Harry Levin Calligraphy Collection,[ca. 1250-1891]

Collection Number: 4884

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Harry Levin calligraphy collection, ca.1250-1891.
Collection Number:
Harry Levin, 1925-
20 items.
Forms of Material:
Written documents.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Primarily medieval and early modern documents representing different styles of handwriting.
Collection material in English


Primarily medieval and early modern documents representing different styles of handwriting.

Levin, Harry, 1925-



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Harry Levin calligraphy collection, #4884. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Box 4 1-2
Illuminated manuscript.
Letters patent. Vignette drawing (lion on blue). On parchment, 3 pages, 2 sides. Illumination in Dei Noie Amen (written in gold). Gloriosa Studior: Alumna Macerata. Qua sities amoenitate, aaeris salubriate. Last page: cut out paper in a fleur-de-lis shape glued down to back page. Drawing added. Cover (see watermark), letter patent October 18, 1667 (handwritten in sepia ink), Patent della Laures Dottorate in Filographia e Geologia. Water mark on paper which makes up the front cover and the backing of the book. Inside is parchment. 5/8 x 6 3/4".
Box 2 3
Typed label in package: Italy 1492 Early humanistic cursive. Folds on two sides. Staining upper part of 2" fold. 12 3/4 plus 4 1/2 fold at the bottom x 8 x 2" fold over the right side.
Box 3 4
English Legal Paper.
Laid paper, no watermark "To the Honorable the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas began and holden at Portland in & for the County of Cumberland on the third Tuesday of November A.D. 1807." Humbly show George James Oliver Pearce of Georgetown etc. This is a judgement for collection. An accounting is listed in the lower left at the bottom of the sheet.
Box 2 5
Oratio habita in Domo Conucatiomis. Oxon: Maij XXIX Anno Domim. PLDCXX cum seremssimus. Rex Jacobus Opera Sua. Academioe dono daret. 11 1/2" x 8". 1 page, 2 sides. 3rd page 1/2 written (see below). Endi Diuidite merios et mama pendite circum Dacra canant Wates. Sic nos Felix Palladium sacrata sistimum Arce./ Names include: Richard Gardiner, ex Ade Christi. Laid paper, see watermark. Monarchy James I.
Box 2 6
Fragment-sepia ink. Latin. 7 1/2" x 3 1/2" (at the longest points).
Box 3 7
Manuscript fragment.
2 sided (from a book-string remains in a hole). Drawings in the margins. 13 1/2" x 9 1/2". Parchment. Graining on the verso. Staining upper and side borders.
Box 3 8
Verso: 1743 and 1595, in pencil. Folded in three and then in half. Torn seals on the outside. 17" x c. 25". Heavy wove paper (fibers visible). Rector st PROFESSORES Academia. Ultrajectina lect: S.P. S B aerle ?md. Ultrajecti ad diem 9 Septembris A. MDCCXLIII (1743).
Box 3 9
Illuminated Manuscript.
Illuminated page. 7" x 5". Floral and leaves red, blue and gold. Folded 4 times horizontally. Written on the outside quarter: Robt. White per and David Gosford and Eliz his wife D of L. Copy. Indres paper.
Box 3 10
Laid paper, see watermark. This is the final agreement made in the Court of our Sovereign Lord the King at Westminster in fifteen days of Saint Martin in the first year in the Reign of George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and etc., 1760.
Box 3 11
Doctor of Canon Law. Pisa Grant of the degree of Doctor of Canon and Civil law to Jacopo de Mati of Florence. On a labe: Illuminated Manuscript on vellum. 4 leaves, names in gold, good italic hand, illuminated arms within a cartouche in gold and colors on title. 4 to. contemporary vellum wrappers, gilt borders and central fleurons, edges slightly frayed, lack ties. Pisa 16 April 1642 (1643).
Box 2 12
Mortgage Letter.
Ippolyte D'Este (Cardinal of Ferrera, son of Alfonso I & Lucrezia Borgia (1509-1572): Letter signed to my chief and dearest friends the Priors of Matelica, Tivoli 17 July 1568, concerning the affairs of the community & recommending the choice of the lesser evil because of the advantage which would come of it; subscribed "Tutto Vostro Hip. Carli. di Ferrara, 1 page 4 to., & addressed conjugate leaf, small hole where seal has been removed. From the coll: Lord stor Hever Castle Paper, watermark: small fleur de lis in circle. diam.c. 1 1/4"". 11 x 8. For 35 British sterling pounds. Mortgage.
Box 3 13
Label: Rome 1534 Formal humanistic. Note transition from Gothic script. Many holes in it. 8 1/2 x 10 1/2.
Box 3 14
Illuminated Manuscript.
Italy 15th century. St. Isidore, Etymologies Lib iii(fol.55)ch.49-51). Humanistic miniscule. All of the above on a label. Top border "Liber" vellum. Center drawing 2 sided Verso: #44, written in the upper right.
Box 3 15
In pencil, lower border: France c. 1250. 2 sided. 8 x 5 1/2 in red, blue in some letters with border. ON the verso AOCRI & SARE, upper border like title.
Box 4 16
23" x 34". With complete wax seal along lower border, upper: Three Pounds. Signed and sealed in the left corner on fold "James Hatch." Vellum. 11th Oct. 1816 Betw. James Hatch of Ulrouie and Edward Hope of Harrietstown.
Box 3 17
Book plate.
5 3/4 x 8. vellum. Staining in the borders. Green smudge.
Box 4 18
On laid paper in ink on envelope. 3/4" in diameter in light orange. Very small. Tilra 550. c. 333. dLigjillo orignale. di Lijouardo for Nporraro. prov. del Sano di Syuonie.
Box 3 19
Green intro sheet.
Title and Abstract with introduction. April 28, 1891. 5 1/2 pages. Dated. Cover page (blue) State of Minnesota, County of Ramsey. 12 1/2 x 8 1/4.
Box 3 20
In pencil along the lower edge: France 1500. A page from a book (sewed holes along with left edge paper). On paper 7 1/4" x 15". Stained in the borders. Printed/written.
Box 3 21
6 x 5 1/4. Hold upper right side.
Box 1-2
Additional unnumbered items.