ILGWU. David Dubinsky, President's Records, 1932-1966

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International Ladies Garment Workers Union. David Dubinsky. President's Records, 1932-1966.
Collection Number:
Dubinsky, David.
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Forms of Material:
Correspondence, subject files, speeches, and statements.
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Martin P. Catherwood Library, Cornell University.
Professional correspondence, speeches, statements, greetings, and subject files of David Dubinsky, President (1932-1966) and Secretary-Treasurer (1929-1959) of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.
Collection material in English


1892 Born February 22nd in Brest-Litovsk, then in Russia, son of Bezalel and Shaine Wishingrad Dobnievski.
Moved to Lodz, where the family operated a bakery.
1903 Began to work in father's bakery after attending three terms in Hebrew Zionist school.
1907 Qualified as master baker and joined bakers' union, organized by the General Jewish Workers Union, the Bund.
Served as secretary of the bakers' union.
Arrested, together with 60 other members of the union, in the course of a strike; released after payment of 25 rubles by father.
Left Lodz to live with an uncle in Brest-Litovsk; after three months returned to Lodz and rejoined the bakers' union.
1908 Arrested while attending an illegal meeting of the bakers and, as a second offender, exiled to a small Siberian village.
Escaped and made his way to Chelyabinsk and from there to Lodz, working as a baker under an assumed name.
1910 Sailed, with an older brother, Chaira, to New York City.
1911 Arrived in NYC on January 1st.
Lived on Lower East Side and became apprenticed to learn the cutter's craft.
Accepted as a member of Local 10, Cutters' Union of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, on July 13th.
1914 Married Emma Goldberg, an undergarment operator and member of the ILGWU. (The couple had one child, a daughter, Jean.)
1918 Elected to executive board of Local 10.
1919 Elected vice-president of Local 10.
1920 Elected chairman of Local 10.
1921 Elected president of Local 10.
Elected general manager (a new office combining duties of manager and secretary) of Local 10 in December.
1922 Elected vice president of ILGWU and member of General Executive Board.
1929 Elected General Secretary-Treasurer of ILGWU.
Served as Acting President of ILGWU.
1932 Elected by GEB in June as President, following death of President Benjamin Schlesinger.
1934 Elected vice president of American Federation of Labor in October.
1935 Joined with John L. Lewis of Mine Workers and Sidney Hillman of Amalgamated Clothing Workers to form a Committee for Industrial Organization.
First U.S. labor representative to the International Labor Organization.
1936. Joined in founding the American Labor Party in New York State.
Served as Democratic Party elector for the ticket of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John N. Garner.
1944 Joined in founding Liberal Party.
1945 Elected vice president of American Federation of Labor.
1966 Offered resignation as President to GEB at meeting of March 14th, to take effect April 12th.
Resignation effective June 15th, anniversary of date on which he was first elected President.
1982 Died in New York City on September 17, 1982..


Professional correspondence, speeches, statements, greetings, and subject files of David Dubinsky, President (1932-1966) and Secretary-Treasurer (1929-1959) of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.


The David Dubinsky correspondence consists of five series arranged as indicated in the Scope and Content section. The original order of the collection, except for misfilings, has been maintained as it was found. The records were originally filed in the President's office at ILGWU headquarters building, 1710 Broadway, New York City. Upon Mr. Dubinsky's retirement as President in 1966, they were transferred into a storage area of that building until February of 1974, when they were removed to the newly established Archives. With the exception of David Dubinsky Personal Correspondence Series, those qualified to gain access to the Archives may freely consult the entire D.D. Collection. No documents have been removed except letters of potential autograph value and disintegrating newspaper clippings. In all cases, removed materials have been replaced by facsimile copies.

Dubinsky, David, 1892-1982.
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.


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Professional correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject and in reverse chronological order thereunder. Speeches and statements are arranged chronologically. Greetings are arranged alphabetically by recipient. Personal correspondence is arranged chronologically. Records deposited after Dubinsky's retirement are arranged alphabetically.

I. Subject files, 1932-1951. Boxes 1-180
II. Subject files, 1952-1966. Boxes 200-398
III. Speeches and statements, 1932-1968. Boxes 399-400
IV. Greetings, 1932-1966. Boxes 401-403
V. Personal correspondence. Boxes 404-405
VI. Records deposited in the archives soon after David Dubinsky retired as administrator of the Retiree Services Department in 1981. Boxes 406-458


I. Subject files, 1932-1951.
Sub-series that are covered within this subject file are: American Federation of Labor; Committee for Industrial Organization; Complaints; Joint Boards and District Councils; Locals; National Recover Administration; national and municipal elections.
Box 1 Folder 1
A: 1947-51.
Box 1 Folder 2
A: 1942-46.
Box 1 Folder 3
A: 1938-41.
Box 1 Folder 4
A: 1933-37.
Includes correspondence with American Civil Liberties Union on labor matters.
Box 1 Folder 5
Advertisements, 1932-43.
Box 1 Folder 6
Amalgamated Bank of N.Y., 1933-39.
Includes correspondence with Adolph Held re Union loans (collection of money and payment of debts owed by Union).
Box 1 Folder 7a-7c
AFL: 1940-51.
Includes correspondence with Wm. Green, George Meany and Union officers on jurisdictional disputes between Union and AFL federal locals.
Box 1 Folder 8
AFL: Charters, 1940-43.
Includes correspondence with John S. Martin re AFL Federal Local 22809, Doll and Toy Workers Union's desire to transfer to Union.
Box 1 Folder 9
AFL: 1941-44.
Includes correspondence with John Martin re organizing activities of Union in Southeast area and re P.H.Hanes Knitting Co., Winston-Salem, N.C.
Box 2 Folder 1a--1b
AFL: Conventions, 1946-50.
Box 2 Folder 2
AFL: Conventions, 1943-44.
Box 2 Folder 3
AFL: Conventions, 1941-42.
Includes adopted resolutions, report of Exec. Council, congratulatory messages to D.D. re his speech on anti-racketeering. (Includes text)
Box 2 Folder 4a-4b
AFL: Convention, 1940.
Box 2 Folder 5
AFL: Conventions, 1937-39.
Box 2 Folder 6a-6c
AFL: Executive Council, 1945-50.
Includes correspondence with D.D. as V.P. of AFL; NLRB decisions, 1950; Washington Emergency Memorandum, 1949; Exec. Council report, 1945; Report and Resolutions referred to Exec. Council 1947; Correspondence with Richard Walsh, re jurisdictional disputes in Hollywood, 1946.
Box 3 Folder 1
AFL: Green, Wm., 1950-52.
Correspondence , AFL releases and memos, misc. items in connection with death of Green, 1952.
Box 3 Folder 2a-2b
AFL: Green, Wm., 1947-49.
Includes copies of letters to Green from John L. Lewis re steel strike, 1949.
Box 3 Folder 3a-3b
AFL: Green, Wm., 1945-46.
Correspondence re steel strike, 1949.
Box 3 Folder 4a-4c
AFL: Green, Wm., 1940-44.
Includes total benefits paid by Union to members 1941-44; Correspondence pertaining to anti-labor legislation 1943; war effort by unions 1941 and Correspondence re Union reaffili-ationi with the AFL, 1940.
Box 3 Folder 5
AFL: Green, Wm., 1937-39.
Includes jurisdictional dispute bet. Union and AFL re knitgoods workers in Cleveland, 1937.
Box 3 Folder 6a-6b
AFL: Green, Wm., 1936.
Includes communication bet. D.D. and Green re decision of the Exec. Council of AFL that the Union must withdraw from CIO, or face AFL suspension; decision of GEB re matter; Correspondence re AFL convention, Tampa, Fla., Nov. 1936; Union resolutions and communication bet. L. Hendin and D.D.; Correspondence re amount of benefits paid by Union to members, 1930-36.
Box 4 Folder 1a-1b
AFL: Green, Wm. , Aug. 1935-Dec. 1935.
Includes Correspondence on activities of American Legion during Union strike in So. Norwalk, Conn.; with Green re Union organizers in Canada; Union resolutions to AFL con­vention.
Box 4 Folder 2a-2e
AFL: Green, Wm., 1933-July 1935.
Reports of AFL Exec. Council; Union reso­lutions to AFL Convention 1934; Correspondence re jurisdictional dispute bet. Union and United Textile Workers, 1934.
Box 4 Folder 3
AFL: Lewis, Meyer L. (Western Dir. of AFL), 1937-41.
Box 4 Folder 4
AFL: Meany, George (Secretary-Treas.), 1947-52.
Box 4 Folder 5
AFL: Meany, George, 1939-46.
Box 4 Folder 6
AFL: Misc., 1948-50.
Box 5 Folder 1a-1b
AFL: Misc., 1945-49.
Includes, Correspondence re AFL women's delegation to England to study women's role in industry under war conditions; participation of Maida Springer of Local 132.
Box 5 Folder 2
AFL: Misc., 1938-44.
Box 5 Folder 3
AFL: Morrison, Frank (Secretary), 1939.
Box 5 Folder 4a-4d
AFL: Morrison, Frank (Secretary), 1933-36.
Includes Correspondence re jurisdictional dispute, bet. Union and ACWA in Lansford, Pa., 1935; Correspondence re charter to Cloak and Suit Sales­men of NYC, 1934.
Box 5 Folder 5a-5c
AFL: Releases, 1935-36.
Box 5 Folder 6
AFL. Telegrams to D.D. from members protesting Union proposal made to AFL Convention recommending that charters be withdrawn from unions in which Communists are in leadership (Red Amendment), 1935.
Box 6 Folder 1a-1c
AFL: Union Label Trades Dept., 1938-50.
Box 6 Folder 2
American Federation of Teachers; 1935-39.
Box 6 Folder 3a-3b
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic, 1938.
Correspondence with committees and organizations on assistance to refugees; ltr. from Albert Einstein.
Box 6 Folder 4
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic, 1937.
Includes correspondence with organizations on boycott of German goods.
Box 6 Folder 5
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic, 1936.
Includes responses from individual to D.D.'s invitation to attend World Labor Athletic Carnival, Aug. 1936.
Box 6 Folder 6a-6c
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic, 1939-47.
Correspondence with organizations and individuals, filed alphabetically - A-C. Includes American Friends of German Freedom, Anti-Nazi League, American Guild for German Cultural Freedom, Coat and Suit Industry Relief Fund.
Box 7 Folder 1a-1c
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic, D-M.
Includes Dominican Republic Settlement Assoc., Friends of German Freedom, German-Jewish Children's Aid, Inc., Int'l. Relief Assoc., League Against Fascism and Dictatorship; publications from organizations and committees and newspaper clippings on Charles Coughlin and D.D.
Box 7 Folder 2a-2b
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic, N-Z.
Nat'l. Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc., Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League, Sephardic Refugee Committee.
Box 7 Folder 3a-3c
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic. ILGWU Non-Sectarian Refugee Fund, 1939-41.
Includes contributions and Correspondence with officers and staff, arranged by locals.
Box 7 Folder 4
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic, ILGWU Non-Sectarian Refugee Fund.
Includes lists of members, contributions, newspaper clippings.
Box 7 Folder 5
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Domestic.
ILGWU and Non-Sectarian Fund.
Box 8 Folder 1a-1c
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Foreign, 1936-42.
Includes correspondence with organizations and individuals in France, Italy and Germany. Letters from "illegal German trade union groups."
Box 8 Folder 2a-2b
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Foreign, 1934-35.
Reports on conditions in Europe; report by Sir Walter Citrine on visit to Russia.
Box 8 Folder 2c-2d
Anti-Nazi, Anti-Fascist: Foreign.
Printed material,Includes publications of Labor Chest for Relief and Liberation of Workers of Europe, 1934-36; misc. reports, releases and broadsides.
Box 8 Folder 3
Applications, 1936-37. Applications for positions in Union, A-D.
Box 8 Folder 4
Applications, E-J.
Box 9 Folder 1a-1b
Applications, K-R.
Box 9 Folder 2a-2b
Applications, S-Z.
Box 9 Folder 3a-3c
Applications for position as organizer, A-O.
Box 9 Folder 4a
Applications for position as organizer, P-Z.
Box 9 Folder 4a-4c
Applications, misc.
Box 9 Folder 5a-5c
Assessments, Dues.
Includes assessments for American Labor Party; Union conventions 1932, 1934, 1940; Death Benefit Fund; institutions and labor causes; initiation tax, 10 cents Old Age Assessment; per capita tax; T.W.O.C. (Textile Workers Organizing Committee).
Box 10 Folder 1a-1b
Assessments, Dues.
Includes assessments for American Labor Party; Union conventions 1932, 1934, 1940; Death Benefit Fund; institutions and labor causes; initiation tax, 10 cents Old Age Assessment; per capita tax; T.W.O.C. (Textile Workers Organizing Committee).
Box 10 Folder 2
Associations, 1933-34.
Embroidery Mfrs. Protective Assoc., Inc., of N.J.
Box 10 Folder 3
Associations, 1933.
Infants and Children's Coat Assoc., Inc.Includes collective agreements; NRA Code for Industry; and Correspondence with George Alger (Impartial Chairman), Cloak, Suit and Skirt Industries.
Box 10 Folder 4
Associations, 1936.
Low Price Dress Assoc. Inc.
Box 10 Folder 5
Associations, 1933-36.
Metropolitan Knitted Textile Assoc. Inc. Collective Agreement.
Box 10 Folder 6
Nat'l. Knitted Outerwear Assoc., Oct. 1933; Wholesale Dress Mfrs.' Assoc., 1932.
Box 10 Folder 7
B-BE: 1947-50.
Box 10 Folder 8
B-BE: 1938-46.
Box 10 Folder 9a-9b
BI: 1938-50.
Includes two letters from Louis Brandeis.
Box 10 Folder 10
B: 1936-37.
Box 10 Folder 11a-11b
B-BI: 1934-38.
Includes testimony by Louis Brandeis before Commission on Industrial Relations, April 1914.
Box 11 Folder 1
Bank of the United States: 1927-33.
Includes lists of Union deposits; record of settlement of claims.
Box 11 Folder 2
Billikopf, Jacob (Director), Labor Standards Assoc., 1939-47; (Impartial Chairman) Ladies' Garment Industry of Phila., 1943.
Box 11 Folder 3
Billings, Warren, 1939-40.
Includes correspondence with Warren Billings and with the "Billings Defense Movement for His Pardon;" newsletters.
Box 11 Folder 4
British War Relief. (See: W. World War II.)
Box 11 Folder 5a-5c
Brookwood Labor College, 1930-38.
Includes Correspondence on finances.
Box 11 Folder 6
C-CL: 1947-51.
Box 11 Folder 7a-7b
C-CL: 1933-46.
Includes correspondence with Marx Lewis (Secretary), Continental Congress for Economic Reconstruction.
Box 11 Folder 8
CO: 1947-51.
Box 11 Folder 9
CO: 1939-46.
Box 12 Folder 1
C: 1933-48.
Box 12 Folder 2a-2b
Census Reports, 1930-39.
Includes census of local unions.
Box 12 Folder 3a-3b
Census Reports, 1924-29.
Box 12 Folder 4a-4c
Central High School of Needle Trades, 1935-45.
Includes correspondence with Mortimer C. Ritter (Principal) and Max Meyer (Chairman), Needlecraft Edu­cational Commission.
Box 12 Folder 5
Central Organization Dept., 1941, 1945, 1946.
Includes Louis Stulberg's report on Pacific Coast visit, 1946.
Box 13 Folder 1
City Center of Music and Drama, Inc., 1943-52.
Includes financial reports.
Box 13 Folder 2
Clubs and Groups, Union (C and G), Locals 9, 10, 20, 22, 1938-42.
Includes broadsides, news releases, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, arranged by local.
Box 13 Folder 3
C and G: Local 60, Dress Pressers Club, 1940.
Box 13 Folder 4
C and G: Prolet Social Club, Inc.
Includes minutes, 1937 and constitution of Club.
Box 13 Folder 5a-5b
C and G: Local 117 and Local 155 Knitgoods Workers. Union Vanguard Journal and related corres; Correspondence on reinstatement of Jacob Katz; minutes of conference to create Progressive Trade Center, 1939.
Box 13 Folder 6a-6b
C and G: Out-of-Town.
Includes GEB Comm. hearing of appeal by expelled Montreal members and its decision.
Box 13 Folder 7
Cohen, Max, Local 60, Dress and Waistpressers Union. Correspondence re death of M. Cohen.
Box 13 Folder 8a-8b
Cohen, Thomas (Engineer). Report on Canadian cloak markets, 1939; also schedule of piece work prices for blouses, cotton dresses and other studies, 1937-38.
Box 14 Folder 1
CIO: 1942.
Address by D.D. to Local 22, Jan. 1942; part of speech deals with peace in the labor movement.
Box 14 Folder 2a-2c
CIO: 1939.
Correspondence on "Memorandum on the Basis for Peace Negotiations bet. the AFL and the CIO," by S.D.Bercrer; Union pamphlet, ILGWU in relation to CIO and AFL 1934-38.
Box 14 Folder 3a-3b
CIO: Conferences, Meetings and Conventions, Apr. -Dec. 1938.
Includes telegrams pro and con GEB decision not to participate in CIO Pittsburgh convention, Nov. 14; text of resolution 11-11-38; Correspondence Includes John L. Lewis.
Box 14 Folder 4a-4b
CIO: Conferences, Meetings and Conventions, Jan.-Apr. 1938.
Includes Correspondence on newspaper and magazine articles on AFL-CIO split.
Box 14 Folder 5a-5c
CIO: Conferences, Meetings and Conventions, July-Dec. 1937.
Correspondence CIO Atlantic City Convention, Oct. 11-16, 1937.
Box 14 Folder 6a-6b
CIO: June-Dec. 1937.
Box 15 Folder 1a-1b
CIO: Jan.-May 1937.
Box 15 Folder 2a-2e
CIO: Aug.-Dec. 1936.
Correspondence on AFL-CIO controversy; Includes telegram (copy) sent to CIO affiliates re decision of GEB not to participate in AFL convention, Nov. 11, 1936; John Brophy report on CIO activities for 1936; exchange of telegrams bet. Wm. Green and CIO (CIO Pittsburgh meeting, Nov. 1939); AFL decision suspending CIO unions, Aug. 6, 1936; D.D. resignation as AFL V.P., September 1, 1936.
Box 15 Folder 3a-3c
CIO: Jan.-July 1936.
Correspondence re controversy; Includes AFL letters requesting CIO unions to appear before Executive Council; Correspondence re decision of AFL to CIO unions to withdraw from CIO; letters from Wm. Green urging CIO dissolution; Correspondence with CIO, publi­cations.
Box 15 Folder 4a-4b
CIO: Nov.-Dec. 1935.
Includes Correspondence relating to formation of CIO, and Wm. Green's letters dealing with it; minutes of CIO meeting, Nov. 1935; summary of meetings bet. sub-comm. of AFL and CIO: 1. of resignation from John L. Lewis as AFL V.P.: Correspondence Includes John L. Lewis, Wm. Green, Sidney Hillman and Charles Howard.
Box 16 Folder 1a-1c
CIO. Comments on D.D.'s speech, "The CIO, AFL and Peace" before joint meeting of exec. bd. of N.Y. locals; text of speech.
Box 16 Folder 2a-2c
CIO: Industrial Union Councils, April 1937-Aug. 1939.
Includes correspondence with Union officers re affiliation with CIO Industrial Union Councils, 1938-39; prior to 1938 Correspondence with regional directors of CIO.
Box 16 Folder 3
CIO: Misc. 1937-46.
Includes D.D. notes on CIO-AFL conference Oct. -Nov. (?)
Box 16 Folder 4a-4b
CIO: New York, 1937-40.
Includes correspondence with Allen Haywood (Regional Director); newspaper clippings on Communist elements in CIO.
Box 16 Folder 5
CIO: Printed material.
Includes Organizers Bulletin, 1937.
Box 16 Folder 6a-6d
CIO: Printed material, 1936-42.
Includes AFL publication: AFL vs CIO, The Record, Nov. 1939; CIO and Labor Unity, issued by the CIO: D.D. statement on unions suspended by AFL, 1936.
Box 17 Folder 1a-1b
Complaints, 1948.
Box 17 Folder 2a-2c
Complaints, 1947.
Box 17 Folder 3a-3b
Complaints, 1946.
Box 17 Folder 4
Complaints, 1945.
Box 17 Folder 5a-5b
Complaints, 1944.
Box 17 Folder 6
Complaints, July-Dec. 1943.
Box 18 Folder 1a-1b
Complaints, Jan-June, 1943.
Box 18 Folder 2a-2e
Complaints, 1942.
Box 18 Folder 3a-3b
Complaints, Aug-Dec. 1941.
Box 19 Folder 1a-1c
Complaints, Mar. -July 1941.
Box 19 Folder 2a-2c
Complaints, Jan. -Feb. 1941.
Box 19 Folder 3a-3c
Complaints, June-Dec. 1940.
Box 20 Folder 1a-1c
Complaints, Jan-May, 1940.
Box 20 Folder 3a-3b
Complaints, April-May 1939.
Box 20 Folder 4
Complaints, Mar. 1939.
Box 21 Folder 1a-1c
Complaints, Jan-Feb. 1939.
Box 21 Folder 2a-2b
Complaints, Dec. 1938.
Box 21 Folder 3a-3b
Complaints, Oct-Nov. 1938.
Box 21 Folder 4a-4b
Complaints, Sept. 1938.
Box 21 Folder 5
Complaints, Aug. 1938.
Box 22 Folder 1a-1b
Complaints, June-July 1938.
Box 22 Folder 2a-2b
Complaints, April-May 1938.
Box 22 Folder 3a-3c
Complaints, Feb. -Mar. 1938.
Box 22 Folder 4
Complaints, Jan. 1938.
Box 22 Folder 5
Complaints, Dec. 1937.
Box 23 Folder 1a-1b
Complaints, Sept. -Nov. 1937.
Box 23 Folder 3a-3b
Complaints, Apr. -June 1937.
Box 23 Folder 4a-4b
Complaints, Jan-Mar. 1937.
Box 23 Folder 5
Complaints, Oct. -Dec. 1936.
Box 24 Folder 1
Complaints, May-Sept. 1936.
Box 24 Folder 2a-2b
Complaints, Jan. -Apr. 1936.
Box 24 Folder 3a-3b
Complaints, 1935.
Box 24 Folder 4
Box 24 Folder 5
Congress of Industrial Organizations (See Committee for Industrial Organizations.)
Box 24 Folder 6a-6f
Conventions: 27th, 1950.
Box 25 Folder 1a-Id
Conventions: 27th, 1950.
Includes two Harry Truman letters.
Box 25 Folder 2a-2e
Conventions: 26th, 1947.
Includes Harry S Truman letter
Box 26 Folder 1a-Id
Conventions: 25th, 1944. Includes Franklin D. Roosevelt letter.
Includes Franklin D. Roosevelt letter.
Box 26 Folder 2a-2d
Conventions: 24th, 1940.
Includes Franklin D. Roosevelt letter.
Box 27 Folder 1a-1b
Coventions: 23rd, 1937? 22nd, 1934.
Includes Franklin D. Roosevelt letter.
Box 27 Folder 2
Cottone, Anthony, 1939.
Box 27 Folder 3a-3b
Cotton Garment Conferences, 1937, 1940, 1943 and 1944.
Includes minutes of Conference on Dress Situation, 1-26-40; reports; press releases.
Box 27 Folder 4
Box 27 Folder 5
D: 1947-51.
Box 27 Folder 6
D: 1940-46.
Box 27 Folder 7
D: 1933-39.
Box 27 Folder 8
Desti, Basilio.
Box 27 Folder 9
Dewey, Thomas E. (Governor), State of N.Y., 1943-51.
Box 27 Folder 10
Donnelly Garment Co. (See Kansas City Jt. Bd.)
Box 28 Folder 1
D.D.: 1941-44.
Includes affidavits for individuals.
Box 28 Folder 2
D.D.: V.P., AFL, 1936.
Box 28 Folder 3
D.D.: V.P., AFL, Jan. 1935-Mar. 1936.
Includes draft of subjects to be considered at Exec. Council meeting of AFL.
Box 28 Folder 4a-4c
D.D.: V.P., AFL, Oct. 1934-June 1936.
Box 28 Folder 5
D.D.: V.P., AFL, 1945.
Congratulatory messages to D.D. upon his election to Exec. Council of AFL.
Box 28 Folder 6
D.D.: 1948-49.
Box 29 Folder 1a-1c
D.D.: 1945-47.
Box 29 Folder 2a-2b
D.D.: 1942-44.
Box 29 Folder 3a-3b
D.D.: 1940-41.
Includes messages bet. D.D. and Hannah Haskel (Secretary.), when D.D. was away from office, on Union matters.
Box 29 Folder 4a-4b
D.D.: Misc. 1939.
Same as ff 3a-3b; also Correspondence with Frederick F. Umhey.
Box 29 Folder 5a-5b
D.D.: Misc. Correspondence , 1937-38.
Box 29 Folder 6
D.D.: 1936.
Includes telegrams to D.D. when he was in Europe, from Union officers about CIO controversy and Union's position.
Box 30 Folder 1a-1b
D.D.: 1935.
Box 30 Folder 2a-2b
D.D.: 1934.
Includes Correspondence bet. D.D. and Hannah Haskel informing him of Union matters.
Box 30 Folder 3
D.D.: 1933.
Same as ff 2a-2b.
Box 30 Folder 4a-4b
D.D.: 1932.
Same as ff 2a-2b. Includes congratulatory messages to D.D. upon being elected President.
Box 30 Folder 5a-5b
D.D.: 1931. General Secretary-Treasurer.
Correspondents Includes Abraham Baroff and Benjamin Schlesinger.
Box 30 Folder 6a-6b
D.D.: 1930.
Correspondents Includes Hannah Haskel, Ben­jamin Schlesinger, Morris Sigman, and Abraham Baroff.
Box 30 Folder 7a-7b
D.D.: 1929.
Same as ff 6a-6b. Includes congratulatory messages on Cloakmakers' strike of 1929.
Box 31 Folder 1
D.D.: 1923-28. Manager of Local 10.
Box 31 Folder 2a-2c
D.D.: Reception.
Election to Exec. Council of AFL, 1934.
Box 31 Folder 3a-3b
D.D. : S and S, 1932-36.
Box 31 Folder 4
D.D.: S and S, April 1936.
Includes newspaper clippings re resignation from Socialist Party; United Hebrew Trades and N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd.
Box 31 Folder 5
D.D.: S and S, 1937.
Box 31 Folder 6
D.D.: S and S, 1938.
Box 31 Folder 7a-7b
D.D.: S and S, 1939.
Includes notes and studies on membership in the Cloak and Dress Industry in the 1920s.
Box 32 Folder 1a-1c
D.D.: S and S, 1940-42.
Box 32 Folder 2a-2b
D.D.: S and S, 1943.
Box 32 Folder 3a-3b
D.D.: S and S, 1944.
Box 32 Folder 3c
D.D.: S and S, 1945.
Box 32 Folder 4
D.D.: S and S, 1946.
Box 32 Folder 5a-5b
D.D.: S and S, 1947.
Correspondence re D.D.'s article in N.Y. Times, "A Warning Against Communists in Unions."
Box 33 Folder 1a-1c
D.D.: S and S, 1948-49.
Box 33 Folder 2a-2b
D.D.: S and S, 1950-51.
Box 33 Folder 3
D.D.: Telegrams and good wishes after D.D.'s operation, 1938.
Box 33 Folder 4
D.D.: 1951. France and Italy.
Box 33 Folder 5
D.D.: 1949. England. Delegate to the Int'l. Confed­eration of Free Trade Union.
Includes correspondence with Hannah Haskel on Union matters.
Box 33 Folder 6
D.D.: 1948.
Includes "Report by Jay Lovestone (Secretary) on behalf of AFL Delegation to European Recovery Program Trade Union Conference." London, July 1948.
Box 33 Folder 7
D.D.: 1948. England.
Box 33 Folder 8
D.D.: 1948. France.
Dedication of ORT center, Includes Leon Blum letter.
Box 33 Folder 9
D.D.: 1948. Germany.
Box 34 Folder 1a
D.D.: 1948. Italy.
For dedication of FDR orphanage home. Includes address.
Box 34 Folder 1b
D.D.; 1935. Geneva, Switzerland, as representative of AFL on the governing body of the ILO.
Box 34 Folder 2a-2b
E: 1932-51.
Box 34 Folder 3a-3b
Eastern Out-of-Town Cloak Dept., 1934-39.
Box 34 Folder 4
Eastern Out-of-Town Dress Dept., 1936-39.
Strike reports, 1936-37.
Box 34 Folder 5a-5b
Eastern Out-of-Town Dress Dept., 1934-35.
Includes Salvatore Ninfo's Report on Local 144, 149 (N.J.), 1934.
Box 34 Folder 6
Eastern Out-of-Town Dress, 1933.
Includes preliminary report on dress industry in Conn. by Conn. Dept. of Labor.
Box 34 Folder 7a-7b
Education Dept., 1946-51.
Includes correspondence with Mark Starr on educational programs; minutes of GEB Education Comm., Dec. 1950.
Box 35 Folder 1a-1c
Education Dept., 1940-June 1946.
Includes minutes of GEB Educational Subcomm. meetings Dec. 1942; reports and releases.
Box 35 Folder 2a-2c
Education Dept., 1937-39.
Includes Correspondence re Union essay contest, showings, reports and publications.
Box 35 Folder 3a-3c
Education Dept., 1936-37.
Includes minutes of Ed. Comm., Dec. 1936, reports.
Box 36 Folder 1a-1c
Education Dept., 1931-35.
Includes correspondence with Fannia Cohn, reports.
Box 36 Folder 2
Education Dept., 1933-34.
Includes correspondence with Will Herberg, Local 22.
Box 36 Folder 3
Emergency Work Bureau, 1932-33.
Correspondence on employment.
Box 36 Folder 4a
Erlich-Alter. Chair at Columbia University.
Includes correspondence with John A. Kraut (Assoc. Provost) on proposed Erlich-Alter professorship in labor, 1943-52.
Box 36 Folder 4b
Erlich-Alter, Dec. 1951. Memorial.
Includes Correspondence , speeches, statements and publications on 10th anniversary.
Box 36 Folder 4c-4e
Erlich-Alter. Memorial protest meeting, Mar. 30, 1943.
Correspondence , speeches, statements and publi­cations on meeting.
Box 37 Folder 1a-1b
F: 1947-51.
Box 37 Folder 2a-2c
F: 1933-46.
Includes correspondence with Louis Fischer (author of The Great Challenqe); Federation Bank and Trust Co. re Union account; and Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies.
Box 37 Folder 3a-3b
Fair Employment Practices Commission, 1943-51.
Includes correspondence with A. Philip Randolph (Co-Chairman) of F.E.P.C. re Union contribution to Commission; activities of Commission to prevent discrimination in employment.
Box 37 Folder 4a-4b
Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies, 1936-39.
Federation cases, arranged alphabetically by case. Correspondence with societies re individual requests for employment, hospital care and related matters.
Box 38 Folder 1a-1c
Financial Reports, 1940-51.
Box 38 Folder 2a-2b
Financial Reports, 1936-39.
Box 38 Folder 3a-3c
Foreign Affairs (journal).
Requests for D.D.'s articles, "Rift and Labor Realignment in World Labor," 1949; "World Labor's New Weapon," 1950.
Box 39 Folder 1
Forest City Mfg. Co., St. Louis. (See St. Louis Jt. Bd.)
Box 39 Folder 2a-2b
Form Letters and Circulars, 1934-36.
Includes correspondence with Union officers on conditions in garment industry.
Box 39 Folder 3a
Forward, 1936-39.
Includes correspondence with Abraham Cahan, B.C. Vladeck and Leon Arkin.
Box 39 Folder 3b
Forward, 1930-35.
Box 39 Folder 4a-4b
G: 1940-51.
Box 39 Folder 5a-5c
G: 1933-39.
Box 40 Folder 1a-1c
GEB, Sept. 1946-Sept. 1951.
Box 40 Folder 2a-2c
GEB, Sept. 1944-Sept. 1946.
Box 40 Folder 3a-3b
GEB, Oct. 1943-May 1944.
Box 41 Folder 1a-1b
GEB, Feb. 1942-June 1943.
Box 41 Folder 2a-2d
GEB, July 1940-Dec. 1941.
Box 41 Folder 3a-3e
GEB, Aug. 1938-April 1940.
Box 42 Folder 1a-1c
GEB, Nov. -Dec. 1938.
includes Correspondence on postponement of con­vention from May 1939 to May 1940.
Box 42 Folder 2a-2e
GEB, Jan. 1937-May 1938.
Box 42 Folder 3
GEB, 1925.
Waiver of notice of meeting by GEB, Nov.
Box 42 Folder 4
Gompers, Samuel, Centennial, 1850-1950.
Box 43 Folder 1a-1b
Good News, Union publication, 1938-41.
includes requests, arranged by correspondent.
Box 43 Folder 2a-2b
Governor's Committee on Employment (Dewey), 1943.
includes reports, Correspondence
Box 43 Folder 3
Greenglass (Morris) Case, 1935-40.
includes minutes of special investigating comm.
Box 43 Folder 4a-4b
H: 1938-49.
Box 43 Folder 5
H: 1933-37.
Includes correspondence with Harriman Nat'l. Bank and Trust Co., re Union account, 1932-33.
Box 43 Folder 6a-6b
HO: 1935-50.
Includes correspondence with Daniel W. Hoan (Mayor) of Milwaukee, Wisc.
Box 44 Folder 1a-1b
Harvard University, 1942-47.
Correspondence re Harvard Trade Union Fellow­ship, reports.
Box 44 Folder 2
Heller, Jacob, 1934-47.
Box 44 Folder 3
Hillquit, Morris, 1934, 1937-38.
includes Correspondence establishing the Hillquit Memorial Hospital, 1937-38; acknowledg­ment and distribution of Loose Leaves from a Busy Life, 1934.
Box 44 Folder 4
Hillquit, Morris, 1933-34.
includes Correspondence on legal matters; D.D.'s speech on Hillquit Memorial Hour, WEVD, Oct. 1933.
Box 44 Folder 5
Hillquit, Morris, 1932.
Correspondence on Hillquit NYC mayoralty campaign; list of trade union organi­zations represented at conference, Oct. 1932.
Box 44 Folder 6a-6b
Homestead Projects, 1936-39.
Correspondence re Jersey Homesteads, Hightstown, N.J.
Box 44 Folder 7
Homestead Projects, 1935.
Box 44 Folder 8
Hopkins, Harry (Impartial Chairman), Coat and Suit Industry. Memoranda submitted to Impartial Chairman on wage adjustments, 1935; Correspondence on filling of vacancy after Hopkins' death, 1946.
Box 44 Folder 9
I: 1933-50.
Box 45 Folder 1a-1c
Illustrated History of the ILGWU, 1937.
Acknowledgments from organizations, individuals, associations, manufacturers, foreign individuals, foreign organizations.
Box 45 Folder 2a-2b
Illustrated History of the ILGWU, 1937. Distribution.
Box 45 Folder 3a-3b
Illustrated History of the ILGWU, 1937. ILGWU distribution; includes reviews.
Box 45 Folder 4a-4b
Industrial Association of Juvenile Apparel Mfrs., Inc., 1937-42.
Letters from Charles Baker (Labor Director) re contractor registration. includes negotiations.
Box 46 Folder 1a-1b
Industrial Council, Cloak, Suit and Skirt Mfrs., Inc., 1936-40.
Includes correspondence with Samuel Klein (Exec. Dir.).
Box 46 Folder 2a-2b
Infants' and Children's Coat Assoc., Inc. affiliated with United Infants' and Children's Wear Assoc., 1934-39.
Correspondence with Charles Baker (Labor Director).
Box 46 Folder 3a-3d
Int'l. Clothing Workers' Federation (ICWF), 1937-46.
Includes correspondence with Van der Heeg (Secretary), re conferences, dues, resolutions adopted by Belgium Clothing Workers, 1937; reports and minutes of Bureau meetings.
Box 47 Folder 1a-1b
Int'l. Federation of Trade Unions, 1935-45.
Includes correspondence with Walter Schevenels (Genl. Secretary.) re negotiations bet. Federation and Russian trade unions, 1937-38; Correspondence on Sir Walter Citrine's visit to U.S. under Labor Chest auspices in interests of anti­fascists, 1936; minutes of London meetings, 1945.
Box 47 Folder 2a-2c
Int'l. Federation of Trade Unions, 1937-40.
Correspondence with Walter Schevenels, 1. from Francisco L. Caballero on Spanish situation.
Box 47 Folder 3
Int'l. Labor Office, Geneva, 1938-39.
Includes correspondence with Samuel McCune Lindsay (Chairman), re_ Union financial support of Nat'l. ILO Committee.
Box 47 Folder 4
Int'l. Labor Office, 1936-37.
includes ILO publications.
Box 47 Folder 5
Int'l. Labor Office, 1935.
Box 47 Folder 6
Int'l. Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. Circulars, leaflets (A-M).
includes Correspondence on publications, The Church and Unionism and Meet the ILGWU, 1941.
Box 47 Folder 7
ILGWU. Circulars, leaflets (N-Z), 1941.
includes Correspondence re Needles and Pins, 1941 Waqes, Why Wait?
Box 48 Folder 1a-1b
ILGWU: Fifty-thousand Dollar Drive for Sigman-Schlesinger Library, L. A. Sanatorium and world institutions, 1936-37.
Box 48 Folder 2a-2b
ILGWU, 1947-50.
Box 48 Folder 3a-3b
ILGWU, 1940-46.
Box 48 Folder 4a-4b
ILGWU, 1938-39.
Box 48 Folder 5a-5b
ILGWU, 1936-37.
Box 49 Folder 1a-1b
ILGWU, 1934-36.
Box 49 Folder 2
ILGWU, 1934-36. Label Dept. Correspondence
Box 49 Folder 3
ILGWU, 1951. News-History; report from Leon Stein.
Box 49 Folder 4a
ILGWU, 1937-41. News releases.
Box 49 Folder 4b
ILGWU, 1934-36. News releases.
Box 49 Folder 6-May
ILGWU: Pageant and Concert, Oct. 5, 1940.
includes invitations, acceptances and declinations for performance, "I Hear America Singing" at Madison Sq. Garden for Greater New York Fund.
Box 49 Folder 7
ILGWU, 1943. Seventeen Hundred and Ten Broadway purchase.
Thank-you letters for gifts and best wishes on purchase of Ford Bldg. for headquarters of Union; includes lists of names to invite to official opening.
Box 49 Folder 8
Int'l. Hour Series, 1934-35.
includes texts of talks by Union officers over WEVD.
Box 49 Folder 9a
Int'l. Madison Bank, 1931-33.
includes Correspondence on loans, repayments and liquidation of bank.
Box 49 Folder 9b
Int'l. Union Bank, 1926.
includes stock certificates in Workers Unity House, Inc.; Ladies' Garment Finishers, Local 9 Centre, Inc.; Cloak and Suit Makers Bldg. Corp.; and Lexington Ave. and 25th St. Corp.; bank loan agreement bet. Union and bank.
Box 50 Folder 1a-1b
J: 1933-50.
Includes correspondence with Jewish Fed. of Welfare Funds.
Box 50 Folder 2a-2b
Jewish Labor Committee, 1946-49.
includes Correspondence on programs and activities.
Box 50 Folder 3a-3d
JLC, 1940-45.
includes minutes, reports, addresses and Correspondence
Box 50 Folder 4a-4b
JLC, 1938-39.
Box 51 Folder 1a-1b
JLC, 1934-37.
Box 51 Folder 2a-2b
JLC, 1935-49. Correspondence on contributions by Union.
Box 51 Folder 3
Jt.Bd.& D.C.: Allentown District Council, 1941-44.
Box 51 Folder 4
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Allentown District Council, 1937-39.
Box 51 Folder 5
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Allentown District Council, 1934-36.
Box 51 Folder 6
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Baltimore Joint Board, 1940-49.
Includes correspondence with Samuel Caplan.
Box 51 Folder 7a-7b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Baltimore Jt. Bd., 1939-41.
includes Eagle Dress Corp. case; arbitration proceedings and decision; Correspondence on Goldman Co. and Seldin Coat Corp.
Box 51 Folder 8
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Baltimore Jt. Bd., 1936-38.
Box 52 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Baltimore Jt. Bd., 1933-35.
Includes correspondence with Charles Kreindler and Samuel Caplan, on strike relief and organizing; memoranda of agreements.
Box 52 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Boston Jt. Bd., 1939-51.
Includes correspondence with Philip Kramer.
Box 52 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Boston Jt. Bd., 1936-38.
Includes correspondence with Rose Pesotta.
Box 52 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Boston Jt. Bd., 1934-35.
Box 52 Folder 5
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Boston Jt. Bd., 1929-33.
Box 53 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1942-51.
Box 53 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd. , 1941.
includes Correspondence re organizing drive at Hirsch and Sons, Inc.
Box 53 Folder 2c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1938.
includes election results of affiliated locals.
Box 53 Folder 2d
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1938.
Box 53 Folder 3a-3c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1937.
includes Correspondence on Sopkin Brothers Strike.
Box 53 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1936.
Box 54 Folder 1a-Id
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1934-35.
Box 54 Folder 2a-2c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1933.
includes copy of award by Judge Fisher in the La Mode Garment Co. case; Correspondence re Dressmakers strike in Chicago.
Box 54 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Chicago Jt. Bd., 1936-38.
Correspondence re Barney Gisnet Garment Co. case.
Box 55 Folder 1
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Cincinnati Jt. Bd., 1941-51.
Correspondence with David Solomon.
Box 55 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Cleveland Jt. Bd., 1946-51.
Includes correspondence with Hyman L. Anger and Joseph Lewis.
Box 55 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Cleveland Jt. Bd., 1941-45.
Includes correspondence with Abraham Katovsky and Nathan Solomon.
Box 55 Folder 4
Jt. Bd. and D.C.: Cleveland Jt. Bd., 1939-40.
Box 55 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Cleveland Jt. Bd., 1937-38.
includes Correspondence re assault on Abraham Katovsky, 1937.
Box 55 Folder 6
Jt.Bd and D.C.: Cleveland Jt. Bd., 1936.
Box 56 Folder 1a-Id
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Cleveland Jt. Bd., 1934-35.
Box 56 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Cleveland Jt. Bd., 1933.
Box 56 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Cleveland Knitgoods Jt. Council, 1941-45.
Includes correspondence with Abraham Katovsky on Knitgoods industry.
Box 56 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Cotton Dress and Misc. Trades Dept., 1939-46.
Includes correspondence with Elias Reisberg. (In 1946 changed to Northeast Dept.)
Box 57 Folder 1a-Id
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Dallas Jt. Bd., 1933-39.
Includes correspondence with Meyer Perlstein and Jack Spry re Jack Spry case, 1938-49; Perlstein's case in connection with 1935 strike; NLRB cases, 1935 and 1937.
Box 57 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Kansas City Jt. Bd., 1936-51.
Includes correspondence with Samuel S. White and Meyer Perlstein.
Box 57 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Kansas City Jt. Bd., 1934-35.
Includes correspondence with Sol J. Goldberg and Abraham W. Plotkin.
Box 57 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Kansas City Jt. Bd., 1933.
Box 58 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Kansas City Jt. Bd., 1939-45. Donnelly Garment Co. Case.
includes decision and order; Emil Schlesinger briefs; judgment; finding of fact and conclusions of law; cross examination of D.D.; B.B. notes; extracts from intermediate report of James C. Batten (trial examiner) and related Correspondence
Box 58 Folder 2a-2c
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Kansas City Jt. Bd., 1937-38. Donnelly Garment Co. case.
Box 58 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Kansas City Jt. Bd., 1937-40. Donnelly Garment Co. case. Newspaper clippings.
Box 58 Folder 4a-4c
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Kansas City Jt. Bd., 1943. Donnelly Garment Co. case. Donnelly trial, 1943.
includes examination of Meyer Perlstein; B.B. testimony; deposition of F.F.Umhey; affidavit of Siemon L. Hamburger; Correspondence with Meyer Perlstein and Emil Schlesinger.
Box 59 Folder 1a-1c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Los Angeles Cloak Jt. Bd., 1949-Sept. 1950.
Includes correspondence with Morris Bagno, Joseph Springer; diary of Morris Bialis during stay in L.A. June-July 1950.
Box 59 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Cloak Jt.Bd., 1947-48.
Includes correspondence with Louis Levy on communist activity in Jt. Bd.; petition by operators of Local 65 for a separate local, 1948; jurisdiction of cloak shops outside L.A.
Box 59 Folder 3a-3c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1943-46.
Includes correspondence with Louis Pine and Louis Levy; printed material on 1944 L.A. Clk. Jt. Bd. election.
Box 60 Folder 1
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1941-43.
Box 60 Folder 2a-2c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Dress Jt. Bd., Oct. 1947-50.
Includes correspondence with Fannie Borax, on communist activities; postponement of elections, 1950; petition by Spanish-speaking members for Union program; includes program submitted by Spanish representative to GEB, May 1949.
Box 60 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Dress Jt. Bd., 1941-46.
Includes correspondence with George Wishnak; reports.
Box 60 Folder 4a
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, Sept. -Dec. 1941. (On 10-6-43 Dress Jt. Bd. separated from L.A. Jt. Bd.)
includes Correspondence on strikes and strike relief.
Box 60 Folder 4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, Jan -Aug. 1941.
includes report by Louis Levy on L.A. activities, Nov. 1940-Feb. 1941.
Box 60 Folder 4c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, July-Dec. 1940.
includes statement by Louis Levy on assuming office as manager.
Box 60 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, Jan -May 1940.
Includes correspondence with Louis Levy and George Wishnak on installation of exec. bd., Local 65 and elections of locals.
Box 61 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, 1939.
Includes correspondence with Israel Feinberg and I. Lutsky.
Box 61 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, 1938.
Box 61 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, 1937.
Box 61 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, 1936.
Box 61 Folder 5
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, 1934-35.
includes proceedings of Fourth Pacific Coast Conference of Union, Nov-Dec. 1935; report by I. Lutsky on organization campaign 1935 and Correspondence with Rose Pesotta.
Box 62 Folder 1a-1c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, 1934-35.
includes proceedings of Fourth Pacific Coast Conference of Union, Nov-Dec. 1935; report by I. Lutsky on organization campaign 1935 and Correspondence with Rose Pesotta.
Box 62 Folder 2a-2c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Bd., Cloak and Dressmakers Union, 1933.
Includes correspondence with Rose Pesotta, H. Scott, Local 65 and 84; Israel Feinberg on Cloak and Dress­makers strike.
Box 62 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: L.A. Jt. Council, June 1945-Oct. 1950.
Includes correspondence with Louis Levy, Abe F. Levy on trade union education among Japanese.
Box 63 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Maryland-Virginia District, 1946-47.
Includes correspondence with Angela Bambace, Irwin Jaffe and Charles Kreindler re Miriam Billings case, before special "Maryland- Virginia District Committee."
Box 63 Folder 2
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Maryland-Virginia District, 1942-45.
Includes correspondence with Elias Lieberman re Joseph Love Inc.; Lieberman's brief.
Box 63 Folder 3
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Miami Jt. Council, 1950.
Includes correspondence with John S. Martin, Samuel L. Macy.
Box 63 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Milwaukee Jt. Bd., 1942-49.
Includes correspondence with Albert Heup re Rhea Mfg. Co.
Box 63 Folder 5
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Milwaukee Jt. Bd., 1941.
Includes correspondence with Benjamin Dolnick and Morris Bialis.
Box 63 Folder 6
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Milwaukee Jt. Bd., 1938-40.
Box 63 Folder 7a-7c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Milwaukee Jt. Bd., 1933-35.
Box 64 Folder 1a-1c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1947-50.
Includes correspondence with Bernard Shane, Claude Jodoin; reports.
Box 64 Folder 2a-2d
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1943-46.
includes modifications in agreements bet. Cloak Mfrs. Council and Montreal Jt. Council, 1946; judgment in the Ideal Dress case, 1943.
Box 64 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1942.
includes minutes and reports of conference, Oct. 3-4.
Box 65 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1941.
Box 65 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1940.
includes Bernard Shane speech re strike in dress industry.
Box 65 Folder 3
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1939.
includes copy of arbitration proceedings bet. Union and Mfrs. Council; Union brief submitted to Impartial Chairman of the Cloak and Suit Industry.
Box 65 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1937-38.
Box 65 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1936.
Box 66 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1935.
includes Correspondence re Dress Cutters' Union, Local 205.
Box 66 Folder 2a-2c
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1933-34.
Includes correspondence with Albert Eaton, Israel Feinberg.
Box 66 Folder 3
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Montreal Jt. Council, 1937. Newspaper clippings.
Box 66 Folder 4
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1946-50.
Includes correspondence with Israel Feinberg; arbitration proceedings bet. associations and Union, Arthur S. Meyer (Arbitrator), 1946.
Box 66 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1941-45.
includes Feinberg report to Jt.Bd., 4-29-42.
Box 67 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1940.
includes Morris J. Ashbes reports, Sept. 1940; proposals for the Board of Stability and Control by I. Feinberg; report on the activities of Brooklyn office.
Box 67 Folder 2a
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., Sept-Bee. 1939.
includes report of the special GEB Comm. on chartering Snow Suit and Legging workers, Sept. 18, 1939; minutes of hearing, Sept. 15, 1939; Correspondence re Snow Suit Dept., Jan-Aug. 1939.
Box 67 Folder 2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., Jan -Aug. 1939.
includes reports.
Box 67 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1937-38.
includes list of non-union shops, 9-21-38.
Box 67 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1934-36.
includes membership census of cloak industry, 1936; subpoena to Jt. Bd. to produce records in Fair Garment Co. case, 4-8-36; Correspondence bet. Jt. Bd., D.D., Mfrs. Assoc., and Herbert Lehman on impending strike in industry, 1935.
Box 68 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1933.
Includes correspondence with Isidore Nagler; Nagler statement on piece work in industry; transcript of Final Session of the 1932 Term of the Jt. Bd.
Box 68 Folder 2a-2c
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1932 (July-Aug.) Strike.
includes Correspondence on impending strike; "Organization Committee's Report" submitted to the General Strike Comm. Aug. 18, 1932 by Nicholas Kirtzman; releases; strike preparations.
Box 68 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1931-32.
Correspondence bet. D.D., Schlesinger, and officers on jurisdictional dispute bet. Locals 1 and 17; Nagler report Dec. 1931.
Box 68 Folder 4a
Jt.Bd. and B.C.: N.Y. Dress Jt. Bd., 1947-50.
Includes correspondence with Julius Hochman.
Box 68 Folder 4b-4c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Dress Jt. Bd., 1940-46.
includes proceedings, 1943; Survey, 1940.
Box 68 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Dress Jt. Bd., 1939.
includes release, Conditions in Dress Industry, Jan-Oct.
Box 68 Folder 6a-6b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Dress Jt. Bd., 1937-38.
Correspondence , release, Conditions in the Dress Industry; decision on Blue Date and Blue Fox Dress Co. Case, 1937.
Box 69 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Dress Jt. Bd., 1934-36.
includes Correspondence on N.Y. Dress Strike, 1936; provisions in dress agreement; and release, Conditions in Dress Industry, July 1936-Dec. 1937.
Box 69 Folder 2
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Dress Jt. Bd., 1933.
Includes correspondence with Philip Kapp; address by D.D. at Dressmakers' Victory Rally, 10-4-33; leaflets on strike.
Box 69 Folder 3
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: N.Y. Ladies Apparel Accessories Council, 1936-39.
Reports; official list of Union accessory shops in the Ladies Apparel Industry; Union shops in Dress Industry, 1937.
Box 69 Folder 4
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Philadelphia Cloak Jt. Bd., 1940-50.
Correspondence with Harry Dordick.
Box 69 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Cloak Jt. Bd., 1928, 1933-39.
Includes correspondence with Louis Bulkin, George Rubin; Special Comm. Report on Merger and Separation of Locals 2 and 17.
Box 69 Folder 6a-6b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Dress Jt. Bd., 1939-50.
includes arbitration hearing, Adella Dress Co. Case, 1950; Correspondence with Samuel Otto, re_ Biberman Bros., Inc., 1939-47.
Box 69 Folder 7
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Dress Jt. Bd., 1942-46.
Box 70 Folder 1
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Dress Jt. Bd., 1939-41.
Box 70 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Dress Jt. Bd., 1936-38.
Box 70 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Dress Jt. Bd., 1934-35.
Includes correspondence with Elias Reisberg.
Box 70 Folder 4
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Dress Jt. Bd., 1933.
Box 70 Folder 5
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Phila. Jt. Council, (1942-50) 1936.
Includes correspondence with Louis Bulkin.
Box 70 Folder 6a-6b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: San Francisco Jt.Bd., 1937-39.
Includes correspondence with Jennie Matyas; proceedings of Exec. Bd., Local 8 Committee investigating charges against Ted Goldstein, Dec. 1937.
Box 70 Folder 7
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: San Francisco Jt. Bd., 1936.
includes report to the GEB at the Jt. meeting held with Exec. Bds. of the S.F. locals, May 1936; Correspondence on Diner case.
Box 71 Folder 1a-1c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: San Francisco Jt. Bd., Nov. 1934-Dec. 1935.
Box 71 Folder 2a-2c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: San Francisco Jt. Bd., Mar. 1933-34.
Includes correspondence with Samuel S. White.
Box 71 Folder 3
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Scranton Jt. Bd., 1940-49.
Includes correspondence with I. Zimmerman, Elias Reisberg.
Box 71 Folder 4
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Scranton District Council, 1933-39.
includes Correspondence re Royal Miss Dress Co., 1939.
Box 71 Folder 5
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Seattle Jt.Bd., 1947-50.
Includes correspondence with Eloise Pratt, Mabel Sundberg.
Box 71 Folder 6a-6b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Seattle Jt. Bd., 1940-46.
Box 72 Folder 1
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Seattle Jt. Bd., 1933-39.
Includes correspondence with Harold Hibbard, Eugene Glasser.
Box 72 Folder 2
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: So. Jersey Jt. Bd., 1939.
Includes correspondence with Barnett Karp.
Box 72 Folder 3a-3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: So. Jersey Jt. Bd., 1937-38.
Box 72 Folder 4a-4c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: So. Jersey Jt. Bd., 1933-36.
Box 72 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: St. Louis Cloak and Dress Jt. Bd., 1940-48.
Includes correspondence with Meyer Perlstein.
Box 72 Folder 6a-6b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: St. Louis Jt. Bd., 1936-39.
Includes correspondence with Ben Gilbert.
Box 73 Folder 1a-1c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: St. Louis Jt. Bd., 1934-35.
includes petition by Local 104 members to GEB not to remove Edith Phillips as organizer, 1934.
Box 73 Folder 2a-2b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: St. Louis Jt. Bd., 1937-39. Forest City Mfr. Co.
Includes correspondence with Meyer Persltein and firms re collective agreement.
Box 73 Folder 3a
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: St. Louis Jt. Bd., 1935. Forest City Mfr. Co.
Includes correspondence with Meyer Perlstein, Elias Lieberman and Forest City Co. re strike and settlement 1935; findings of comm. appointed by St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.
Box 73 Folder 3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: St. Louis Jt. Bd., 1933.
Includes correspondence with I. Halpern, Bernard Shane and Edith Phillips.
Box 73 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Toronto Jt. Bd., 1947-50.
Includes correspondence with S. Kraisman, re displaced persons.
Box 74 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Toronto Jt. Bd., 1942-46.
Includes correspondence with Hyman D. Langer.
Box 74 Folder 2
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Toronto Jt. Bd., 1940-41.
Box 74 Folder 3a-3c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Toronto Jt. Bd., 1937-39.
includes report on Canadian Cloak Markets by Thomas Cohen.
Box 74 Folder 4a-4c
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Toronto Jt. Bd., 1935-36.
Box 75 Folder 1a-1b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Toronto Jt. Bd., 1934.
includes Correspondence on Toronto Labour Lyceum Assoc.
Box 75 Folder 2
Jd.Bd. and D.C.: Toronto Jt. Bd., 1933.
Box 75 Folder 3a
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Twin- Cities Jt. Bd., 1942-50.
Includes correspondence with Michael Finkelstein, Dolores Johnson.
Box 75 Folder 3b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Twin Cities Jt. Bd., 1940-41.
includes Correspondence on Cartwright Dress Co.
Box 75 Folder 4a-4b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Twin Cities Jt. Bd., 1936-39.
Box 75 Folder 5a-5b
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Twin Cities Jt. Bd., 1934-35.
Includes correspondence with Sander Genis; affidavits signed by workers against firms who did not adhere to dress code, 1934.
Box 75 Folder 6
Jt.Bd. and D.C.: Winnipeg Jt. Bd., 1950.
Includes correspondence with Sam Herbst.
Box 76 Folder 1
Justice: 1938-39.
includes 'Advertising Plan for Justice,' from Max Danish (Editor).
Box 76 Folder 2a-2b
Justice: 1937.
Box 76 Folder 3a-3b
Justice: 1936.
Box 76 Folder 4a-4b
K: 1940-50.
Box 76 Folder 5
K: 1933-39.
Box 77 Folder 1
Katovsky, Abraham, 1934-45.
includes Correspondence re his sickness and death.
Box 77 Folder 2
Kirtzman, Nicholas
Box 77 Folder 3a-3b
L: 1947-51.
Box 77 Folder 4a-4b
L: 1940-46.
Box 77 Folder 5a-5c
L: 1933-39.
Includes correspondence with Herbert Lehman on Union-related matters, 1933.
Box 77 Folder 6a-6b
Labor Chest: Domestic, 1933-37.
includes Correspondence , reports, financial state­ments and publications.
Box 78 Folder 1
Labor Department, U.S., 1934-36.
Box 78 Folder 2
Labor Dept., U.S., 1933.
Includes correspondence with Frances Perkins.
Box 78 Folder 3a-3d
Labor League for Human Rights, 1940-46.
includes minutes, resolutions on war relief, publications, agreements among organi­zations on aiding war victims, text of speech by Sir Walter Citrine, Dec. 1940 and Correspondence
Box 78 Folder 4a-4b
Labor Management Conference, Washington, Nov. 1945. (Called by Harry Truman)
includes reports on labor conditions in numerous countries; list of delegates from AFL and CIO; proposed agenda.
Box 79 Folder 1
Labor Spy Activities, 1936-40.
includes memorandum on LaFollette Comm., by Research Dept. of Union, 1940; replies to Union questionnaire from officers on spying activities.
Box 79 Folder 2
Labor Stage, 1941-44.
includes broadcast of 'Labor for Victory' by Ben Hecht, 1942.
Box 79 Folder 3
Labor, Stage, 1936-45.
Includes correspondence with Louis Shaffer (Manager); text of "Governor Altgeld" play by Melvin Levy.
Box 79 Folder 4
Labor Stage - ILGWU Dramatics: "Let Freedom Swing," 1940.
includes program and songsheet, 'Let Freedom Swing.'
Box 79 Folder 5
Labor Stage: Invitations to Ninth Annual Concert and Pageant, 1943.
Box 79 Folder 6
Labor Stage: "Labor Pains," Los Angeles, 1939-40.
Box 79 Folder 7
Labor Stage: "Pins and Needles," Nov. 1937.
Acceptances and declinations to N.Y. opening, arranged alphabetically by Correspondence
Box 79 Folder 8
Labor Stage: "Pins and Needles," 1938.
Newspaper clipping files, N.Y.
Box 79 Folder 9a-9b
Labor Stage: "Pins and Needles," 1939.
Invitations for a Second Showing.
Box 80 Folder 1
Labor Stage: "Pins and Needles," 1938.
On tour, Boston to Los Angeles, arranged by city; includes clippings.
Box 80 Folder 2
Labor Stage: "Pins and Needles," 1938-39.
On tour, Milwaukee to Providence.
Box 80 Folder 3a-3b
Labor Stage: "Pins and Needles," 1938-June 20, 1939, N.Y.C.
includes Correspondence re radio talk by D.D. on educational and recreational activities of Union, April 15, 1938; Correspondence re broadcast of "Pins and Needles," Dec. 2, 1937.
Box 80 Folder 4
Labor Stage: "Pins and Needles," 1938-41.
On tour, Rochester to Wash., D.C., England and Canada.
Box 80 Folder 5
Labor Stage: Windsor Theatre, 1939-40.
Box 80 Folder 6a-6b
LaGuardia, Fiorello, 1933-50.
includes LaGuardia plan for settling labor disputes, 1946, and Correspondence
Box 80 Folder 7
Langer, Harry - Canadian Organizer, 1935-37.
includes report re dress situation in Montreal, 1936.
Box 81 Folder 1
Legislation: 1935-45.
includes Correspondence on Nat'l. Labor Relations Act and Board; Nat'l. Service Act, 1945.
Box 81 Folder 2
Legislation: Social Security, 1936-37.
Box 81 Folder 3a-3b
Legislation: Supreme Court Reform, 1937.
Correspondence on Roosevelt's proposal to reform Supreme Court? letters written by Union officers to Congressmen and Senators.
Box 81 Folder 4
Legislation: Tariff and Trade Treaties, 1940.
includes resolutions adopted by Union on Reciprocal Trade-Agreements Program.
Box 81 Folder 5
Legislation: Unemployment Insurance, 1937-45.
Box 81 Folder 6
Legislation: Wages and Hours Bill, 1939-43.
Box 81 Folder 7a-7b
Legislation: Wages and Hours Bill, 1937-38.
Correspondence with Merle Vincent and Elias Lieberman on passage of bill, 1937-38.
Box 82 Folder 1
Legislation: Wages and Hours Bill, 1935-36.
includes statement by Wm. Green before Senate Judiciary Comm. on thirty-hour week, 1935.
Box 82 Folder 2
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Apparel Comm., 1939-41.
Includes correspondence with Burton E. Oppenheim (Director), Industry Comm. Branch of Wages and Hours Division.
Box 82 Folder 3
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Apparel Comm.
includes reports on individuals for public membership on Apparel Industry Comm.
Box 82 Folder 4
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Outerwear Comm., 1939-41.
Correspondence on outerwear industry.
Box 82 Folder 5
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Knitted Underwear Comm., 1939-42.
includes Correspondence and releases from Dept. of Labor.
Box 82 Folder 6a-6b
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Learner Exemptions Comm., 1939-42.
Correspondence on modification of wages and hours for learners.
Box 82 Folder 7
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Other Industry Comm., 1939-43.
Box 82 Folder 8
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Puerto Rico Industry Comm., 1941.
Box 83 Folder 1a-1b
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Puerto Rico Industry Comm., 1940.
Box 83 Folder 2
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Violations, 1938-42.
Industry and Union requests for investigations arranged alphabetically by cities, A-L.
Box 83 Folder 3
Legislation: Wages and Hours - Violations, M-Z.
Box 83 Folder 4
Lehman, Herbert H., 1936-40.
Box 83 Folder 5
Lehman, Herbert H., 1930-35.
includes Correspondence on impending strike in cloak industry and memorandum by Cloak Jt. Bd. to Governor on strike, 1935.
Box 83 Folder 6a-6b
Lieberman, Elias, 1936-39.
Box 83 Folder 7a-7b
Lieberman, Elias, 1933-35.
Box 84 Folder 1
Local 6, Union City, N.J.: 1933-34. Embroidery Workers.
Box 84 Folder 2
Local 8, San Francisco, Calif.: 1929-Jan. 1933. Cloak and Dressmakers.
includes Charles M. Schwartzberg Correspondence on Communist activities, 1932; Correspondence with Abraham Plotkin and J. Mencoff; some with Benjamin Schlesinger.
Box 84 Folder 3a-3b
Local 9, N.Y.: 1933-42. Cloak and Suit Tailors Union.
Includes correspondence with Isidore Sorkin, Burnet Cooper; GEB decision on charges brought by members of Locals 1, 9, 35 against Exec. Bd. of Local 9, 1934.
Box 84 Folder 4a-4b
Local 10, N.Y.: 1933-39. Amalgamated Ladies' Garment Cutters Union.
Includes correspondence with Samuel Perlmutter.
Box 84 Folder 5
Local 10: 1939. Election.
Local 17. (See Local 117)
Box 84 Folder 6
Local 20, N.Y.: 1933-39. Waterproof Garment Workers Union.
Includes correspondence with Joe Kessler.
Box 84 Folder 7a-7b
Local 22, N.Y.: 1933-39. Dressmakers Union.
Correspondence with Charles S. Zimmerman.
Box 85 Folder 1
Local 23, N.Y.: 1933-39. Skirt Makers Union.
Correspondence with Louis Reiss.
Box 85 Folder 2
Local 24, Boston, Mass: 1933-38.
Correspondence with Nathan H. Barker.
Box 85 Folder 3
Local 25, N.Y.: 1933-39. Blouse and Waistmakers Union.
Includes correspondence with Charles Kreindler.
Box 85 Folder 4
Local 30, N.Y.: 1933-39. Designers Guild of Ladies Apparel.
Correspondence with Joseph A. Valicenti.
Box 85 Folder 5a-5b
Local 31, N.Y.: 1934-42. Dress Patternmakers' Union (merged with Local 10, Dec. 1942).
Includes correspondence with M. Schwartzstein and Daniel Nisnavitz.
Box 85 Folder 6
Local 32, N.Y.: 1934-39. Corset and Brassiere Workers Union.
Includes correspondence with Abraham Snyder.
Box 85 Folder 7
Local 35, N.Y.: 1933-39. Cloak, Skirt and Dress Pressers Union.
Correspondence with Joseph Breslaw.
Box 85 Folder 8
Local 38, N.Y.: 1933-39. Ladies Tailors Custom Dressmakers, Theatrical Costume and Alteration Workers Union.
Box 86 Folder 1
Local 40, 1934-39. Belt Makers Union.
Correspondence with Henry Schwartz.
Box 86 Folder 2a-2b
Local 48, N.Y.: 1933-47. Italian Cloak, Suit, and Skirtmakers Union.
Correspondence with Edward Molisani.
Box 86 Folder 3
Local 60, N.Y.: 1933-39. Dress and Waist Pressers' Union.
Includes correspondence with Max Cohen.
Box 86 Folder 4a-4b
Local 60: Aug-Sept. 1935. Philip Kolinsky and Charles Cherkes case.
Box 86 Folder 5
Local 62, N.Y.: 1933-39. Undergarment and Negligee Workers Union.
Includes correspondence with Samuel Shore.
Box 86 Folder 6a-6b
Local 63, Cleveland, O.: 1933-39. Coat, Suit and Dressmakers Union.
Includes correspondence with Abraham W. Katovsky and David Solomon.
Box 87 Folder 1
Local 64, N.Y.: 1933-38. Cloak Buttonhole Makers Union.
Box 87 Folder 2a-2b
Local 66, N.Y.: 1933-39. Bonnaz, Embroideries, Tucking, Pleating, Allied Crafts Union.
Includes correspondence with Leon Hattab.
Box 87 Folder 3a-3b
Local 67, Toledo, O.: 1933-39. Cloakmakers Union.
Includes correspondence with Morris J. Cohen and Abraham Katovsky.
Box 87 Folder 4a-4b
Local 70, Portland, Ore.: 1933-39. Cloakmakers Union.
Includes correspondence with Manly Labby.
Box 87 Folder 5a-5b
Local 72, Toronto, Canada: 1941-46. Dressmakers Union.
Includes correspondence with S. Kraisman, on internal local problems.
Box 88 Folder 1a-1b
Local 72: 1936-40.
Correspondence and petitions re local elections, local conditions
Box 88 Folder 2a-2b
Local 72: Nov. 1938-July 1940.
Special GEB Comm. to investigate Local situation.
Box 88 Folder 3
Local 74, Chicago, Ill. 1934-37. Dress Pattern Makers.
Chartered 3-27-34; out of existence, 8-25-42.
Box 88 Folder 4
Local 75, Worcester, Mass: 1933-37. Cloak, Skirt, Dressmakers Union.
Box 88 Folder 5a-5b
Local 76, Chicago, Ill: 1938-44. White Goods Workers Union.
Includes correspondence with Morris Bialis and Abraham Plotkin on organizing activities in Smoler Bros. firm; Reconstruction Finance Corp. loan to Roberta Jill Co.
Box 88 Folder 6
Local 76: 1937.
Box 89 Folder 1a-1b
Local 76: 1933-36.
Correspondence with Abraham Plotkin and William W. Gaskin.
Box 89 Folder 2
Local 82, N.Y.: 1933-39. Examiners, Begraders and Bushlers Union.
Box 89 Folder 3
Local 88, Philadelphia, Pa.: 1933-39.
Includes correspondence with Morris Fishman.
Box 89 Folder 4a-4b
Local 89, N.Y.: 1933-44. Italian Dress and Waistmakers Union.
Correspondence with Luigi Antonini.
Box 89 Folder 5
Local 90, Elgin, Ill: 1932-37.
Box 89 Folder 6
Local 91, N.Y.: 1936-46. Childrens Dress, Infants Wear, Housedress and Bathrobe Makers Union.
Correspondence re H.L.Hoffman Co. and Joseph L. Love, Inc.
Box 90 Folder 1a-1b
Local 91: 1939-45.
Correspondence with Harry Greenberg.
Box 90 Folder 2a-2b
Local 91: 1933-38.
Box 90 Folder 3
Local 93, Reading, Pa.: 1933-39.
Box 90 Folder 4a-4b
Local 99, N.Y.: 1934-39. Ladies Apparel Shipping Clerks Union, affiliated with United Hebrew Trades.
includes Correspondence re affiliation with Union.
Box 90 Folder 5a-5b
Local 102, N.Y.: 1934-41. Cloak, Dress, Drivers and Helpers Union.
Correspondence with Saul Metz; N.Y. Dress Jt. Bd. complaint against Local 102; brief in behalf of Local 102, c. 1940.
Box 91 Folder 1
Local 91, Los Angeles, Calif: 1939. Designers Guild.
Chartered, 3-15-35; out of existence, 1-30-39.
Box 91 Folder 2
Local 108, Harrisburg, Pa.: 1933-35.
Box 91 Folder 3
Local 115, Martinsburg, W. Va.: 1934-35.
Box 91 Folder 4
Local 116, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 1933-38.
Box 91 Folder 5
Local 117, N.Y.: 1936-39. United Cloak, Suit, Infants and Childrens Coat Operators and Sample Makers Union.
Correspondence , hearing re 1939 Local elections.
Box 91 Folder 6
Local 117, N.Y. Local 1, N.Y., 1933-36. Cloak and Suit Operators Union (prior to merger).
Correspondence W. Louis Levy re: 1933 election, controversy with Local 17 re: settlements with firms and amalgamation of Locals 1 and 17.
Box 91 Folder 7
Local 117, N. Y., Local 3, NY: 1929-1935. Sample Makers, Cloak and Suit Tailors Union (prior to merger).
Correspondence W. David Rubin.
Box 91 Folder 8
Local 117, NY. Local 3, NY: 1933-36. Infant, Childrens Coat and Reefer Makers Union.
Correspondence W. Jacob J. Heller, Abraham Belson.
Box 91 Folder 9
Local 117, NY:
Correspondence Re. amalgamation of Locals 1 and 17.
Box 91 Folder 10
Local 119, Dayton, Ohio.
Chartered Oct. 1933; out of existence, Oct. 1934. Given to Pressers in Kansas City, 2-26-36; out of existence, 2-15-39.
Box 92 Folder 1a-1b
Local 120, Decatur, Ill: 1933-1939.
Includes correspondence with Harry Rufer.
Box 92 Folder 2
Local 121, NY: Covered Button Workers Union.
Chartered April 1939; merged with Local 66, April 1942.
Box 92 Folder 3a-3b
Local 122, Atlanta, Ga., 1938-1941.
Correspondence W. John S Martin on dual union, Dressmakers Federal Union, Levy Bros. situation.
Box 92 Folder 4
Local 122; 1937.
Box 92 Folder 5a-5b.
Local 122: June-Dec. 1936.
Includes correspondence with A. Steve Nance.
Box 93 Folder 1
Local 122: Jan-May 1936.
Correspondence with Thomas E. Evans.
Box 93 Folder 2a-2b
Local 122: 1934-35.
Box 93 Folder 3
Local 122: 1933.
Box 93 Folder 4a-4c
Local 122: 1935-46.
Correspondence with Joseph Jacobs (Atty., Director of Labor Service Bureau).
Box 94 Folder 1
Local 124, Kansas City, Mo.: 1933, 1936.
Out of existence 2-4-37.
Box 94 Folder 2
Local 124, N.Y.: 1933-39. Plastic, Button and Novelty Workers Union.
Box 94 Folder 3
Local 142, N.Y.: 1933-39. Ladies Neckwear Workers Union.
Box 94 Folder 4
Local 155, N.Y.: 1940-41. Knitgoods Workers Union.
Correspondence with Louis Nelson, financial reports.
Box 94 Folder 5a-5b
Local 155: 1937-39.
includes Correspondence , printed material on 1939 Local election.
Box 94 Folder 6
Local 155: 1936.
Box 95 Folder 1a-1b
Local 155: 1924, 1933-35.
Correspondence on jurisdictional dispute bet. Local and United Textile Workers of America, 1933-34; 1934 Knitgoods strike.
Box 95 Folder 2
Local 164, Bridgeport, Ct.: 1936-37.
Box 95 Folder 3
Local 175, Conneaut, O.: 1934-39.
Includes correspondence with Abraham W. Katovsky.
Box 95 Folder 4
Local 178, Fall River, Mass.: 1933-38.
Box 95 Folder 5
Local 179, Boston, Mass.
Chartered Mar. 1934? out of existence Feb. 1936? superseded by Local 229.
Box 95 Folder 6
Local 180 (& Local 123): 1934-37.
Box 95 Folder 7
Local 190, Phila., Pa.: 1934-39. Knitgoods Workers Union.
Box 95 Folder 8a-8b
Local 191, San Francisco, Calif., 1939-45. Knitgoods Workers Union.
Case, Gantner and Mattern vs ILGWU; Includes correspondence with Jennie Matyas.
Box 95 Folder 9
Local 191: 1937-39.
Box 96 Folder 1
Local 192, Lowell, Mass: 1935.
Chartered Nov. 1934? out of existence, Mar. 1935.
Box 96 Folder 2
Local 193, Grand Rapids, Mich.: 1937-38. Knitgoods Workers Union.
Chartered June 17, 1937; out of existence. June 7, 1939.
Box 96 Folder 3
Local 194, Portland, Ore.: 1937. Knitgoods Workers Union.
Chartered 7-15-37? out of existence, 12-8-38.
Box 96 Folder 4
Local 200, Cleveland, O.: 1935-37. Cloak and Suit Makers Union. Correspondence with Union officers re the Printz, Biederman Co.
Box 96 Folder 5
Local 207, Laredo, Tex.: 1935-37.
Box 96 Folder 6
Local 210, Kent, O.: 1934.
Box 96 Folder 7
Local 214, Houston, Tex.: 1935-38.
Box 96 Folder 8a-8b
Local 216, Winnipeg, Can.: 1940-46. Cloakmakers Union.
Correspondence with Samuel Herbst.
Box 96 Folder 9a-9b
Local 216: 1936-39.
Box 96 Folder 10a-10b
Local 216: 1934-35.
Correspondence with S. Herbst on organizing cloakmakers and relations with Needle Trades Workers Industrial Union.
Box 97 Folder 1
Local 218, Jellico, Tenn.: 1935-36.
Chartered 11-1-35; out of existence, 10-10-36.
Box 97 Folder 2
Local 233, Woonsocket, R.I.
Chartered 4-18-36; out of existence, 9-12-39.
Box 97 Folder 3
Local 235, Salisbury, N.C.: 1936.
Correspondence with C.P.Barringer (atty) on organizing the Saparow Garment Co.
Box 97 Folder 4
Local 236, Los Angeles, Calif.
Chartered 5-11-36; out of existence, 4-ll-39.
Box 97 Folder 5
Local 238, Gary, Ind. Cotton Garment Workers Union.
Chartered 3-16-37; out of existence, 10-3-38.
Box 97 Folder 6
Local 239, Meridian, Miss.: 1936.
Box 97 Folder 7
Local 250, Kansas City, Mo.: 1935-38.
Correspondence on organizing Stern, Slegman and Prins Co.
Box 97 Folder 8a-8b
Local 262, Montreal, Can.: 1937-39. Dressmakers Union.
includes Correspondence with Bernard Shane on Rose Dress Mfg. Co. strike 1939.
Box 97 Folder 9a-9b
Local 266, Los Angeles, Calif.: 1945-47. Cotton Garment Workers Union.
Chartered 1-15-37. Correspondence with Louis Levy.
Box 97 Folder 10
Local 266: 1943-44.
Box 98 Folder 1
Local 266: 1940-42.
Box 98 Folder 2
Local 267, Memphis, Tenn.
Chartered 1-18-37? out of existence, 12-10-40.
Box 98 Folder 3
Local 271, Lexington, Mo.
Chartered 3-10-37; out of existence, 8-5-38.
Box 98 Folder 4
Local 275, Zion City, Ill.
Chartered 3-31-37? out of existence, 3-14-38.
Box 98 Folder 5
Local 276, Vancouver, B.C., Can: 1937-39.
Correspondence with Roland Jackson.
Box 98 Folder 6
Local 277, Indianapolis, Ind: 1937-38.
Box 98 Folder 7
Local 278, Jackson, Miss.
Chartered 4-12-37? out of existence, 10-7-38.
Box 98 Folder 8
Local 279, Lima, O.: 1933-38.
Box 98 Folder 9
Local 282, Boston, Mass. Knitgoods and Sportswear Workers Union.
Chartered 7-1-37? out of existence, 1-20-39.
Box 98 Folder 10
Local 284, New Albany, Ind.
Chartered 4-22-37; out of existence, 6-7-39.
Box 98 Folder 11
Local 286, Forrest City, Ark.
Chartered 5-31-37; out of existence, 9-22-38.
Box 98 Folder 12
Local 293, Muskegon, Mich.
Chartered 12-14-37; out of existence, Oct. 1941.
Box 98 Folder 13a-13b
Local 295, Cleveland, O. : 1937.
Correspondence with Union officers, Wm. Green on Knitgoods strike and jurisdictional controversy in knitgoods industry.
Box Ill Folder 1a-1c
Local 300, Puerto Rico: May 1934-40.
Includes correspondence with Teresa Anglero, Needle Workers Union of Puerto Rico (ILGWU).
Box 111 Folder 2
Local 305, Port Huron, Mich.: 1941-42, 1948.
Box 111 Folder 3
Local 310, Berwick, Pa.: 1938.
Out of existence Jan. 20, 1939.
Box 111 Folder 4
Local 311, Toronto, Canada: 1937-38.
Includes correspondence with Hyman D. Langer. Out of existence April 11, 1939.
Box 111 Folder 5
Local 313, Brazil, Ind.: 1937-42.
Out of existence Aug. 25, 1942.
Box 111 Folder 6
Local 314, Lacrosse, Wisc.: 1937-38.
Out of existence Nov. 18, 1940.
Box 111 Folder 7
Local 318, Detroit, Mich: 1935-39.
includes Correspondence re American Lady Corset Co.
Box Ill Folder 8
Local 322, Tupelo, Miss.: 1937-38.
Out of existence, Feb. 8, 1939.
Box 111 Folder 9
Local 325, Huntington, W. Va.: 1937-39.
Out of existence July ?, 1939.
Box 111 Folder 10
Local 326, Chambersburg, Pa.: 1939-40.
Out of existence Mar. 4, 1940.
Box 111 Folder 11
Local 329 (also Local 122) , Greensboro, N.C.: 1937-38.
Includes correspondence with Dovie Atkins; out of existence Mar. 17, 1939.
Box 111 Folder 12
Local 335, Waynesboro, Pa.: 1938.
Out of existence April 21, 1939.
Box 112 Folder 1a-Id
Local 339, Miami, Pla.: 1948-49.
Includes correspondence with Harry Rosenoff, Samuel Macy, Feigel L. Ronson.
Box 112 Folder 2a-2b
Local 339, Miami, Fla.: 1942-47.
Includes correspondence with Herman Fried.
Box 112 Folder 3
Local 339, Miami, Fla.: 1941.
Correspondence on organizing and chartering local.
Box 112 Folder 4
Local 341, San Francisco, Calif: 1938-49. Chinese Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.
Includes correspondence with Jennie Matyas, re organizing Chinese workers.
Box 113 Folder 1
Local 344, Chanute, Kansas: 1938.
Correspondence ; out of existence, Feb. 15, 1939.
Box 113 Folder 2
Local 346, Chattanooga, Tenn: 1936-39.
Correspondence on organizing.
Box 113 Folder 3
Local 348, St. Louis, Mo.: 1938-39.
Box 113 Folder 4
Local 351, Louisville, O.: 1938-39.
Out of existence, Sept. 19, 1939.
Box 113 Folder 5
Local 352, San Francisco, Calif: 1938-40.
Box 113 Folder 6a-6b
Local 354, Alpena, Mich.: 1936-40.
Includes correspondence with Abraham Plotkin; out of existence, Sept. 2, 1941.
Box 113 Folder 7a-7b
Local 354, Alpena, Mich: 1939-40.
Strike; includes newspaper clippings.
Box 113 Folder 8
Local 358, Crawfordsville, Ind.: Jan-Feb. 1941.
Out of existence, July 2, 1941.
Box 113 Folder 9
Local 364, Port Huron, Mich: 1937.
Box 113 Folder 10a-10b
Local 376, Knoxville, Tenn: 1940-41.
includes Correspondence re Standard Knitting Mill Co.
Box 114 Folder 1a-lh
Local 384, Los Angeles, Calif: 1941-45.
Correspondence with Louis Levy, George Wishnak, Rose Pesotta, Elias Lieberman and officers of Local 384 re Mode O'Day Corp. impending strike and agreement; internal local conflict.
Box 114 Folder 2
Local 482, Brookhaven, Miss.: 1948.
Box 115 Folder 1a-1b
Los Angeles Sanatorium, 1934-41.
includes list of Union members admitted and discharged by Sanatorium.
Box 115 Folder 2a-2b
Los Angeles Sanatorium, 1937-39.
includes Correspondence re Hillquit Memorial Hospital building.
Box 115 Folder 3
Lovestone, Jay: 1938-39.
Letters and reports.
Box 115 Folder 4
M: 1949-51. Correspondence
Box 115 Folder 5a-5b
M: 1941-48.
Includes correspondence with Max Meyer (Chairman), Millinery Code Authority, (Educational Chairman), Needlecraft Commission, 1934-46.
Box 115 Folder 6a-6b
M: Apr. 1938-40.
Box 116 Folder 1
M: Oct. 1935-Mar. 1938.
includes Correspondence on Tom Mooney Case.
Box 116 Folder 2a-2b
M: April 1935-Aug. 1935.
includes Correspondence on Union film, "Marching On."
Box 116 Folder 3
M: 1933-Feb. 1935.
includes Correspondence on May Day Celebration, 1933.
Box 116 Folder 4
Management-Engineering Dept: 1940-49.
Includes correspondence with William Gomberg; reports.
Box 116 Folder 5
Markewich and Null: 1937-40.
Box 117 Folder 1
Mayor's Business Advisory Comm. (Fiorello H. LaGuardia, Mayor): 1943-44.
Correspondence re Government contracts, business and labor matters; comm. memoranda and reports.
Box 117 Folder 2a-2b
Mayor's Business Advisory Committee: 1942.
Box 117 Folder 3a-3b
Mayor's Business Advisory Committee: 1940-41.
includes letters from LaGuardia.
Box 117 Folder 4
McGrady, Edward F., Asst. Secretary of Labor: 1931-35.
Box 117 Folder 5
Medalie, George Z.: 1934.
Box 117 Folder 6a-6b
Merchant's Ladies Garment Association, Inc.: 1937-40.
Includes correspondence with Joseph Dubow (Exec. Dir.) on Negotiations of Agreements.
Box 118 Folder 1a-Id
Modigliani; Giuseppe E: Dec. 1934-Mar. 1935.
Correspondence bet. Serafino Romualdi and Union re Modigliani's lecture tour on Fascism and Labor Movement.
Box 118 Folder 2a-2b
Mooney, Tom: 1936-39.
Includes correspondence with Tom Mooney; Defense Comm. for Tom Mooney; Union and Comm. releases.
Box 118 Folder 3
N: 1947-51.
Box 119 Folder 1a-1b
N: 1940-46.
Box 119 Folder 2
N: 1934-39.
Box 119 Folder 3a-3c
National Coat and Suit Industry Recovery Bd: 1939-41.
Box 119 Folder 4a-4c
Nat'l. Coat and Suit Ind. Rec. Bd.: 1938.
Box 120 Folder 1a-Id
Nat'l. Coat and Suit Ind. Rec. Bd.: 1937.
Box 120 Folder 2a-2b
Nat'l. Coat and Suit Ind. Rec. Bd.: 1936.
Box 120 Folder 3a-3b
Nat'l. Coat and Suit Ind. Rec. Bd.: 1935.
Box 121 Folder 1a-1b
Nat'l. Coat and Suit Ind. Rec. Bd: 1942-45.
Administrative Comm. Correspondence
Box 121 Folder 2
National Committee for Labor Israel, Histadrut: 1948-51. (Prior to 1949, Nat'l. Labor Comm. for Palestine)
Includes correspondence with Joseph Schlossberg (Chairman), on committee activities and finances
Box 121 Folder 3a-3b
Nat'l. Comm. for Labor Israel: 1938-47.
Box 121 Folder 4a-4b
Nat'l. Comm. for Labor Israel: 1930-37.
Box 122 Folder 1a-1b
NLRB Corres: 1937-46.
includes Special Committee of the House of Representatives to investigate the NLRB; D.D. testimony before Comm., Howard W. Smith, Chairman, 1939-40.
Box 122 Folder 2a-2b
NLRB Cases, arranged by city, A.
Includes correspondence with Elias Lieberman; printed material; petitions; charges; decrees and decisions on Alpena Garment Co. Case, 1939.
Box 122 Folder 3a-3b
NLRB Cases, B-C.
Box 122 Folder 4a-4b
NLRB Cases, D-H.
Box 123 Folder 1a-1c
NLRB Cases, I-P.
Box 123 Folder 2a-2b
NLRB Cases, Q-Z.
Box 123 Folder 3
NLRB Newspaper Clippings File.
includes clippings on Alpena and Donnelly Garment Co. cases.
Box 124 Folder 1
NRA Code for the Blouse and Skirt Industry: 1933-35.
Box 124 Folder 2
NRA, Circulars (Union).
Box 124 Folder 3a-3b
NRA, Code for Coat and Suit Industry: Sept. 1934-35.
Includes correspondence with Nathan Wolf, George N. Alger (Director) re meetings, hearings, resolutions; minutes of Aug. 1934 hearing.
Box 124 Folder 4a-4b
NRA, Coat and Suit Industry: Jan-Aug. 1934.
Box 124 Folder 5a-5b
NRA, Coat and Suit Industry: Aug-Dec. 1933.
Box 125 Folder 1a-le
NRA, Coat and Suit Industry, Miscellaneous Reference File: 1933-34.
includes congratulatory messages on signing code; employer proposal and Hillquit brief for Union; statistical reports on industries, proposed codes and amendments; D.D. statement at code hearings July 1933: D.D. radio talk, "Workers' or Employers' Code for Garment Industry," July 1933; stenographic notes.
Box 126 Folder 1a-1b
NRA Coordinator for Industrial Cooper­ation: 1936-37.
includes Coordinator bulletins and releases.
Box 126 Folder 2
NRA Coordinator for Industrial Cooper­ation-: 1935.
includes Correspondence on proposed labor legislation for garment industry.
Box 126 Folder 3
NRA Code for Corset and Brassiere Industry.
includes code.
Box 126 Folder 4a-4b
NRA Code for Cotton Garment Industry: 1933-35.
includes hearings, transcript of public hearing, Aug. 1933; Correspondence on lowering work hours to 36.
Box 126 Folder 5
NRA Code for Covered Button Industry: 1933.
includes codes.
Box 127 Folder 1a-1c
NRA Code for Dress Industry: 1933-35.
Includes correspondence with Byres H. Gitchell (Director), Morris Kolchin (Secretary), Dress Code Authority; reports; proposed amendments; codes for Dress Industry, 1933.
Box 127 Folder 2
NRA, Dress Industry.
Box 127 Folder 3a-3d
NRA, Dress Industry: 1933.
includes drafts of code submitted by mfrs. assoc; D.D. proposed modifications; notes and Correspondence
Box 128 Folder 1
NRA Code for Embroidery, Pleating and Stitching Industry: 1933.
Box 128 Folder 2
NRA Code for Handkerchief Industry: 1933.
Box 128 Folder 3
NRA Code for Infants' and Children's Wear Industry: 1933-35.
Box 128 Folder 4
NRA Labor Bureau, Coat and Suit Industry: 1933.
Box 128 Folder 5
NRA Labor Bureau, Coat A Suit Industry: 1934.
Box 128 Folder 6
NRA Code for Ladies Neckwear Industry: 1933-34.
Box 128 Folder 7
NRA Madison Square Garden Meeting: May 1935.
Demonstration for "A Greater and Stronger NRA" and for pro-labor legislation.
Box 128 Folder 8
NRA, New York City: 1933-34.
Includes correspondence with Grover A. Whalen (Chairman), NYC-NRA Comm.; minutes of meetings of the Compliance Board, Nov. 3-7, 1933
Box 128 Folder 9
NRA, 1934-37.
Box 129 Folder 1a-Id
NRA Proceedings, June-Oct. 1933.
Arranged chronologically No. 1-87.
Box 129 Folder 2a-2c
NRA, Washington: 1935-36.
Correspondence with NRA Depts; D.D. statement at public hearing on employment policy, Feb. 1935.
Box 130 Folder 1a-Id
NRA, Washington: 1933-34.
Box 130 Folder 2
National Youth Administration: 1940-41.
Box 130 Folder 3
Needle Trades Workers Industrial Union: 1933-35.
Letters from Ben Gold, Louis Hyman urging unity in garment industry by proposing joint campaigns; D.D. statements.
Box 130 Folder 4
Negro Labor Committee: 1935-38.
Includes correspondence with Frank R. Crosswaith; minutes, broadsides and releases.
Box 130 Folder 5
New Leader: 1933-39.
Box 131 Folder 1
New York World's Fair: 1940.
Box 131 Folder 2a-2b
New York World's Fair: 1939.
includes Correspondence on Union apparel exhibit and purchasing of bonds.
Box 131 Folder 3
Northeast Dept. See Joint Boards Cotton and Dress Misc. Trades Dept and Elias Reisberg.
Box 131 Folder 4
O: 1933-45.
Box 131 Folder 5
O'Dwyer, William: 1946-51.
includes Correspondence re Mayor's Committee Golden Anniversary.
Box 131 Folder 6a-6b
ORT: 1939-44. (Organization for Rehabilitation through Training in Industry and Agriculture)
Box 131 Folder 7a-7b
P: 1940-50.
Box 132 Folder 1a-1b
P: 1933-39.
Box 132 Folder 2
Perlmutter, Samuel: 1934-36, 1941.
Box 132 Folder 3
Perlstein, Meyer: 1940-46.
Box 132 Folder 4a-4b
Perlstein, Meyer: 1938-39.
Box 132 Folder 5a-5c
Perlstein, Meyer: 1937.
Box 133 Folder 1a-1c
Perlstein, Meyer: 1936.
Box 133 Folder 2a-2c
Perlstein, Meyer: 1935.
Box 134 Folder 1a-1b
Perlstein, Meyer: 1934.
Box 134 Folder 2
Pesotta, Rose: 1938-42.
Box 134 Folder 3
Pesotta, Rose: 1934-37.
Box 134 Folder 4a-4b
Plettl, Martin: 1934-38. (Former President, Clothing Workers Union of Germany).
Box 134 Folder 5
Poletti, Charles: 1946-47.
Box 135 Folder 1a-1b
Politics, Campaign: 1951. Rudolph Halley's campaign for President of City Council, NYC.
Box 135 Folder 2a-2e
Politics, Campaign: 1950.
Campaigns of Herbert Lehman, Walter A. Lynch, Ferdinand Pecora; Union analysis of campaigns; minutes of ILGWU Campaign Committee; includes Hubert H. Humphrey letters.
Box 136 Folder 1a-1c
Politics, Campaign: 1950.
Campaigns of Herbert Lehman, Walter A. Lynch, Ferdinand Pecora; Union analysis of campaigns; minutes of ILGWU Campaign Committee; includes Hubert H. Humphrey letters.
Box 136 Folder 2a-2e
Politics, Campaign: 1949.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., for Congress; William O'Dwyer, Newbold Morris for Mayor; Correspondence and statements dealing with division of opinion within Liberal Party and Union on mayoralty candidates; Harold Ickes letter re Herbert H. Lehman campaign.
Box 137 Folder 1a-li
Politics, Campaign: 1948.
Box 138 Folder 1
Politics, Campaign: 1947.
includes Correspondence on Union's voter registration drive and efforts to repeal Taft-Hartley Law.
Box 138 Folder 2a-2b
Politics, Campaign: 1946.
includes Correspondence on compaigns of James M. Mead and Herbert Lehman.
Box 138 Folder 3a-3c
Politics, Campaign: 1945.
includes Correspondence on campaigns of Jonah J. Goldstein, Joseph D. McGoldrick and Nicholas M. Pette.
Box 139 Folder 1a-lh
Politics, Campaign: 1944.
includes Correspondence on Presidential campaign, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman letters. 1a-1c. Gen. Correspondence 1d. Correspondence on state campaigns. 1f-lg. Union-sponsored broadcasts. 1h. Printed material.
Box 140 Folder 1a-Id
Politics, Campaign: 1943.
Includes correspondence with Trade Union Committee on Salvatore Ninfo campaign and Committee report; Correspondence on campaign of Matthew M. Levy; American Labor Party enrollment drive; newspaper clippings.
Box 140 Folder 2a-2d
Politics, Campaign: 1942.
Correspondence with A.L.P. on NYC campaigns; D.D. speech, 1944; newspaper clippings.
Box 141 Folder 1a-le
Politics, Campaign: 1940.
includes Correspondence on Presidential campaign; campaigns of James M. Mead and Caroline O'Day; D.O. and Luigi Antonini speeches at A.L.P. rally, Madison Sq. Garden, Oct.; request for Roosevelt supplement of Justice; newspaper clippings.
Box 141 Folder 2
Politics, Campaign: 1939.
includes exchange of letters from D.D., Alex Rose, Luigi Antonini with Adolph A. Berle on candidate for Brooklyn D.A.
Box 141 Folder 3a-3c
Politics, Campaign: 1938.
Correspondence on NYC campaign; controversy with ALP on candidacy for Senator, Herbert H. Lehman vs Sidney Hillman; Norman Thomas letter praising Union and criticizing ALP policies.
Box 142 Folder 1a-lf
Politics, Campaign: 1936.
Correspondence on Presidential campaign; Union press releases; D.D. speech at ALP rally, Nov.; Correspondence dealing with attacks on D.D. by Republican Party and John Hamilton (Republican National Chairman) calling D.D. a communist; includes editorials on issue; newspaper clippings and Union pamphlet. The Dubinsky Issue.
Box 142 Folder 2a-2b
Politics, Americans for Democratic Action: 1949-51.
Correspondence with Francis Biddle, Hubert H. Humphrey, James Loeb, Jr., and Joseph Rauh, Jr; Union contributions to ADA; Correspondence on invitation to Adam Clayton Powell to participate in work of Legis­lative Committee for ADA Convention, 1950.
Box 143 Folder 1a-1b
Politics, ADA: 1948.
Includes correspondence with Leon Henderson and Hubert H. Humphrey.
Box 143 Folder 2a-2c
Politics, ADA: 1947.
Includes correspondence with Joseph P. Lash and John F.P. Tucker; minutes of Organizing Committee, Jan.
Box 143 Folder 3a-3c
Politics, American Labor Party: 1942-44.
Correspondence on campaigns; text of new Liberal-Labor Party program by Hudson Valley District, ALP, 1944.
Box 144 Folder 1a-1c
Politics, ALP: 1941. Correspondence on NYC elections; re-election of Fiorello H. LaGuardia; text of Wendell Willkie speech before ALP rally, Oct.
Correspondence on NYC elections; re-election of Fiorello H. LaGuardia; text of Wendell Willkie speech before ALP rally, Oct.
Box 144 Folder 2a-2b
Politics, ALP: 1937-40.
includes Correspondence on Communist influence in 1940 elections; Alex Rose letters.
Box 144 Folder 3a-3e
Politics, ALP: 1937-38.
Includes correspondence with Alex Rose on 1937 mayoralty campaign, NYC; list of candidates endorsed by ALP: Union contribution to Party and printed material.
Box 145 Folder 1
Politics, ALP: Nov-Dec. 1936.
includes congratulatory message to D.D. upon re-election of Roosevelt; finances.
Box 145 Folder 2a-2c
Politics, ALP: July-Oct. 1936.
Includes correspondence with Union officers and members, Elinore M. Herrick (State Campaign Director); Benjamin Mandel letter to State Executive Committee of ALP opposing cooperation with Communists, Aug.
Box 145 Folder 3
Politics, ALP Labor Club: 1938-40.
includes Correspondence and minutes of meetings.
Box 145 Folder 4a-4b
Politics, ALP, Liberal and Labor Committee: 1944.
includes statements, releases, advertisements on 1944 primary contest in ALP, includes those of Hillman and LaGuardia.
Box 145 Folder 5
Politics, ALP, Newspaper Clippings and Releases: 1940.
includes D.D. statement on Louis Waldman for Waldman's attacks on him, Alex Rose and ALP.
Box 145 Folder 6
Politics, ALP, Newspaper Clippings and Releases: 1938-39.
Box 146 Folder 1a-1b
Politics, ALP, Newspaper Clippings and Releases: 1936-37.
includes constitution, rules, by-laws, bulletins and minutes of exec. comm. meetings.
Box 146 Folder 2a-2b
Politics, Communist Party: 1944-48.
includes Correspondence on Communist activities in labor, newspaper clippings.
Box 146 Folder 3a-3c
Politics, Communist Party: 1940-43.
includes newspaper clippings on Dies Com­mittee hearings, 1940.
Box 146 Folder 4a-4b
Politics, Communist Party: 1937-39.
includes minutes of 10th Convention of CP, May 1938.
Box 147 Folder 1a-1b
Politics, Farmer-Labor Party (Farmer-Labor Political Federation): 1934-39.
includes Correspondence on Union activities in Minnesota; Correspondence with Alfred M. Bingham (Exec. Secretary.); contribution by Union to Party.
Box 147 Folder 2
Politics, Inauguration: 1949. (Harry S Truman)
Box 147 Folder 3a-3b
Politics, Individuals: 1937-49.
Arranged alphabetically by state. Correspondence on candidates supported by Union; Correspondence with Roosevelt on Dean Alfange for U.S. attorney for the Southern District.
Box 147 Folder 4
Politics, ILGWU: 1944-47.
includes Political Dept. reports.
Box 147 Folder 5a-5c
Politics, Labor's League for Political Education: 1948-55.
Includes correspondence with James L. McDevitt, Joseph D. Keenan and Wm. Green on campaign activities, reports.
Box 148 Folder 1a-Id
Politics, Labor's League for Political Education: 1948-49.
Correspondence with League on 1948 campaign; includes reports, constitution, amendments, minutes of Nov. 1948 meeting.
Box 148 Folder 2
Politics, Labor's Non-Partisan League: 1939-41.
Correspondence and bulletins.
Box 148 Folder 3a-3b
Politics, Labor's Non-Partisan League: 1932-38.
Box 149 Folder 1a-1c
Politics, Labor's Non-Partisan League: 1936.
Includes correspondence with George L. Berry (Pres.) on presidential and senatorial campaigns; news releases; Berry addresses.
Box 149 Folder 2a-2c
Politics, Liberal Party: 1949-50.
Includes correspondence with Ben Davidson (Exec. Dir.) on 1950 N.Y. State elections; Herbert Lehman, Walter A. Lynch and Ferdinand Pecora; Liberal Party memoranda and releases.
Box 149 Folder 3a-3b
Politics, Liberal Party: 1948.
includes D.D. address at Liberal Party rally, Oct; address by Adolph A. Berle, Jr. to State Convention of ADA, April.
Box 149 Folder 4a-4c
Politics, Liberal Party: 1947.
Box 150 Folder 1a-1b
Politics, Liberal Party: 1945-46.
includes resignation letter from John C. Childs (Chairman), Dec. 1946.
Box 150 Folder 2a-2b
Politics, Liberal Party: 1944.
Correspondence on formation of Party and Roosevelt re-election.
Box 150 Folder 3a
Politics, Socialist Party: 1934-40.
includes letters from Norman Thomas.
Box 150 Folder 3b
Politics, States and Canada: 1943-49.
Correspondence on campaigns in States; Correspondence with David Lewis (Nat'l. Secretary.), Cooper­ative Commonwealth Federation of Canada; arranged alphabetically by State, separate division for Canada.
Box 150 Folder 3c
Politics, States and Canada: 1942.
includes letters from Joseph E. Casey (Senator, Mass.), George W. Norris (Senator, Nebr.).
Box 150 Folder 4a-4c
R: 1940-50.
includes Correspondence on D.D.'s crossing picket line at Waldorf-Astoria, April 1946.
Box 151 Folder 1a-1b
R: 1933-39.
Box 151 Folder 1c
Rand School of Social Science: 1934-39.
Includes correspondence with Algernon Lee (Pres.).
Box 151 Folder 2a-2b
Refugees, Displaced Persons: 1946-52.
Correspondence re Union efforts to bring refugees from Shanghai to U.S.; corres­pondents includes Emil Schlesinger and Harry R. Rosenfield (Commissioner, Displaced Persons Commission); James Lipsig report on bringing Polish Garment Workers to U.S., Sept. 1946; testimony before U.S. Senate Sub-Committee on Immigration on behalf of the Union by James Lipsig and report by Schlesinger on DP problem.
Box 151 Folder 3a-3b
Refugees, Jewish Labor Committee (JLC): 1940-42.
Correspondence re activities of Union and JLC in obtaining visas for refugees; Correspondence includes Luigi Antonini, Jacob Pat (Exec. Secretary, JLC), Moses A. Leavitt (Secretary), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, and Roy Atherton (Acting Chief), Division of European Affairs.
Box 151 Folder 4a-4b
Refugees, National Refugee Service, Inc.: 1939-43.
Includes correspondence with William Rosenwald (Pres.); reports and summaries of Nat'l. Refugee Service meetings.
Box 151 Folder 5a-5b
Refugees, U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children, Inc.: 1941-42, 1947.
Correspondence with Marshall Field (Pres.) re Union contributions in behalf of refugees.
Box 152 Folder 1a-1b
Reisberg, Elias: 1940-45.
includes letters of condolence on his death, Aug. 1943; also Correspondence re dedication of the S.S. Elias Reisberg, 1945.
Box 152 Folder 2a-2b
Reisberg, Elias: 1938.
Includes correspondence with Reisberg on Union activities in Mass., Pa., and R.I.
Box 152 Folder 3a-3c
Reisberg, Elias: 1937.
Box 152 Folder 4a-4b
Reisberg, Elias: 1934-36.
Includes correspondence with Sam Otto on Union activities in Pa.
Box 152 Folder 5a-5b
Relief Fund (ILGWU War Relief Fund): 1946.
Correspondence re collections by Union affiliates.
Box 153 Folder 1a-1c
Relief Fund (ILGWU War Relief Fund): 1946.
Correspondence re collections by Union affiliates.
Box 153 Folder 2a-2e
Relief Fund (ILGWU War Relief Fund): 1945.
Box 153 Folder 3
Requests: A.
includes American Cancer Society, American League for Relief of Jews in Poland, American League for Peace and Democracy, American Red Cross, American Youth Congress; Includes correspondence with Eleanor Roosevelt on AYC, 1940.
Box 154 Folder 1a-1c
Requests: A.
includes American Cancer Society, American League for Relief of Jews in Poland, American League for Peace and Democracy, American Red Cross, American Youth Congress; Includes correspondence with Eleanor Roosevelt on AYC, 1940.
Box 154 Folder 2a-2b
Requests: B.
includes Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities.
Box 154 Folder 3a-3b
Requests: C.
includes The Churchman, Correspondence with Harold L. Ickes re Churchman Award Dinner, 1949; Commentary. Committee for the Defense of Civil Rights in Tampa, 1935-37.
Box 155 Folder 1a-1b
Requests: C.
includes The Churchman, Correspondence with Harold L. Ickes re Churchman Award Dinner, 1949; Commentary. Committee for the Defense of Civil Rights in Tampa, 1935-37.
Box 155 Folder 2a-2b
Requests: D-E .
Box 155 Folder 3a-3b
Requests: F.
includes Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies and their affiliates; Vincento Ferrero deportation case, 1937-38; Freedom House, Inc. (Wilkie Memorial Bldg.).
Box 155 Folder 4
Requests: G.
Box 156 Folder 1a-1c
Requests: G. Greater N.Y. Fund, Inc., 1938 campaign.
includes Greater N.Y. Fund cases arranged alphabetically by surname, 1938-44.
Box 156 Folder 1d
Requests: H.
Box 156 Folder 1e
Requests: I.
Box 156 Folder 2a-2b
Requests: J.
includes Jewish Peoples Comm., 1937-42.
Box 156 Folder 3
Requests: K.
includes Keep America Out of War Congress, 1938-39; Kentucky Miners Defense, 1937.
Box 156 Folder 4
Requests: L.
Box 157 Folder 1a-1b
Requests: M.
Box 157 Folder 1c-li
Requests: N.
includes Nat'l. Assoc. for the Advancement of Colored People; Nat'1. Urban League ; Negro Labor Committee; Correspondence with Frank Cross-waith (Chairman); Neue Volkszeitunq; New School for Social Research; New York University, College of Medicine.
Box 158 Folder 1a-1b
Requests: O.
includes Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training (ORT).
Box 158 Folder 2a-2b
Requests: P.
includes Pioneer Youth of America; Correspondence on project for a camp under the auspices of the Union, 1936.
Box 158 Folder 3a-3b
Requests: Q-R.
includes Relief Society for Socialist Prisoners and Exiles in Soviet Russia, 1934-40.
Box 158 Folder 4a-4b
Requests: S.
includes Southern Conf. for Human Welfare, 1938-39.
Box 158 Folder 5
Requests: S. Sanatoriums.
Box 159 Folder 1a
Requests: T.
Includes correspondence with or about Terzani Defense Comm; includes letters from Norman Thomas (Chairman), 1933-34; Carlo Tresca case, 1944-47.
Box 159 Folder 1b-1c
Requests: U-V.
Box 159 Folder 1d-1e
Requests: W.
includes Workers Alliance of America, 1935-39. Workers Defense League, 1937-47.
Box 159 Folder 2
Requests: Y-Z.
Box 159 Folder 3a-3b
Requests for Union agreements.
Box 160 Folder 1a-1c
Requests: Special Cases: 1937-51.
Individuals requesting financial assistance or Union positions; Correspondence with institutions to help individuals remain in U.S. NOTE: Most of the Correspondence deals with individuals whose surnames begin with G or H.
Box 160 Folder 2a-2b
Research Dept.: 1945-51.
Reports and related Correspondence on the garment industry; includes statement by Lazare Teper on monopoly power before the Judiciary Comm., House of Rep., July 1949; letters from Broadus Mitchell and Elias Lieberman on status of Mennonites in Union shops and Union proposal, 1945.
Box 161 Folder 1
Rivera Murals. 1940-43, 1951.
Correspondence and pamphlet on murals.
Box 161 Folder 2
Roewer, George: 1931-39.
Correspondence legal matters.
Box 161 Folder 3a-3b
Romualdi, Serafino. 1937-53.
includes Correspondence and reports on trade unions in Latin America.
Box 161 Folder 4a-4b
Roosevelt, Franklin D.: 1930-50.
includes Correspondence with organizations on FDR memorials; two invitations to White House, Feb. 1942 and Mar. 1943.
Box 161 Folder 5a-5b
FDR Birthday Balls, 1939-50.
Union participation in fund drive for Nat'l. Foundation for Infantile Paralysis; includes 1. from FDR on Union support of drive in 1944.
Box 161 Folder 6
FDR Birthday Ball, Jan. 1938. Correspondence on D.D.'s acceptance of member­ship on Nat'l. Labor Comm. for the President's Birthday Celebration.
Correspondence on D.D.'s acceptance of member­ship on Nat'l. Labor Comm. for the President's Birthday Celebration.
Box 161 Folder 7a-7b
FDR, Bust. Presented by Union to FDR Library at Hyde Park, Jan. 20, 1947.
includes dedication statement by D.D.
Box 162 Folder 1a
Roosevelt House, N.Y.
Box 162 Folder 1b
FDR, Third Term: 1940.
Correspondence re Union support of FDR's third term.
Box 162 Folder 2
Rosenwald Fund: 1929-35.
Correspondence re finances; correspondents includes Benjamin Schlesinger, Morris Hillquit and N.W. Levin, representative of Julius Rosenwald estate.
Box 162 Folder 3a-3b
S: July 1949-51.
includes biographical sketch of D.D. by Waclaw Solski, 1949.
Box 162 Folder 4a-4b
S: 1947- June 1949.
Box 162 Folder 5
S: 1945-46.
Box 162 Folder 6a-6b
S: 1943-44.
includes Correspondence , criticism by Joseph Breslaw and Charles Zimmerman re Benjamin Stolberg's book, Tailor's Progress, 1944.
Box 163 Folder 1a-1b
S: 1939-42.
Box 163 Folder 1c-1d
S: 1936-38.
Box 163 Folder 2a-2b
S: 1933-35.
Box 163 Folder 3a-3b
Schlesinger, Emil: 1932-49.
Correspondence on cases, reports and reprints of articles.
Box 163 Folder 4
Sigman, Morris: 1944.
Correspondence on repayment of his loan made in 1928.
Box 163 Folder 5
Sissman and Sissman: 1933-40.
Correspondence legal matters.
Box 164 Folder 1a-1c
Southeast Dept.; 1942-46.
Correspondence with John Martin.
Box 164 Folder 2a-2b
Spain, Labor's Red Cross for Spain: Jan-June 1937.
Correspondence on Union activities in raising funds during Spanish Civil War in con­junction with International Federation of Trade Unions; Correspondence and financial requests from the North American Comm. to Aid Spanish Democracy.
Box 164 Folder 3a-3d
Spain, Labor's Red Cross for Spain: Aug-Dec. 1936.
Box 165 Folder 1a-1b
Spain, Labor's Red Cross for Spain: Jan-May 1937.
Receipts; list of collections.
Box 165 Folder 2a-2c
Spain, Labor's Red Cross for Spain: Oct-Dec. 1936.
Box 165 Folder 3a-3b
Spain, Labor's Red Cross for Spain: Sept. 1936.
Box 165 Folder 4a-4b
Spain, Labor's Red Cross for Spain: Aug. 1936.
Box 166 Folder 1a-1c
Spain, Labor's Red Cross for Spain: 1936.
Box 166 Folder 2a-2b
Spain, Trade Union Relief for Spain: 1939-43.
Includes correspondence with organizations, financial matters.
Box 166 Folder 3a-3c
Spain, Trade Union Relief for Spain: 1937-38.
Box 166 Folder 4
Spain, Trade Union Relief for Spain: Jan-Sept. 1939.
Box 166 Folder 5a-5b
Spain, Trade Union Relief for Spain: June-Dec. 1938.
Box 167 Folder 1a-1c
Spain, Trade Union Relief for Spain: Jan-May 1938.
Box 167 Folder 2a-2c
Spain, Trade Union Relief for Spain: June-Dec. 1937.
Box 167 Folder 3a-3b
Starr, Mark (Educational Director): 1943.
Correspondence and report re Bd. of Ed.'s rejection of Starr's nomination as Adult Education Director of NYC.
Box 167 Folder 4a-4b
Stolberg, Benjamin.
Thank-you letters for sending book, Tailor's Progress, arranged by corres­pondent .
Box 168 Folder 1a-1c
T: 1933-50.
Includes correspondence with Norman Thomas (8 letters) on a variety of issues.
Box 168 Folder 2a-2e
Telegrams: 1932-46.
Outgoing; congratulatory messages and condolences.
Box 168 Folder 2f
Telegrams. Misc.
Box 169 Folder 1a-1d
Textile Workers' Organizing Comm.: 1937-39.
includes agreement bet. Union and T.W.O.C. re jurisdictional dispute in knitted outer­wear and knitted underwear industries; Correspondence re Munsingwear plant organizing activities and jurisdictional disputes; Correspondence re knit goods industry.
Box 169 Folder 2
Textile Workers' Organizing Comm., May-Sept. 1937.
Clippings and releases.
Box 169 Folder 3
Trade Union Relief for Spain. See Spain.
Box 169 Folder 4
U: 1936-45.
Box 169 Folder 5a-5b
Union Health Center, 1947-49.
includes minutes; statement by D.D. at Union Health Center building opening, Feb. 19, 1949.
Box 169 Folder 6a-6b
Union Health Center, 1940-46.
includes reports from Leo Price (Director).
Box 169 Folder 7a-7b
Union Health Center, 1930-39.
Includes correspondence with Pauline Newman, Max Price and George M. Price.
Box 170 Folder 1a-1b
Union of Needle Trade Workers of Poland, 1930-34.
Includes correspondence with organizations in Poland; Clothing Workers Union, relief committees, newspaper of the Jewish Labor Bund and Correspondence with Union officers on assisting these organizations.
Box 170 Folder 2a-2b
United Association of Dress Manu­facturers, Inc.; 1930-40.
Correspondence with Assoc. on problems in dress industry, modifications of agreements; agreements.
Box 170 Folder 3
United Garment Workers of America; 1933-39.
Correspondence with Thomas A. Rickett (Pres.).
Box 170 Folder 4a
United Mine Workers of America; 1936-41.
Correspondence with John L. Lewis (Pres.); news­paper clippings re UMW convention, 1938 and communists in UMW.
Box 170 Folder 4b
United Mine Workers of America; 1934-35.
includes Correspondence on strike activities of UMW; settlement of debt by UMW to Union.
Box 170 Folder 4c-4d
United Nations: 1946-48.
includes Correspondence re overseas aid; also with Wm. Green on D.D.'s work as AFL con­sultant to UN Social and Economic Council, 1947.
Box 170 Folder 5
United Office and Professional Workers of America: 1938-39.
Correspondence , Union releases and newspaper clippings on transfer of members of Local 16 U.O.P.W.A. from CIO to AFL.
Box 170 Folder 6
United Textile Workers of America: 1935-41.
Includes correspondence with Thomas F. McMahon, on organizing activities and strikes in textile industry.
Box 171 Folder 1a-1c
Unity House: 1929-49.
includes newsletters and minutes of GEB Comm.
Box 171 Folder 2a
Upper South Dept. See Maryland-Virginia District.
Box 171 Folder 2b-2c
V: 1938-49.
includes Correspondence re death of B. Charney Vladeck; memorial, 1938-40.
Box 171 Folder 2d
W-Wh: 1940-46.
Box 171 Folder 2e
W-Wh: 1938-39.
Box 171 Folder 3a-3b
Wi: 1947-51.
Includes correspondence with George Wishnak.
Box 171 Folder 4
Wi: 1938-46.
Box 171 Folder 5
Wander, Harry: 1930-51.
Box 171 Folder 6
WEVD: 1930-51.
includes Chas. Zimmerman address on San Francisco strike, Aug. 1934.
Box 172 Folder 1a-1b
WFDR: 1947-50
includes congratulatory messages upon opening of WFDR Station, 1949.
Box 172 Folder Ic
"With These Hands." See ILGWU Films.
Box 172 Folder 2a-2b
Women's Trade Union League, N.Y.: 1931-51.
Includes correspondence with Rose Schneiderman (Pres.).
Box 172 Folder 2c-2d
Women's Trade Union League: 1933-51. Chicago and Washington.
Box 172 Folder 3
Workers Education Bureau of America: 1935-50.
includes minutes of final meeting. Sept. 1950, when AFL incorporated Bureau as Dept. of Education.
Box 172 Folder 4a-4b
Workmen's Circle; 1938-49.
Box 172 Folder 5
Works Progress Administration: 1939-41.
Correspondence re sewing project to relieve unemployment in NYC.
Box 173 Folder 1a-1b
Works Progress Admin.: June 1936-38.
Box 173 Folder 1c-1d
Works Progress Admin.: 1939.
Telegrams by local unions to Washington in support of WPA appropriation.
Box 173 Folder 2a-2b
World Federation of Trade Unions; 1945-49.
includes Correspondence on withdrawal of CIO from W.F.T.U., 1949; article by D.D. re the international labor movement in Foreign Affairs, Jan. 1949.
Box 173 Folder 3a-3b
WW II: American Labor Conference on International Affairs (D.D., V.Ch.), 1945-47.
Includes correspondence with Varian Fry (Exec. Dir.).
Box 173 Folder 4a-4b
WW II: American Labor Conf. on Int'l. Affairs, May 1942-44.
includes draft of principles, May 1942.
Box 174 Folder 1a
WW II: American Labor Conf. on Int'l. Affairs, 1943-44.
Box 174 Folder 1b
WW II: Anti-Nazi. See Anti-Nazi.
Box 174 Folder 2a-2d
WW II: British War Relief Society, 1940-46.
Correspondence re Merchant Navy Club in London, established with Union help; D.D. address at Club opening, 1942; Correspondence with additional British organi­zations, 1941-42.
Box 174 Folder 3a-3b
WW II: Citizens for Victory, 1940-43. Committee to Defend America, prior to 1942.
Correspondence on labor's efforts in supporting Committee activities and war effort.
Box 174 Folder 4a-4b
WW II: Government Contracts, 1940-43.
Correspondence pertaining to alleged discrim­ination against ladies' garment firms in government contract awards.
Box 175 Folder 1a-1b
WW II: Government Contracts, 1942-43.
includes Correspondence on government contracts with ladies' garment firms for women's uniforms.
Box 175 Folder 2a-2b
WW II: ILGWU Bond Drive, 1942-43.
Box 175 Folder 3a-3b
WW II: ILGWU Bond Drive, 1942.
Officers; purchases of bonds.
Box 175 Folder 4
WW II: "More Than Charity." Request for Union leaflet.
Box 175 Folder 5a-5b
WW II: National War Fund, Inc., 1943-47.
Correspondence on Union contributions, financial statements.
Box 175 Folder 6a-6b
WW II: Post-War Planning, 1943-47.
Includes correspondence with organizations and individuals re post-war problems of labor and industry; reports by Boris Nicolaevski on the underground movement in Europe, 1943 and by Joseph Shaplen on underground organizations in France, 1943.
Box 176 Folder 1a-1c
WW II: Post-War Planning, AFL Post-War Planning Committee, 1942-47.
includes D.D. address at AFL Post-War Forum, May 1944; minutes of Committee meetings, Feb. -Mar. 1943.
Box 176 Folder 2
WW II: Post-War Planning, AFL Post-War Planning Committee, 1944.
Box 176 Folder 3a-3b
WW II: Post-War Planning, State Department Program, 1943.
includes reports on reorganization and expansion of Dept. of Labor; reports on reorganization of post-war economy by Matthew Woll (Chairman), Post-War Planning Comm. of AFL.
Box 176 Folder 4a-4b
WW II: Post-War Planning, State Department, 1943. Special Committee on Labor Standards and Social Security.
Box 176 Folder 5
WW II: Replies from members in armed forces, 1942-45.
For gifts and Union literature.
Box 177 Folder 1a
WW II: Treasury Dept., 1943-48.
Correspondence re payroll savings plans and War Loan Drive.
Box 177 Folder 1b
WW II: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, 1944.
Box 177 Folder 2a-2b
WW II: U.S. Defense Bonds, 1942.
Drive by Union for members to invest in Defense Stamps and Bonds; arranged alphabetically by city, A-H.
Box 177 Folder 3
WW II: U.S. Defense Bonds. I-N.
Box 177 Folder 4
WW II: U.S. Defense Bonds, 1941. P-Z and E.O.T.
Box 177 Folder 5a-5d
WW II: U.S. Defense Bonds Drive, 1942.
Correspondence and reports.
Box 178 Folder 1a
WW II: U.S. Defense Bonds Drive, 1942-44.
Correspondence and reports of Treasury Dept.
Box 178 Folder 1b
WW II: U.S. Defense Bonds, Posters, 1942.
Requests for bond posters, arranged by city.
Box 178 Folder 2a-2b
WW II: War Bonds, 1943-44.
Purchases by locals and members.
Box 178 Folder 3a-3c
WW II: War Labor Board, 1943-45.
Correspondence with Union officers and Board on disputes bet. Union and firms; cases arranged by city.
Box 178 Folder 4
WW II: War Production Board, 1942-45.
Box 179 Folder 1a-1b
WW II: War Relief Allocations, 1943-44.
Correspondence ; form letters to locals re contributions to American Red Cross and National War Fund.
Box 179 Folder 2
WW II: War Relief Drive, 1943.
Correspondence on payroll deduction for con­tributions from Union officers.
Box 179 Folder 3a-3b
WW II: War Relief Drive, 1943.
Replies from locals re contributions to war effort, arranged by city, A-L.
Box 179 Folder 4a-4b
WW II: War Relief Drive, 1943.
Replies, N-Z.
Box 179 Folder 5
WW II: War Relief Drive, 1943.
Requests for cards certifying day's work contribution.
Box 180 Folder 1a-1c
WW II: War Relief Fund, 1943.
Requests from organizations for relief funds; lists of contributions made by local unions.
Box 180 Folder 2
WW II: War Relief Fund.
Orders for cards and stamps.
Box 180 Folder 3a-3c
WW II: War Victims Aid Fund (ILGWU), 1941-42. (for victims of Nazi-Fascism) Arranged alphabetically by city.
Box 181-199
No records.
II. Subject files, 1952-1966.
Sub-series that are covered within this subject file are: American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations; Federation of Union Representatives; ILGWU departments; Joint boards; locals; national and municipal elections; trade associations.
Box 200 Folder 1
A: 1962-66.
Box 200 Folder 2a-2b
A: 1950-61.
Box 200 Folder 3
Abramovitch, Raphael, 1948-65.
Box 200 Folder 4
Administration Board, Dress Industry, 1936.
Box 200 Folder 5a-5b
AFL-CIO: "American Institute for Free Labor Development, " 1962-71.
Box 200 Folder 6a-6b
AFL-CIO: Canada & Canadian Labour Congress, 1956-66. Releases & receipts for Union.
Box 201 Folder 1
AFL: Canada, Co-operative Common­wealth Federation (CCF), 1949-55. includes Correspondence on Union contributions to Federation.
Box 201 Folder 2
AFL: Canada, District Labor Councils, 1935-48.
Box 201 Folder 3a-3b
AFL: Canada, Trades & Labor Congress of Canada, 1943-55. includes Correspondence on communist influence in Trades & Labor Congress, 1949 & letters from Bernard Shane? merged with Canadian Labor Congress in May 1956.
Box 201 Folder 4a-4b
AFL-CIO: Canada, T.L.C., 1934-58. Conventions.
Box 201 Folder 5a-5b
AFL-CIO: Canada, T.L.C., 1933-59. Finances; Correspondence on per capita tax.
Box 201 Folder 6a-6b
AFL-CIO: Central Labor Unions, 1951-66. Correspondence on Union affiliates, arranged by state, A-G.
Box 202 Folder 1
AFL-CIO: Central Labor Unions. H-I.
Box 202 Folder 2a-2b
AFL-CIO: Central Labor Unions. J-N.
Box 202 Folder 3a-3b
AFL-CIO: Central Labor Unions, N.Y. Central Trades & Labor Council, 1932-66. Includes correspondence with Harry Van Arsdale, Jr.; Correspondence with Executive council of AFL on removal of Joseph Tuvim from the Executive Board of Central Trades, 12-15-49.
Box 202 Folder 4a-4b
AFL-CIO: Central Labor Unions. 0-Z.
Box 203 Folder 1a-1b
AFL-CIO: Central Labor Unions. Arranged by city, A-Z.
Box 203 Folder 2a
AFL-CIO: Center for Inter-American Relations, Inc., 1966-67.
Box 203 Folder 2b
AFL-CIO Committee on Civil Rights, 1955-62.
Box 203 Folder 3
AFL-CIO Committee on Community Services, 1958-59.
Box 203 Folder 4a
AFL-CIO Committee on Economic Policy, 1956-62.
Box 203 Folder 4b
AFL-CIO Committee on Inter-American Affairs, 1957-61.
Box 203 Folder 4c
AFL-CIO Committee on ICFTU Solidarity Fund, 1957.
Box 203 Folder 5
AFL-CIO Committee on International Labor Relations, 1946-62.
Box 203 Folder 6
AFL-CIO Committee on Investment Programs, 1960-61.
Box 203 Folder 7
AFL-CIO Committee on Organization, 1956-62.
Box 203 Folder 8
AFL-CIO Committee on Public Relations, 1950-60.
Box 203 Folder 9
AFL-CIO Committee on Religious Relations Office, 1957-58.
Box 203 Folder 10
AFL-CIO Committee on Social Security, 1957-59.
Box 204 Folder 1a
AFL-CIO Committee on Welfare Funds, 1955.
Box 204 Folder 1b-1c
AFL-CIO Committee on U.S. -Mexico, 1968-69.
Box 204 Folder 2a-2b
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices:: 1956-62.
Box 204 Folder 3a
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Allied Industrial Workers Union, 1956-57.
Box 204 Folder 3b
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Bakery & Confectionery Workers International Union, 1956-58.
Box 204 Folder 4
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Carpenters, United Brotherhood, 1962.
Box 204 Folder 5
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Distillery Workers International Union, 1956-58.
Box 204 Folder 6
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Hod Carriers, 1957.
Box 204 Folder 7
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Hotel & Restaurant Workers Union, 1958.
Box 205 Folder 1a
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Jewelry Workers Union, 1957-58.
Box 205 Folder 1b
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Laundry Workers International Union, 1956-57.
Box 205 Folder 2a
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 1956-58.
Box 205 Folder 2b
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Meat Cutters & Butcher Workmen, 1958.
Box 205 Folder 3a
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Operating Engineers Union, 1957-58.
Box 205 Folder 3b
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Painters, Decorators & Paperhangers Union, 1956.
Box 205 Folder 4
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Sheet Metal Workers Union, 1958.
Box 205 Folder 5a-5b
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Teamsters International Union, 1957.
Box 205 Folder 6
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Textile Workers Union, 1957.
Box 205 Folder 7
AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices: Upholsterers Union, 1959-60.
Box 205 Folder 8a-8b
AFL-CIO: Conventions, 1956-66. includes resignation letter of William L. McFetridge (Vice President, AFL); list of Union delegates to convention.
Box 205 Folder 9
AFL-CIO: Conventions, 1951-55. includes list of Union delegates, 1934-51.
Box 206 Folder 1a-1b
AFL-CIO: William Green Memorial. includes Correspondence on the William Green Cultural Center in Haifa, Israel, 1957-58; Fund for a National Institute of Labor Education, 1956-57; grants from William Green Memorial Fund to organizations, 1953-58.
Box 206 Folder 2a-2b
AFL-CIO: Industrial Union Department (IUD), 1963-66. Includes correspondence with Walter P. Reuther, James B. Carey; memoranda.
Box 206 Folder 3a-3b
AFL-CIO: IUD, 1956-62. Correspondence on purpose of IUD.
Box 206 Folder 4a-4b
AFL-CIO: Internal Disputes Plan, 1962-65. Cases before the Impartial Umpire (David L. Cole) under the AFL-CIO Internal Disputes Plan and his decisions.
Box 206 Folder 5
AFL-CIO: Internal Disputes Plan, 1954-61. includes D.D. proposal on settling disputes, Dec. 1961; reports & disputes.
Box 207 Folder 1
AFL-CIO: Labor Studies Center, 1969.
Box 207 Folder 2
AFL-CIO: Labor Advisory committee, 1966-69.
Box 207 Folder 3a
AFL-CIO: Legislative Department, 1957-64. includes letters from Andrew J. Biemiller.
Box 207 Folder 3b
AFL-CIO: Los Angeles, Orange Counties Organizing committee, 1962-66. Letters & reports on organizing plans.
Box 207 Folder 3c3d
AFL-CIO: Meany, George, 1962-66. includes Correspondence on civil rights; with­drawal of delegates from ILO conference, 1966.
Box 207 Folder 4a-4c
AFL-CIO: Meany, George, 1956-61.
Box 207 Folder 5
AFL-CIO: Meany, George, 1952-55. (AFL & CIO merged in 1955) includes address by George Meany before the Jewish Labor committee, 1955.
Box 208 Folder 1a-1d
AFL-CIO: 1962-66. Miscellaneous
Box 208 Folder 2a-2b
AFL-CIO: 1955-61. Miscellaneous
Box 208 Folder 3
AFL: 1951-54. Miscellaneous
Box 209 Folder 1a-1b
AFL-CIO: No-Raiding Agreement, 1954-60.
Box 209 Folder 2
AFL-CIO: Organizers, 1959-63. includes Correspondence on appointment of Martin Rose (Pres.), Local 396, ILGWU, as organizer for AFL-CIO, 1959.
Box 210 Folder 1a-1g
AFL-CIO: Racketeering, 1952-58. includes D.D. affidavit before the Senate Select committee on Improper Activities in Labor-Management, John McClellan (Chair­man); Senate committee investigation of James Hoffa; Correspondence on removing racketeers from Jewelry Workers Union; newspaper clippings, printed material & notes; minutes, AFL Executive Council. [Not available to researchers.]
Box 211 Folder 1
AFL-CIO: Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Fund committee, 1963. Correspondence with George Meany & Joseph D. Keenan (Chairman).
Box 211 Folder 2a-2b
AFL-CIO: Schnitzler, William F., 1962-66.
Box 211 Folder 3
AFL-CIO: Schnitzler, William F., 1956-61.
Box 211 Folder 4
AFL-CIO: Schnitzler, William F., 1952-55.
Box 211 Folder 5a-5c
AFL-CIO: State Federation of Labor, New York State, 1960-66. Includes correspondence with Harold C. Hanover; reports on unemployment insurance, workmen's com­pensation, disability benefits & minimum wages; Federation releases.
Box 212 Folder 1a-1c
AFL-CIO: State Federation of Labor, N.Y. State, 1929-59. includes Union resolution on post-war planning to state convention, Aug. 1941.
Box 212 Folder 2
AFL-CIO: State Federation of Labor, 1933-65. Chicago Federation of Labor & Industrial Council.
Box 212 Folder 3
AFL-CIO: Union Label & Service Trades Department, 1951-63.
Box 212 Folder 4a-4b
AFL: Woll, Matthew (President), Union Labor Life Ins. Co., 1934-55.
Box 213 Folder 1
Amott, Baker & Co., Inc., 1955-65. Includes correspondence with Louis A. Scherer (President) re Union Pension Fund.
Box 213 Folder 2
Applications: 1962-65. Requests for positions.
Box 213 Folder 3a-3d
Applications: 1954-61.
Box 213 Folder 4a-4c
Applications. Letters requesting recommendations for positions outside the Union. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent, A-E,
Box 214 Folder 1a-1c
Applications (outside the Union): F-H.
Box 214 Folder 2a-2b
Applications (outside the Union): J-M.
Box 214 Folder 3a-3c
Applications (outside the Union): N-Z.
Box 215 Folder 1
Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, 1962.
Box 215 Folder 2a-2b
Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, 1940-59. includes complaints of Hispanic workers on discrimination
Box 215 Folder 4
B-BE: 1962-66.
Box 215 Folder 5a-5c
B-BE: 1950-61. Includes correspondence with Bard College on educational & financial matters; Correspondence with Sam Baron (Director, Canada); citation for degree of Doctor of Laws to D.D. 1951.
Box 215 Folder 6
BI: 1962-66.
Box 215 Folder 7a-7b
BI: 1951-61.
Box 216 Folder 1
Banquets. Invitations arranged alphabetically by organization or honoree, A.
Box 216 Folder 2a-2c
Banquets: B.
Box 216 Folder 3a-3c
Banquets: C.
Box 216 Folder 4
Banquets: D.
Box 217 Folder 1
Banquets: E.
Box 217 Folder 2a-2c
Banquets: F.
Box 217 Folder 3a-3c
Banquets: G.
Box 217 Folder 4
Banquets: G. Hugh Gaitskell, M.P., British Labour Party, Jan. 1957.
Box 218 Folder 1a-1d
Banquets: H-J.
Box 218 Folder 2a-2b
Banquets: K.
Box 218 Folder 3a-3b
Banquets: L.
Box 219 Folder 1a-1b
Banquets: L. Liberal Party.
Box 219 Folder 2a-2b
Banquets: M.
Box 219 Folder 3a-3c
Banquets: N.
Box 220 Folder 1a-1b
Banquets: O.
Box 220 Folder 2
Banquets: P.
Box 220 Folder 3a-3b
Banquets: R.
Box 220 Folder 4a-4d
Banquets: S. Includes correspondence with Francis Cardinal Spellman.
Box 221 Folder 1a-1c
Banquets: T-V.
Box 221 Folder 2a-3c
Banquets: W-Z.
Box 222 Folder 1a-1c
Banquets. Local celebrations; filed alpha­betically by cities. (New York locals under N.)
Box 222 Folder 2a-2c
Banquets. Officers, A-J. includes luncheon, April 23, 1949, & dinner, Sept. 9, 1947, in honor of D.D.
Box 223 Folder 1a-1c
Banquets. Officers, K-Z.
Box 223 Folder 2
Bard College, 1958-66.
Box 223 Folder 3a-3b
Blouse Anti-Trust Case, 1959-64. Correspondence, reports, statements & news­paper clippings on suit brought by the Justice Department against Local 25 & three associations for conspiring to monopolize the manufacture of women's blouses in the metropolitan area.
Box 224 Folder 1a-1c
Books. Letters from publishers & financial requests for projects, A-E.
Box 224 Folder 2a-2b
Books: F-N.
Box 224 Folder 3a-3b
Books: O-S.
Box 225 Folder 1a-1b
Books: T-Z.
Box 225 Folder 2
Books: Danish, Max. The World of David Dubinsky, 1958. includes letters of acknowledgment & list of recipients of the book.
Box 225 Folder 3
Books: Dewey, John. Pictorial Biography of David Dubinsky, 1951.
Box 225 Folder 4
Brandeis University, 1962-66. D.D., Fellow of University. Includes correspondence with A.L. Sachar.
Box 225 Folder 5a-5b
Brandeis University, 1956-61. includes list of the contributions made at the Harry Uviller Dinner; Correspondence pertaining to the Harry Truman Chair, Morris Hillquit Chair.
Box 226 Folder 1a-1b
C-CL: 1952-66. Includes correspondence with Emanuel Celler & Jennie Matyas Charters.
Box 226 Folder 2
CO-CZ: 1962-66.
Box 226 Folder 3a-3b
CO-CZ: 1952-61.
Box 226 Folder 4
Census Reports. includes Correspondence, 1940-49.
Box 226 Folder 5a-5b
Central Needle Trades H.S. & Fashion Inst. of Technology, 1946-59. includes Correspondence re Union grants, ceremonies & scholarships.
Box 226 Folder 6
Christmas lists of Union. Gifts sent with D.D.'s compliments; parties, etc.
Box 227 Folder 1
Civil Rights Organizations, 1963-64. includes literature from organizations, Correspondence requesting D.D. support of N.Y. March on Washington, 1964.
Box 227 Folder 2
Civil Rights: Trade Union Committee to Support the Fight for Civil Rights, 1956. Includes correspondence with A. Philip Randolph.
Box 227 Folder 3
Collection Charges: Health, Welfare & Retirement Fund, 1957-61. Letters from D.D. requesting locals to remit all collections from firms for non-Union work.
Box 227 Folder 4a-4e
Collection Charges: Health, Welfare & Retirement Fund, 1960. includes lists of contractors in N.Y.; schedule of Welfare Fund collections for non-Union work.
Box 228 Folder 1a-1d
Collection Charges: Health, Welfare & Retirement Fund, 1954-55.
Box 228 Folder 2a-2b
Collection Charges, 1954-58. Schedule of Welfare Fund Collections.
Box 229 Folder 1a-1c
Committees, Invitations to serve on, 1951-66. Arranged alphabetically by Committee or by name of recipient of award sponsored by Committee, A-B.
Box 229 Folder 2a-2c
Committees, Invitations to serve on. C.
Box 229 Folder 3a-3b
Committees, Invitations to serve on. D-F.
Box 229 Folder 4
Committees, Invitations to serve on. G-I.
Box 230 Folder 1
Committees, Invitations to serve on. J-L.
Box 230 Folder 2a-2c
Committees, Invitations to serve on. M-0.
Box 230 Folder 3
Committees, Invitations to serve on. P-R. includes letter from Eleanor Roosevelt re Puerto Rican Cultural Center, 1960.
Box 230 Folder 4a-4b
Committees, Invitations to serve on. S-U. includes letters from Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller & Herbert Lehman re united Jewish Appeal.
Box 230 Folder 5
Committees, Invitations to serve on. V-Z.
Box 231 Folder 1a-1c
Complaints: 1966.
Box 231 Folder 2a-2e
Complaints: July-Dec. 1965.
Box 232 Folder 1a-1c
Complaints: Jan-June 1965.
Box 232 Folder 2a-2d
Complaints: July-Dec. 1964.
Box 233 Folder 1a-1c
Complaints, Jan-June 1964.
Box 233 Folder 2a-2c
Complaints, July-Dec. 1963.
Box 234 Folder 1a-1d
Complaints, Jan-June 1963.
Box 234 Folder 2a-2d
Complaints, July-Dec. 1962.
Box 235 Folder 1a-1e
Complaints, Jan-June 1962.
Box 235 Folder 2a-2d
Complaints, 1961.
Box 236 Folder 1a-1c
Complaints, 1960.
Box 236 Folder 2a-2d
Complaints, 1959.
Box 237 Folder 1a-1d
Complaints, 1958.
Box 237 Folder 2a-2c
Complaints, 1957.
Box 238 Folder 1
Congressional Record, 1956-65. Letters from Congressmen & Senators with copies of Congressional Record proceedings.
Box 238 Folder 2
Constitution, Union, 1932-59. includes requests for copies; drafts of proposed constitutional changes, 1940, 1950, 1953.
Box 238 Folder 3
Control Department, Welfare Funds, 1962-65. Arnold Bye, Wolf & Schulman, (Supervisor); includes reports on locals.
Box 238 Folder 4
Control Department, 1957-61.
Box 238 Folder 5a-5f
Conventions, Union, May 1965. includes comments on D.D. speech, congrat­ulatory messages, Correspondence, D.D. notes (for speech) & list of delegates.
Box 239 Folder 1a-1d
Conventions, Union, May 1962. includes lists of delegates, delegates to committees, speakers..
Box 239 Folder 2a-2g
Conventions, Union, 1959. includes congratulatory messages, & Correspondence with invited guests.
Box 240 Folder 1a-1e
Conventions, Union, 1956.
Box 240 Folder 2a-2c
Conventions, Union, 1953
Box 241 Folder 1
Craft minimums, 1961-64. Data on wage scales in industry
Box 241 Folder 2a-2b
Credentials. Letters of introduction, A-M.
Box 241 Folder 3
Credentials: N-Z.
Box 241 Folder 4a-4b
D: 1962-66
Box 241 Folder 5a-5b
D: 1952-61.
Box 241 Folder 6
Death Benefit Fund. See Union Social Insurance Programs
Box 241 Folder 7a-7b
District Attorney's Office, 1949-56.
Box 241 Folder 8
Drug Plan, 1960-63.
Box 241A Folder a11
Box 241B Folder 1a-1b
Miscellaneous, Birthday Greetings. 1942-51, 1953-56, 1958-59
Box 241B Folder 2a-2c
Miscellaneous, Birthday Greetings. 1952, 60th birthday
Box 241B Folder 3a-3b
Miscellaneous, Birthday Greetings. 1957, 65th birthday.
Box 241C Folder 1
Speeches & Statements, 1952. Correspondence
Box 241C Folder 2
S & S, 1953.
Box 241C Folder 3a-3c
S & S, 1953. Notes & comments on D.D.'s article, "Instead of the McCarthy Method, " N.Y. Times Magazine, July 26. 1953.
Box 241C Folder 4
S & S, 1954. Correspondence
Box 241C Folder 5
S & S, 1955. Correspondence
Box 241C Folder 6
S & S, 1956.
Box 241C Folder 7
S & S, 1957.
Box 241C Folder 8
S & S, 1959. Correspondence
Box 241C Folder 9
S & S, 1960-66.
Box 241C Folder 10
Trip Abroad, 1953. Planned trip to Israel & Sweden cancelled.
Box 242 Folder 1a-1g
Twenty-fifth Anniversary of D.D.'s Presidency. includes congratulatory messages; D.D. speech delivered at celebration in Madison Square Garden, June 13, 1957.
Box 242 Folder 2
E: 1962-66. includes transcript of program on William Green, "Never Ask What Country, " presented on the Eternal Light Series for television, 1962.
Box 242 Folder 3
E: 1952-61.
Box 242 Folder 4
Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1948-60. Congratulatory message on Presidential victory & Eisenhower's reply, 1953; letter from Tracy S. Voorhees (Pres.), committee to Study U.S. Military Assistance Program, 1959; Correspondence with Meyer Kestenbaum on U.S. exhibition in Russia, 1959.
Box 243 Folder 1a-1b
F: 1962-66.
Box 243 Folder 2a-2b
F: 1952-61.
Box 243 Folder 3
Farmers Home Administration Loans, Apr-May 1962. Correspondence on union investments.
Box 243 Folder 4
Fashion Institute of Technology, 1963-66. includes minutes of the Educational Foundation for the Apparel Industry. Union statements in newspapers & other publications.
Box 243 Folder 5a-5e
FOUR, 1960-65. Correspondence, includes D.D. notes.
Box 244 Folder 1a-1c
FOUR, 1960-63. Newspaper clippings files.
Box 244 Folder 2
FOUR, Daniels, Wilbur, 1961. includes FOUR telegram requesting recog­nition as collective bargaining unit; list of Union organizers.
Box 244 Folder 3a-3b
FOUR, 1960-65. Form letters & printed material from Union.
Box 244 Folder 4
FOUR, General Executive Board. includes GEB statement opposing recog­nition of a union of business agents, Nov. 22, 1961, & Correspondence
Box 244 Folder 5
FOUR, 1960-61. Letters from staff & Union members.
Box 244 Folder 6
FOUR, 1960-61. Lists of Union representatives & D.D. notes.
Box 245 Folder 1a-1c
FOUR, 1961-65. National Labor Relations Board.
Box 245 Folder 2
FOUR 1961-65. Newsletters.
Box 245 Folder 3a-3b
FOUR, Printed Matter, 1961-65. includes declaration of principles of FOUR, and constitution.
Box 246 Folder 1
FOUR, 1961-65. Telegrams & letters from Union field officers notifying D.D. of their with­drawal from FOUR.
Box 246 Folder 2
FOUR, 1961. Resolutions.
Box 246 Folder 3
FOUR, Sedares, Constantine, Chairman of FOUR, 1963-64.
Box 246 Folder 4
FOUR, Socialist Party, 1961. includes Socialist Party resolution on FOUR; Correspondence with Norman Thomas on his statement to N.Y. Herald-Tribune.
Box 246 Folder 5
FOUR, Staff, 1961. includes lists of officers' earnings & expenses.
Box 246 Folder 6a-6b
Film, "With These Hands, " 1952-59. Thank -you letters from institutions for use of film, requests for presentation of film.
Box 246 Folder 7a-7b
Film, "With These Hands, " 1949-51.
Box 246 Folder 8
Film, "With These Hands, " Broadway premiere, June 15, 1950.
Box 246 Folder 9a-9b
Film, "With These Hands, " Foreign, 1950-57. Correspondence on European distribution of film; includes Correspondence on India's censoring, 1956.
Box 247 Folder 1
Film, "With These Hands, " Printed Matter, 1950. Leaflets.
Box 247 Folder 2
Film, "With These Hands, " TV Showings, 1952-56.
Box 247 Folder 3
Film, "With These Hands, " Washington Showing, March 1952.
Box 247 Folder 4
Fire Wardens, 1958-64. Correspondence with New York City Fire Commissioners, on fire warden program.
Box 247 Folder 5
Africa: 1962-63. includes American Committee on Africa.
Box 247 Folder 6
Africa: 1959-61. Invitation to luncheon for African trade unionists, Nov. 1961; Correspondence with Maida Springer on All-African People's Conference in Accra, Ghana, 1958; memorandum from Maida Springer on Israeli-African relations, 1959.
Box 247 Folder 7
Australia: 1962-65.
Box 247 Folder 8
Australia: 1937-60. includes Freeland League, 1945-50.
Box 247 Folder 9
Austria: 1932-66. Includes correspondence with Adolf A. Berle on the Free Austrian Legion, 1942.
Box 247 Folder 10
Belgium: 1938-64. Includes correspondence with Clothing Workers Union of Belgium on transfer of membership of immigrant workers, financial assistance.
Box 248 Folder 1a-1d
China: 1941-54. Includes correspondence with Chinese organizations in China & James McConaughty (President), United China Relief; plans for rehabilitation center in China, 1943-44.
Box 248 Folder 2
Costa Rica: 1960.
Box 248 Folder 3
Cuba: 1962-66.
Box 248 Folder 4
Cuba: 1960-61.
Box 248 Folder 5
Czechoslovakia: 1938-58.
Box 248 Folder 6
Denmark: 1961.
Box 248 Folder 7
England: 1962-66. includes 2 messages from Harold Wilson, thanking D.D. for congratulatory messages, 1964, 1966.
Box 248 Folder 8a-8d
England: 1937-61. Includes correspondence with Hugh Gaitskell & Members of Parliament re labor problems.
Box 249 Folder 1
England: British Trade Union Congress, 1935-66. Includes correspondence with Sir Walter Citrine.
Box 249 Folder 2a-2b
England: National Union of Tailors fie Garment Workers, 1929-66.
Box 249 Folder 3a-3b
Finland: 1939-51. Correspondence re Finnish Relief Fund; newspaper clippings.
Box 249 Folder 4a-4c
France: 1940-66. includes Correspondence re Memorial for Jewish Martyrs, 1953; Correspondence on American Aid to France.
Box 249 Folder 5
France: Jewish Labor Committee. Assistance to J.L.C. for agencies, individuals & projects; includes assistance for Unser Stimme. 1950-54.
Box 249 Folder 6
France: Le Populaire, 1948-53. includes Leon Blum letters.
Box 250 Folder 1a-1c
France: Organization for Rehabili­tation Through Training (ORT), 1946-66.
Box 250 Folder 2a-2c
Germany: 1939-65. Includes correspondence with Gewerkschaft Textil-Bekleidung of Germany; Correspondence re German Ladies' Garment Industry; activities of German trade unions & the role they should play in the implementation of the European Recovery Program
Box 250 Folder 3
Greece: 1943-51. IC re aid to Greece.
Box 250 Folder 4a-4b
Holland: 1936-61.
Box 250 Folder 5a-5b
India: 1942-58. Includes correspondence with India League of America re immigration & Indian independence, 1942-50; letters from Norman Thomas, 1951.
Box 251 Folder 1a-1b
Israel: 1962-66. Correspondence on Israel; includes letter from Ben-Gurion, July 9, 1965; Feinberg Graphics Study Room, 1966.
Box 251 Folder 2a-2b
Israel: 1960-61. includes Correspondence re Joseph Breslaw Community Center; letter from Ben-Gurion, Oct. 27, 1961.
Box 251 Folder 3a-3d
Israel: 1951-59. Includes correspondence with Israeli & American organizations on development of Israel.
Box 252 Folder 1a-1c
Israel: 1947-50. Correspondence re formation of the State of Israel; Union loan & related Correspondence
Box 252 Folder 2
Israel: 1938-46. Correspondence with religious & political organizations about the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine.
Box 252 Folder 3
Israel: American Embassy, Tel-Aviv, 1948-49. Includes correspondence with James McDonald (Ambassador) re Israeli situation.
Box 252 Folder 4
Israel: Ampal, American Israel Corp., 1959-62. Financial Correspondence
Box 252 Folder 5
Israel: Antonini Stadium, Haifa, 1959.
Box 252 Folder 6
Israel: Fund-raising in Industry for Israel, 1950. includes funding of the Amun-Israeli Housing Corp.
Box 252 Folder 7
Israel: Hebrew Univ., 1952-66. Includes correspondence with Nelson Rockefeller & Eliahu Elath (President), Hebrew Univ.
Box 253 Folder 1a-1c
Israel: Histadrut, 1942-50.
Box 253 Folder 2
Israel: Histadrut, N.Y., 1962-65. Includes correspondence with Ben-Zion Ilan (American repre­sentative) on activities, especially Histadrut's Afro-Asian Inst. in Tel-Aviv.
Box 253 Folder 3a-3b
Israel: Histadrut, N.Y., 1953-60. Reports on Arab-Israeli situation, 1953, & related Correspondence
Box 253 Folder 4a-4c
Israel: Hospital at Beersheva, 1955-65. Correspondence on Union funding of hospital, agreement with General Federation of Jewish Labor in Eretz Israel (Histadrut Havodim).
Box 253 Folder 5a-5b
Israel: ILGWU Purchases of Amun-Israeli Corporation Bonds, 1950-51.
Box 254 Folder 1a-1b
Israel: ILGWU Trade School in Haifa, 1945-57. Includes correspondence with Joseph Schlossberg, National Committee for Labor Palestine, on the Histadrut International House; Israel Merminski, American representative of Histadrut on assisting Jewish labor in Palestine, 1945-47
Box 254 Folder 2a-2b
Israel: Israeli Embassy, 1948-59. Includes correspondence with Abba Eban, Ambassador of Israel, letter from Ben-Gurion.
Box 254 Folder 3
Israel: Khousky, Aba, Mayor of Haifa, 1960-64. includes Correspondence re Isidore Nagler Youth & Community Center in Haifa.
Box 254 Folder 4
Israel: Lieberman, Elias, 1950-58. Correspondence re Amun- Israeli Housing Corp.
Box 254 Folder 5
Israel: Mapai Printing Press, 1948-50. Correspondence with Union officers & National Committee for Labor Israel on Union's donating a printing press to Mapai.
Box 254 Folder 6a-6b
Israel: Minutes of the Amun-Israeli Housing Corp., 1950-55.
Box 254 Folder 7
Israel: State of Israel Bond Drive, 1950-58. includes letter from Ben-Gurion, May 1951 & Abba Eban, Dec. 1950.
Box 255 Folder 1
Italy: 1962-66. Includes correspondence with Giuseppe Saragat (President) on Union contribution for foundation for retarded children; Correspondence re contributions to Societa Umanitaria in Milan, 1963.
Box 255 Folder 2a-2b
Italy: 1952-61. Includes correspondence with Federazione Unitaria Italiana Lavoratori Abbigliamento on labor matters & projects.
Box 255 Folder 3a-3b
Italy: 1949-51. includes Correspondence on Italian labor & financial assistance.
Box 255 Folder 4a-4b
Italy: 1937-48. includes Correspondence on Union contribution to the Mazzini Society.
Box 255 Folder 5
Italy: Carlo Tresca Home, Boys' Republic of Italy, Inc., 1949-52. includes Antonina Cuccia (Secretary to Edward Molisani, Mgr., Local 48) report on visit to home, 1949.
Box 256 Folder 1a-1b
Italy: F.D. Roosevelt Institute (Palermo), 1945-65.
Box 256 Folder 2a-2b
Italy: Italian-American Labor Council, 1942-61. includes letters from Luigi Antonini (President); financial reports.
Box 256 Folder 3
Italy: Jewish Labor Committee, 1948-52. Correspondence with ORT.
Box 256 Folder 4
Japan: 1962, 1966. Includes correspondence with Minoru Takita (President), Japan Fed. of Textile Workers' Union.
Box 256 Folder 5
Japan: 1938-61.
Box 256 Folder 6a-6b
Latin America: 1943-61. Correspondence arranged alphabetically by country.
Box 256 Folder 7
Mexico: 1940-65.
Box 257 Folder 1a-1d
Poland: 1937-66. Includes correspondence with Polish Socialist Party in Great Britain, American Friends of Polish Democracy & Poland Fights, on labor matters; & with individuals on Polish situation after war re Soviet Union.
Box 257 Folder 2a-2c
Poland: 1948-63. Letters from Relief Committee of the General Jewish Workers' Union of Poland acknowledging contributions (in Yiddish).
Box 257 Folder 3a-3d
Poland: 1938-47. Organizations requesting funds; Correspondence with Relief committee for Jewish Schools in Poland, Henryk Erlich letter 1938.
Box 258 Folder 1a-1b
Puerto Rico, 1964-66. includes reports & newspaper clippings on minimum wage.
Box 258 Folder 2a
Puerto Rico: 1959-61. Includes correspondence with Union officers, AFL-CIO, & organization in Puerto Rico re labor legislation.
Box 258 Folder 2b
Puerto Rico: 1955-58.
Box 258 Folder 3a-3c
Puerto Rico: 1953-54.
Box 258 Folder 4a-4b
Puerto Rico: 1940-52.
Box 258 Folder 5
Puerto Rico. Dorvillier Newsletter.
Box 259 Folder 1
Rumania: 1933-60. Includes correspondence with Rumanian Workers' Relief committee re financial aid.
Box 259 Folder 2
Russia: 1962-65. Includes correspondence with officers of Union of Russian Jews re financial aid.
Box 259 Folder 3a-3c
Russia: 1948-61. includes Correspondence re Nikita Khrushchev's visit to U.S. Sept. 1959; summary of meeting of American labor leaders & N.K., Sept. 20, 1959; Correspondence on cultural fair in Moscow 1959.
Box 259 Folder 3d
Russia: 1938-47. includes Correspondence, newspaper clippings on controversy between AFL & British Trade Union Congress on alliance of trade unions, Correspondence with National Council of American & Soviet Friendship.
Box 259 Folder 4a-4b
Russia: Russian War Relief, Inc., 1941-51.
Box 260 Folder 1
Spain: 1962-64. Correspondence on aid to Spanish Relief Fund- Sociedades Hispanas Confederadas (Confederated Spanish Societies).
Box 260 Folder 2a-2c
Spain: 1938-61. Includes correspondence with the International Solidarity Committee on aiding Spanish workers.
Box 260 Folder 3
Virgin Islands: 1962.
Box 260 Folder 4
Yugoslavia: 1950-57.
Box 260 Folder 5a-5b
Miscellaneous Countries. Arranged alphabetically by country, A-H. includes Correspondence on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
Box 260 Folder 6a-6c
Misc: J-Z. Correspondence on union aid to Kenya, especially the Kenya Tailors & Textile Workers Union.
Box 261 Folder 1
African-American Labor Center, 1964-65. Letters from Irving Brown (Executive Dir.).
Box 261 Folder 2a-2b
American Institute for Free Labor Development, 1963-66. includes minutes, reports & Correspondence
Box 261 Folder 3a-3b
Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-55.
Box 261 Folder 4
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), 1962-65.
Box 261 Folder 5
ICFTU: 1954-61. includes copies of letters & reports between ICFTU & AFL-CIO; letters from George Meany & ICFTU.
Box 261 Folder 6a-6d
ICFTU: 1949-53, 1939. Includes correspondence with General Secretary J.H.Oldenbroek, Jay Lovestone (Executive Secretary.), Free Trade Union committee, William Green & Matthew Woll; Correspondence with Win. Green re appointment of George Delaney as UN consultant in behalf of the ICFTU, 1951; reports, resolutions, speeches by William Green, 1949; Lovestone notes; draft of constitution with amendments received from participating countries; Correspondence on formation of ICFTU & literature.
Box 262 Folder 1
ICFTU: United Nations, 1948-64. includes communiques to the governmental delegates of UN General Assembly; reports by D.D. & Matthew Woll, consultants to the UN as representatives of the AFL on the work of the Third Session to the Social Commission, April 1948.
Box 262 Folder 2a-2b
International Textile & Garment Workers' Feder­ation: 1962-66. Headquarters, London, England; Correspondence with General Secretary W. J. Greenhalgh, minutes & reports.
Box 262 Folder 3a-3b
ITGWF: 1954-61. includes financial Correspondence (The International Garment Workers Fed. was amalgamated with the ITGWF in 1959.)
Box 262 Folder 4a-4c
ITGWF: 1948-53. Correspondence re affiliation, fees; minutes of Federation, 1951; Correspondence with Charles Kreindler & Morris Bialis, delegates to meeting in Germany, 1951
Box 262 Folder 5
International Transport Workers Fed., 1936-56. Headquarters, London, England.
Box 262 Folder 6
Organizacion Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores, 1961, 1965.
Box 263 Folder 1a-1b
F.L.: A-B.
Box 263 Folder 2a-2c
F.L.: C.
Box 263 Folder 3a-3c
F.L.: Contributions. Arranged in reverse chronological order, 1947-63.
Box 263 Folder 4a-4b
F.L.: D.
Box 264 Folder 1a-1b
F.L.: E.
Box 264 Folder 2a-2b
F.L.: F-G.
Box 264 Folder 3
F.L.: H-I.
Box 264 Folder 4
F.L.: Health & Welfare.
Box 264 Folder 5a-5b
F.L.: J-L.
Box 264 Folder 6
F.L.: Liberal Party.
Box 264 Folder 7
F.L.: Local Managers.
Box 265 Folder 1a-1c
F.L.: M-N.
Box 265 Folder 2a-2c
F.L.: O-P.
Box 265 Folder 3a-3c
F.L.: R-S.
Box 266 Folder 1a-1b
F.L.: Retirement Funds.
Box 266 Folder 2a-2c
F.L.: T-Z.
Box 266 Folder 3
Four Freedoms Hotel, Inc., 1961-63. Requests for assistance in obtaining apartments at the President Madison Hotel, Miami, Fla.
Box 266 Folder 4a-4b
G: 1962-66. Includes correspondence with Harry Golden (Editor), The Carolina Israelite, on 1965 Mayoralty campaign in New York City.
Box 266 Folder 5a-5b
G: 1952-61.
Box 267 Folder 2-Jan
"The Garment Game, " June 24, 1964. Correspondence on TV program on the dress industry.
Box 267 Folder 3a-3c
General Executive Board, Apr. 1962-Sept. 1965. includes D.D. notes, agendas, President's schedules, draft of minutes & related Correspondence
Box 267 Folder 4a-4b
GEB: Aug. 1959-June 1961.
Box 267 Folder 5a-5b
GEB: Jan. 1957-Apr. 1959.
Box 268 Folder 1a-1d
GEB: Mar. 1952-Apr. 1956.
Box 268 Folder 2a-2c
GEB: Decisions, A-C. Arranged alphabetically by decision; includes index to decisions; Correspondence & decisions prior to 1951.
Box 268 Folder 3a-3d
GEB: Decisions, C. Conventions; decisions on postponement of Union conventions; 1942 convention to May 1944 by referendum; postponement of 1939 convention to May 1940; convention of 1936 postponed to May 1937
Box 269 Folder 1a-1b
GEB: Dec., D-F.
Box 269 Folder 2a-2b
GEB: Dec., G-K.
Box 269 Folder 3a-3c
GEB: Dec., L-N.
Box 269 Folder 4
GEB: Dec., O-P.
Box 269 Folder 5a-5b
GEB: Dec., R-S.
Box 270 Folder 1a-1c
GEB: Dec., T-Z. includes inquiries re United Front.
Box 270 Folder 2a-2d
GEB: Hearing, 1949. Charges brought by a group of members against the Los Angeles Cloak & Dress Joint Board s., officers & members of each of the Executive Boards of Locals 65, 84, 96, & 97; includes petition, telegrams, letters from local members affiliated with Cloak Joint Board, minutes of hearing, March, by special GEB committee, Luigi Antonini (Chairman); GEB decision.
Box 271 Folder 1
GEB: Merger of Local Unions, 1959-60. includes letters from Union officers presenting their position on merging locals, GEB decision 1963.
Box 271 Folder 2
GEB: N.Y. Board Meetings, 1938-66. Notices.
Box 271 Folder 3
GEB: N.Y. Local Managers' Meetings, 1964-66. Notices; includes report of Jan. 24, 1964 meeting.
Box 271 Folder 4a-4b
Gerechtiqkeit, 1958. Correspondence on decision to cease publication of Gerechtigkeit, Jan. 1958. Correspondents includes officers, members, outside organizations, & last issue.
Box 271 Folder 5
Grand Jury Trucking Investigation. Subpoena (copy) to: Merchants Ladies' Garment Association, June 26, 1959.
Box 271 Folder 6
Green, William. Publisher. A Tribute to William Green by the Jewish Labor Committee, Oct. 1951.
Box 271 Folder 7
Guaranteed Annual Wage.
Box 271 Folder 8
H: 1962-66.
Box 271 Folder 9
Harriman, Averell, 1954-59. Includes correspondence with Governor's office on Workmen's Compensation & Moreland Commission. (12 letters)
Box 271 Folder 10
Health & Welfare Funds. See ILGWU Social Insurance Programs.
Box 271 Folder 11
Hirsch, Ben B. (Barney), 1948-55.
Box 272 Folder 1
Impartial Chairmen (IC), 1941. Children's Dress.
Box 272 Folder 2
IC: Los Angeles & San Francisco Dress Industry, 1942-52. Includes correspondence with Anthony G. O'Rourke (IC) on wage stabilization fie job classification.
Box 272 Folder 3
IC: N.Y. Coat & Suit Industry, 1963.
Box 272 Folder 4
IC: N.Y. Coat & Suit Industry 1935-50. includes decisions of Sol Rosenblatt & James J. Walker; Correspondence re cases, schedule of hearings; Sol Rosenblatt address before AFL conventions, 1935 & 1938
Box 272 Folder 5
IC: N.Y. Corset & Brassiere Industry, 1938-44. Correspondence with Maxwell Copelof; decisions.
Box 272 Folder 6
IC: N.Y. Dress Ind., 1936-59. Correspondence with Harry Uviller (IC); decisions.
Box 272 Folder 7
IC: N.Y. Knitgoods Ind., 1935-36. Decisions of Tracy S. Voorhees (IC).
Box 272 Folder 8
IC: N.Y. Shoulder Pads Ind. (Women's Apparel), 1950. Decision of IC Nathan Wolf, March.
Box 272 Folder 9
IC: N.Y. Snowsuits Ind., 1959. Decision of George Mintzer (IC), Aug.
Box 273 Folder 1
Union Department, 1958-65. includes memos to D.D. from officers of various departments re their absence from office & their itineraries
Box 273 Folder 2a-2b
Union departments: 1951-57.
Box 273 Folder 3a-3b
Union departments: Assistant Executive Secretary. James Lipsig, 1955-64.
Box 273 Folder 4
Union departments: Auditing Department, 1954-65. Siemon L. Hamburger, General Auditor.
Box 273 Folder 5
Union departments: Circulation Department, 1963-66.
Box 273 Folder 6a
Union departments: Controller's Office, 1956-62.
Box 273 Folder 7
Union departments: Education Department, 1962-66. includes report by Gus Tyler, 1962.
Box 274 Folder 1a-1b
Union departments: Education Department, 1951-61. includes reports & memo's from Mark Starr (Director).
Box 274 Folder 2a-2b
Union departments: Education Department, 1940-55.
Box 274 Folder 3
Union departments: Education Department, Officers' Institute, 1943-59. includes syllabus for officers qualification course (N.D.).
Box 274 Folder 4
Union departments: General Office, Office Staff, 1956-62. includes letters of resignation from Hannah Haskel, April 1959, and Mark Starr, Aug. 1959.
Box 274 Folder 5
Union departments: ILGWU Guide on Agreement. Provisions, Standards & Enforcement, 1965. (Union publication.)
Box 274 Folder 6a-6b
Union departments: Housing, The Cooperative Houses, 1963-64. includes letters requesting assistance in obtaining an apartment at the co-op houses.
Box 275 Folder 1a-1b
Union departments: Housing, The Cooperative Houses, 1962.
Box 275 Folder 2a-2b
Union departments: Housing, Cooperative Houses, 1960-61.
Box 275 Folder 3a-3b
Union departments: Housing, Cooperative Houses, 1956-59.
Box 275 Folder 4a-4b
Union departments: Housing Cooperative Housing, Dedication Ceremonies, May 19, 1962. includes congratulatory messages; invi­tations to attend ceremony; D.D. speech at dedication.
Box 275 Folder 5a-5b
Union departments: Housing, East River Housing, Inc., 1950-66. Includes correspondence with Abraham Kazan (President), East River Housing Corp., & Elias Lieberman re project; requests for apartments; plans for development
Box 276 Folder 1a-1b
Union departments: Housing, East River Housing, Inc., 1950-66. Includes correspondence with Abraham Kazan (President), East River Housing Corp., & Elias Lieberman re project; requests for apartments; plans for development
Box 276 Folder 2a-2b
Union departments: Housing, East River Housing, Inc., Dedication Ceremony, Oct. 22, 1955. includes lists of participants, con­gratulatory messages, literature on International Cooperative Village, (some misfiling in folder)
Box 276 Folder 3
Union departments: Housing, Penn Station South, 1959-62. Correspondence legal matters
Box 276 Folder 4a-4c
Union departments: International Labor Relations Department, 1939-64. Correspondence with Jay Lovestone (Director); includes Correspondence when he was Director of Department of International Affairs, AFL-CIO; Secretary, Free Trade Union committee; on editorial board, Workers Acre? reports.
Box 277 Folder 1
Union departments: Investigations, 1959. Records on investigation in Local 102.
Box 277 Folder 2a-2b
Union departments: Investment Department, 1955-65. Letters & reports from Charles Brush (Director); requests for Union partici­pation in projects.
Box 277 Folder 3a-3b
Union departments: Justice, 1940-66.
Box 277 Folder 4
Union departments: Lespier, Tony (Editor), Justicia, 1963-65.
Box 277 Folder 5a-5d
Union departments: Legal Department, 1941-65. Correspondence with Morris P. Glushien (General Counsel) & James Lipsig.
Box 278 Folder 1a-1b
Union departments: Management-Engineering, Sept. 1950-64. Correspondence, reports.
Box 278 Folder 1c
Union departments: Master Agreements Department, 1965-66. Letters & reports from Wilbur Daniels (Director).
Box 278 Folder 2a-2c
Union departments: Officers, Charged, Suspended or Expelled, 1939-65. Arranged alphabetically by officer.
Box 278 Folder 3
Union departments: Organizing Campaign, 1955. Correspondence & literature on one-dollar-per-hour minimum wage drive.
Box 278 Folder 4
Union departments: Photography Department, 1950-55.
Box 278 Folder 5a-5b
Union departments: Political Department, 1948-66.
Box 279 Folder 1a-1b
Letters & reports from Evelyn Dubrow (Legislative Representative), Gus Tyler (Director); submitted contributions to Finance Department; analysis of 1964 presidential campaign & New York City election.
Box 279 Folder 2
Union departments: Promotions Department, 1950-60. Harry Crone (Promotions Director).
Box 279 Folder 3a-3b
Union departments: Requested Wage Increases From Officers, July 1955-60. includes officers' salary schedule.
Box 279 Folder 4a-4b
Union departments: Requested Wage Increases, 1943-54.
Box 280 Folder 1a-1c
Union departments: Research Department, Lazare Teper (Director), 1953-66. includes statistical reports in the garment industry; minimum wages; Consumer Price Index; legislation to the Fair Labor Standards Act; statements of Lazare Teper before committees & related Correspondence
Box 280 Folder 2
Union departments: Scholarships, 1956-64. Congratulatory messages from D.D. to winners of International Scholarship Fund Award & acknowledgments from recipients.
Box 280 Folder 3
Union departments: Stulberg, Louis (General Secretary-Treasurer), 1959-65. Biographical data.
Box 280 Folder 4a-4d
Union departments: Union Label Department, 1962-66. Correspondence re Union Label campaigns, especially Judy Bond campaign; adver­tising, film promotions, leaflets; Includes correspondence with Eleanor Lambert, retained by Union to direct promotion programs, 1959-63; report, "Attitudes of American Women Toward Trade Unions in America, 1962."
Box 281 Folder 1a-1b
Union departments: Union Label Department, 1961. includes newspaper advertising.
Box 281 Folder 2a-2c
Union departments: Union Label Department, 1960. Includes correspondence with National Coat & Suit Industry Recovery Board on Union labels.
Box 281 Folder 3a-3b
Union departments: Union Label Department, 1958-59. includes acknowledgments for D.D. sending inscribed thimble, commemorating the inauguration of the ILGWU label, 1959.
Box 281 Folder 4a-4b
Union departments: Union Label Department, 1936-56. includes newspaper clippings, ads in Women's Wear Daily, 1936-37.
Box 281 Folder 5
Union departments: Union Label Department, Matheson, Min L. (Director), 1946-64.
Box 282 Folder 1a-1c
Union departments: Union Label Department, 1959-60. Correspondence with label advertising agency, Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, Inc.
Box 282 Folder 2
Union departments: Union Label Department, 1962-66. Correspondence with label advertising agency, Wexton Company, Inc.
Box 282 Folder 3
Union departments: Union Label Department, Canadian Union Label, July 1961-Jan. 1963. Includes correspondence with Bernard Shane
Box 282 Folder 4
S.I.P.: Death Benefit Department, 1956-66. Includes correspondence with Harry Haskel (Director): Haskel statement to Sub-Committee on Anti-Trust & Monopoly of Senate committee on Judiciary, July 1964.
Box 282 Folder 5a-5d
S.I.P.: Death Benefit Department, 1939-55. Goodman Block (Director), 1945-55. Correspondence re Death Benefit claims.
Box 283 Folder 1
S.I.P.: Death Benefit Fund for Children of Union Officers, 1954, 1958.
Box 283 Folder 2a-2b
S.I.P.: Death Benefit Department, 1963-66. Referrals to D.B. or Health & Welfare Department
Box 283 Folder 3
S.I.P.: Health, Welfare & Vacation Department (H & W), 1962-65.
Box 283 Folder 4a-4d
S.I.P.: H & W Department, 1942-61. includes letters from Adolph Held (Director) re Department rules & regulations, loans made to Department, collections received for Fund; separate fund for vacation fund.
Box 283 Folder 5
S.I.P.: H & W Department, Boston, 1956-57.
Box 283 Folder 6
S.I.P.: H & W Department, Canada, 1944-55.
Box 283 Folder 7
S.I.P.: H & W Department, Eastern Region Cloak & Dress, 1943-49
Box 283 Folder 8
S.I.P.: H & W Department, Midwest Region, 1950-57.
Box 283 Folder 9
S.I.P.: H & W Department, Minutes. H & W Funds Committee of the GEB, 1952-57; prior to 1952, minutes of the H & W & D.B. committee, 1949-51.
Box 284 Folder 1a-1b
S.I.P.: H & W, New York, 1944-63.
Box 284 Folder 2
S.I.P.: H & W, Northeast Department, 1949-55.
Box 284 Folder 3a-3b
S.I.P.: H & W, Ohio-Kentucky Region, 1946-63.
Box 284 Folder 4
S.I.P.: H & W, Pacific Coast Region, 1954-58.
Box 284 Folder 5
S.I.P.: H & W, Philadelphia Region, 1944-61.
Box 284 Folder 6a-6b
S.I.P.: H & W, Puerto Rico, 1956-63. Includes correspondence with Robert Gladnick (Manager), Local 600 re Mobile Health Unit for P.R.
Box 284 Folder 7
S.I.P.: H & W, Southeastern Region, 1954-57.
Box 284 Folder 8
S.I.P.: H & W, Southwestern Region, 1946-58.
Box 284 Folder 9
S.I.P.: H & W, So. Jersey Joint Board, 1946-61.
Box 284 Folder 10
S.I.P.: H & W, Special Fund. includes rules of special fund & schedule of collections, 1955-65.
Box 284 Folder 11
S.I.P.: H & W, Upper South Department, 1947, 1957.
Box 285 Folder 1
S.I.P.: Retirement Funds (R.F.), Boston, 1952, 1957. Correspondence re cases.
Box 285 Folder 2
S.I.P.: R.F., Canada, 1951-57., 1963. Includes correspondence with Bernard Shane, David Randolph (Administrator), Montreal Dress Industry Health Fund re cases.
Box 285 Folder 3a-3b
S.I.P.: R.F., Cleveland, 1949-59.
Box 285 Folder 4
S.I. P.: R.F., Eastern Region, 1962-65. includes minutes of Board of Trustees, Eastern Region R.F.
Box 285 Folder 5a-5e
S.I.P.: R.F., Eastern Region, 1951-59. includes rules & regulations, financial reports, Correspondence with Adolph Held (Administrator). (includes E.O.T., N.E., C.O.T.)
Box 285 Folder 6
S.I.\P.: R.F., Employment for Retirees. includes survey of community centers for Union retirees in New York City, prepared by Abe Bluestein. May 1958.
Box 286 Folder 1a-1d
S.I. P.: R.F., Increases in Benefits, 1966. Thank-you letters.
Box 286 Folder 2
S.I. P.: R.F., Midwest Region, 1953-64.
Box 286 Folder 3a-3c
S.I. P.: R.F., N.Y. Coat & Suit Industry, 1954-65. includes meeting of Board of Trustees of Coat & Suit Industry; Correspondence with Union members.
Box 286 Folder 4a-4b
S.I. P.: R.F., N.Y. Coat & Suit Industry, 1943-53
Box 287 Folder 1
includes rules & regulations; Investigating Committee report on financial practices of Fund, Aug. 1952; Correspondence re cases.
Box 287 Folder 2a-2b
S.I.P.: R.F., N.Y. Dress Industry, 1947-65. includes rules & regulations of the Retirement Fund; 1947; Correspondence re cases.
Box 287 Folder 3a-3b
S.I.P.: R.F., N.Y. Locals. includes Correspondence re cases arranged numerically by local.
Box 287 Folder 4
S.I.P.: R.F., Ohio-Kentucky Region, 1949-63. Correspondence re cases.
Box 287 Folder 5
S.I.P.: R.F., Pacific Coast Region, 1955-60.
Box 287 Folder 6
S.I. P.: R.F., Philadelphia Region, 1958-64.
Box 287 Folder 7
S.I.P.: R.F., So. Jersey Joint Board, 1952-55.
Box 287 Folder 8
S.I.P.: R.F., Southwest Region.
Box 287 Folder 9a-9b
S.I.P.: R.F., Retirement Reciprocity. Correspondence with officers of Fund.
Box 288 Folder 1a-1c
S.I.P.: R.F., Staff Retirement Fund, 1962-66. Letters from Louis Rolnick on staff applying for retirement; report, 1965.
Box 288 Folder 2a-2e
S.I.P.: R.F., Staff Retirement Fund, 1948-61. Correspondence with Adolph Held; minutes of meeting of Staff Retirement Fund, Aug. 22, 1952, 1948, also Correspondence on formation of Staff Retirement Fund
Box 288 Folder 3
S.I. P.: R.F., Staff Retirement, 1962-66. Correspondence with retired officers.
Box 288 Folder 4a-4b
S.I.P.: R.F., Supplementary Unemploy­ment Severance Benefits Fund, 1963-65. includes reports, rules & regulations & by-laws of the Fund.
Box 288 Folder 5
S.I.P.: R.F., Supplementary Unemploy­ment Severance Benefits Fund, 1958-62. includes reports, rules & regulations & by-laws of the Fund.
Box 289 Folder empty
Joint Boards & District Councils. Includes correspondence with officers, staff & attorneys on organizing campaigns, agreements, complaints & strikes, local Union elections, & reports. File folders are arranged geographically, Correspondence in reverse chronological order.
Box 290 Folder 1
Joint Board & D.C.: Allentown District Council, 1952-59.
Box 290 Folder 2
Joint Board & D.C.: Baltimore Joint Board, 1952-59.
Box 290 Folder 3a-3c
Joint Board & D.C.: Boston Joint Board, 1952-61. Correspondence with Philip Kramer.
Box 290 Folder 4a-4b
Joint Board & D.C.: Chicago Joint Board, 1962-66. Includes correspondence with Morris Bialis on reorganization of Rothmoor Garment Co., retirement of Union members, 1963-66.
Box 290 Folder 5a-5b
Joint Board & D.C.: Chicago Joint Board, 1952-61.
Box 290 Folder 6
Joint Board & D.C.: Cincinnati Joint Board, 1952-58. Includes correspondence with David Solomon, Nicholas Kirtzman.
Box 290 Folder 7
Joint Board & D.C.: Cleveland Joint Board, 1952-59. Correspondence with N. Kirtzman.
Box 291 Folder 1
Joint Board & D.C.: Cleveland Knit goods Council, 1958-60.
Box 291 Folder 2
Joint Board & D.C.: Dallas Joint Board, 1951-55. Includes correspondence with Meyer Perlstein.
Box 291 Folder 3
Joint Board & D.C.: Kansas City Joint Board, 1952-64. Includes correspondence with Helen Bengston.
Box 291 Folder 4
Joint Board & D.C.: Kansas City Joint Board, Donnelly Garment Co., 1948-56. Correspondence with Meyer Perlstein on organizing campaign; copies of letters sent to James Reed, representative of firm; printed material.
Box 291 Folder 5a-5b
Joint Board & D.C.: Los Angeles Cloak Joint Board, 1962-66. Includes correspondence with Isidor Stenzor on Retirement Fund of Bd; bargaining agreements with L. A. Coat & Suit Mfrs. Association
Box 291 Folder 6a-6d
Joint Board & D.C.: L. A. Cloak Joint Board, 1959-61. Correspondence with Stenzor re Communist activities in Joint Board, 1962 election & resolution on Communist candidates; 1959 election; testimony of Ben Margolis before the Joint fact-finding Committee on Un-American Activities, Jan. 1946.
Box 292 Folder 1a-1c
Joint Board & D.C.: L. A. Joint Board, 1942-58. Includes correspondence with J. Mencoff, 1942-56; Correspondence with Samuel Otto & Stenzor on whether managers are to be included with election of other officers; complaints; contract agreements; charges brought by affiliated locals of Joint Board against I. Stenzor, 1955-56
Box 292 Folder 2a-2c
Joint Board & D.C.: L. A. Cloak Joint Board, 1950-55.
Box 292 Folder 3
Joint Board & D.C.: L. A. Cloak Joint Board Building, 1954-58. Finances of Joint Board bldg.
Box 292 Folder 4
Joint Board & D.C.: L. A. Dress & Sportswear Joint Board, 1963-65. Correspondence with John Ulene.
Box 292 Folder 5a-5b
Joint Board & D.C.: L. A. Dress & Sportswear Joint Board, 1950-55. includes proposed rules & regulations of L. A. Dress & Sportswear, Retirement Fund; Correspondence with Fannie Borax re merger of the L. A. Dress Joint Board & the L. A. Sportswear Joint Council, Sept. 7, 1955.
Box 293 Folder 1a-1b
Joint Board & D.C.: L. A. Joint Council, 1950-51. Includes correspondence with Hyman D. Langer & William Ross.
Box 293 Folder 2a-2c
Joint Board & D.C.: Miami Joint Council, 1962-64. Includes correspondence with Robert Gladnick (Manager), Local 415, on firms, Hialeah Dress Co. & Bobbie Brooks.
Box 293 Folder 3a-3b
Joint Board & D.C.: Miami Joint Council, 1956-61. includes agreement between Union & Wellesley, Inc., 1960; Correspondence with Max Wexler (State Director of Union) on organizing activities; census, 1958.
Box 293 Folder 4a-4d
Joint Board & D.C.: Miami Joint Council, 1954-55. Correspondence with Abraham Plotkin, Samuel Macy & Robert Gladnick on organizing & contract agreement with firms; internal Union problems.
Box 294 Folder 1a-1d
Joint Board & D.C.: Miami Joint Council, 1951-53.
Box 294 Folder 2
Joint Board & D.C.: Milwaukee Joint Board, 1958-59.
Box 294 Folder 3a-3e
Joint Board & D.C.: Montreal Cloak Joint Council & Dress Joint Board, 1962-64. Letters from Bernard Shane on organizing activities; jurisdictional dispute between Union & Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union; agreement with Montreal Cloak Mfrs. Association
Box 295 Folder 1a-1c
Joint Board & D.C.: Montreal Cloak Joint Council, & Dress Joint Board, 1956-61.
Box 295 Folder 2a-2d
Joint Board & D.C.: Montreal Cloak Joint Council & Dress Joint Board, 1951-55.
Box 295 Folder 3a-3b
Joint Board & D.C.: Montreal Cloak Joint Council fie Dress Joint Board, 1953-59.
Box 295 Folder 4a-4b
Joint Board & D.C.: Montreal Cloak Joint Council & Dress Joint Board, 1964-66. Correspondence with Bernard Shane.
Box 296 Folder 1
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Cloak Joint Board, 1962-65. Includes correspondence with Henoch Mendelsund; report.
Box 296 Folder 2a-2d
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Cloak Joint Board, 1951-61. Includes correspondence with Isidore Nagler; report, 1953.
Box 296 Folder 3
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Dress Joint Board, 1962-65. Correspondence with Charles Zimmerman.
Box 296 Folder 4a-4b
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Dress Joint Board, 1951-61. Julius Hochman letter of resignation, June 1958; Correspondence on charges brought by Hochman against Min Lurye Matheson, 1952.
Box 296 Folder 5
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Dress Joint Board, Disability & Health Plans Department, 1958-60.
Box 296 Folder 6
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Dress Joint Board, Health Plan, 1955-57. Letters from Jack Spitzer; health plans for Union.
Box 296 Folder 7
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Dress Joint Board, N.Y. Dress Institute, 1940-43, 1951, 1956. includes Joint Board releases on agreement with Dress employers, 1941.
Box 297 Folder 1
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Dress Joint Board, Ladies Apparel Accessories Council, 1940-43, 1950.
Box 297 Folder 2a-2b
Joint Board & D.C.: N.Y. Dress Joint Board, Lurye, William, Union Organizer. Correspondence with Min (Lurye) Matheson (sister of William), members of family, officers & N.Y. officials re case of Benedicto Marci, accused in killing of William Lurye, May 9, 1949; literature; Dress Joint Board releases; & newspaper clippings, 1949-54.
Box 297 Folder 3
Joint Board &