Ethel Letitia Cornell Papers,1906-1964

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Ethel Letitia Cornell papers, 1906-1964.
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Ethel Letitia Cornell, 1892-1963.
3 cubic ft.
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Correspondence, articles, reports, proceedings of meetings, bibliographies, manuscripts, certificates, diplomas, drawings, and other items.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Materials pertaining to Cornell's career as a psychologist with the New York State Education Department.
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Psychologist, New York State Education Department.
Cornell University Class of 1914.


Correspondence, articles, reports, proceedings of meetings, bibliographies, and other items pertaining to intelligence testing and the nature of intelligence, exceptional children, growth studies, the characteristics of high school students, language usage of high school students, early secondary education in New York State, mental health, the certification and role of the school psychologist, the New York State Psychological Intern Training Program, the American Psychological Association, and the New York State and American Associations of Applied Psychology, and to related topics. Also, Miss Cornell's examination books and notes from courses at Cornell (1911-1914) and Columbia University (1915-1917); her creative writing and other non-scientific manuscripts (ca. 1906-1910); certificates and diplomas (11 items, 1906-1948); and various blocks and drawings used in psychological testing.

Cornell, Ethel Letitia, 1892-1963.
American Association for Applied Psychology.
American Psychological Association.
Columbia University--Students.
Cornell University--Students.
New York State Association for Applied Psychology.
University of the State of New York.
University of the State of New York.

Education--New York (State)
Intelligence tests.
Mental health.
Psychological tests.
Psychological tests for children.
School psychologists.
Women psychologists.

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Ethel Letitia Cornell papers, #2545. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Folder 1
Alpha Omicron Pi
Folder 1
College Entrance Diploma from Girl's High, Brooklyn
Folder 1
State Scholarship Certificate, Cornell University
Folder 1
Certificate "A" from Pelton School of Music, Brooklyn
Folder 1
Elementary School (High School entrance) diploma
Folder 1
Diploma from General Course at Girl's High
Folder 1
Certificate as Fellow of American Association of Applied Psychology
Folder 1
Certificate as Professional Psychologist in Clinical Psychology
Mapcase Folder 1
Ph.D. from Columbia University
Mapcase Folder 1
Diploma of William Alexander Cornell, University of the City of New York (later N.Y.U.) May 29, MDCCCLXC. (Disregarded for catalog and Report purposes.)
Mapcase Folder 1
E.L.C.'s B.A. from Cornell
Box 1
3 wooden file boxes with the names of individuals and various subject headings in psychology.
Box 1
A wooden box of blocks with different colors for "block designs."
Box 1
A wooden box of blocks for cube construction.
Box 1
Two envelopes containing wooden shapes, no title.
Box 1
13 small folders containing drawings for "Picture Arrangement," "Design for Memory," and "Block Designs" tests.
Box 1
Cornell-Coxe Performance Ability Scale, Examination Manual (Yonkers-on-Hudson: World Book Co.,88 pp.)
Box 1
4 sheets of University of State of New York "Education Measurement Performance Scale," blanks. Also Cornell-Coxe Performance Ability Scale, Individual Record Blank.
Ethel Cornell Items
Box 2
Exam books and Class Notes including those from lectures by Professors Bennett, Woodworth, Andrews, Durham, Leland, Hammond, Cattell, Poffenberger, De Garmo, Prescott, and others
Box 2
Personal Correspondence - re: E.L.C.'s retirement and other items ( ).
1930, 1954
Box 2
Manuscripts by E.L.C. (teenage and earlier)--stories, plays, and other items.
1906-1910, undated
Box 2
Copies of Surveys by E.L.C. including "Facts Concerning the Birth and Reproduction Rates in the U.S. and N.Y.S. with Comments on Their Implication for Education" (E.L.C. and Ruth Wood Gavian, 1942, 31 pp. mimeographed), and various surveys in New York State Schools of pupil ability and achievement, 2 folders.
1932-1942, undated
Box 2
Speeches, book reviews, articles, bibliographies, and notes by E.L.C. pertaining to psychologists, student characteristics, reading ability, the psychological facilities in schools, and other subjects, 3 folders.
1925-1954, undated
Box 2
A list of publications by E.L.C. (carbon and original typescripts, 10 pp.).
Box 2
Miscellaneous--Various miscellaneous items such as poems, a contract for Cornell, Coxe and Orleans' Rating Test Scale for School Habits, material re: E.L.C.'s inclusion in American Women of, an eulogium for E.L.C. in The N.Y.S. Psychologist (16:1, p. 6) and other printed and miscellaneous items.
1935, 1927-1964, undated
Psychology and Psychologists' Organizations
Box 2
Material pertaining to certification, licensing, and available positions for psychologists in New York State
1940, 1936-1954
Box 2
New York Psychological Intern Training Program - Correspondence, and material pertaining to conferences on this subject and to the qualifications of the interns, 2 folders.
1938-1954, undated
Box 2
New York State and American Associations of Applied Psychology. Program of meeting of NYSAAP, The Bulletin of NYSAAP, 12 issues) and related items
1938-1948, 1940-04-1947-11
Box 2
American Psychological Association in wartime. "Human Nature and the Peace," a statement by psychologists (1944), material concerning the Emergency Committee's work on psychlogical problems in the war period, and other items
Box 2
Psychological Monographs - "Preparation of MSS for Publication as Monographs," by Herbert S. Conrad (1948, 17 pp.) and other items
Box 2
Report of the Committee on the "Function of the Division of Educational Psychology of the A.P.A." and related correspondence, reports, and notes
1948-1952, undated
Box 2
The Clinical Psychologist (APA Committee) - Reports, Correspondence, and relevant items
1949-1953, undated
Box 2
NYSPA Bulletin, Joint Council Newsletter, NYS Psychologist, N.Y. Board of Examiners on Psychology, By-Laws, and related items.
1950-06-1951-10, 1954-05
Box 2
NYS Capital District Psychology Club - Correspondence, programs, and relevant items
Box 2
Notes on General Psychology and Neurology and other subjects (n.d.).
Box 3
The Psychologist and the School. Correspondence, reports, case studies, articles, and proceedings of meetings pertaining to certification requirements for school psychologists, the work of the school psychologist, and related topics, 15 folders.
Box 3
Mental Health - correspondence, notes, bibliographies, and related items
1925-1929, 1949-1955, undated
Box 3
Intelligence Testing - Items concerning the Stanford-Binet scales and other measures of intelligence, the nature of intelligence, Report of the "Committee on IQ" of the A.P.A. (1934), and related topics. Includes reprints, bibliographies
1934-1944, undated
Box 3
Conference on Democratic Processes (Schenectady) - description of the conference, reports, and related items.
Box 3
National Mental Health Institute - Committee on Training for School Services. Correspondence, minutes, and related items
1944-1950, undated
Box 3
Civil Service Course in Tests and Measurements - sample items and relevant information
Box 3
National Council (on?) Measurements Used in Education (NCMUE) - correspondence pertaining to a code of ethics, standards of publication, and relevant items
Box 3
"Plan for the Evaluation of the Empire State FM School of the Air Radio Program" (by Barbara D. Lacombe, Jane C. Saunders and E.L.C.
Box 3
Exceptional Children - abstracts, bibliographies, and correspondence. (Original and carbon typescripts and handwritten, 4 folders.
1943-1952, undated
Box 3
Growth studies and characteristics of H.S. Pupils - material relating to the Harvard Growth Studies, the tasks of early secondary education, longitudinal studies of individual development, the characteristics of high school pupils. Correspondence, notes, and relevant items, 7 folders.
1950-1954, undated
Box 3
Vocational interests - test blanks and notes
1952, undated
Box 3
"Early Secondary Education in NYS," an outline for a bulletin (mimeographed, typescript, and carbon typescript items)
1953, undated
Box 3
Studies on Social and Economic Trends, Personal and Family Living, Elementary and Early Secondary Education. Typed, mimeographed, and handwritten items, including notes, related to these studies, 4 folders.
1940-1954, undated
Box 3
"The World We Want," - Citizenship Conference in Albany programs, reports, and other relevant items, 2 folders
1942-1953, undated
Box 3
"Free Language Usage of H.S. Pupils" - charts, notes, and data on errors, 5 folders.
Box 3
Language Fact, Tests and Scoring (n.d.).
Box 3
Topics for discussion on Health, Minority Groups, Education, Training for Defense (mimeographed)
Box 3
Linguistic Relations Completion Test - Test blanks, scoring keys, tabulations of results, and related items (n.d.), 2 folders.
Box 3
Date on Children's Ability to figure their birth year (n.d.)
Box 3
Photograph of psychologists at work conference on Functions and Training of School Psychologists - U.S. Hotel Thayer, West Point, and an accompanying sheet of names