Paul R. Eberts Papers,1951-2005

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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Paul R. Eberts papers, 1951-2005
Collection Number:
Paul R.(Paul Roberts), Eberts 1932-
ca. 61 cubic feet
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, Manuscripts
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Correspondence, notes and lectures for courses taught by Prof. Eberts, projects including Mayors' Survey and CARDI (Community and Rural Development Institute), papers and other manuscripts.
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Paul R. Eberts was on the faculty in the Rural Sociology Department (later Development Sociology).


Correspondence, notes and lectures for courses taught by Prof. Eberts, projects including Mayors' Survey and CARDI (Community and Rural Development Institute), papers and other manuscripts.

Eberts, Paul R.1932-
Cornell University.Community and Rural Development Institute.
New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.Dept. of Rural Sociology.
New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.Dept. of Development Sociology.

Sociology, Rural--Study and teaching.
Rural development--Sociological aspects.


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Box 1
Community Change and Development Extension
Box 2
Rural Sociology, 100 Course Outlines, Lecture Notes, Course Materials
Box 3
Proposals Project Data, Undergrad Course Notes (Personal University of Michigan)
1954-1970, 1951-1959
Box 4
Undergrad Course Notes (Personal University of Michigan), Paul R. Eberts Papers
1951-1959, 1964-1969
Box 5
RPE Papers, Rural Sociology 601, Mayors Survey
Box 6
Mimeograph Papers RS 213
Box 7
R.S. 641, 560, 602, CHRD Planning Council, Northeast Conference151
1991, 1990
Box 8
Northeast Conference151, Washington Meeting, Fiscal Austerity Proposal
1988-1990, 1986-1987, 1983-1986
Box 9
Eberts Papers, Canal Corridor, NYS Economic Development, Projects
Box 10
"00WB" Projects, Crosswords Surveys, Mayors Survey, PRE Papers
Box 11
CaRDI- Community and Rural Development Institute; Canal Committee, CDC- Community Development Committee, Projects, PRE trip
Box 12
CaRDI Production Files Reports-Growth in Mass.
Box 13
Paul R. Eberts, Northeast Conference 89, Northeast Conference 129- Rural Development Committee
Box 14
Courses- Rural Sociology 101, Rural Sociology 436, Rural Sociology 494, Rural Sociology 601
Box 15
Courses- Rural Sociology 100, Rural Sociology 101, Rural Sociology 602, Subject Files
Box 16
Subject Files, Rural Sociology 213, Rural Sociology 100-Lecture Notes, Rural Sociology 101-Lecture Notes
Box 17
Courses- Rural Sociology 101, Rural Sociology 436
Box 18
Paul R. Eberts, Courses- Rural Sociology 101
Box 19
Courses- Rural Sociology 436, Rural Sociology 641
Box 20
Courses- Rural Sociology 641, Rural Sociology 301,401, Rural Sociology 603
Box 21
Rural Sociology 301, Northeast Conference 129, Northeast Conferece 89, Mayors' Report 1983
Box 22
Northeast Conference 89
Box 23
Subject Files, Terry Clark, Jay Foley, James Christenson, Regional Development
Box 24
Northeast Conference 151
Box 25
Northeast Conference 151, Personal Papers, Agricultural Leadership, NYS Programs
Box 26
Course Notes- Rural Sociology 322, Rural Sociology 432-433, Rural Sociology 632-633, Rural Sociology 128-343-441
Box 27
Rural Sociology 343-441-443
Box 28
Rural Sociology 200-301, Sociology 51, Sociology 60, Sociology 262, Public Opinion Council-Interviews
Box 29
Sociology 101, GEM Study, Agricultural Leadership Program
Box 30
Ag Leadership Program, Paul R. Eberts-Papers, Talks
Box 31
Local Budgets, Economic Development Materials
Box 32
Paul R. Eberts-Papers, Talks
Box 33
Agri. News Service, Association of American Colleges, Rural Development, Economic Development Materials
Box 34
Courses-Rural Sociology 642, 632, 511, 624; Social Trends Outlook Conference (STOC)
Box 35
Employment Demand Data, Economic Opportunity Corporation, County Materials-Local Budgets, Watershed Management Materials, Water Resources Institute (WRI) New York State
Box 36
Legislative Commission on Rural Resources (LCRR), Materials on Aged, Community Development Corporation (CDC)
Box 37
County Reports-Data, Proposals, Reviews, Research Projects, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
Box 38
Courses-Rural Sociology 642 (formerly 624), Rural Sociology 595-598, Belarus Materials (Russia)
Box 39
Department Extension Leader, County Reports-Data
Box 40
Research-Case Studies, Papers-Miscellaneous Topics
Box 41
County Data, Rural Public Administration, Miscellaneous Papers
Box 42
Community Power Structure, Recruitment Committees
Box 43
Project Proposals, Northeast Regional Conference 47-89
Box 44
Northeast Regional Conference 74-89, Community and Rural Development Institute-Steering Committee
Box 45
Community and Rural Development Institute-County Data, Research Proposals
Box 46
Economic Development Conference
Box 47
Newspaper Articles, Northeast Regional and Center for Rural Development, Resident Civilian Labor Force Summary, Farm Worker Projects, NYS Project 2000 (Population), Community Resource Development
1979, 1989-1998, 1989-2000, 1975-1998
Box 48
Rural Development Data
Box 49
Rural Development Data, County Data, Sustainable Agriculture Data
Box 50
Sustainable Agriculture Data, Rural Sociology Course Material 331, In-Source Workshop on Interpreting Social Data
Box 51
Social Trends and Outlook Conference (STOC)
Box 52
Social Trends and Outlook Conference, Correspondence, Meritorious Service Award, Cooperative Extension-Presentation by Epsilon Sigma Phi, Lambda Chapter, Cornell University
1983-1985, 1964-2005, 1992
Box 53
Miscellaneous Files, Newspaper Articles, Fort Drum Data, County Trends
Box 54
County Data, Adirondack North Country Association Conference, Massachusetts Data, Miscellaneous Papers
Box 55
Miscellaneous Papers, Rural Sociology Department Meetings, Teaching Committee, Evaluation Committee, Department Committee Meetings
1984-1990, 1988-1993, 1990-2004
Box 56
CSRS Review, Rural Sociology Faculty Meetings, Field of Sociology-Issues, Economic Development
1988-1989, 1980-1994
Box 57
Economic Development Committee Reports, Rural Sociology 428-Local Economic Development, Economic Development Workshops, Regional Working Cabinets
Box 58
Southern Tier Economic Trends, Multicommunity Collaboration, Local Government Programs, Rural School Programs
Box 59
Community Land Use and Economic Simulation (CLUES), Community and Rural Development Institute
Box 60
Miscellaneous Materials, Cornell Research Center, Center Directions Meeting Minutes, University Lectures Committee
Box 61
Nanjing Delegation, Rural Sociology Issues, Adirondack Park Association (APA) Data