Guide to the Cornell University Treasurer's Office Accounts,

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Cornell University Treasurer's Office Accounts, 1866-1944.
Collection Number:
Cornell University.Treasurer's Office.
35.6 cubic feet; 248 volumes.
Forms of Material:
Account books, records, indexes, ledgers.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Legal files, credit books, cash books, vouchers, fund reports, contracts, bids, and many other financial records of the University.
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Legal files, credit books, cash books, vouchers, fund reports, contracts, bids, and many other financial records of the University.


Cornell University.
Cornell University--Finances.


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Cornell University Treasurer's Office records, #7-1-425. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Includes collection #7-1-1610, 7-7-1636, 7-1-1345, 7-6-86, 7-6-425, 7-6-13, and 7-6-1110.
Account books, bond books, mortgage books.


20 Small cash Account Books with First National Bank of Ithaca, 1886 -1911
Box 1
1 Small cash Account Book with Fifth Avenue Trust Company, New York City, 1904-1910
Box 1
1 Small Journal of Accounts (Investments, Bonds and Stocks) n.d.
Box 1
Account book, 1911-1913
Volume 1
Listing all the expenses of the various departments of the University from May 1911 to Mar. 1914. The listings are by departments and identify the appropriation from which each sum was taken.
Records of Bonds, 1880-1914
Volume 2
A listing of university held bonds from Oct. 30, 1880 through June 27, 1914. Lists issuing company, type of bond, number issue date, date and place payable, interest payable and principal.
Records of interest payments on mortgages, 1900-1915
Volume 3
Records of mortgages, 1876-1915
Volume 4
Mortgages book giving complete data on mortgages held by the university from 1876 to 1915. Lists purchase data, mortgagee amount of cash involved, interest rate and date. Also from whom purchased if purchased, and where recorded and where payable.
Record of interest payments on bonds, 1900-1915
Volume 5
Index of Mortgages, n.d.
Volume 6
Index to university mortgage books. No dates. Gives name of mortgage and page number in the entire book.
Record of Bonds, 1880-1931 ; also, Record of mortgages 1876-1900
Volume 7
List of mortgages financed by the university from Apr. 10, 1876 to Jan. 4, 1900. Back of volume contains same listing for bonds from May 8, 1880 to Jan. 12, 1900. This book lists complete information on both bonds and mortgages.
Index (?)
Volume 8
Index of Mortgages, n.d.
Volume 9
Mortgage and bond book listing the various persons against whom mortgages and bonds were held. It contains an index and all listings are alphabetically arranged along with the folio numbers and amount of cash involved. There are no dates.
Record of Securities, 1872-1890
Volume 10
A listing of the securities in which the university endowment funds were invested. Listed are the purchased date, firm, type of security, number of security, date issued, when payable, amount of interest.
Cash book (outgoing), 1897-1913
Volume 11
Day book listing daily payments from Aug. 6, 1899 to Feb. 1913. Entries are intermittently placed throughout the book.
Index of Securities
Volume 12
C.U. Appropriation book, 1900-1920
Volume 13
University appropriations book 1900-1920. Lists two years to a page, moneys appropriated for university expenses by department. Lists amount of appropriation, expenditure and balance of appropriation left after each entry.
C.U. Reports, 1864-1868 (Removed - see Acc. 47-1-1527)
Volume 14
Records of Special Funds, 1879-1885
Volume 15
University ledger listing: 1) University land script fund, 2) University endowment, 3) Various university funds. These entries cover the dates, Feb. 1879 to June 1885 by month and by separate fund.
General Ledger A, 1868-1871
Volume 16
Ledger listing the various expenses in an itemized form which the various departments of the university and persons concerned with the university incurred from Nov. 25, 1868 to Aug. 31, 1871. Contains an index.
College of Forestry - Voucher Records, 1899-1914
Volume 17
Voucher record-College Forest Appropriation Book. Sixty pages of voucher listings by number from 1 to 780. Dates extend from May 20, 1899 to Apr. 22, 1914. Each entry describes the person date the sum concerned was appropriated and total of the full appropriation from which the sum was taken.
College of Forestry - Voucher Record, 1898-1903
Volume 18
Voucher Record-College Forest Appropriations. Lists date, amount of bill paid and total amount of appropriation from which money was taken. May 12, 1898 to Oct. 17, 1903.
Professional Pension Recod, 1903-1944
Volume 19
Account book listing professional pension fund payments, by professors name from 1903 to 1947. Index of back cover.
Student Loan Fund, 1873-1904
Volume 20
Student Loan Fund book. Students and sums are listed by name from 1873-1904.
Record of Sage College Room Rents, 1895-1900
Volume 21
Sage College Record of Room Rent 1895-1900. Listings are made by person, monthly.
Abstracts of Ithaca property owned by Ezra Cornell and Cornell University
Volume 22
Seventy-three pages of titles, abstracts, maps and descriptions of various land in and about Ithaca which were transferred through Ezra Cornell to the university. These abstracts have record of land as early as 1822 and extend up to 1867. The various mortgages on the land are also described.
Account Book (Day Book), 1886-1871
Volume 23
Account Book (Day Book), 1871-1879
Volume 24
Account Book (Day Book), 1869-1871 ; Coal Contracts, 1871-1888
Volume 25
Account Book (Day Book), 1866-1871
Volume 26
Account Book (Day Book), 1870-1871
Volume 27
University budget, 1871-1900
Volume 28
Agriculture and Home Eco. disbursements, 1926-1927
Volume 29
General Ledger D, 1890-1904
Volume 30
Account Book (Cash Book No. 2), 1882-1891
Volume 31
Cash Book No. 3, 1891-1896
Volume 32
Ledger - Account Book, 1879-1890
Volume 33
Letter book - orders, 1889-1893
Volume 34
Letter book - orders, 1893-1895
Volume 35
Letter book - orders, 1891-1897
Volume 36
Letter book - orders, 1897-1899
Volume 37
Letter book - orders, 1899-1901
Volume 38
Letter book - orders, 1902-1904
Volume 39
Letter book - orders, 1904
Volume 40