Hugh Anderson Moran Papers,1919-1947

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Hugh Anderson Moran papers, 1919-1947.
Collection Number:
Hugh Anderson Moran, 1881-1977.
1.2 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, manuscripts, essays, mimeographed radio scripts, notes, financial records, minutes, printed items.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Papers relating to Moran's career as a Presbyterian clergyman in Ithaca, N.Y. and his involvement in various local, national, and international organizations.
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Hugh Anderson Moran was a Presbyterian clergyman; secretary of the International Committee of the YMCA in China, 1909-1913; international secretary, Boy and Student Department, YMCA, 1914-1915; voluntary study secretary, Cornell University Christian Association (CUCA), 1919-1921; director of religious education, CUCA, 1921-1927, and of Cornell United Religious Works (CURW), 1927-1937; director of extension service, CURW, 1937-1940; staff member, CURW, 1940-1942; and secretary, Rural Institute for Religious Workers from 1935.


Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, and other items concerning CURW and its predecessor, CUCA, the Chinese Students' Association of America, Cornell-in-China Program, Committee on Friendly Relations Among Foreign Students, Cornell Religious Drama Association, Christian Rural Fellowship, Ithaca Westminster Foundation, Ithaca Presbyterian Church, and YMCA; many of the letters are from student participants in CUCA and CURW and from foreign students and alumni. Also, letters recommending students to Moran's attention and his letters of recommendation; manuscripts of his unpublished book, "Training Young People in Worship," religious plays, worship services, and essays and mimeographed radio scripts; notes and mimeographed material concerning pacifism and conscientious objectors; religious poetry; correspondence, financial records, Board of Directors' minutes, and membership lists (1940-1941) concerning his work as board president and building committee member of the Cooperative Consumers' Society in Ithaca; letters (1933-1940) to his mother; his autobiography to 1919; and miscellaneous printed items.
Photograph album compiled for Hugh Moran by the Cornell University Westminster Student Society, with photographs of student activities, including camps at Happy Valley in Lisle, N.Y., Stewart Park in Ithaca, the First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca, and Barnes Hall and Sage Hall on the Cornell campus, 1931-1941. Also, typewritten fair copy of Moran's book The Making of Great Americans, intended as a companion volume to his dissertation, Makers of America. The Making of Great Americans was never published. Laid in is a manuscript note from Moran, presenting the book manuscript to Barnes Library, at that time a library of religious works housed in Barnes Hall at Cornell.

Moran, Hugh Anderson, 1881-1977.
Moran, Hugh Anderson, 1881-1977. Making of great Americans.
Chinese Students' Association of America.
Christian Rural Fellowship.
Committee on Friendly Relations Among Foreign Students.
Cooperative Consumers' Society (Ithaca, N.Y.)
Cornell United Religious Work.
Cornell University. Christian Association.
Cornell University. Cornell-in-China, Inc.
Cornell University. Religious Drama Association.
Ithaca Presbyterian Church (N.Y.)
Ithaca Westminster Foundation (N.Y.)
Rural Institute for Religious Work.
YMCA Boy and Student Department.
YMCA (China). International Committee.

Conscientious objectors.
Religious poetry.
Religious drama.
Students, Foreign.
Chinese students.
Clergymen as authors.


Form and Genre Terms:
Photograph albums.
Manuscripts for publication.


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Hugh Anderson Moran papers, #39-2-972. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Box 1
Letters to his mother
Box 1
Correspondence - Presbyterian Students
ca. 1920-ca. 1934
CURW and 1919-1925 General
Box 1
Letters to HAM
Box 1
Carbon copies of letters by HAM
Box 1
Newsletter from Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Box 1
Circular letters from CUCA
Box 1
Autobiography to 1919
Box 1
Miscellaneous pamphlets, church services, and undated letters
Box 1
In contrast to #3, most of this folder is official, though there are some family letters
Box 1
Some relating to Cornell in China
Foreign Students
Box 1
Letters to, from, and about foreign students, most of whom were at some time attending Cornell
Box 1
Much correspondence involving the Comm. on Friendly Relations among Foreign Students, the YMCA, and the Chinese Students Christian Association of America
Box 1
Some lists of foreign students, pamphlets, calling cards, and undated correspondence
Presbyterian Students
Box 1
Letters to HAM, some from students or former students, some recommending students to his attention
Box 1
Some undated letters
Box 1
An envelope of notes for loans involving HAM and various students
Ithaca Presbyterian Church
Box 1
Numerous church programs from Ithaca Presbyterian Church (1936)
Box 1
Mimeographed reports from the Groton parish
Box 1
Copies of minutes of session meetings of the Ithaca Presbyterian Church
Box 1
Some correspondence with HAM, most relating to the Church, one or two letters involving Cornell
Box 1
CURW Forum
Box 2
Worship Manuscript based on training in Ithaca Westminster Society by HAM never published; typewritten with notes and editing by HAM
Worship - Supplementary Material
Box 2
Much Mimeographed and typed material, including outline for book Training Young People in Worship by HAM (see #10), also some notes for sermons
Box 2
Numerous church programs
Box 2
Written and typed notes on elocution
Box 2
Miscellaneous religious texts, songs, etc.
Box 2
Mimeographed and typed material relating to the subject of worship, its meaning and process; also much typed and written material relating to Training Young People in Worship (see #10)
Box 2
Some printed matter re: China in World War II
Box 2
Some material on and by the Rural Institute
Box 2
Numerous church programs and miscellaneous undated material
"David, Son of Jesse"
Box 3
Various typed copies of unfinished religious drama by HAM
Box 3
Some longhand notes
Religious Drama
ca. 1934-1938
Box 3
Re: "Mud Walls," a drama by HAM [copy not included]
Box 3
A review from Young People's Leader
Box 3
Cast list
Box 3
Box 3
Re: "Oregon," a drama by HAM [not included]
Box 3
Letters, memorandum, source materials relating to this work
Religious Drama Association - Cornell
Box 3
Manuscript and typed versions of "Religious Drama," an essay by HAM
Box 3
Correspondence relating to the Association
Box 3
Mimeographed copy of "The Unknown Soldier Speaks," a drama by Mrs. William Hyman (1930)
Box 3
MS by HAM, "Campaigning with the Westminster Players"
Box 3
Printed and typed material relating to the Association
Rural Institute
Box 3
Mimeographed, typed, and printed material, including numerous issues of The Christian Rural Fellowship Bulletin, minutes and reports of meetings, with some financial information, Agricultural Missions Notes
Box 3
Course of study for weekday church school
Box 3
Come correspondence
Box 3
Some church programs and miscellaneous undated material
Box 3
Much mimeographed material, especially items from The Rural Institute for Religious Workers series, in some of which Mark Rich appears as author or co-author
Box 3
New York Christian Rural Fellowship Bulletin
Box 3
Minutes of meeting of Rural Institute
Box 3
Some Westminster material and also some miscellaneous leaflets
Warren G. Sherwood - Red Sherwood Carol (on other side - Poems Westminster)
Box 3
Poem by W.G. Sherwood (multiple copies)
Box 3
Poems by Frances Colby and Thomas Curtis Clark
Ithaca Coöps - CURW
Box 4
Mimeographed, typed, and printed material relating to the Coöperative Consumers' Society and the plans for a women's coöperative dormitory - includes minutes, reports, advertisements, membership lists, and correspondence
Box 4
Some photographs, blank forms, and miscellaneous undated material
Box 4
Mimeographed material dealing with conscientious objectors, also minutes of Westminster meetings, including budgets, also the constitution and by-laws of the Foundation
Box 4
Correspondence between HAM and John Maxwell Adams of the Board of Christian Education relating to financial problems
Box 4
Miscellaneous undated written and typed material, some dealing with pacifism
Box 5
Westminster Student Society Scrapbook
Compiled for Moran for being responsible for the many activities the album depcits. Includes photographs of Society activities including hikes, retreats, and other events including Lisle, Six Mile Creek, Stewart Park, Buttermilk. Photographs include images of camping and hiking in the gorges, the Cornell United Religious Works cabin, Edward Amherst Ott (Dr. Ott), Ithaca Presbyterian Church Oregon Mission Tablet dedication, also an image of the 1921 Silver Bay Student Conference featuring a Cornell banner and Asian students.
Reports to Synod, etc.
Box 4
Mimeographed reports to the Presbyterian synod re: CUCA, Westminster, Cornell in China, etc.
Box 4
A MS report by HAM and a letter
Box 4
A report by [?]
Box 4
A report by R.H. Edwards (n.d.)
Box 4
Undated reports and a play
Miscellaneous and clippings
Box 4
Miscellaneous and clippings
Box 5
Copy of a letter from Moran to Dean Kelsey
Letter includes mention that the YMCA will not allow him to go back to China because of his nervous condition. Dean Kelsey was Moran’s former colleague at the Chinese YMCA in Hankow (Hankou) China.
Volume Bd. Ms. 1+
Book manuscript, The Making of Great Americans