Henry P. Smith Papers,1966-1978?

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Henry P. Smith papers, 1966-1978?.
Collection Number:
Henry P., Smith 1911- .
122.1 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Includes transcripts of interviews, correspondence, requests for information, legislation, press clippings, voting records, inter-office memos, subject files, records of committees, and related records.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Papers of Henry P. Smith III from his terms as a United States Congressman from New York State.
Collection material in English


Cornell University LL.B. 1936. ‡b Henry P. Smith III was born in North Tonawanda, New York on September 29, 1911. After he received a law degree from Cornell in 1936, he practiced law in Ithaca, New York until 1941, and then in North Tonawanda. He was elected mayor of North Tonawanda in November, 1961 and resigned in January, 1963 to accept appointment as Niagara County judge, surrogate and family court judge for one year. He was elected to the House of Representatives, serving from 1965 to 1974.


Papers of Henry P. Smith III from his terms as a United States Congressman from New York State. Includes transcripts of interviews, correspondence, requests for information, legislation, press clippings, voting records, inter-office memos, subject files, records of committees, and related records. Subjects include armed forces, crime, education, pollution, poverty, taxes, Vietnam War, agriculture, civil rights, drug abuse, and other issues.


G 1 Agriculture
G 2 Air Force
G 2-1 Air Force requests
G 2-2 Niagara Falls 914th Tac
G 2-3 Air Force General
G 3 Army
G 3-1 Army requests
G 3-4 Corps of Engineers
G 3-5 Army miscellaneous
G 3-6 Nike sites
G 3-8 Selective Service (deferments, etc.)
G 3-9 Office of Civil Defense
G 4 Department of State
G 4-1 Immigration
G 4-2 Passports
G 4-3 General, Special Drug Project
G 4-4 World Academy
G 5 Department of Justice
G 5-1 Immigration and Naturalization
G 5-2 Justice Dept.--General
G 5-6 Federal Bureau of Investigation
G 6 Department of the Treasury
G 6-1 Internal Revenue
G 6-2 Customs
G 6-4 Treasury--General
G 7 Navy
G 7-1 Navy requests
G 7-3 Miscellaneous
G 8 Veterans Administration
G 8-5 VA--General
G 9 Post Office Department
G 9-5 Post Office--General
G 10 Civil Service
G 10-1 Positions
G 10-3 Civil Service--General
G 11 Miscellaneous
G 11-1 Positions
G 11-1.1 References, endorsements, etc.
G 11-2 Correspondence referred
G 11-3 Visitors
G 11-3.1 Group visitors
G 11-5 Speakers
G 11-6 Congratulations, greetings, thank you's, etc.
G 11-7 Page School
G 11-9 Flags
G 11-10 Maps and charts
G 11-11 Calendars
G 11-12 Tickets--football, baseball
G 11-13.1 Publications and information
G 11-13.2 Public laws, hearings, bills
G 11-13.3 Congressional Record
G 11-13.4 Congressional Directory
G 11-13.6 Farmer's Bulletins
G 11-13.8 Statements in Cong. Record
G 11-14 Misc. publications received
G 11-15.2 Press releases
G 11-15.3 Mailing list
G 11-17 Photographs
G 11-18 GPO
G 11-22 Crank
G 13 Invitations
G 13-1 Invitations accepted
G 13-2 Invitations declines
G 14 Political
G 14-1 Niagara County
G 14-2 Erie County
G 14-3 Conservative Party
G 15 Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
G 15-2 Social Security Administration
G 15-4 HEW miscellaneous
G 15-6 Office of Education
G 15-7 Food and Drug Administration
G 16 Federal Trade Commission
G 16-1 Federal Trade Commission
G 16-2 U.S. Tariff Commission
G 17 Department of Housing and Urban Development
G 17-1 HUD general
G 17-2 Housing assistance and renewal
G 17-3 Sewer and water projects
G 17-4 Section 235
G 17-5 Metropolitan Development Program
G 18 Civil Aeronautics Board
G 19 District projects
G 19-1 Olcott Harbor
G 19-2 SPUR
G 19-3 Erie and Niagara Counties Regional Planning Board
G 19-4 Floods on Ellicott Creek
G 19-5 Bull Creek
G 19-6 Times Beach
G 19-7 Tonawanda Creek
G 19-8 Deep Water Port on North Shore Niagara County
G 19-9 South Shore--Lake Ontario
G 19-10 Jetport
G 19-11 Niagara Falls International Airport
G 19-15 Bicentennial
G 19-17 High water levels--Lake Ontario
G 19-18 Eight Mile Creek
G 20 Department of Labor
G 21 Interstate Commerce Commission
G 22 General Services Administration
G 23 Department of Interior
G 24 Department of Commerce
G 24-1 Department of Commerce--general
G 24-2 Census Bureau
G 24-3 Patent Office
G 24-4 Procurement Fair
G 25 House Office Building
G 25-1 Office--Personnel
G 25-1.1 Mrs. I. Creaney
G 25-1 Mr. William B. Lewis
G 25-2 Mr. Philip A. Case
G 25-3 Disbursing Office
G 25-4 Parking Comm.
G 25-5 Clerk of the House
G 25-6 Stationery account
G 25-7 Telephone and telegram account
G 26 Department of Transportation
G 26-1 General
G 26-2 U.S. Coast Guard
G 26-3 Federal Aviation Administration
G 26-4 Federal Highway Administration
G 26-6 Railpax Amtrak
G 27 New York State
G 27-1 Bell Aerosystems Company
G 27-2 New York State Thruway
G 27-2 Buffalo Chamber of Commerce
G 27-3 General
G 27-4 Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce
G 28 Atomic Energy Commission
G 33 Personal
G 34 Library of Congress
G 38 Federal Communications Commission
G 40 Department of Defense
G 40-1 DOD general
G42 Independent Offices and Establishments
G 42-1 SEC
G 42-2 Railroad Retirement Board
G 42-3 Federal Power Commission
G 42-4 Small Business Administration
G 42-5 National Labor Relations Board
G 42-6 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
G 42-7 Office of Economic Opportunity
G 42-8 General Accounting Office
G 42-9 EPA
G 42-10 ACTION
G 42-11 National Science Foundation
G 42-12 National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities

Smith, Henry P.,1911- .
United States.Congress.House.
United States.Congress--Officials and employees.

Armed forces.
Civil rights.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.

United States--Armed forces.
United States--Politics and government.


Access Restrictions:
Restricted to permission of the regional history archivist. Transcript of oral history interview with Smith conducted by Charles T. Morrissey requires permission of the Association of Former Members of Congress to quote or reproduce.
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Henry P. Smith papers, #2867. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.

Series I. Code file (same as from Congressman William E. Miller) Boxes 1-6
Series II. Alphabetical files Boxes 7-9
Series III. Non-code chronological files Boxes 10-11
Series IV. Other papers Boxes 12-24
Series V. Papers received Jan. 12 and 23, 1973 Boxes 25-48
Series VI. Other papers Boxes 49-123


Series I. Code file (same as from Congressman William E. Miller)
Box 1
G 1 to G 4-3
Box 2
G 5-1 to G 11-1.1
Box 3
G 11-2 to G 11-13
Box 4
G 11-13.1 to G 11-22
Box 5
G 15-2 to G 27-9
Box 6
G 28 to G 42-12
Series II. Alphabetical files
Box 7
Box 8
Box 9
Series III. Non-code chronological files
Box 10
Jan.-June 1966
Box 11
July-Dec. 1966
Series IV. Other papers
Box 12
Transcript of oral history interview with Smith conducted by Charles T. Morrissey (first session, June 7, 1978) for the Association of Former Members of Congress, 96 pp.; permission required to quote or reproduce
Box 13-24
No box or code file list
Series V. Papers received Jan. 12 and 23, 1973
This is a preliminary listing of the papers received on the above date. The Code File has been put in numerical order (prior to the receipt of code file particulars from Naomi Glass, secretary to Congressman Smith) ca. 1967-1971, mainly 91st Congress, some 90th Congress.
Box 25
Code file G 1 to G 3
Box 26
Code file G 3-1
Box 27
Code file G 3-1
Box 28
Code file G 3-4 to G 5-2
Box 29
Code file G 5-6 to G 7-1
Box 30
Code file G 7-3 to G 11-1
Box 31
Code file G 11-1.1 to G 11-13
Box 32
Code file G 11-13 to G 11-13.3
Box 33
Code file G 11-13.4 to G 15-4
Box 34
Code file G 14-4 to G 19-3
Box 35
Code file G 20 to G 25-6
Box 36
Code file G 26-6 G 38
Box 37
Code file G 40-1 to G 43-13
Box 37
ABM legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
Administration, Pro and Anti
Box 37
Agriculture Committee (91st Congress)
Box 37
Agricultural legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
Air pollution legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
Appropriations Committee (91st Congress)
Box 37
Appropriations Committee--Medical research funds (91st Congress)
Box 37
Armed Services Committee (91st Congress)
Box 37
Balance of payments (empty folder)
Box 37
Ballots (91st Congress)
Box 37
1976 Bicentennial Celebration
Box 37
Cambodia (91st Congress)
Box 37
Census legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
Chiropractic under Medicare legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
Civil rights legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
Congratulations, HPS. 1968. No. 1 (91st Congress)
Box 37
Congratulations, HPS. 1968. No. 2 (91st Congress)
Box 37
Conservative legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
Consumer affairs
Box 37
Crime legislation (91st Congress)
Box 37
District Day, Apr. 1970
Box 37
Drug abuse legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Education legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Education and Labor Committee (91st Congress)
Box 38
Education (opposition to busing)
Box 38
Electoral College legislation
Box 38
End of Session Report, 1969
Box 38
Federal spending legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Firearms legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Foreign Affairs Committee (91st Congress)
Box 38
Foreign aid legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Government Operations Committee (91st Congress)
Box 38
Health legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
HEW appropriations VETO
Box 38
House Administration Committee (91st Congress)
Box 38
Housing legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Inauguration, Jan. 1969
Box 38
Interior and Insular Affairs (91st Congress)
Box 38
Interstate and Foreign Commerce (91st Congress)
Box 38
Labor legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Medical legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Medicare legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Merchant Marine and Fisheries (91st Congress)
Box 38
Middle East legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
Miscellaneous legislation, Proxmire Bill. S.3003
Box 38
Miscellaneous legislation (91st Congress)
Box 38
National Endowment for the Arts (91st Congress)
Box 38
National Guard Technicians, H.R.10249 and S.2031
Box 38
Oil imports file
Box 38
Organization heads for 1970
Box 38
Pay raise legislation
Box 39
Phosgene gas file (91st Congress)
Box 39
Phosgene newspaper clips
Box 39
Pollution (91st Congress)
Box 39
Pollution--those who requested info.
Box 39
Pollution--18-mile creek (91st Congress)
Box 39
Pollution-general constituent letters
Box 39
Pornography (91st Congress)
Box 39
Post Office and Civil Service
Box 39
Postal legislation (91st Congress)
Box 39
Postal reform
Box 39
Poverty legislation (91st Congress)
Box 39
Powell, Adam Clayton
Box 39
Public Works (91st Congress)
Box 39
Pueblo legislation
Box 39
Questionaire, 1969
Box 39
Questionaire, 1970
Box 39
Box 39
Railroad legislation (91st Congress)
Box 39
Reordering priorities form (91st Congress)
Box 39
Republican Campaign Committee
Box 39
Republican National Committee
Box 39
Republican Organization, House of Reps.
Box 39
Rules (91st Congress)
Box 39
Science and Astronautics (91st Congress)
Box 39
Small Business Committee (91st Congress)
Box 39
Social Security legislation (91st Congress)
Box 40
Standards of Official Conduct (91st Congress)
Box 40
Student disorders (91st Congress)
Box 40
Tax legislation--single taxpayer
Box 40
Single taxpayer petitions (91st Congress)
Box 40
Tax legislation (from 1969 ) (91st Congress)
Box 40
Tax legislation through Aug. 1969 (91st Congress)
Box 40
Y.W.C.A. tax reform letter (tax-exempt org.) (91st Congress)
Box 40
Pay T.V. (91st Congress)
Box 40
Textile import letters, tariff legislation (2 folders) (91st Congress)
Box 40
Trade legislation (91st Congress)
Box 40
Un-American Activities (91st Congress)
Box 40
Veterans Affairs (91st Congress)
Box 40
Veterans legislation (91st Congress)
Box 40
Vietnam legislation (91st Congress)
Box 40
Vietnam Moritorium (91st Congress)
Box 40
Voting age legislation (91st Congress)
Box 40
Ways and Means (91st Congress)
Box 40
Ways and Means Committee H.R. 3782 (91st Congress)
Box 40
Welfare legislation
Box 40
Welfare legislation thru Jan. 1971 (91st Congress)
Box 41
Academies, 1969
Box 41
Air Force Academy, 1969
Box 41
Merchant Marine Academy, 1969
Box 41
Military Academy, 1969
Box 41
Naval Academy, 1969
Box 41
Betsch, Keith A., AF Academy, Class of '71
Box 41
Camann, Stephen P., AF Academy, Class of '72
Box 41
Neuland, Michael E., AF Academy, Class of '72
Box 41
Rajczak, William M., AF Academy, Class of '71
Box 41
Baxter, Richard B., Naval Academy, Class of '71
Box 41
Baldwin, Frederick A., West Point, Class of '71
Box 41
Benoit, John F., West Point, Class of '70
Box 41
Flood, John F., West Point, Class of '71
Box 41
Gustin, Maurice J., West Point, Class of '71
Box 41
Maday, Roy E., West Point, Class of '71
Box 41
McKeon, Thomas C., West Point, Class of '71, Presidential Appt.
Box 41
Runge, Jerry D., West Point, Class of '71, Academy Appt.
Box 41
Somers, Robert L., West Point, Class of '72
Box 41
Weber, Alfred J., Jr., West Point, Class of '72
Box 41
Buffalo Harbour, Black Rock Channel etc. Drift Resolution (88th Congress)
Box 41
Bud Lesis
Box 41
Phil Case
Box 41
Iona Creaney
Box 41
Pending cases plus misc.
Box 42
Outgoing letters (copies), Jan.-Sept. 1967
Box 43
Outgoing letters (copies), Oct. 1967-July 1968
Box 44
Outgoing letters (copies), Aug.-Sept. 1968
Box 44
Outgoing letters (copies), Nov.-Dec. 1969
Box 44
Outgoing letters (copies), Jan.-Mar. 1970
Box 45
Outgoing letters (copies), Jan.-Oct. 1969
Box 46
Outgoing letters (copies), Apr.-Dec. 1970
Box 47
Outgoing letters (copies), Jan.-July 1971
Box 48
Outgoing letters (copies), Aug.-Dec. 1971
Box 48
Service Academy files for 1970 ; individual cadet files for 1973 graduates
Series VI. Other papers
Box 49-50
Bills introduced by Rep. Smith, 89th and 90th Congress
Box 50
Judiciary Committee files, 89th and part of 90th Congress
Box 51-53
Bills introduced by Rep. Smith, 91st and 92nd Congress
Box 54
Judiciary Committee files, 92nd Congress
Box 54-55
D.C. Committee files, 92nd and 91st Congress
Box 55-56
Judiciary Committee files, 91st Congress
Box 57
Speeches delivered by Rep. Smith, 1965-1971
Box 58
Miscellaneous photographs of Rep. Smith with others
Box 59
Judiciary Committee, 89th Congress (Subcommittee #3)
Box 59
Judiciary Committee, 90th Congress (Subcommittee #3 and 4)
Box 59
Miscellaneous photos
Box 60
Working files on End of Sessiion Reports and Questionaires
Box 60
Background files, Water Pollution, Naigara Falls Remedial, Vietnam, Aid to Private Schools (Tax credit)
Box 61
Legislative/Research Subject Files, 93rd Congress, A-E
Box 62
Legislative/Research Subject Files, 93rd Congress, E-P
Box 63
Legislative/Research Subject Files, 93rd Congress, P-Z
Box 64
Voting records, 89th-93rd Congress (1st Session 93rd)
Box 65
91st Congress, Members of Congress for Peace Through Law
Box 65
92nd Congress, SPUR EDA Grant (Niagara Falls tourism)
Box 65
92nd Congress, Bell Aerospace Contract
Box 65
1967 World Peace Through Law Conference, Geneva
Box 65
1968 European trip, Judiciary Committee
Box 65
1971 World Peace Through Law Conference, Belgrade
Box 65
92nd Congress, Republican Task Force on Transportation
Box 65
92nd Congress Great Lakes Task Force
Box 65
1971 Ditchley Conference
Box 65
1969 Canadian Crude Oil problem (Ashland Oil)
Box 66-68
Bills introduced by Rep. Smith in 93rd Congress
Box 69
Files G 1 to G 3-1, 92nd Congress
Box 70
Files G 3-1 to G 4-2, 92nd Congress
Box 71
Files G 4-3 to G 7-1, 92nd Congress
Box 72
Files G 7-1 to G 11-1, 92nd Congress
Box 73
Files G 11-1 to G 11-13, 92nd Congress
Box 74
Files G 11-13 to G 11-13.2, 92nd Congress
Box 75
Files G 11-13.3 to G 15-2, 92nd Congress
Box 76
Files G 15-4 to G 20, 92nd Congress
Box 77
Files G 21 to G 26-4, 92nd Congress
Box 78
Files G 26-5 to G 42-9, 92nd Congress
Box 79
Service academies, 1971-1972
Box 80
Service academies, 1973-1974
Box 81
Chronological files, Nov. 1972-June 1973
Box 82
Chronological files, Jan.-Feb. 1974, July-Dec. 1973
Box 83
Chronological files, Mar.-Oct. 1974
Box 84
Chronological files, Jan.-Oct. 1972
Box 85
Press releases, 91st-92nd Congress
Box 86
G 42-9, 92nd Congress
Box 86
Subject files (legislative), A-P, 92nd Congress
Box 87
92nd Congress, subject files, P-V
Box 88
92nd Congress, subject files, W-Z
Box 88
Committee files (except Judiciary and D.C.)
Box 89
Campaign files, 1964-1972
Box 90-91
Military, VA, and Social Security case files
Box 92
G 1-Agric., G 2-Air Force, G 3 thru 1973 -Army
Box 93
G 3 thru 1974 -Army, G 4-Dept. of State
Box 94
G 5-Justice, G 6-Treasury, G 7-Navy
Box 95
G 8-5-Veterans' Administration, G 10-Civil Service, G 11-1-Positions
Box 96
G 11-1.1-Recommendations thru G 11-9-Flags ( 1973 )
Box 97
G 11-9 Flags ( 1974 ) thru G 11-13
Box 98
G 11-13.1 thru G 11-22 (except G 11-17)
Box 99
G 11-17, G 14, G 15-2 thru Dec. 1974
Box 100
G 15-2 (cases) thru G 16
Box 101
G 17 thru G 19-10 ( Dec. 1972 )
Box 102
G 19-10 thru G 19-22
Box 103
G 20 thru G 24-3
Box 104
G 26-1 thru G 40
Box 105
G 42 thru G 42-12, G 9-5, individual Post Office files
Box 106
Subject A-H
Box 107
Subject I-P
Box 108
Subject Q-Z
Box 109
Committees--Agriculture, Appropriations, Atomic Energy Commission, Armed Services, Banking and Currency, Education and Labor, Foreign Affairs, Government Operations, House Administration, Interior and Insular Affairs, Internal Security, Interstate & Foreign Commerce, Merchant Marine & Fisheries, Post Office & Civil Service, Public Works, Rules, Science & Astronautics, Veterans' Affairs
Box 110
Ways and Means Committee; miscellaneous--Niagara Falls Remedial Works; G 21-Rail Reorganization
Box 111
93rd Congress press releases
Box 112
1972-1973 press releases, 1973-1974 speeches; 1975 Service Academy files
Box 113
Judiciary Committee; District of Columbia Committee
Box 114
Judiciary Committee cont'd, patent reform legislation
Box 115
Projects (Niagara Falls Sewage Treatment Plant, 1972-1973 ; All American Canal; Niagara County Redevelopment Area Designation; Model City AEC Proposal, 1965-1966 ; Tonawanda Island Bridge, 1965-1966 ; North Tonawanda Refuse Disposal Machine; Wilson Harbor Dredging Project; Urban Planning Assistance Grants, 1967-1968 )
Box 116-117
Rockefeller Confirmation material (Judiciary)
Box 118-119
Loose-leaf binders of press clippings and Smith's official voting record for 92nd and 93rd Congresses
Box 120
Scrapbook, 1969-1971 ; copies of correspondence, 1966-1974 ; inter-office memos from Washington, D.C., 1966-1974
Box 121
Inter-office memos to Washington, D.C., 1966-1974 ; coded subject files, G 0 to G 9
Box 122
Coded subject files, G 10 to G 15
Box 123
Coded subject files, G 17 to G 42; Subject files, 1965-1974 ; Corps of Engineers, 1966-1973