Waterman Thomas Hewett Papers,1857-1920, 1870-1905 (bulk)

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Waterman Thomas Hewett papers, 1857-1920, 1870-1905 (bulk)
Collection Number:
Waterman Thomas Hewett, 1846-1921.
3 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, drafts.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Papers of Waterman Thomas Hewett, a professor of German language and literature at Cornell University.
Collection material in English


Professor of German language and literature.


Research notes, correspondence, printed material, clippings, and drafts pertaining to Hewett's Cornell University: A History, including material on the Morrill Act, which provided land grants to state educational institutions; information on the founding of Cornell University; biographical notes on Andrew Dickson White, Henry W. Sage, Jacob Gould Schurman, and other Cornell professors and benefactors; histories of the various schools, departments, buildings, clubs, athletic teams, scholarships, and libraries; material on military training; university statistics; and records concerning the Jennie McGraw Fiske will suit and other lawsuits involving the university. Also included are letters to Professor Hewett concerning his bibliography of the writings of Goldwin Smith, as well as a copy of the bibliography; a note (1903) and a letter (1920) concerning Hewett's anonymous donation of the German Prize; notebooks and classbooks for courses taught by Hewett, 1870-1905; and bound manuscript and typescript volumes of Hewett's writings on German Literature.

Hewett, Waterman Thomas, 1846-1921.
Fiske, Jennie McGraw --Estate.
Schurman, Jacob Gould, 1854-1942.
Smith, Goldwin, 1823-1910.
White, Andrew Dickson, 1832-1918.
Cornell University--Athletics.
Cornell University--Biography.
Cornell University--Buildings.
Cornell University--Faculty.
Cornell University--Finance.
Cornell University--Funds and scholarships.
Cornell University--History.
Cornell University--Libraries.
Cornell University--Presidents.
Cornell University--Statistics.

Federal aid to higher education.
German literature.
College teachers.

Form and Genre Terms:
Drafts (rough).


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Waterman Thomas Hewett papers, #47-1-591. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


  • 2. History of the Cornell Navy
  • 3. Lists of Varsity Crews, 1872-1904; Freshman Crews, 1875-1904; Four-oared Crews, 1899-1904
  • 4. Correspondence, mainly from John N. Ostrom to Prof. Hewett about sketch on Navy which he wrote for H.
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    Box 1 Folder 1
    Letters of Amos Brown (Rev.)
    Brown was an educator, administrator, President of People's College at Havana, New York, for several years, lobbyist for the 2nd Morrill Bill, and assisted in groundwork for the establishment of Cornell University. May 30, 1857-Apr. 23, 1865. Concerned mainly with affairs of the People's College at Havana, New York, and with progress of Morrill Act. (12 items)
    Box 1 Folder 2
    Report on the trends in education and events leading up to the founding of Cornell in 1865 .
    Much material on Rev. Amos Brown and his efforts with the agricultural college at Ovid. Written by W.H. Brewer, Mar. 11, 1894, and Apr. 3, 1894. (80 pages)
    Box 1 Folder 3
    Secret Societies
    • 1. Dates of the Establishment of the Various Secret Societies at Cornell (Fraternities)
    • 2. Lists of Charter Members of Fraternities
    • 3. Correspondence: letters from Cornell fraternities giving data on their founding and charter members in answer to an inquiry by Hewett, 1904; also postcards on the same subject, 1898
    • 4. Newspaper clipping concerned with the controversy at Princeton about the abolition of Secret Societies - all are opposed
    Box 1 Folder 4
    University Fellowships, Scholarships and Prizes
    • 1. Statute establishing Scholarships and Fellowships at Cornell
    • 2. Lists of Scholarships and Fellowships, data on examination and announcements of Scholarships and Fellowships
    • 3. Newspaper clippings
    • 4. List of Law Prizes, 1889-1899; Fuertes Medals; Sands Medals in Architecture, etc.
    Box 1 Folder 5
    Woodford Prizes - The 1886 Memorial Prize Speakers; The 1894 Memorial Prize Debators
    • 1. Woodford - June 19, 1871-May 6, 1904
    • 2. 1886 Prize - May 7, 1887-May 31, 1904
    • 3. 1884 Prize - Jan. 10, 1895-Jan. 9, 1904
    Box 1 Folder 6
    Copy of The Cornell Era, vol. XXVI, NO. 10, Dec. 2, 1893
    Box 1 Folder 7
    Clubs - Notes on founding and activities of clubs at Cornell
    Box 1 Folder 8
    Musical and Drama Organizations
    • 1. History of the Glee Club, Cornell Symphony and various choral groups from foundation to 1904
    • 2. Pages from 1896-1904 catalogues on music courses available
    • 3. History of Dramatic Clubs, mainly lists of yearly productions and their costs to 1904
    Box 1 Folder 9
    Two Envelopes, The Cornell Navy
    • First Envelope: 1. Speech about Cornell's crew team
    • 2. Printed pages about the crew
    • 3. Photographs of Charles E. Courtney, coach of crew
    • 4. Printed explanation of the "Country Stroke" with photo
    • 5. Newspaper clipping, Troy Daily Times, Jan. 12, 1895 - Cornell's crew goes to England
    Box 1 Folder 10
    Second Envelope
    • 1. Newspaper clippings
    a. Troy Daily Times, June 20, 1892, deploring fact that neither Yale nor Harvard will row against Cornell
    b. Elmira Daily Advertiser, July 4, 1901, Hanlan Rebuke
    1891 - John Francis wins scull race in record time
    Daily Journal - Cornell Steamer burns
    Box 1 Folder 11
    • Lists of pictures to be used and their sizes
    Box 1 Folder 12
    Tennis, Basketball, Golf, etc.
    • Histories of Tennis, Basketball, Statistics on the Cross-Country Club and a paragraph each on Golf and Cricket
    Box 1 Folder 13
    • 1. Newspaper clippings; 1891 photo of team; Ithaca Daily Journal, November 28, 1894, Thanksgiving Football Supplement; 1897 Summary of College Football; Ithaca D.J., December 6, 1894, Is Intercollegiate Football to Continue at Cornell?
    • Pages of statistics, members of teams, captains, etc.
    • Printed pages of arguments against football, 1894-1895
    • Printed pages of Cornell Student Activities on Football
    Box 1 Folder 14
    Histories of Fencing and Chess
    Box 1 Folder 15
    A Short sketch (typed) of Lacrosse at Cornell and lists of teams; also letter from Walter Finlay who wrote a sketch for Hewett
    Box 1 Folder 16
    • 1. Clipping from Alumni News, April 5, 1899 about team's games in the South
    • 2. Lists of statistics - captains, teams, games played
    Box 1 Folder 17
    Handwritten Preface to Hewett's History of Cornell
    Box 1 Folder 18
    Handwritten Introduction
    Box 1 Folder 19
    Handwritten table of Contents
    Box 1 Folder 20
    Statement of fundamental ideas behind Cornell's organization
    Box 1 Folder 21
    Athletic Contests - statistics (dates of races, winners, and their times); Athletic Council - statistics and short history
    • Letters: 1. To Hewett from John L. Senior, Graduate Manager of Cornell University Athletic Association - declines request to write history of Cornell athletics because of lack of time. Dec. 21, 1903
    • 2. To Hewett with suggested bibliography on college athletics. January 1, 1904
    • 3. To Hewett from editor on The Illustrated Sporting News - reply to a request from H.--has referred his request to the Athletic Editor. Jan. 2, 19904
    • 4. To Hewett from John L. Senior sending lists of members of Athletic Council (1902-1903; 1896-1898). These lists are included with letter. May 12, 1904
    • Newspaper clippings: 1. Report of the committee set up to arrange intercollegiate athletic competition
    • 2. December 27, 1904 Ithaca Daily Journal description by Wallis Schutt, former Cornell student and then Rhodes Scholar, of a cross-country race at Oxford
    • 3. January 2, 1905. Same as above
    Box 1 Folder 22
    Military Instruction and Manual Labor
    • 1. Circular on the conditions for substituting courses for drillwork. Mar. 10, 1876
    • 2. Pamphlet from War Department - laws and regulations about training of Army officers at educational institutions. April 6, 1904
    • 3. Copy of Federal Act empowering President to set up military training programs at Colleges and Universities
    • 4. Military histories of several students at Cornell
    • 5. Letter from Office of Secretary of War concerning authority for detailing of Army officers as Military Instructors at colleges, particularly about one Major Wittlesey. Feb. 9, 1894
    • 6. Extract from order to Major W. to Familiarize colleges with system of military instruction. April 4, 1894
    • 7. Extract from a letter of Mr. Cornell's in N.Y. Tribune dated August 10, 1868 concerning validity of manual labor
    • 8. Letter to Hewett from William R. Brown containing reminiscences of his about White's fostering self-help in students. November 25, 1904
    Box 1 Folder 23
    Bibliography - two envelopes (first envelope)
    • An 18 page list (with cover letter from G.W. Harris) of all the books and documents in University Library pertaining to Cornell. Page 19 contains list of books est. of the People's College. Feb. 26, 1904
    Box 1 Folder 24
    Second Envelope
    • 1. Article in Ithaca Daily Journal taken from the Canadian Monthly on the founding and development of Cornell University. Aug. 6, 1873
    • 2. Bibliography from topic
    Box 1 Folder 25
    Copy of proceedings in the House of Representatives over Morrill Act
    Box 1 Folder 26
    • 1. Sheets entitled "Tables Complied from the First Editions of the Cornell University Registers for the Years 1886-1887 to 1890-1891"
    • 2. Sheet entitled "Table Showing by Years the Number and Kinds of Degrees Granted by Cornell University"
    Box 1 Folder 27
    Pages from The History of Cornell University by Hewett in Landmarks of Tompkins County with photos of Henry W. Sage and Hiram Corson
    Box 1 Folder 28
    The Precursors of Cornell University
    • 1. Pages from Public Acts of the State of Conn. on the establishment of the Storrs Agricultural College
    • 2. A Prospectus of the People's College (typewritten)
    • 3. Digest of an article in the Tribune by Horace Greeley (June 1850)
    • 4. Notes on founding of People's College
    • 5. List of members of the College Association
    • 6. Copies of letters:
    a. To Rev. Amos from Senator Daniel Clark of New Hampshire praising B. for his role in obtaining passage of Morrill Bill
    b. To E.B. Morgan from Senator Morrill from Vermont - subject same as above
    Box 1 Folder 29
    The National Land Grant
    • 1. Letter to Hewett from Sen. Morrill relating short history of his bill
    • 2. A printed act from New York State Legislature concerning a settlement between New York and Ezra Cornell in reference to the sale and location of the college land scrip
    • 3. A circular letter promoting the Morrill Bill of 1873 for further financial aid to agricultural colleges
    • 4. Proposed resolution accepting the act mentioned in No. 2 above
    • 5. An act from the records of the General Assembly of Conn. appropriating the scrip for public lands for that stated granted by Congress in the Morrill Act of 1862. With cover letter to Hewett from John J. Phelan, Secretary of Conn., Apr. 21, 1894
    • 6. Printed speech of Jeremiah McGuire in New York State Assembly advocating proposed resolution (no. 2)
    • 7. Newspaper clipping, Ithaca Daily Journal: "Report of the Commission to Into the College Land Grant at Cornell University"
    • 8. Short piece on inadequacy of original grant of 1862
    • 9. Governor Andros' address to state legislature in 1863 against cutting up grant into several pieces
    • 10. Statistics of the vote on the first passage of the Land Grant Act in 1858
    Box 1 Folder 30
    The United States Government and Higher Education - a short handwritten account by Hewett
    Box 1 Folder 31-32
    The Fiske Will Suit
    • 1. Newspaper Clippings
    • a. Excerpt on toast at Fiske's wedding reception
    • b. 4 copies of article from The Ithaca Daily Journal containing Judge Lyons' decision in the Fiske Will Case - May 27, 1886
    • c. Philadelphia Inquirer, May 25, 1890, piece on decision of Supreme Court and background of case charging a conspiracy between Boardman and White
    • d. July 23, 1890, summation of lawyers fees involved in case
    • 2. Incomplete history of case and notes
    • 3. Correspondence
    Box 1 Folder 33-35
    Miscellaneous - 3 Envelopes
    • First Envelope: 1. Schedule of lectures of 1870, 1871, 1875, 1877
    • 2. Skeleton outlines of growth of University
    • 3. Many pages of assorted statistics on the trustees, sports, etc.
    • Second Envelope: 1. Pamphlet, "Some Statements and Estimates of Immediate Wants Laid Before the Trustees of Cornell University by the Scientific Professors..."
    • 2. A printed except from General Statutes - "Instruction in College"
    • 3. Programs of memorial services and exercises, 1879, 1883, 1885
    • 4. Statute of Organization of the University Senate, 1890
    • 5. Book of Cornell Songs
    • 6. Programs for the Woodford Prize Contests, 1871, 1874, 1885, and 1886
    • 7. Act Amending Cornell's Charter, 1883
    • 8. Announcement of Student Government Panel
    • 9. Announcement of Cornell Co-operative Society
    • 10. Acceptance letter of Prof. Nathaniel Schmidt to Democratic nomination for alderman, 1901
    • 11. Programs of debates, class day exercises, intercollegiate contests, commencements, 1871-1898
    • 12. Copy of diploma
    • 13. Report on memorial for A.D. White, 1886
    • 14. Newspaper clippings:
    • a. Women faculty members
    • b. Professors emeritus
    • c. Death of John F. Rathbone, editor of N.Y. Telegram
    • d. Against a C. professor who is all for killing of the weak people
    • e. H.B. Lord, Cashier of 1st National Bank of Ithaca, retired
    • f. Celebration on Centennial of John Marshall
    • g. White's daughter divorces her husband
    • h. War in the Philippines
    • i. Student Self-Government. Council Report
    • j. Student Pranks at Cornell
    • k. President Shurman's speech at opening of University, 1904
    • l. Charles S. Francis nominated for Minister to Greece
    • m. Explanation of Student self-government by president of Cornell University, Oct. 27, 1894
    • n. Cornell men in Spanish American War, Oct. 28, 1898
    • o. President Schurman's speech on the Philippines, Boston Evening Transcript, Jan. 21, 1902
    • Third Envelope: 1. Newspaper clippings
    • a. Andrews, Pres. of Brown Univ. has unacceptable ideas on free silver
    • b. The Church Standard, article condemning Brown, Aug. 28, 1897
    • c. Catskill and Ithaca Turnpike
    • d. Instructors of German at Cornell
    • e. Copy of Cornell Daily Sun, Feb. 20, 1885
    • 2. Reprint of an article from The American Naturalist about Louis Agassiz, Mar. 1898
    • 3. Report of the Committee of Trustees, Feb. 13, 1868
    • 4. Letter to President Gilman of Johns Hopkins concerning establishment of Mechanical College, 1851
    • 5. Table of statistics re students at Cornell
    Box 1 Folder 36
    The University Library
    • 1. Pamphlet - "Twenty-Five Years of the Annals of Cornell University Library, 1868-1893"
    • 2. Statistics on Library Staff, assistants, cataloguers, etc.
    • 3. Historical sketch of library
    Box 1 Folder 37-38
    Biographies - Benefactors and Professors - 2 Envelopes
    • First Envelope: Newspaper clippings
    • a. Death of Prof. H. Tuttle of History
    • b. New appointment - Alexander B. Trowbridge
    • c. Resignation of Prof. Durand, Director of Sibley College
    • d. Resignation of Miss L.S. Brownell because teaching job not ratified by Board of Trustees
    • e. Newspaper article on Moses Coit Tyler - sketch of his work at Cornell as head of the History Department
    • f. William Channing Russel, news clipping announcing his death; 2 letters to Hewett in reference to an autobiographical sketch; sketch of Russel's life.
    • g. Geyer's Stationer, Mar. 1, 1888, death notice for Alfred Barnes and a sketch of his life
    • h. Printed pages on Robert Henry Thurston, Cornell Daily Sun, Oct. 26-27, 1903, containng notice of Thurston's death, information on his funeral and addresses given at it
    • 2. Biography of Hiram Corson, Professor of English Literature. Newspaper article on Hiram Corson
    Box 2 Folder 1-3
    Biographies - Benefactors and Professors (con't)
    • Envelope 1 (con't): 3. Biography (printed) of Hiram Sibley; also letter to Hewett from Sibley's son about material for his father's biography, Jan. 11, 1904
    • 4. Material for a biography of F.W. Griteau
    • a. Letter to Hewett from Griteau's sister about material
    • b. Copy of clauses in his will concerning Cornell
    • c. Letter from G's attorney, Fisher A. Baker, telling G's motives for endowing Cornell, Aug. 22, 1904
    • d. Sketch of G's life
    • e. G's death article in The Terrytown Argus, Oct. 10, 1903
    • f. To Hewett from A.D. White about arrangements for bequest
    • Second Envelope: 1. Biog. statistics on Samuel Garder Williams, including list of his publications
    • 2. Pamphlet by Andrew Carnegie,
    • 3. Brief for Supreme Court Case (1904) in connection with Fayerweather will
    • 4. Letter to Hewett from Rockefeller's secretary about biographical sketch of Russel
    • 5. Letter to H. from Clark S. Northrup about description of Sage Chapel
    • 6. Bibliography of Charles S. Prosser
    • 7. Biographical sketch of Charles M. Tyler
    • 8. Material on the Fiske case - letters, newspaper clippings,; auction list; biographical sketch of F. in Nation, Sept. 22, 1904
    • 9. Newspaper clippings:
    • a. Appointment of Professors Prevot and H.W. Hardon
    • b. Resignation of Charles A. Collin of Law School
    • c. Tribute to Bayard Taylor
    • d. Resignation of President Adams and others
    • e. Appointment of H.M. Stephens to History Department, William Struck to English, etc.
    • f. Article about Goldwin Smith, speech at dedication of new building - G.S.
    • Articles about Fayerweather will
    Box 2 Folder 4
    Sibley College Photographs - 7 line drawings, 4 photographs
    Box 2 Folder 5
    Notes and Statistics on the Debating and Literary Societies and on the Cornell University Christian Association
    Box 2 Folder 6-8
    Department - 3 Envelopes
    • First Envelope: 1. Semitic Languages
    • 2. German - news clipping
    • 3. Latin - sketch
    • 4. Mathematics - sketch
    • Second Envelope: 1. History - sketch
    • 2. Ancient and Medieval Philosophy - very short sketch
    • 3. Veterinary Medicine - sketch
    • 4. Agriculture - sketch and news clippings
    • 5. History and Embryology - sketch
    • 6. Medical School
    • Third Envelope: 1. Law School - printed sketch
    • 2. Civil Engineering - letters and notes
    • 3. Medical Engineering - Bulletin of Sibley College, also sketch
    • 4. Forestry - an historical sketch
    • 5. Architecture - notes
    Box 2 Folder 9
    Letters from various professors relating to the different departments and colleges
    Box 2 Folder 10
    The Daily Times, Troy: devoted entirely to article about Cornell with pictures (pp. 7 and 8), Oct. 14, 1893
    Box 2 Folder 11
    J.G. Schurman
    • 1. News clippings - his election to presidency; speech at crew dinner; as a brilliant scholar; as holder of Sage Chair of Ethics and Philosophy
    • 2. Presdient S.'s address to student body in The Cornell Era, Sept. 28, 1895
    • 3. Pamphlet - speech of S.'s at the Board of Filipino Commissioners, June 17, 1904
    • 4. Cornell Daily Sun, Oct. 1, 1904 - President S.'s speech to student body
    Box 2 Folder 12
    Henry W. Sage
    • 1. Newspaper clippings - Death of Sage, Sept. 23, 1897; tributes to Sage from Trustees; surprise party on 80th birthday
    • 2. Short sketch of his life
    Box 2 Folder 13
    Andrew D. White
    • 1. Letters to Hewett from White about proposed history, Oct. 17, 1895 and Oct. 30, 1895 (typed)
    • 2. Speech in Senate, March 1895, on question of where funds from Morrill Act are to go
    • 3. Sketch of White's Life
    • 4. Letter from State Department to Hewett about White's diplomatic assignments
    • 5. Letters from White to Hewett, March 7, 1894 and July 10, 1894 about Hewett's proposed history
    • 6. Copy of a newspaper clipping from New York Daily Tribune, August 15, 1872, derogatory remarks about White's political career
    • 7. Newspaper clipping, April 2, 1898, Article (really a letter) by White about his part in the founding and first years of Cornell University
    Box 2 Folder 14
    Campus and University Buildings
    • 1. Clipping ( Troy Daily Times, Sept. 12, 1898) about Cornell Medical School
    • 2. Typed sheet on Morrill, Cascadilla, and White Halls
    • 3. Printed sheet on Goldwin Smith
    Box 2 Folder 14
    The Summer School
    • 1. Printed information for summer school students
    • 2. Statistics of attendance
    Box 3 Folder 1
    Notes and correspondence concerning Hewitt's research on Goldwin Smith, ca. 1912-1919
    Box 3 Folder 2
    Letter to Cornell University Comptroller Bostwick re Hewitt's donation for the German Prize, June 21, 1920
    Box 3 Volume 1
    Notebooks and classbooks, 1870-1905 (67 small volumes)
    Box 4 Volume 1
    History of Cornell, manuscript, 1894
    Box 4 Volume 2
    Cornell University: A History, manuscript, 1904 , vol. 1
    Box 4 Volume 3
    Cornell University: A History, manuscript, 1904 , vol. 2
    Box 4 Volume 4
    Cornell University: A History, manuscript, 1904 , vol. 3
    Box 4 Volume 5
    "The History of Cornell University," annotated typescript from The Landmarks of Tompkins County, n.d.
    Box 5 Volume 1
    Hermann and Dorothea, manuscript, 1891
    Box 5 Volume 2
    Letter from A.D. White on his role in the founding of Cornell University, 1894
    Box 5 Volume 3
    Upland's Poems, manuscript, 1896
    Box 5 Volume 4
    The History of Goethe's Printed Text and Hermann and Dorothea, manuscript, 1899
    Box 5 Volume 5
    A German Reader, manuscript, 1899
    Box 5 Volume 6
    Cornell University: A History, manuscript, 1904
    Box 5 Volume 7
    A Bibliography of the Writings of Goldwin Smith, 1913
    Box 5 Volume 8
    Index to Era and Sun, also Journal of New York Legislature, n.d.