Franklin Robert Smith Papers,1875-1919

Collection Number: 2073

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Franklin Robert Smith papers, 1875-1919.
Collection Number:
Franklin Robert Smith, 1855-1925.
.8 cu. ft.
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, trade cards and other advertising material, and other business and personal papers.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Papers of Franklin Robert Smith, a fruit grower from Ontario County, N.Y., including general accounts, 1883-1906. Also letters, miscellaneous business papers, trade cards and other advertising material.
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Fruit grower from Ontario County, N.Y.


Papers of Franklin Robert Smith, including general accounts, 1883-1906. Also letters, miscellaneous business papers, trade cards and other advertising material.

Smith, Franklin Robert, 1855-1925.

Fruit-culture--New York (State)--Ontario County.

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Trade cards.


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Franklin Robert Smith papers, #2073. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Box 1-2
Time sheets (no definite identification - just names and time) 1900-1910 (1909 missing)
Box 1-2
Bills of lading; U.S. Express Co. at Hector 1898-1900 ; Lehigh Valley R.R. Co. at Hector 1898-1910
Box 1-2
Bills of sale (for produce), 1905-1908
Box 1-2
Summons to appear at hearing - to Geo. H. Harrold from The People of the State of New York. July 21, 1875 .
Box 1-2
Letter to F.R. Smith, Geneva, N.Y., from A.L. Smith & Son; North Hector, N.Y. Mar. 22, 1900 , re: price of trays (for packing fruit).
Box 1-2
Letter (and form notice) to Nelson C. Smith from Forest, Fish & Game Commission signed J. Annin, Jr., dated Apr. 10, 1900 , re: granting application and shipment of lake trout fry (for stocking of pond with fish).
Box 1-2
Letter to Mr. Smith from T. or F.W. Starr. Dated Apr. 18, 1900 , re: cost of making disk harrow.
Box 1-2
Letter to FRS from A.L. Smith & Son, North Hector, N.Y. Dated July 16, 1900 , re: order for 10# baskets.
Box 1-2
Letter to FRS from Charles Barker, Milford, Del. Dated July 31, 1900 , re: "New Crop" Crimson Clover seed - sample and price list.
Box 1-2
Farm inventory. Dated Hector, N.Y., Feb. 25, 1901 . No name on sheet. handwritten in pencil - lists quantity, item and value (includes stock, equipment, feed).
Box 1-2
Letter to FRS from William Brooker, Dr. (blacksmithing done). Auburn, N.Y., Mar. 18, 1904 . "... delivered blades to Mr. Odell ..."
Box 1-2
Letter to Mr. Smith from W.H. Huston, Logan, N.Y., Feb. 6, 1905 . "Please pay for posts ..."
Box 1-2
Shipping tag - to FRS, Geneva, N.Y., from J.C. Shannon & Son, Penn Yan, N.Y.
Box 1-2
Trade card - J.P. Sauer & Co. - Produce Commission Merchants, N.Y.C. Reverse side bears list of dates (no year) and sums of money, but no identification as to transactions.
Box 1-2
Four sheets (8 pp.) numbered 45-52 (apparently from advertising pamphlet) re: Columbia disc harrows.
Three account books [one without cover] seems to be General Journals. Dates cover 1883-1906
[Removed from account books and filed with loose MSS.:
  • 1 trade card: R.W. Dixon & Son, New York City
  • 1 letter: to FRS from Baker & Co., Philadelphia, 1903
  • Also, two receipts for payment of "land army" girls, Sept. 1919]
Box 1-2
1. 1883-1895 [no cover], expenditures
Box 1-2
2. 1896-1899 - sales records
Box 1-2
3. 1899-1906 - same
Box 1-2
The New York Packer. Vol. 12, no. 37. Oct. 18, 1913 .
Box 1-2
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Oct. 23, 1913 (incomplete).
Box 1-2
5 receipts to F.R. Smith from J.T. Cook, dealer of Hay, Grain, Straw, Flour, Feed, Etc., Geneva, N.Y. to F.R. Smith, Aug. 8, Oct. 4, Oct. 14, 1905 ; and 2 undated.
2 Trade cards:
Box 1-2
1. "New Way" hay press manufactured by Sandwich Mfg. Co., Sandwich, Ill.
Box 1-2
2. Balliett Bros. pressers of Hay and Straw.
4 letterheads cut from bills:
Box 1-2
1. Washington Iron Works, Newburgh, N.Y., dated Nov. 30, 1868 .
Box 1-2
2. New York Central Iron Works, Geneva, N.Y., dated Oct. 1, 1861 .
Box 1-2
3. Eyssenhardt & Becker sole manufacturers of the Belmontyle Oil, Washington, D.C., dated Jan. 3, 1868 .
Box 1-2
4. Willard & Millward, dealers in New and Second-hand Engines, Boilers & Machinery, New York City, dated Feb. 28, 1868 . [Retained with #571.]
Box 1-2
1 Advertisement: How to give the medicated salt Salvet. Guaranteed by the S.R. Feil Co., under The Food and Drugs Act June 30, 1906 . (2 copies.)
Box 1-2
Pamphlet: Pocket Code arranged for the use of Produce Commission Merchants. Published by E.D. Barker, Philadelphia. n.d. 44 pp.
Box 1-2
Pamphlet: The Economy Telegraphic Cipher Code. Published by Peycke & Fry, Chicago. n.d. 211 pp.


Map - Adirondacks, 1902. (Four sheets in folder.) Distributed to Maps & Microtexts Dept., July 1974.