Ahmed Tlili Interview

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Ahmed Tlili Interview, 1966-1967
Collection Number:
6411 OH
Tlili, Ahmed;
Ahmad, Eqbal
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Transcript, oral histories (document genres) .
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Transcript of an interview of Ahmed Tlili by Eqbal Ahmad, January 7, 1966. The entire transcript is in French.
Collection material in French


Ahmed Tlili, 1916-1967
Tunisian labor leader, Secretary-General of te Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), member of the administrative committee o fthe constituent congress. After Tunsian independence in 1956, treasurer and member of the political office of the Neo-Destour (New Constitutional Liberal Party, which led the Tunisian independence movement) from 1954 to 1963, Secretary-General of UGGT, 1956-1963. Died June 25, 1967, in Paris, France, berried in Tunisian.
Eqbal Ahmad
Born in India to Indian Muslim family in 1933 or 1934, went to Pakistan in 1947 after Partition. Received degree in 1951 fro Foreman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan, M.A. in Modern History from Punjab University in Lahore, studied at Occidental College in 1957, Ph.D. from Princeton, with dissertation on Tunisian labor movement. Taught at University of Illinois, Carbondale, from 1964-1965; Cornell University, ILR, 1965-1968; Fellow at the Adlai Stvenson Insstitute in Chicago, 1968-1792. Became involved in the anti-Vietnam War movement, in 1971 he was indicted with Phillip Berrigan and six other Catolic pacifists on charges of conspiracy to kidnap Henry Kissenger and blow up federal buildings, the Harrisburg 8, ended in a mistrial. Senior Fellow at Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, 1972-1982, director of its overseas affiliate, the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. Professor of Politics and Middle Eastern Studies at Hampshire College, 1982-1997.
Returned to Pakitastan after retirement.
Editor of Journal of Race and Class, contributing editor o Middle East Report and L'Economiste du Tiers Monde, co-founder of Pakistan Forum, founding member and editor (1968-1983) of Afrique-Asie, editorial board member of Arab Studies Quarterly.
Died in Islamabad, May 11, 1999.
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One 65 page typescrpt transcript of Professor Eqbal Ahmad's interview of Ahmed Tlili on January 7, 1967. Includes index and handwritten emendations by Ahmed Tlili or Eqbal Ahmad, signed with an illegible signature on January 6, 1967,

Ahmad, Eqbal
Tlili, Ahmed

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Oral histories (document genres)


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Box 1 1966-1967
This interview with Mr. Ahmed Tlili was held at the home of Professor Eqbal Ahmad, on January 7, 1966. The interviewer is Professor Eqbal Ahmad. Interview was emended on January 2, 1967.