Herbert Finch Papers,1967-1983

Collection Number: 13-6-2182

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Herbert Finch papers, 1967-1983.
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Herbert Finch
6.3 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, consultant reports, speeches, articles, master's thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, material from Joyce Hamilton Finch
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Contains personal and professional documentation; correspondence, consultant reports, committee work, organizational memberships and boards, speeches, articles, master's thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, course material and various other items. Also material from Joyce Hamilton Finch, 1930-1991.
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Archivist and librarian, Cornell University Library.


Contains personal and professional documentation; correspondence, consultant reports, committee work, organizational memberships and boards, speeches, articles, master's thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, course material and various other items. Also material from Joyce Hamilton Finch, 1930-1991.

Finch, Herbert.
Finch, Joyce H.

Archivists--New York (State)
Librarians--New York (State)
Regional planning.


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Series I. Personal and professional documentation
Correspondence, consultant reports, committe work, organizational memberships and boards, speeches and articles, master's thesis and Ph.D. dissertation and various other items -- created by C. Herbert Finch, 1931- . Job related material can be found in the "Archives of the Archives," collection accession folders, the Labor Managemnet Documentation Center records and in the administrative records of the Cornell University Library
Box 1 Folder 1
Vita, position classification, change of status, Who's Who
Box 1 Folder 2
Clippings and photographs
Box 1 Folder 3
American Management Assn. planning exercise,
Box 1 Folder 3
American Management Assn. planning exercise, including McGrath report
Box 1 Folder 5
Oral History Manuscript, "A Policy Statement on Academic Archives," with Olivia Narins
Box 1 Folder 6
Field Log for University of Kentucky
Box 1 Folder 7
Journal, disbounded
Box 1 Folder 8
Research Leave Application
Box 2 Folder 1
Personal Correspondence
Box 2 Folder 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Letter's from Phil's class
Box 2 Folder 5
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Personal Correspondence
Box 17
Personal Correspondence
Box 2
Retirement Letters
Box 17
Personal Correspondence
Box 3 Folder 1
Weekly Calendars
Box 4 Folder 1
Speeches and Articles
Box 5 Folder 1
Speeches and Articles
Box 6 Folder 1
Speeches and Articles
Box 7 Folder 1
Boards, Committees and Consultations
Box 8 Folder 1
Boards, Committees and Consultations
Box 9 Folder 1
Boards, Committees and Consultations
Box 10 Folder 1
COPAR and City Planning Correspondence
Box 11 Folder 1
1959, 1965
Box 11 Folder 6-7
Loss Prevention Survey Olin Library
Box 11 Folder 6-7
University Library Committee on Development
Series II. Material from Joyce Hamilton Finch, 1930-1991
Box 12 Folder 1-3
Arranged chronologically, including a folder for undated ones. Mostly from the 1980's, they are letters she wrote or received and saved for one reason or another, including the fact that some are original art work
Box 12 Folder 4-10
May-June 1991
Letters written to her by relatives, friends and clients after they learned of her cancer. Since all came within two months, they are arranged alphabetically and the sheets have been numbered for easy reference and order. Those that were "get - well" cards with no personal messages were not saved, but Joyce read all of them -- or they were read to her -- before she died. There is some original art work and some poetry including a poem Joyce wrote for a friend several years ago
An alphabetical list of correspondents, keyed to the sheet numbers, follows for subseries two and four
1 Joyce's letter to her clients
4 Louise Adams
5 Terre Allen (2)
8 Kit and Harlan Banks
9 Jean Barnaba and Jean Hope
10 Anita Baumann
11 Stephanie Belber
12 Tom Bennet
13 Jonathan Bishop
14 Beth Brown
15 Betty and Janet Brown
16 Joan and David Brumberg
20 Les Buchanan
21 Jan Butler
23 Laurel Butler
24 Lynn Cagle
26 Ann Calkins
30 Linda Caughey (2)
32 Diana Finch Chase (6)
38 Kathy Ruth Chase
39 Bart Conta
40 Alice Cook
41 Joan Cooke
42 Darylen Cote (3)
48 Cristopher Cullen
49 Mary and David Curtiss
50 Sue Dale-Hall
51 Elizabeth Delahanty
52 Alice Davie
53 Gail Davis (2)
55 Patty Davis
56 Peggy Dunlop
57 Ann Dyckman
58 Don Eddy
59 Howard and Erica Evans
60 Susan Eyster
61 Cynthia Farbaniec (2)
64 Jennie Farey
65 David Finch
66 Frank and Janice Finch
67 Jeff and Angela Finch
68 Philip A. Finch (5)
74 Trudy Firestone (3)
80 Forward Investment Club
81 Mary Gaylord
82 Christa Gee
83 Eleanor Gibson
84 Guy and Carole Gresham
85 Helen Hamilton
86 Virgie Hamilton (4)
90 Barbara Hand
91 Margaret Hartman
92 Bruce Hatch
93 Fran Helmstadter
94 Marion M. Henderson
95 Chris Henke
97 Connie Hill
98 Dorothy Hill
99 Laura Holmberg
100 Pat Holmes
101 Olka Hood
102 Mary Hunt
103 Helen Jensen
104 Karla Johnson
107 Janet and Bart Robinson
108 Anne T. Jones
109 Judy Jones
110 Tom and Elizabeth Kallman
111 Mary Lou Kieffer
112 Sue and Jud Kilgore
113 Louise Kingsbury (2)
116 Anne Kinney
117 Marian Kira
118 Joan and Ray Loehr
119 Naomi Lorance (3)
122 Sandy Lyons
123 Allison and Norm MacLean
125 Sibyl Martin
126 Tim Martin
127 Nancy McGinnies
128 Carolyn Miller
129 J. Gormely Miller
130 Jan Miller
131 Nina Miller
132 Sue Miller
133 Doris Mitchell
134 Mirete Mitchell
136 Phyllis Moen
137 Marty Moesch
138 Nancy Moser
139 Karl L. Mount
140 Mary Beth Norton
141 Gay Oliver
142 George D. Patte, Jr.
143 Edith Poppensiek
144 Frances Powers
145 Barbara Privett (2)
147 Jane and Keith Privett (2)
150 Barbara Prudhomme
153 Nancy and Andrew Ramage
154 Gil Rankin
155 Connie Reps
156 Ellen Rosten
157 Valeta Samuelson
159 Edna Shilling
160 Shayle and Helen Searle
161 Melissa Seigel (2)
163 Betsy Shaw (4)
167 Ginny Simons (2) [watercolors]
169 Carol U. Sisler
170 Mary Jane and Willard Speck
172 Jim Spero
173 June Stone (2)
175 June Henry Stone
176 Grace Tasker
Pat Tempest
178 Peg Thomas (2) [watercolor]
184 Berta Unger
185 Peg and Barney Unsworth
186 Pat Vaughan
187 Marjorie Veronneau
188 Elva Volbrecht
191 Poem by Elva for Joyce, 1974
192 Jean Warholic
193 Dix and Barbara Wayman
194 Margaret Werrell
195 Betty Whicher
196 Jeanne White
197 Sylvia Williams
198 Alene Wyatt
199 Emily Young, (2)
201 Shirley Young
202 Barbaba and Tony
203 Jane and Graham
204 Emoretta
205 Ann
206 Mary Louise
207 Levina [Marion?]
208 Georgia [Hewitt?]
209 Jinny
Box 12 Folder 11
Documents generated by Joyce Hamilton Finch's death and funeral
Documents include her obituary, "A Message from Joyce," and a transcript of the tribute to her by the Rev. David M. Evans, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Ithaca
Box 12 Folder 12-16
Letters Herbert received
June-October 1991
While not technically Joyce's, these letters bear witness to the love people had for her and the impact she had on them. As with subseries two, the cards with no personal messages were not saved, the letters are arranged alphabetically and the sheets have been numbered. October was an arbitrary cut - off date
1 Form letter reply
3 Kimberly Ackley
4 Louise Adams
5 Molly Adams
6 Kit and Haraln Banks
7 Dede and Tom Bennett
8 Mart Berens
9 Barbara and Christian Boissonnas
10 Janet Bonebrake
11 Ellen Bonn
12 Jane Brentlinger
13 Charlotte Bruce
14 Sarah Brumberg
15 Lynn Cagle
17 Rich Calkins
18 George and Ann Calvert
19 Peter Capalongo
20 Adrienne and Tony Caputi
22 Amy Holman Casey
23 Linda Caughey
24 Betty Jo Cavanaugh
25 David and Linda Chapman
26 Sandy and Martha Cheney
27 Pierre Clavel
28 Dale and Nellie Corson
29 Bob and Barbara Cotts
30 Dave and Mary Curtiss
31 Peter and Pidge Curtiss
32 Ginny Dankurt
33 Mary Don
34 Diane and Charlie Driscoll
35 Peggy Dunlop
36 Shirley Edsall
37 Sanford (IvI) Eigenbrode
38 Adam and Tony Engst
39 Frances Farrell
41 Jeff and Angela Finch
42 Trudy Firestone
45 Fran Fleming
47 Bill and Barbara Fry
48 Dee Gardner
49 Clara Golay
50 Jim Goldman
51 Mary Alice Grafton
52 SElby Gration
53 Rita Guerlac
54 Helen Hamilton
55 Elaine Harris Hatch
56 Barbara Hat
57 Rita Healey
58 Libby Hedrick
59 Margaret Hobbie
60 Martha Hodges
61 Pat Seits-Peabody (Hospicare)
62 John and Martha Hsu
63 Carol Kammen
64 Curtis K. Mooney (Ky Bapt)
65 Sue Kilgore
66 Frank and Karen Koroshec
67 Barbara Kretzman
68 Eva and John Kronik
69 Emula Lee
70 Joe and Ginny Leonard
71 Alicia and JOhn Lewkowicz
72 Laura Linke
73 Joan and Ray Loehr
74 Naomi Lowrance
77 Sandy Lyons
78 Jack Martin
79 Sibyl Martin
80 Jane McCarthy
81 Matt McHugh
82 JIm and Carolyn McPherson
83 Kay and Kim Milling
84 Brad Mitchell
85 Marty Moesch
86 Marg and Henry Murphy
87 Catherine Murray-Rust
88 Lee Nilson
89 John PArish (OBU)
90 Olin Library Administration
91 Betsy Ann Olive
92 Jan Olsen
93 Boyd and Peggy Pack
94 Earl Peters
95 Marica Samuelson Phillips
96 Louis and Lillian Pitschmann
97 Sumi Prabhu
98 Barbara and Ken Privett
99 Joel Rabinowitz
100 Howard Rolf
101 Nancy and Andrew Ramage
102 Setsuko Reis
103 Connie Reps
105 Peggy Sue Richards
106 Carol Roscoe
107 John Roscos
108 Pat Schafer
109 Alain Seznec
110 Betsy Shaw
111 Bob Slowcum
112 Willard and Janie Speck
114 Carolone Spicer
115 Neal Stamp
116 Dorothy Staller
117 Mildred Steinbaugh
118 June Stone
119 June Henry Stone
120 David Stotz
121 Suzy Szasz
122 Grace and Jack Tasler
123 Ellen Thomas
124 Hershel and Louise Thompson (2)
128 Barney Unsworth
129 Marjorie van de Poll
130 Helen Vandervort
131 Pat Vaughan
132 Elva and Volbrecht
133 Igna Wald
134 Ruth and Dick Walker
135 Elizabeth S. Ward
137 Jean Warholic
138 Karl Warren (poem)
139 Dorothy Warren
140 Rachel and David Yeh
141 Liz Wilkinson
142 Ben Williams
143 Dave Williams
144 Sylvia and Pierce Williams
145 Wanda and Wayne York
Box 13
Diaries, journals, documents and writings
Hand written thoughts and observations written on various size note cards, note books and spiral binders. There are two entries from the early 1960's, but they basically begin in 1984 and there are frequently long gaps between a run of entries. The entries deal with her spiritual growth, dreams, a wall hanging she commissioned, a story she wrote to amuse Kathy on a trip to the Finch family reunion in 1989 and her fight with cancer. Minimal annotation is added in brackets if it was judged necessary and obvious spelling or typographical errors have been corrected. The book she edited on Allan H. Treman is included
Box 13
Oct. 26, 1961
1 page typed
Just after talking with Dr. Greene, her gynecologist in Lexington,
"Well, then what would you say the chances are?"
"Not more than 50 percent. Not good at all. In another six months or so, you should consider adoption."
I hung up the phone and stood looking out my kitchen window. It was not exactly a bleak or dreary day. The wind was cold, but the sky was clear and a couple of red roses were still blooming just next to a large group of mums, heavily loaded with buds. In spite of this, depression settled around my shoulders and the tears welled up -- and stopped, forming that lump in my throat. Even if it had been spring and the dry, brown grass had been a lush green, it would have meant little comfort. It is hard to face the fact that you and the man you love may not be able to create together a new life which takes on characteristics of each and draws you closer to each other. But self pity never drives away sorrow -- it seems to feed on gloom. There are others who, for one reason or another, face the opposite problem. A child to them is not a reason for rejoicing. Surely there will be a child whom we can love and provide for and as that love grows, it won't matter for very long (probably no longer than it takes to get one look at the child) that we are not the physical parents. I would not consider adoption until I knew that I could give a child the same love I would give to one I myself had born. Surely God will meet our needs, lift the feeling of depression and guide us into the completion of His will
Box 13
Sept. 25, 1962
Douglas is four months old; the healthiest, happiest child you can imagine. It is just as his father told him the other night after we got home from church: we are so proud of him we are about to pop. He is such a good baby and just the one we needed. Already we have been blessed over and over again and we are thankful to God each day for giving us this particular child. We could not possibly love any child more and by the way they acted when we took him
Box 13
We also talked about color and looked at colors in the space where it will hang taking note of carpet, tile in adjoining bath and a framed paper sculpture which shares the same hall.
We talked about dyeing the yarn. Barbara uses two kinds of dye -- one for wool and linen and a different one for cotton. We talked about warp -- there will be two warps -- etc. Here I lost interest. I am impressed with what she knows, but what I like is the interaction with an artist who can take me into the creative process, allow me to add my bit and then produce something that is -- somehow -- uniquely both of us. [Transcription stopped at this point]
Series III. Material relative to the labor history course Finch taught in the ILR School in the 1972-1980
Box 14 Folder 1
Class Schedules, Syllabi, Grades and Evaluations
Box 15 Folder 1
Lectures, Documents and Independent Studies (499)
Box 16 Folder 1
Student research papers on various cities