Edwin Thomas Gibson Papers,1935-1958

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Edwin Thomas Gibson papers, 1935-1958.
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Edwin Thomas Gibson, 1884-1959.
2.1 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, manuscripts, notebooks, pamphlets.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Correspondence, manuscript or typescript speeches and notebooks, and pamphlets and other printed matter concerning national security, amomg other things.
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Lawyer, Cornell University trustee.


Correspondence, manuscript or typescript speeches and notebooks, and pamphlets and other printed matter concerning the Mutual Security Act and Mutual Security Administration, Defense Production Administration, Market Research Corporation of America, National Planning Association, the American Assembly, International Materials Conference, International Milk Processors, National Biscuit Company, Merchants Refridgerating Company, First Savings (Federal) and Loan Association, and the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship; also, letters and other papers concerning his position as a trustee of Cornell University (1952-57) and his interest in the Cornell Alumni Association in New York City. Correspondents include Robert Bruce Chiperfield, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Eli Ginzberg, Harold E. Stassen, Charles E. Wilson, and Henry M. Wriston.

Gibson, Edwin Thomas, 1884-1959.
Chiperfield, Robert Bruce.
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969.
Ginzberg, Eli, 1911-
Stassen, Harold Edward, 1907-
Wilson, Charles E.
Wriston, Henry M.
American Assembly.
Cornell University--Trustees.
Cornell University. Alumni Association.
Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship.
First Savings Federal and Loan Association.
International Milk Processors.
Market Research Corporation of America.
National Biscuit Company.
National Planning Association.
United States.Defense Production Administration.
United States.Mutual Security Agency.
International Materials Conference.

Banks and banking.
Marketing research.

United States--Politics and government.

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Box 3:access restricted until January 31, 1987.
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Edwin Thomas Gibson papers, #1972. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Box 1
"National Biscuit Co., Etc."
"Legal Paper - Historic in their Value." Contains printed material and typed briefs about the National Biscuit Co.
Box 1
"Industry Committee for Consumer" (Black Notebook)
"Saving - Expenditure Research." Typed manuscript titled "Plan for Development of Optimum Survey Techniques for the Current Measurement of Consumer Savings, Income and Expenditures." Notebook also includes a pamphlet titled "The Effect of Respondent Ingorance on Survey Results"
Box 1
"Mariot Research Corporation of America"
Contains printed report of MRCA functions. Divided as follows: introduction, engineering analysis of needs, market situation analysis, controlled tests and experiments, strategy, theory and systems, training and education, organization charts
Box 1
Typed manuscript titled "MRCA Retirement Pension and Profit Sharing Plans." Presented to the board of directors on May 6, 1954
Box 1
"Market Research," 1954-1957
Industry Committee - Contains correspondence between Gibson and various other people
Box 1
"Market Research," 1956-1958
Industry Committee - Correspondence
Box 1
"Europe - Personal," Mar. 24, 1953
Contains the master copy, with revisions, of an "Evaluation Report" sent to Hon. Harold E. Stassen, Director of Mutual Security, Washington D.C. Also several other printed copies of the same report. Much of Gibson's personal material relating to the trip to Europe, i.e. letter about passport, hotel bills while in Europe, schedule of stopping points in Europe and times of meetings and with whom, etc. Trip began on Feb. 20, 1953 and ended on Mar. 15, 1953. The purpose of the trip was to get information for the Mutual Security Act.
Box 1
"M.S.A." (Mutual Security Act), 1953
Contains printed material of a draft of a bill for the Mutual Security Act and Congressional Committee reports on this bill. Also there is some correspondence, i.e. to and from Congressman Chiperfield, chairman of the foreign affairs committee
Box 1
"1st Fed. - Executive Study Committee," 1958
Contains printed material and correspondence. Typed report of "Counsel's Memorandum re Report of Ad Hoc Committee" dated July 16, 1958 . Correspondence concerns the Ad Hoc Committee of which Gibson was chairman. Also includes photostats of a letter, a report titled "Consultive Service Contract with President Mortlock," a typed report titled "First Federal Saving and Loan Association of New York Employees' Deferred Profit Sharing Plan and Trust," and a printed report titled "The Chase Manhattan Employees' Benefit Program"
Box 1
"Mutual Security Administration"
Contains printed letter dated Mar. 24, 1953 , to Harold E. Stassen from a group of buisness executives including Gibson as deputy chairman. The purpose of the report was to evaluate the Mutual Security program and personnel in various countries.
Also written manuscript material by Gibson and other printed reports. Diary of Gibson's trip to Europe in 1953 , having to do with the M.S.A. Commentary on his meetings with the various team captains. Rough draft of letter from Gibson to Congressman Chiperfield, chairman of the Committee on foreign affairs. Also other printed and manuscript material relating to M.S.A.
Box 1
"Speeches - E.T. Gibson," 1935-1957
Box 1
"Speeches - Washington - D.P.A."
All the speeches concern the Defense Production Administration, 1951
Box 1
What Makes an Executive?
Written by a group of men headed by Eli Ginsburg. He was chairman of a round table on executive potential and performance. New York, Columbia Press, 195?
Box 1
"E.T. Gibson - Miscellaneous," 1940-1955
Most material in the 1950's
Box 2
"National Planning Association," 1954-1956
Correspondence, mimeo reports and correspondence
Box 2
"First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. - Retirement Plan," 1956
Some correspondence. Also photostatic copy of "Summary of a Revised Progam for the First Federal Savings and Loan Association of New York." Printed draft of report titled "First Federal Savings and Loan Association of New York Employees' Deferred Profit Sharing Plan."
Box 2
"Pennsylvania State University," 1956-1957
Correspondence. Concerns Gibson's talk titled "Effects of World Conditions on Buisness," at the Executive Management program on July 9, 1956 , and in June 1959
Box 2
"Market Research Corporation of America," 1958
Correspondence, memos, reports. "Report to Financial Review Board from National Consumer Panel as of Sept. 30, 1958
Box 2
"Merchants Refrigerating Company," 1952-1954
Correspondence concerning the company. Gibson was a director.
Box 2
"Refrigeration Research Foundation," 1952-1954
Correspondence concerning Merchants Refrigerating Company. Also includes some pamphlets.
Box 2
Dr. Edwin T. Gibson, "Merchants - Expansion Data," 1956-1958
Correspondence concerning the Merchants Refrigerating Company
Box 2
"Edwin T. Gibson - Biography"
Box 2
"Market Research Corporation of America"
Report titled "Past Performance, Current Budget, and Future Projection," Aug. 1958 . Also "Schedule of Financial Tables"
Box 2
"Dr. Newman - Round Table"
Includes printed reports of the eight meetings held by William H. Newman on "Management of Expanding Organizations"
Box 2
"The American Assembly" (Black Notebook)
Printed material concerning the Assembly, its trustees, charter by-laws, Columbia - Assembly agreement, sketches of Assemblies, minutes of meetings, and statements of accounts
Box 2
"Columbia - Exec. Program," June 21, 1957
Notes and correspondence concerning the Executive Program in Buisness, June 1957
Box 2
"Cornell," 1951-1953
Correspondence concerning the Cornell Alumni Assoc. in New York City; Elwyn E. Seelye, Maxwell Upson, Hiag K. Shiroyan, Phillips Wyman, etc.
Box 2
"Special Com. Cornell"
Correspondence and reports concerning the special committee and report mande by the Trustees
Box 2
"Cornell University" (carbon)
Typescript report titled "Report of Alumni Trustee Edwin T. Gibson, 1952-1957 ." Also copy of Arthur H. Dean's Remarks at Cornell Legislative Dinner, Albany, New York, Feb. 28, 1956 , 22 pp. Xerox
Box 2
"Market Research Corp. of America," 1957-1959
Correspondence, memos, and reports concerning the M.R.C. of America
Box 2
"Washington Service File - E.T. Gibson"
Correspondence, 1951-1952 . Concerns the Defense Production Administration
Box 2
"Defense Production Administration Organization," 1951-1952
Correspondence including letter from Charles E. Wilson, director of defense mobilization. Legal forms and other letters having to do with the D.P.A.
Box 2
"International Material Conference," 1951-1953
Correspondence concerning the International Materials Conference. Mostly letters about Gibson's leaving the I.M.C.
Box 2
"First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. - Columbia Report"
Printed material with the following titles - "Characteristics and Attitude of Depositors;" "The Role of Dividends in Savings Behavior;" "First Federal Savings and Loan Assoc. of N.Y. Revised to Nov. 28, 1956 "
Box 2
Report titled "Specifications for and Location of Frozen Foods Service Complex for Metropolitan New York." Report to Merchants Refrigerating Co.
Box 2
"E.T. Gibson - 1st. Fed."
Letters and reports concerning the First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. in New York, and also the Ad Hoc Committee Report
Box 2
"American Assembly," Feb. 1953-1958
Correspondence concerning the American Assembly including letters from Henry M. Wreston, President of the American Assembly, and President Eisenhower. The Eisenhower letters are dated Apr. 13, 1954 and Oct. 22, 1954
Box 2
Annual Publication - Frozen Food Book and Directory
Published by the National Frozen Food Distributors Association
Box 2
1957-1958 Manual - "Cornell Univerity Council"
Box 2
"Directory of Membership"
The National Council of the National Planning Association as of Feb. 1958
Box 2
"First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. Special Law Com."
General Correspondence, 1957-1958
Box 2
"Merchants - Finance Com."
Printed material concerning the Market Research Corporation of America"
Box 2
"Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships, Inc."
Correspondence. Minutes of the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees, Sept. 15, 1958
Box 2
"Eisenhower Fellowship," 1957-1958
Letters, progress reports on 1959 program, statements of assets etc., for 1957-1958, list of Eisenhower Exchange Fellows for 1958, and other buisness correspondence
Box 2
Dr. Ginsberg's Round Table"
Minutes of the eight meetings. Also includes other correspondence relating to the round table conferences
Box 2
"International Milk Processors Inc."
Correspondence and notes about the International Milk Processors Inc.
Box 2
"The Refrigeration Research Foundation," 1953-1956
Correspondence, reports, and bulletins. Also printed copy of the report of the directors for 1952 of the Refrigeration Research Foundation
Box 2
"Ginsberg - Human Resources," 1957-1958
Correspondence mainly from Eli Ginsberg
Box 2
"Quick Frozen Foods" (Pamphlet), 1929-1954
Box 2
Letter to Gibson from Thomas B. McCabe, chairman of the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships, Inc., Jan. 17, 1955 ; 6 pp. including attachments
Box 2
Report of Operations of the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships, Inc., for the year 1954 . 7 pp. mimeographed, including attachments
Box 2
"Edwin T. Gibson Papers" (declassified by the U.S. State Dept.); Printed typescript, "General Missions, Functions and Activities of MAAGs" (Military Assistance Advisory Groups); Printed pamphlet, "Planning Production for Defense;" Printed list, "Chiefs of MAAGs and Service Sections of MAAGs; Printed typescript, "Belgium;" Printed typescript, "Military Procurement under the Mutual Security Program;" Telegram (date, sender, recipient, information, cut out); Dittoed report, "My Conclusions," 2 pp.
Box 3
Edwin Thomas Gibson
This box contains records of Special Trustee Committee of Inquiry established Apr. 14, 1956 , to investigate possible Communist sympathies and activities of Professor Philip Morrison, Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell. The records cover 1951-1957 . Restricted to permission of archivist for 30 years from date of creation (expires Jan. 31, 1987 ); open thereafter