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Cornell University reports : general.
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Cornell University.
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Various reports covering multiple aspects of University operations.
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Various reports covering multiple aspects of University operations.


Cornell University.
Cornell University
Cornell University -- Administration


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Description based on: 1958/1965; title from caption.


Bound ARP 1506 volumes
Box 1 ARP 1506
ARP 1506 Volume 1
Box 1 Volume 1
August 1, 1958
Deans Report on Student Activities and Conduct
December 17, 1958
Faculty Report on Student Affairs
April 21, 1960
University Faculty Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure "Report and Recommendations on Principles of Academic Freedom and on Dismissal Legislation and Procedures".
March 21, 1961
Report of the Committee on Long Range Planning to the Centennial Planning Committee
March 1963
Library Administrative Council and Library Board "The Space Requirements of the Cornell University Libraries Projected to 1975"
May 20, 1963
Report of the Faculty-Student Committee on the Freshman Year
Keast Reports
1) Articulation of Undergraduate Studies with the Programs of the Secondary Schools
2) Entrance Standards
3) Inter-College Transfer
4) Honors Programs and Independent Study
5) (no report issued)
6) The Grading System
7) Orientation and Advising
8) The Drop-Out Problem
9) The Educational Environment
ARP 1506 Volume 2
Box 1 Volume 2
October 11, 1965
Kahn-Bowers Report "Report of the Faculty Committee on the Quality of Undergraduate Instruction"
Annual Reports from the Commission on Undergraduate Education. Education.
March 1967
Larson Report, "Report of the Special Committee of the University Faculty on Education"
June 5, 1967
Wright Report, "A Report Prepared by the President's Fire Protection Committee"·
ARP 1506 Volume 3
Box 1 Volume 3
June 11, 1967
Saperston Report, "Report of the University Commission on Residential Environment"
August 15, 1967
Jensen Report, "Report of the Committee on the Review of Judicial Procedures for Student Misconduct"
Sindler Reportp "Report of the Commission on the Interdependence of University Regulations and Local, State, and Federal Law"
March 21, 1967
Report of the Faculty Council's Committee on Relations between Cornell University and CAL
March 27, 1968
Report of the President's Committee on CAL
January 2, 1968
Report of the Curtiss Committee on CAL
April 1968
Williams Commission Report
May 1, 1968
Report of the Study Committee for the Department of Buildings and Properties
June 1968
Marcham Report, "Report to the Executive Committee of the Cornell University Board of Trustees by the Commission on Investments and Public Policy
December 10, 1968
Kennedy Report, "Report of Presidential Commission on Military Training" (Also · known as ROTC Report}
December 16, 1968
Plane Report, "Report of the Commission on Teaching Assistants"
ARP 1506 Volume 4
Box 1 Volume 4
January 1969
Seznec Report, "Residential Colleges Committee Report"
May 23, 1969
Carter Report on the Cross -Burning Incident and Willard Straight Hall
June 11, 1969
Morison Report, "The President's Commission on Student Involvement in Decision-Making"
June 1969
Allee Report, "Report of the President's Committee on Housing and Dining"
August 28, 1969
Long Report, "Report of the Ad Hoc Judiciary Committee"
September 1969
Turner Report, "An Approach to Black Studies: Concept and Plan of the Africana Studies and Research Center"
September 3, 1969
Robertson Report, "Report of the Trustee Committee on Campus Unrest at Cornell"
ARP 1506 Volume 5
Box 1 Volume 5
Cornell Constituent Assembly, "Summer Research Reports 1969"
ARP 1506 Volume 6
Box 1 Volume 6
DuBois Report, "Black People and Government in Ithaca and Tompkins County"
February 1971
Risley Report, "Report of the Personnel Study Committee"
April 1971
Mineka Report, "Report of the Library Study Committee"
Additional ARP 1506x Reports
Box 2
January 1961
The School of Education of Cornell University.
Box 2 ARP 1506b
Biological Sciences reports.
Box 2 ARP 1506c
Biology At Cornell, Robert Morison
Recommendations from Dale Corson to President Perkins
Arts and Sciences report
Box 2 ARP 1506d
New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center documents
Box 2 ARP 1506e
January 1960
New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Long-range planning report.
Box 2 ARP 1506f
Miscellaneous papers volume
Box 2 ARP 1506g
December 1, 1959
1. "A Faculty Appointment Policy for Cornell." University Faculty Committee on Long Range Planning
April 9, 1960
2. "A Report on Plans for the Future - Willard Straight Hall." Edgar A. Whiting.
3. "Adult Education at Cornell University." Parrish Committee.
March 1, 1961
4. "The Responsibilities and Functions of Cornell Unites Religious Works"
March 1, 1961
5. "Background Paper on Patterns of Instruction." Centennial Planning Committee.
March 1, 1961
6. "The Place of Atheistic in the University. Robert Kane.
March 1, 1961
7. "The Role of the Student Untion in the University Community." Edgar Whiting.
December 13, 1961
8. "Policy on Inviting Persons Under Indictment to Speak on the Cornell Campus." Thomas Mackessey.
September 20, 1962
9. "Faculty Status of Visiting Professors and Acting Professors." Thomas Mackesey.
October 20, 1962
10. "The Status of Research Personnel Employed by Cornell University." Committee on Membership of the University Faculty.
January 8, 1965
11. "Off Campus Housing" University Proctor, probably Lowell George.
March 29, 1965
12. "General Guidelines for Cornell's Future." President Perkins.
April 15, 1965
13. "Recommendations of the Provost's Ad Hoc Committee on the Campus Store."
March 24, 1965
14. "Proposals of the Committee on Education." Students for Education.
April 29, 1965
15. "Suggestions for a Student Housing Program for Cornell." Thomas Mackesey.
May 11, 1965
16. "Recommendations from the Cornell University Faculty-Student Administration Forum
March 1, 1961
17. "The Role of the student Union in the University Community." Edgar Whiting.
March 1961
18. "Non-Curricular Programs of the University." John Summerskill.
ca. 1961
19. "Report on Student Housing." Faculty Committee on Student Affairs.
March 22, 1961
20. "International Interests of Cornell University." Lauriston Sharp.
ca. 1961
21. "Educational Opportunities in the Freshman Year." Bart Conta.
March 1961
22. "Admission of the Undergraduate to the University." Donald Moyer.
ca. 1961
23. "Academic Advising in the University." David Novarr.
ca. 1961
24. "Honors Work at Cornell." Arthur M. Mizener.
ca. 1961
25. "Medical Services at Cornell for Students, Faculty and Employees." Norman S. Moore. (Missing from binder, available as ARP 412))
May 27, 1966
26. "Assessment of Graduate Education" Dale Corson.
May 1, 1968
27. Report of the Study Committee for the Department of Buildings & Properties
Graduate School reports
Box 2 ARP 1506h
Report to the President from the Dean of the Graduate School
1966 Reports
A Long Look at the Cornell Universit Graduate School, a Personal Statement by the Dean of the Graduate School
March 1978
A report to the trustees of Cornell University by Dale R. Corson.
Box 2 ARP 1506i
Home Economics reports
Box 2 ARP 1506j
Final Report of the President’s Committee to Study the College of Home Economics
Report to President James A. Perkins from the Organization Committee
Engineering reports
Box 2 ARP 1506k
Report on the College of Engineering AT Cornell University by S. C. Hollister.
The Next Ten to Twnty Years in Engineering Education at Cornell University by Dale R. Corson
June 27, 1975
Report of the Director of the Priorities Study to President Dale R. Corson
Box 2 ARP 1506l
Reports on the arts at Cornell
Box 2 ARP 1506m
The Place of the Arts and Their Practice in Cornell University
A Report to the President of Cornell University from the Universiy Committee on the Arts
Ad-Hoc Committee on the Arts, a Report to the Faculty Council
Recommendations on the Arts to President Perkins
The New York State College of Agriculture and the next quarter century.
Box 2 ARP 1506n