Max Black Papers,[ca. 1927]-1988.

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Max Black papers, [ca. 1927]-1988.
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Max Black, 1909-
32.0 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, files, and a manuscript.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Professional papers include correspondence, subject files, and files relating to his work with the Science, Technology, and Society program at Cornell. Also, manuscript of Black's book Rational Choice, the Prisoner's Dilemma.
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Philosopher, Professor of Philosophy at Cornell University.
Max Black received two doctoral degrees from the University of London. He taught at the University of London from 1936 to 1940 and at the University of Illinois from 1940 to 1946. He joined the faculty at Cornell in 1946, becoming the Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy in 1954. In 1965, Black became the first director of Cornell's Society for the Humanities, a position he held until 1971. Since 1971, he was a member of the Cornell program on Science, Technology and Society and academic head of its Unit on Humanities, Science and Technology. His first publication was a discussion of Jeremy Bentham's theory of definition. He has written numerous works on philosophical subjects, including books on mathematics, Wittgenstein, and the nature of the university.


Professional papers include correspondence, subject files, and files relating to his work with the Science, Technology, and Society program at Cornell. Also, manuscript of Black's book Rational Choice, the Prisoner's Dilemma.

Black, Max, 1909-1988
Cornell University--Faculty.

Philosophy--Study and teaching.


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Box 1
Probability; Induction; Mss. (Past); Cornell University matters; Fellowships & Grants; Lectures; Publications, Society for Humanities
Box 2
Papers; Testimonials; reprints of his ritings
1940s-[ ]
Box 3
Course files; Paper on Necessity; Alphabetical file A-Z; Notes A-P on various philosophical subjects
Box 4
Notes P-W on various philosophical subjects; Tractatus by Wittgenstein (notes and papers)
Box 5
Wittgenstein continued; Writing Projects (notes, course notes, arranged alphabetically A-S); Social Science (course notes, reprints, etc.)
Box 6
Course work, notes, drafts, papers, reprints on philosophical topics
Box 7
Course work for systematics; Philosophy of Science course material; India (1962); Japan (1957); Philosophy of Education
Box 8
Reprints by others; Topics (notes and papers); Seminars (Past); Tarners Lecture
Box 9
Box 10
Course material; Academic; reprints
Box 11
Bound typescript copies of papers by others; Logical Possibility by M.B. (bd. typsc.) - 2 cassettes
Box 12
Alphabetical Subject Files; Misc. I & J, Knowledge, Language, Literary Criticism, Logic, Measurement, Metaphors, Moore and "O"
Box 13
Subject Files continued, O-R: Observation, Paradoxes, Philosophy, Practical Reasoning, Probability, Rationality, Reasonable Rules, Russell
Box 14
Subject Files continued, S-W: Scholarly Responsibility, Sets, Should and Is, Technion Papers, Technology, University (Open), Verifiability
Box 15
Wittgenstein continued; Misc. in separate drawer, incl. Lord Ashby, Humbug
Box 16
Professional alpha file A-W incls i.e. C.U. Adult Univ.; Financial
Box 17
Professional alphabetical files I-W; Trips (old)
Box 18
Subject files; reprints of M. Black; India
Box 19
Typescripts Memoir of M.B. (Rosenbaum, interviewer); cassettes of lectures; notes
Box 20
Notes on philosophical subjects: incl. Tarners Lecture series
Box 21
Philosophical files incl. Tarners Lecture
Box 22
Alpha file: M-Skepticism, Science, Spare, "P"; course material
Box 23
Course material; Other Papers; Dromoland Papers, 1972
Box 24
Course material; notes and papers
Box 25
Alphabetical files: Correspondence A-D
Box 26
Alphabetical files: Correspondence E-L
Box 27
Alphabetical files: Correspondence L-R
Box 28
Alphabetical files: Correspondence S-Z
Box 29
Subject files, A-I: Aspen Colloquium, Communication; Determinism; Explanation; Goodman; Humanism; Humanities, Induction
Box 30
Humanities Science and Technology - Rockefeller Foundation, Correspondence and Proposals, Annual Reports
Box 30
Humanities Science and Technology - Annual Reports, Colloquia, Workshops
Box 30
NEH and NSF - Proposals, Grants and Correspondence
Box 30
Box 30
Max Black's Memoir, including original tape recordings from oral interview
Box 31
Letters to Rosenbaum and Naomi Black
Box 31
Letters to Michal
Note the correct spelling is Michal without an e.
Box 31
Box 32
Family photographs, diaries