at the opening and closing initiation which are in the book. They protest and argue that they should have the privilege of singing what they see fit. Please advise.
Letter #9
From Alvah Nash to John F. Graham (Geneva N.Y.).
February 28, 1848
Inquires whether the brothers may withdraw without permission or may send in their card. Past D.D.S.P.S. B. Denton has done the latter.
Letter #10
From G.H. Crane (Clarkson Village) to J.F. Graham (Geneva N.Y.).
No date
Application for a division, proceedings of the organization of a division, and a fee of $6.00, Gives a list of officers. He talks of the high cost of supporting temperance work and wishes he had more support so he could attend the Grand Division Meeting next month.
Letter #11
From William Gibson, Attorney (Lyons N.Y.) to Francis Bloodgood, Esq., Clerk of the Superior Court of N.Y. (Albany).
December 9, 1822
Requests a court hearing in Ja. for his client, John Clofs, vs. Henry Garlock.
Letter #12
From William Sipin (Gibson?), Attorney (Lyons N.Y.) to Francis Bloodgood, Esq. Clerk of the Superior Court (Albany).
December 12, 1822
Requests that a notice for argument on demurrer for William Hough be placed on the dockett. From W.J. Hough re. May Je 1822, Dec. 16, 1822.
Letter #13
From Mrs. Elizabeth Hawkins (South Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.) to W.J. Hough (N.P.).
December 21, 1822
A family letter with a poem "to Mother" at the end.
Letter #14
From Lafayette Craw (South Butler N.Y.) to Mesrs. Hubbal & Curran (Utica N.Y.).
July 26, 1849
This letter requests a large list of items desired for purchase and requests a bill for past purchases. (Talks of stock for a store paid for with kips (undressed hides).
Letter #15
From Chas. W. Torrey (Walworth N.Y.) to Mr. E.B. Walsworth, Union College, Schenectady N.Y.
September 1848
Family letter with a p.s. from Walworth's sister Jane.
Letter #16
To Hiram D. Vosburgh No. 17 Lancaster St., Albany N.Y. Return: West Meadow St. Discusses weather, son's health, money, farm crops. From S. Vosburgh to her son, (Macedon)
Oct. 27.1888
Letter #17
Not Listed
Letter #18
From Joseph Moody (Junius) to M. Hoffman, Esq. Attorney at Law,
October 18, 1822
Requesting legal advice.
Letter #19
Edward Stewart attorney for William Pierpont to Francis Bloodgood, Esq. Clerk of the Superior Court in Albany requesting a Court space.
July 27, 1822
Letter #20
From John R. Gaiton (Walcott N.Y.) to Mr. Charles (Gainton), (Sheldon MA).
October 29, 18[31 or 44]
Requests that Gainton examine himself.
Letter #21
Diary Notations. Charles M. Gainton, April 3, 1834. Almost 44 years have joined those before since I wrote the above in our house in Shelburne, Massachusetts. Glastonbury, Conn.,
March 11, 1878
Letter #22
From C. Foster, Sheriff (Palmyra N.Y.) to A. Vanderpool, Esq., Counselor at Law (Kinderhook N.Y.)
July 16, 1829-
Foster has served copies on Jonathon Sheldon. He says Fitch must pay the demand.
Letter #23
Envelope to Miss Euphenia Giver (Honoye Falls, Monroe Co., N.Y.) from Savanagh,
dated July 14
Letter #24
From Sam E. Hudson (Palmyra N.Y.) to Aaron Vanderpool, Esq. and Tolicy (Kinderhook N.Y.).
June 11, 1835
Hudson requests advice from Hudson on various legal matters.
Letter #25
Env. from Mother Vosburgh (Macedon N.Y.) to her son Hiram D. Vosburgh (no. 17 Lancaster St. Albany).
No date
Inquiring after her son's health since a recent trip home gave him a cold. Also, a note from Ewy.
Letter #26
From Thos. Amrstrong (Butler N.Y.) to Hon. Erastus Coming (AIM M.).
February 12, 1848
Acknowledges receipt of a note informing Corning that he was designated as the Democratic Candidate for Presidential Elector for the 27th district by the Democratic State Convention held at the capital on the 26th and
Letter #27
From William J. Boton (Red Creek N.Y.) to Young Lewis Esq. (Lenox, Madison Co., N.Y.).
December 30, 1863
Offering to undertake obtaining a pension for Widow Barnette if she was married prior to 1794.
Letter #28
From A.L. Beaumont (Lyons N.Y.) to Arron Van Derpoil Esq. Councellor at Law (Kinderhook Co. N.Y.).
December 30, 1863
Instructing his solicitor as to how to collect debts.
Letter #29
From Gad Hall (Huron) to Mr. Johan Knox (Augusta, Oneida Co.)
September 26, 1836
. Requests that Mr. Knox collect some notes for him.
Letter #30
From George W. Guyler (Phelps N.Y.) to Col. Elias Cost, Postmaster (Oaks Comers), his uncle,
Comments on the election of Martin Van Buren
Letter #31
To Mr. William Pako (Friendship, Alleghany N.Y.).
May 12, 1844
From his brother (Waterloo) informing of their father's death.
Letter #32
G.W. Pum Furmie (Waterloo N.Y.) to D. Thompson, New York.
January 2, 1847
-Please endorse the above to Jeremiah Apdykes account.
Letter #33
From Asa Chamberlain (Ovid N.Y.) to Mr. Wm. S. Holt (Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.),
July 17, 1839
- Asa reports on his trip to Ovid to look at farms to buy. He gives his appraisal of the area and gives directions on how to get there by canal.
Letter #34
M.G. Hoyt (Waterloo N.Y.) to Wm. S. Stow, Esq. Counselor at Law (Clyde N.Y.).
October 21, 1845
As the case of the Waterloo Baptist Society cannot be tried this week in the absence of Dr. Richardson, and as the Election is close at hand, perhaps it is advisable to put it off.
Letter #35
Envelope from S.A. Goodwin to Stephen A. Goodwin Esq. (Auburn, N.Y.).
October 31, 1844
Letter #36
From someone (Auburn N.Y.) to Wm. S. Stow Esq. of Clyde N.Y.
dated October 30, 1844
Re: legal matters.
Letter #37
From Z. Reeves (Palmyra N.Y.) to George W. Newell Esq. (Albany N.Y.).
February 17, 1834
The author thanks Newell for informing him of a "petition against the Superintendent of the Western Section Erie Canal" and asks to be kept informed of other documents relating to his official station.
Letter #38
From Wm. V. Douglas and Catherine Douglas (Covert N.Y.) to Mrs. Margaret A. Kidd (Geneva N.Y.).
February 3, 1839
Discusses birth of a daughter, a boarder, a visitor, and other family news. Note Mr. A. Ledd, Helen Ledd. (Notes missing from Delia and Douglass).
Letter #39
From W. Smith (Farmer N.Y., Seneca Co.) to H.D. Barto (Trumansburg).
March 1831
In reply to Barto, Smith discusses the situation with some notes he holds.
Letter #40
Letter from 5 citizens of Junius to Hon. Robert S. Rose, : in Congress Wash., D.C.
January 19, 1824
Recommends Dr. George B. Eliot of Waterloo for appointment in the army since his services in the last war damaged his health and left him unable to practice in the country. Signed John Rose, Barker, Rhoad, Birdsall and Birdsall. Enclosed is a letter from Elliot requesting a permanent station in a Northern post. From George F. Bush (Junius N.Y.) to A.J. Winch (Cando).
Letter #41
To George Bush (Canandaigua N.Y., Ontario Co.).
June 29, 1831
Complains about being left only $50 out of his father's large estate, and his health. Also complains about his sister Cassie's small bequest of $50 so she doesn't have anything to live on in her old age.