Cornell University Building Files,1868-2013.

Collection Number: 47-10-4032

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Cornell University Library


Cornell University building files, 1868-2013.
Collection Number:
Cornell University. Library. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections.
2 file drawers.
Forms of Material:
Photographs, publications.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Photographs, clippings, brochures, correspondence and other materials relating to Cornell University buildings.
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Photographs, clippings, brochures, correspondence and other materials relating to Cornell University buildings.

Cornell University.
Cornell University. -- Buildings.


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Cornell University Building Files, #47-10-4032. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


See also the Infrastructure Properties and Planning Facility Information Database,

Arranged alphabetically in filing cabinets in Kroch Library.


A. D. White House
Includes guest-book, 1995-1998
A. D. White Library (see Library)
Africana Studies
Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva (NYSAES)
Agriculture, State College of
Includes information on the planning and construction for Academic I (Kennedy and New Roberts Halls) and the demolition of the original Agriculture buildings (Roberts and Stone Halls).
Agronomy - Plant Breeding - Conservation
Anabel Taylor Hall
Arnot Conservation Camp
Arts Quad
Bailey Hall
Bailey Hortorium
Baker Dormitories
Baker Laboratory
Balch Hall, Women's Residential Hall
Bard Hall: Thurston and Kimball Halls
Barnes Hall
Bartels Hall (Alberding Field House)
Barton Hall
Bausch, Edward, Laboratory of Metallography (see Bard Hall)
Carl Becker House
Beebe Lake
Big Red Barn - Alumni Center
Bioclimatic Laboratories for Plant and Insect Research
Bio-Science Complex
Biotechnology Building
Boardman Hall
Bondareff Raptor Facility
Boyce Thompson Institute
Bradford Hall, Emerson Hall, and Guterman Laboratories
Bridges (see also Central Avenue Bridge, Sackett's Bridge, Suspension Bridge)
Buildings: Miscellaneous
Campus Development, Planning, and Construction I
Campus Development Planning, and Construction II
Campus Mail / Post Office
Campus Store
Carpenter Hall
Cascadilla Gorge (See Gorges)
Cascadilla Hall
Center for Performing Arts (see Performing Arts Center)
Central Avenue - Ho Plaza (Oversize)
Central Avenue Bridge
Chemistry Laboratories (old; also known as “The Shops”)
Clark Hall of Science
Class Memorials
Clocktower (filed under McGraw Tower)
Collyer Boathouse
Comstock Hall (Academic II)
Alice Cook House
Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (CAL)
Cornell Plantations (formerly: Arboretum) (see Plantations)
Corson Hall and Mudd Hall
(Hiram) Corson House
Cosmopolitan Club House
Dairy Barn
Day Hall
Clara Dickson (Residence Hall)
Duffield Hall
Ecology House (Residential Club)
Eddy Street Gate
Equine Research Park
Fall Creek Gorge (See Gorges)
Fernow Hall
Finch-Guerlac House
Food Research Laboratory
Footbridges (Fall Creek; Cascadilla; unidentified)
Founders Hall
Franklin Hall (see Tjaden Hall)
Fraternities and Sororities
Gannett Clinic
Goldwin Smith Hall
Includes Sheldon Memorial Sundial and Exedra
Grumman Squash Courts
Guides, Walks and Buildings
Heating Plant
Helen Newman Hall
Heller House
High Voltage Laboratory
Ho Plaza (see also Central Avenue)
Hoffman Challenge Course
Hollister Hall
Hotel School (see Statler Hall)
Hot Truck (filed with Louie's Lunch)
Hughes Hall
Hydraulics Laboratory
ILR - Industrial & Labor Relations
International Studies, Mario Einaudi Center for,
Ithaca Businesses
Ives Hall
Johnny Parson Club
Johnson Art Museum (Herbert Fisk Johnson Museum of Art)
Jordan Hall (see Agricultural Experiment Station)
Kaufmann Auditorium
Kennedy Hall
Kenneth Post Laboratory
Kinzelberg Hall (see Savage Hall)
Kroch Library
Laboratories (Includes Ken Post)
Language Resource Center (see Noyes Lodge)
James Law Hall and Auditorium (Vet School)
Library (Includes A. D. White Library, University Library, Uris Library, Archives) (see also: Olin)
Library Annex
Liddell Laboratory
Lincoln Hall (also oversize)
Little Schoolhouse
Louie's Lunch / Hot Truck
Lynah Rink
Lyon Hall (see War Memorial)
Malott Hall
Mann Library
Maplewood Park Apts.
Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Includes a folder of information about Martha's desk
Mary Donlon Hall
McFaddin Hall (see War Memorial)
McGraw Hall
McGraw Tower
Medical College
Mennen Hall
Milstein Hall
Miller-Heller House
Minns Garden
Moakley House Recreation Center
Morrill Hall (also oversize)
Morrison Hall
Morse Hall
Myron Taylor Hall
Newman Laboratory
North Campus Residence Halls
Noyes Community Recreation Center (Noyes Student Center)
Noyes Lodge / Language Center
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
Observatories (includes Fuertes Observatory)
(Spencer T.) Olin Chemistry Laboratory
Olin Hall
Olin Library (also oversize)(see also: Library)
Ornithology Laboratory
Parking Garage
Parrott Hall (see Agricultural Experiment Station)
Percy Field Clubhouse
Performing Arts Center (Schwartz Center
Phillips Hall
Polo Barns, Oxley Equestrian Center
Power Plant
Rand Hall
Research Park
Resource Information Laboratory
Rhodes Hall (See Theory Center)
Rice Hall
Riley-Robb Hall
Risley Hall
Robert Purcell Union
Roberts Hall
Rockefeller Hall
Sackett's Bridge (Beebe Lake)
Sage Chapel
Sage Hall (College)
Sage Infirmary (Schuyler House)
Savage Hall
Schoellkopf Memorial Hall
Schwartz Center (see Performing Arts Center)
Sheldon Court
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Sibley Hall
(Old) Shop Building behind Sibley
Includes photo of the Cornell Café building. (Sibley Dog Wagon food truck)
Sigma Xi
Signal Station
Snee Hall
Space Sciences Building
Sperry Hall
Sphinx Head Society
Statler Hall (Statler Inn)
Stimson Hall
Stocking Hall
Stone Hall
Sturtevant Hall (see Agricultural Experiment Station)
Suspension Bridge
Teagle Hall
Telluride House
Terrace Hill
Theory Center (Rhodes Hall)
Thurston Hall
Tjaden Hall (Franklin Hall)
Toboggan Lodge
University Barn
University Halls
University Library (see Library)
University Press
Upson Hall
Uris Hall
Uris Library (see Library)
U.S. Plant, Soil, and Nutrition Laboratory
Veterinary College (see also James Law Auditorium)
Veterinary College Research Tower
Von Cramm Scholarship Hall
War Memorial, McFaddin and Lyon Hall (see also: Baker Dormitories)
Ward Nuclear Studies Laboratory (Ward Center)
Weill Hall (Cornell Life Sciences Technology Building)
Warren Hall
White Hall
White Library, (see Library)
White Museum (see A. D. White House)
Willard Straight Hall
Includes info on Samuel Yellin designed gates
(Robert Rathbun) Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory
Wing Hall