Jared Treman Newman Papers,1803-1953

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Jared Treman Newman papers, 1803-1953, 1803-1937 (bulk)
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Jared T. (Jared Treman) Newman, 1855-1937.
23.2 cubic ft.
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Correspondence, legal documents, reports, accounts, blueprints, maps, clippings, and printed material.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Jared Treman Newman was an Ithaca, New York attorney, 1893-1896, and mayor, 1907-1908; Cornell University Trustee, 1895-1903 and 1907-1933; and a bank official.
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Jared Treman Newman was an Ithaca, New York attorney, 1893-1896, and mayor, 1907-1908; Cornell University Trustee, 1895-1903 and 1907-1933; and a bank official.
Cornell University Class of 1875.


Papers include correspondence, legal documents, reports, accounts, blueprints, maps, clippings, and printed material dealing primarily with the interest of Newman and Charles H. Blood in the development of Cayuga Heights, but also with Renwick Heights and Bryant Park, Ithaca, New York; minutes of the organizational meeting of the Cayuga Heights Land Corporation, 1928. Also, letters and papers concerning banking institutions in Ithaca and elsewhere; real estate in South Dakota, Illinois, and Florida; other business concerns; the expansion and promotion of the New York State Barge Canal system; the affairs of Cascadilla School, Ithaca; alumni activities of the Cornell Class of 1875; manuscript and printed matter concerning the Ithaca Presbyterian Church, the Cornell University Christian Association, and Cornell United Religious Work; letter to Professor Floyd K. Richtmyer concerning his views of a proposed school of religion at Cornell; Newman's appointment as special lecturer in the Cornell Law School, 1897-1899; and his terms of service as a Trustee, including an Alumni Trustee Report, 1898. Also, correspondence with Wilmot Moses Smith, 1875; William Ozmun Wyckoff, 1891, concerning his interest in a Tompkins County, New York judgeship; a letter from Eugene Frayer concerning Cornell President Charles Kendall Adams; letters from George Lincoln Burr, Hiram Corson, Mina Miller Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, Leonard Knight Elmhirst, Livingston Farrand, and Harry Emerson Fosdick.
Additional correspondents include Frank Ernest Gannett, David Starr Jordan, Juliette Levy, Seymour Lowman, Albert Russell Mann, Nathan L. Miller, James Richard Robinson, Catherine Rumball, Nathaniel Schmidt, Jacob Gould Schurman, Alfred Emanuel Smith, Edwin Crowell Stuart, Frank Thilly, Robert Henry Treman, Andrew Dickson White, the Williams family, and Mung Yee Yap thanking "the good people of Ithaca" and Newman for the hospitality shown him during his student days at Cornell and mentioning impressions of Japan and descriptions of the Soochow School of Diplomacy and the Comparative Law School, both in Shanghai, China.
Family correspondence includes a letter from Joseph LaFayette LePine (Newman's great grandfather) to Margaret Kearney concerning the troubled conditions in Haiti, 1803; four items (1843) regarding an indemnity France paid to LePine's daughter Anna Marie Louise LePine Paddock Treman for losses suffered during the slave revolts in Haiti; and reminiscences (1889) of Adrianna Leonora Treman King. Papers of Newman's son, Charles H., include correspondence, reports, and memoranda (1917-1925) concerning his World War I service and veteran's claims; condolence letters received after his father's death; and correspondence with Gerald C. Williams, Frederick R. Stevens and others concerning biographical sketches of his father (1938 and 1953).
Detailed index available in accession folder.

Newman, Jared T. (Jared Treman), 1855-1937.
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.
Blood, Charles H.
Burr, George Lincoln, 1857-1938.
Corson, Hiram, 1828-1911.
Edison, Mina Miller.
Edison, Thomas A. (Thomas Alva), 1847-1931.
Elmhirst, L. K. (Leonard Knight), 1893-1974.
Farrand, Livingston.
Fosdick, Harry Emerson, 1878-1969.
Frayer, Eugene.
Gannett, Frank E. (Frank Ernest), 1876-1957.
Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931.
Kearney, Margaret.
King, Adrianna Leonora Treman.
LePine, Joseph LaFayette.
Levy, Juliette.
Lowman, Seymour.
Mann, Albert Russell, 1880-1947.
Miller, Nathan L.
Mung, Yee Yap.
Newman, Charles Hardy.
Richtmyer, F. K. (Floyd Karker), 1881-1939.
Robinson, James Richard.
Rumball, Catherine.
Schmidt, Nathaniel.
Schurman, Jacob Gould, 1854-1942.
Smith, Alfred Emanuel, 1873-1944.
Smith, Wilmot Moses.
Stevens, Frederick R.
Stuart, Edwin Crowell.
Thilly, Frank, 1865-1934.
Treman family.
Treman, Anna Marie Louise LePine.
Treman, Charles H.
Treman, Robert Henry.
White, Andrew Dickson, 1832-1918.
Williams family.
Williams, Gerald C.
Wyckoff, William Ozmun.
Cascadilla School.
Cayuga Heights Land Corporation.
Cornell University--Alumni and alumnae.
Cornell University--Religion.
Cornell University Christian Association.
Cornell University. Board of Trustees.
Cornell University. United Religious Work.
Ithaca Presbyterian Church (N.Y.).

Land use--New York (State)--Bryant Park.
Land use--New York (State)--Cayuga Heights.
Land use--New York (State)--Renwick Heights.
Real property, Exchange of--Florida.
Real property, Exchange of--Illinois.
Real property, Exchange of--South Dakota.
World War, 1914-1918.

New York State Barge Canal System (N.Y.)
Ithaca (N.Y.)

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Jared Treman Newman papers, #2157. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.

Arranged chronologically.


Contains a list of correspondents which can be cross-referenced to the years given below.
Box 1
May 1, 1855-Oct. 27, 1889
Box 2
Oct. 28, 1889-Sept. 9, 1893
Box 3
Sept. 11, 1893-May 31, 1894
Box 4
June 1, 1894-Feb. 19, 1896
Box 5
Feb. 20-Dec. 31, 1896
Box 6
Jan. 1, 1897-July 15, 1901
Box 7
July 16-Dec. 30, 1901
Box 8
Jan. 2, 1902-Dec. 31, 1907
Box 9
Jan. 1, 1908-Dec. 31, 1916
Box 10
Jan. 1, 1917-Sept. 16, 1919
Box 11
Sept. 17, 1919-Mar. 18, 1920
Box 12
Mar. 19-Nov. 30, 1920
Box 13
Dec. 1, 1920-June 14, 1921
Box 14
June 15, 1921-June 30, 1922
Box 15
July 1, 1922-July 16, 1923
Box 16
July 18, 1923-Feb. 28, 1925
Box 17
Mar. 1-Dec. 31, 1925 , and misc. 1925
Box 18
Jan. 1, 1926-Feb. 28, 1927
Box 19
Mar. 1-Dec. 31, 1927 , and general 1927
Box 20
Jan. 1-Oct. 13, 1928
Box 21
Oct. 16, 1928-Apr. 30, 1929
Box 22
May 1-Dec. 31, 1929
Box 23
Jan. 1-Sept. 30, 1930
Box 24
Oct. 1, 1930-Jan. 14, 1931
Box 25
Jan. 16-Sept. 30, 1931
Box 26
Oct. 1, 1931-Apr. 13, 1932
Box 27
Apr. 17-Nov. 29, 1932
Box 28
Dec. 1, 1932-July 31, 1933
Box 29
Aug. 1, 1933-May 31, 1934
Box 30
June 1, 1934-Mar. 31, 1935
Box 31
Apr. 1-Nov. 30, 1935
Box 32
Dec. 1, 1935-July 31, 1936
Box 33
Aug. 1, 1936-June 8, 1937
Box 34
Cayuga Heights Development 1
Box 34
Cayuga Heights Development 2
Box 34
"The Community Farm" by "John Hallifax"
Box 34
Cornell University
Box 34
First National Bank of Ithaca, The Ithaca Savings Bank
Box 34
First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca
Box 34
Florida Real Estate
Box 34
General Undated Correspondence (alphabetical by sender)
Box 34
Ithaca Land Development - Berkshire Addition
Box 34
Ithaca Land Development - Bills and Receipts
Box 34
Ithaca Land Development - Klinewoods and Renwick Heights
Box 34
Ithaca Land Development - Miscellaneous Papers
Box 34
Ithaca Land Development - Taxation Papers
Box 34
Ithaca Land Development - White Park
Box 35
J.T. Newman's Reminiscences of Thomas A. Edison
Box 35
Miscellaneous Papers
Box 35
New York State Canals and Waterways
Box 35
Political Items
Box 35
Religious Studies and Addresses 1
Box 35
Religious Studies and Addresses 2
Box 35
Seattle, Washington, Land Development
Box 35
Seattle, Washington, Land Investments (Westlake Realty Company)
Box 35
Box 36
Cash Book - list of business transactions, Jan. 14, 1925-Jan. 8, 1934.
Box 36
Cash Account - list of receipts and disbursements, Mar. 20, 1907-Dec. 31, 1924.
Box 36
Cash and Land Accounts - Cayuga Heights Land Corporation, Jan. 10, 1929-July 1, 1933.
Three "Commonplace Books," containing accounts of court cases, investments, estates, deeds, claims, mortgages, settlements, taxes, etc.
Box 36
- first book - Jan. 12, 1915-Dec. 8, 1917
Box 36
- second book - Feb. 21, 1918-Apr. 3, 1919
Box 36
- third book - Nov. 1, 1919-Dec. 27, 1922
Box 36
Ledger, Bryant Land Company, May 29, 1909-Jan. 7, 1918.
Box 36
Book of Expenses - partially filled, Jan. 10, 1929-Dec. 31, 1931.
Box 36
Checkbook - partially unused - from Cayuga Heights Land Co., Jan. 13, 1919-Oct. 14, 1933.
Box 37
Cash and Ledger Book, Jan. 1, 1920-June 30, 1950.
Box 37
Ledger - Charlotte E. Williams Estate, Mar. 17, 1927-Nov. 2, 1931 , mainly RR, other securities.
Box 37
Account Book - Inventory & Transfer of Interests of the Estate of Charlotte E. Williams, Mar. 17, 1927-Nov. 2, 1931.
Box 37
Ledger - Cayuga Heights and others, Jan. 1, 1917-Jan. 25, 1936.
Box 37
Account Book - Business transactions; household and personal expenses, Jan. 23, 1932-Nov. 1, 1936.
Box 37
Two typed volumes on law and court procedure.
Box 38
Pamphlets, Newspaper Clippings and Broadside - not sorted.
Box 38
Who's Who in New York, 1952 - workroom shelves.
Box 38
Who's Who in the East, 1955 - reading room.
Box 39
Letters from Joseph LaFayette Lepine's generation to Jared Treman's generation (including death notices of Jared Treman and Abner Treman, his father), May 6, 1803-June 1898.
Box 39
Jared T. Newman's business letters and Charles H. Newman's World War I papers, Dec. 7, 1909-Dec. 11, 1925.
Box 39
Jared T. Newman's business letters and Presbyterian Church material, 1926-Nov. 16, 1935.
Box 39
Abstract of Correspondence between Jared T. Newman and Charles H. Blood from 1922 to 1936; and Mr. and Mrs. Jared T. Newman's Golden Anniversary clippings, and business letters, June 7, 1936-Oct. 22, 1936.
Box 39
Obituary notices and condolences for Jared T. Newman, May 11-June 10, 1937.
Box 39
Charles Newman's letters, and biographical notes about Jared T. Newman, Nov. 28, 1938-Feb. 20, 1953.
Box 39
Box 39
Jared T. Newman's address book and notes on travels, accounts, and numberous subjects.
Box 39
Gold ruler presented to J.T.N. for his efforts for the Cayuga Seneca Barge Canal, 1909.
Box 39
Sanborn map of Ithaca, N.Y., indexed in 26 sections in a bound volume. Placed in bottom a map drawer marked "maps 1-100". Map card made Jan. 29, 1965.
Box 39
Hon. Josiah Butler Williams' wedding record.
Box 39
Ithaca High School Twenty-Five Year Book 1876-1900 (taken out of the collection).