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Serafino Romualdi Papers, 1936-1968
Collection Number:
Romualdi, Serafino
10.5 linear ft.
Forms of Material:
Lectures, speeches, reports, pamphlets, news clippings, correspondence, photographs.
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Consists of Romualdi's correspondence with organizations and individuals in Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as clippings, reports, etc. concerning these countries; correspondence concerning Italian labor and politics and Italian emigration to Latin America; correspondence of Jay Lovestone, George Meany, Robert Alexander, Matthew Woll, Benjamin Stephansky, Arturo Jauregui, and Nelson A. Rockefeller regarding U.S. involvement in Latin America's politics and labor movement; correspondence relating to the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), Vice-President Richard M. Nixon's Latin American trip (1958), and a speech by Meany entitled "Inter-American Trade Unionism"; correspondence with officers of international labor organizations; clippings and manuscripts, newspaper and trade-union articles written by and about Romualdi; correspondence regarding Romualdi's post-retirement activities as a labor consultant for U.S. enterprises, the publication of his memoirs, Presidents and Peons, and lecture work; manuscripts of Romualdi's lectures (published and unpublished) on inter-American labor-management relations and politics, AFL-CIO activities, and trade-union history; manuscript copies and drafts of Romualdi's memoirs, published as Presidents and Peons by Funk and Wagnalls, 1967; correspondence of Richard M. Nixon on Latin American labor relations; itineraries and clippings concerning Nixon's Latin American tours; correspondence of Jay Lovestone, Richard J. Alexander and Jauregui on Free Trade Union Committee (1951-1954); letters regarding AFL-CIO tours to Latin America (1950, 1956, and 1958); and condolence letters to Mimi Romualdi on Romualdi's death (1967) and several portraits and photographs of Romualdi.
Collection material in English


In 1928, Romualdi was editorial writer for the Italian Language Daily trade union Newspaper "Il Mundo", jointly owned by the Italian locals of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. In 1933, be joined the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union as a member of the Editorial and Publicity Departments.
In July 1941, Romualdi went to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, where as a representative of the Free Italy Committee he directed a campaign to enlist the Italian population in those countries to the side of the Allies. After Pearl Harbor, he joined the staff of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, Nelson Rockefeller. Romualdi founded the Italian-American Committee for Democratic Education with headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay. He also worked closely with the Committee for the Political Defense of the Continent, whose main objective was to counteract the activities of the Nazi and Fascist agents.
In 1943, Romualdi returned to Washington where where he worked in the labor division of the Coordinator's office, then headed by John Herling. He joined the Office of Strategic Services in May 1944, where he remained until April 1945, when he was assigned to make a survey of the effects of United States policy in Europe on the large European population in South America.
Romualdi resumed his work with the ILGWU in the fall of 1945, and was assigned by the American Federation of Labor to establish contacts with Latin American Labor with the view of promoting closer cooperation between the democratic trade unions of the two continents. In this capacity, he toured Central and South America several times; was a member of the AFL labor delegation that visited Argentina in January 1947 and was one of the AFL delegates to the conference at Lima, Peru (in January 1948) at which the Inter-American Confederation of Workers was organized. Later, in 1951, he played a leading role in the organizing the Inter-American Regional Organization of Workers (ORIT), of which he became Assistant Secretary and editor of its Inter-American Labor Bulletin.
In March 1948, Romualdi was appointed full time Latin American representative of the AFL. He was a member of the Joint AFL-CIO Commission that investigated labor conditions in the Central Zone in January 1949, and was a member of the US delegation to the conventions of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) held in Milan, in 1951; Vienna in (1955) and Tunis in 1957.
Romualdi attended ILO conferences either as a US labor delegate or Labor advisor: in Mexico City and Montreal in 1946; San Francisco in 1948; Montevideo in 1960 and Buenos Aires in 1961. In August 1957 he attended the Inter- American Economic Conference held in Buenos Aires as a labor advisor to the US delegation. He attended, also as an advisor, the Punta del Este Conference in August 1961, at which the Alliance for Progress was launched. Romualdi also attended various presidential inaugurations of Latin American countries, either as a representative or a personal guest.
After the 1955 merger of the AFL and the CIO, Romualdi was named Inter-American Representative of the new organization and Executive Secretary of the AFL-CIO Inter-American Affairs Committee. Shortly after the establishment of the American Institute for Free Labor Development in 1961, in which he played a leading role, Romualdi became its Executive Director. The institute, a non-profit organization supported by labor, business and government, trained selected young leaders from Latin American and Caribbean nations in trade union fundamentals, the democratic process, defense tactics against infiltration by totalitarians or racketeers and the role of unions in the community.
In September 1965, be retired from his posts with the AFL-CIO and the AIFLD to undertake consulting work and to complete his memoirs, entitled Presidents and Peons, which were published in 1967 by Funk and Wagnalls. Mr. Romualdi was married to the former Miriam Blecher Friedman. Each had a son by a previous marriage. Serafino Romualdi died in November 1967.


This collection consists chiefly of Romualdi's correspondence with political and labor figures from Latin America, North America and Italy. Consists primarily of correspondence between Romualdi as Latin American representatitve of the AFL-CIO and various Latin American, Italian and America labor and political figure. Romualdi's international interests and activities focused on the labor movements in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Italy, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Includes correspondence with organizations and individuals in Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as clippings, reports, etc. concerning these countries; correspondence concerning Italian labor and politics and Italian emigration to Latin America; correspondence of Jay Lovestone, George Meany, Robert Alexander, Matthew Woll, Benjamin Stephansky, Arturo Jauregui, and Nelson A. Rockefeller regarding U.S. involvement in Latin America's politics and labor movement; correspondence relating to the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), Vice-President Richard M. Nixon's Latin American trip (1958), and a speech by Meany entitled "Inter-American Trade Unionism"; correspondence with officers of international labor organizations; clippings and manuscripts, newspaper and trade-union articles written by and about Romualdi; correspondence regarding Romualdi's post-retirement activities as a labor consultant for U.S. enterprises, the publication of his memoirs, Presidents and Peons, and lecture work; manuscripts of Romualdi's lectures (published and unpublished) on inter-American labor-management relations and politics, AFL-CIO activities, and trade- union history; manuscript copies and drafts of Romualdi's memoirs, published as Presidents and Peons by Funk and Wagnalls, 1967; correspondence of Richard M. Nixon on Latin American labor relations; itineraries and clippings concerning Nixon's Latin American tours; correspondence of Jay Lovestone, Richard J. Alexander and Jauregui on Free Trade Union Committee (1951-1954); letters regarding AFL-CIO tours to Latin America (1950, 1956, and 1958); and condolence letters to Mimi Romualdi on Romualdi's death (1967) and several portraits and photographs of Romualdi.
Latin American correspondence arranged alphabetically by name of country.
Correspondence in Italian, general correspondence, manuscripts and clippings arranged in chronological order.
Documents of international associations arranged alphabetically by association name.
Post-retirement correspondence arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
Lectures arranged alphabetically by subject.
Typescript drafts unarranged.
Miscellaneous correspondence, files, and clippings arranged by form of document.


American Federation of Labor
American Federation of Labor. International Labor Relations Committee.
American Institute for Free Labor Development
Anaconda Copper Co.
Confederacion Interamericana de Trabajadores
Confederacion Latinoamericana de Sindicalistas Cristianos
Confederation of Rerum Novarum
Confederacion General del Trabajo de la Republica Argentina
Confederazione Italiana Sindicati Lavoratori
Cuban Confederation of Labor
Inter-American Association for Democracy and Freedom
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
International Labour Office
International Labour Organisation
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
Italia Libre (Buenos Aires)
Italian American Labor Council of New York City
ORIT (Organization)
True Temper Corporation
United Fruit Company
Acuna, Juan Antonio
Alexander, Robert Jackson, Fd. 1918-
Antonini, Luigi
Ascoli, Max
Batista y Zaldivar, Fulgencio, 1901-1973.
Betancourt, Romulo, 1908-
Borlaff, Otero
Brinkerhoff, Charles
Capello, Giovanni Battista
Ciccotti, Sigfrido
Colotuzzo, Alberto.
Dubinsky, David, 1892-1960
Figueres Ferrer, Jose, 1906-
Frondizi, Arturo, 1908-
Genit, Jose
Gentilli, Vittorio
Goulart, Joao
Green, William, 1872-1952
Haya de la Torre, Victor Raul, 1895-
Horne, Hermes
Ibanez, Bernardo
Jauregui, Arturo
Levitas, Sol M.
Lipsett, Alexander S.
Lovestone, Jay
Lupis, Giuseppe
Malve, Augusto
McLellan, A.C.
Meany, George, 1894-
Migone, Raul
Monge, Luis
Mujal, Eusebio
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-
Nunez, Benjamin, 1912-
Oldenbroek, J. H.
Pastore, Giulio, 1902-1969
Perez Salinas
Pern, Juan Domingo, 1895-1974
Reuther, Walter, 1907-1970
Rimini, Riccardo
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich), 1908-1979
Romualdi, Serafino, 1900-1967
Sforza, Carlo
Stephansky, Benjamin
Sternback, David
Tarchiani, Alberto
Villatoro, Ruben
Woll, Matthew, 1880- 1956

International labor activities.
Italians--Argentina--Political activity.
Italians--Cuba--Political activity.
Italians--Latin America--Political activity.
Italians--Uruguay--Political activity.
Labor unions and communism--Italy.
Labor unions and communism--Latin America.
Labor unions--Latin America.
Land reform-- Latin America.
Working class--Bahamas.
Working class--Belize.
Working class--Colombia.
Working class--Dominican Republic.
Working class--Ecuador.
Working class--El Salvador.
Working class--Guyana.
Working class--Jamaica.
Working class--Haiti.
Working class--Honduras.
Working class--Latin America.
Working class--Mexico.
Working class--Nicaragua.
Working class--Peru.
Working class--Puerto Rico.
Working class--Trinidad and Tobago.
Working class--Uruguay

Geographic Subjects:
Argentina-- Politics and government--1943-
Bolivia--Politics and government--1938-1952.
Bolivia--Politics and government--1952-
Brazil--Economic conditions--1945-
Chile--Economic conditions--1918-1970.
Chile--Politics and government--1920-1970.
Costa Rica--Politics and government--1948-
Cuba--Politics and government--1933-1959.
Cuba--Politics and government--Revolution, 1959.
Guatemala--Politics and government--1945-
Italy--History--Allied occupation, 1943-1947.
Italy--Politics and government--1945-1976.
Peru--Politics and government--1919-1968
United States. Foreign relations. Latin America.

Form and Genre Terms:
First drafts.
Manuscripts for publication.


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Box 1 Folder 1
Specific dates, languages other than English, copy number, any special formats, and any special notes.
Argentina 1954-1959
Box 1 Folder 2
Correspondence includes letters about reorganizing Argentina's labor unions after fall of Peron; letters from Robert Alexander on situation there; letter expressing discontent of COASI with ORIT/ ICFTU; letter from David Sternback to Meany on the International Trade Union Mission to Argentina and problems encountered with the Peronista; other letters concerning trade union situation in Argentina, and when AFL should visit Argentina trade unionists; correspondence w/Raul Migone (Argentina delegate to UN) dealing with his retirement and the present situation in Argentina; other correspondence relating to President Frondizi's. Inauguration.
Argentina 1960-1966
Box 1 Folder 3
Includes letters to Francisco Perez Leiros and Henry Hammond concerning his retirement from IADSC and correspondence with Joan Brunetti on the activities in Argentina, circa 1966.
Argentina Reports (1943 - 1947)
Box 1 Folder 4
Includes history of Argentine Labor Movement; report on AFL trip (US Labor Delegation) to Argentina in 1947; various correspondence relating to that trip which was to investigate the extent of government (Peron) control over CGT.
Argentina Reports 1951-1959
Box 1 Folder 5
Includes Resolution on the closing of "La Prensa (newspaper); report of CGT re Latin American Workers Conference in Paraguay (1952); Romualdi's confidential report on that "Peronista" conference; notes for Jay Love-stone on the fall of Peron (Sept.'55); Brief reports on labor situation and history of labor movement in Argentina; report on SIUSL~ ORIT mission to Argentina (1956); report by Robert Alexander on election of Frondizi and situation as of that date (1958); report on elections; Unsigned reports describing instability of Frondizi gov't. (1958); report on ITF-ICFTU mission to Argentina (1959)
Argentina, Speeches and Articles, 1946 - 1958
Box 1 Folder 6
Romualdi, "Argentine Labor and Peron" (circa 1946); Romualdi address at Rutger's Labor Institute (June 1947) on U.S. Labor Delegation trip; "The fake union strike against "La Prensa 1951; Robert Alexander article "Reconstructing the Argentine Labor Movement" (circa 1956); Summary of articles re: Argentine Free Unions and the New government (1958).
Argentina Clippings
Box 1 Folder 7-21
mostly January 1947; Arranged chronologically
Bahamas - Trinidad
Box 2 Folder 1
Included report on Administrative meeting of Carribean Area Division of ORIT(CADORIT) as well as a report of CADORIT's Third Biennial Conference in 1958.
Bolivia Correspondence
Box 2 Folder 2
Correspondence includes Romualdi's notes on Bolivian Trade Union situation especially PIR and AFL support; correspondence with Bolivian Ambassador Victor Andrade concerning ORIT relations w/Bolivia; other correspondence w/Jose Figueres, Luis Gotkowski and others concerning labor situation in Bolivia; correspondence w/George Meany and Nuflo Charez concerning renewal of Tungsten contract with U.S.
Bolivia Reports
Box 2 Folder 3
Includes report on labor and political situation in Bolivia and on the distribution of funds provided by the American labor organizations for the Victims of CATAVI by Bernardo Ibanez (1944); report on Bolivian labor and political situation by Victor Paz Estenssoro (1951), Labor Affairs(l952, E. Galarza & G. Jackson (1955)- Manifesto of the Workers Federation; Summary of ORIT board meetings; report on Mr. Nunflo Charez's request for AFL-CIO support on continuation of Tungsten contracts; report by Robert Alexander on Juan Lechin and the Bolivian Labor Movement. Report of the 2nd National Congress of COB, Juan Lechez Suaraz, "Hacia un Sindicalismo Nuero."
Bolivia Clippings
Box 2 Folder 4
Brazil Correspondence
Box 2 Folder 5
Includes correspondence w/Deocleciano de Hollanda Caralcanti concerning the CIT meeting in San Francisco in 1948; Letter on Labor in Brazil after elections in 1955; Report of CIOSL/ORIT on political and labor situations in Brazil after Vargas suicide; Correspondence w/David Dubinsky and others dealing with V.P. of Brazil (Goulart) trip to US in 1956; Romualdi memo to Meany on Kubitschek's career; various correspondence w/Irving Salert of American Embassy in Brazil on several matters including political struggles going on in the labor movement; Recommendations concerning the situation in Brazil (196l) by Manuel Paron
Brazil Reports and Lectures
Box 2 Folder 6
Report by Romualdi on visit to Brazil in 1946; Report of Arturo Jauregui's trip to Brazil in 1955; "The Communist Idea-Weapons" by Carlos Lacerda 196l; George Meany's address in Rio de Janero 1956, San Paulo (1956); Report by Robert Alexander on Brazil's problems on economic growth(1956). Other reports
Brazil Clippings
Box 2 Folder 7
British Guiana
Box 2 Folder 8
Correspondence w/Peter Grace re Pres. Jagan's anti-labor views
British Honduras
Box 2 Folder 9
Includes letter from Harry Pollack to George Frazer concerning Nicholas Pellard; Harry Pollack's report to trip to Honduras; Romualdi's report on trip to Honduras; Excerpt from Latin American Report Newsletter concerning allegations that President Price is seeking independence from Honduras (Belize)
Chile Ibanez Correspondence
Box 2 Folder 10
Correspondence deal mainly with travel itineraries and contact between Romualdi and Ibanez, as well as denouncement of exiled Dominican Republicans against Trujillo. There are also letters concerning the situation in Chile; the inflation, 1952 elections, ORIT School in Puerto Rico.
Chile Correspondence
Box 2 Folder 11
Romualdi memo concerning his meeting with Ibanez and other leaders of the Confederation of Labor concerning attempts to defeat the Communists; correspondence with Manuel Scone concerning U.S.'s apparent support of military junta (1949) and situation in Chile as well as Latin America in general in its relation to U.S. (to 1951); Letter to Meany concerning Ibanez corres. (1952); correspondence (1962) with Alexander Lipsett and President Brinkerhoff of Anaconda Copper concerning that company's retaining him to do a survey in Chile of the labor-management situation; report of U.S. labor delegates to Chile (1957).
Chile Reports and Statements
Box 2 Folder 12
Includes report of the sentence against Ibanez (Secretary Gen. of CTCH) 1946; agreement on Trade Union Cooperative (ORIT - Chilean Con-federation of Copper Wkrs. 1951); report by Monge on situation in Chile between democratic trade union movement and communism (1952); report from Peru re: Chilean Political Situation (1954); Report from Robert Alexander (1956) on Chile and Bolivia, politics and labor; other reports including the U. S. delegation to Chile report (1952).
Chile Clippings
Box 2 Folder 13
Box 2 Folder 14
Correspondence includes cable to Matthew Woll of AFL concerning non- communist delegates walking out at 8th convention of Columbian Confederation of Labor; letter concerning Juan C. Lang's (Columbian Labor Leader) visit to U.S. (1946); 1947 report by SB on Trade Union situation in Colombia; memo to Woll concerning subsidy of anti-communists activity of the CTC (1947); correspondence w/Eugenio Colorado concerning CIT and the competence of Juan Larca (leader of the anti-communist faction within the CTC) (1949); corres. with Francisco Aguirre concerning UTC position in Columbia (1951); corres. w/David Sternback concerning his trip to Columbia (1959).
Costa Rica Correspondence
Box 3 Folder 1
Includes memo to M. Woll concerning Reverend Nunez subsidy of Confederation of "Rerum Novarum" of Costa Rica; Corres. with Luis Monge dealing with the Communist vs. Rerum Novarum labor movements; and State Department intervention in C.R.; corres. w/Benjamin Nunez concerning Costa Rican Civil War, Rerum Novarum representation at ILO Conference; and routine corres.
Costa Rica Correspondence
Box 3 Folder 2
Corres. w/Luis Monge re situation in Costa Rica and his running for V. P. of CIT
Costa Rica Correspondence
Box 3 Folder 3
Includes corres. w/Luis Monge; Victor Riesel concerning Communist influence in labor movements in LA; corres. with Alex Cohen (labor attache in CR) requesting confidential information; and routine correspondence
Costa Rica Correspondence
Box 3 Folder 4
Corres. w/Jose Figures and Karen Figures (Pres. of CR & wife); and Luis Monge re Romualdi's trip to Cuba in 1959; other corres includes corres. w/Leopoldo Pita (CCT) concerning the situation of Peruvian workers and politics centering around OBIT
Costa Rica - Reports, Releases and Statements
Box 3 Folder 5
Includes report on Costa Rica under the Figures Govt. (1954); News releases dealing with AFL's position on Costa Rica; letter from Figures to Robert Alexander concerning activities of the State Dept.; Figures letter to Senator Smathers concerning foreign aid; Petition from E. Santos (ex president) to Figures to fire Juan Comorera; memo concerning invasion of 1954-55 and covert activities; letters from A. McLellan to Alfonso Sanchez Madariaga re Costa Rican trade unions (1959).
Costa Rica Clippings
Box 3 Folder 6
[CUBA ~ SEE Box 4]
Dominican Republic Correspondence
Box 3 Folder 7
Includes corres. between Julio Ballester and Francisco Aguirre concerning Dominican Republic labor freedom; letter to George Meany from Dominican Republic Labor Movement in Exile (CODDE) concerning AFL's support; letter to Meany from Barrister defending DR's position and extending an invitation to an AFL commission . to study DR's labor situation; Meany's reply; various other corres. concerning ILO and ICFTU mission to DR.
Dominican Republic Reports and Statements
Box 3 Folder 8
Includes ICFTU's report on Trujillo's anti-labor regime; CTC's petition against Trujillo (1956); SR memo to Meany giving background information; Report on Trujillo and Monge(l957); SR notes on D.R.; report on ICFTU mission to D.R. (1957); other reports.
Dominican Rep.
Box 3 Folder 9
Ecuador Correspondence and Misc. Doc.
Box 3 Folder 10
Romualdi memo to Woll (1947) concerning AFL aid to Confederation of Labor of Ecuador; Corres. w/Sergi Barka Romero concerning Ecuadorian labor situation and communist influence (1950); Romero letter to AFL denying communist influence in Ecuador labor mov't. (1950); letter from Galo Plazo concerning CTE and its leaders (1960); letter to Walter H. Dustman (US Embassy) concerning Confederacion Obera del Guayas (1956); other letters concerning situation in Ecuador.
Box 3 Folder 11
Includes correspondence with and concerning Ruben Villatoro and financial aid from AFL for the labor movement. (1954); Confidential memo concerning United Fruit Company and Labor in Guatemala (1955); Correspondence concerning and reporting the details of an interview by A.C. McLellan w/Armas (Pres. of Guatemala) concerning labor unions (1956); Also McLellan's interview with Villacorta; Then the Minister of Labor (1956).
Guatemala Corres.
Box 3 Folder 12
Several periodic reports to Romualdi from Andrew McLellan on the political situation in Guatemala and El Salvador (1957-58); Letters to Arturo Jauregui from McLellan concerning its delegation; Francisco Monzon (Secty. of Consejo Judicial de Guat) and his alleged undermining of CSG; Report from McLellan concerning Romualdi's June l4-l8, 1958 visit to Guat., and strengthening of CSG, as well as Fuentes pro-labor views; Additional corres. w/McLellan deal with Pres. Armas and his effect on labor programs; resume of labor leaders, Fuentes administration and action of Parido Revolutionary.
Guatemala Reports and Statements
Box 3 Folder 13
Include "Labor in Guatemala" 1947; Interview with President Arevalo (1950) by Samuel Inman on Guatemala's position vis a vis the U.S.; Report and Recommendations on Guat. by SR(l954);Confidential report of Arturo Jaurequi on labor movement in Guat. (1953); ORIT statements on Guatemala (1954).
Guatemala Reports and Statements
Box 3 Folder 14
Romualdi report on Guatemala (1956); McLellan report (1956) on the Trade Union Mov't. in Guatemala as well as a series of reports on Trade Unions in Guatemala by McLelland; reprint from Palabra Radical concerning ORIT visit(1956
Guatemala Reports and Statements
Box 3 Folder 15
Includes a series of reports 1957-58 by A. McLellan concerning Guat. Labor Situation; Notes on ORIT Secretariat Meeting (1957) concerning Guatemala - ORIT AND CSG; "Trade Union Situation in Guat." (1957);"Guatemala Rebuilds on Democratic Foundations" by SR; "Guatemala Labor Under Red Dictatorship" by Ruben Villatoro; Comments on the editorial "Colonel Castillo's Democracy" - written by SR; AFL statement on Guat. concerning downfall of Communist Regime; Recommendation by ORIT representative on Guat. concerning combatting the Communists in the Labor Mov't.; "Assassinator in Guatemala'' a report that denounces the U.S. statement in praise of Armas
Guatemala Clippings
Box 3 Folder 16
Cuba - Correspondence
Box 4 Folder 1
Correspondence dealing mainly with the influence of the Communists in the CTC in Cuba, (affiliated with the CTAL) and also the relationship of the CTC in the Lima Conference where the Confederacion Interamericana de Trabajadores (CIT) was formed. Correspondents include: George Meany, Matthew Woll, David Dubinsky, Francisco Aguirre, William Green, Juan Arevalo, Eusebio Mujal Barniol, and Amadeo Pacifico.
Cuba - Correspondence
Box 4 Folder 2
Correspondence concerned mainly with Cuban political situation (Batista Coup) and the effect on the CTC and its relationship to the free labor movement. Correspondents include: Julian Gorkin, Mario Hirigoyen, Angel Miolan, Jay Lovestone, George Meany.
Cuba - Correspondence
Box 4 Folder 3
Correspondence concerning the CTC under Batista's dictatorship. One letter, from CTC leaders in exile, outlines the history of the CTC and the effect of the Batista Coup, along with the mounting revolution tinder Castro. These leaders censure the CTC President Mujal for his pro-Batista ("anti-democratic") stand. Other correspondence from Mujal refutes these claims. Remainder of correspondence deals with the problem posed for ORIT and ICFTU in the continued membership of the CTC. Correspondents include: Walter Reuther, George Meany, Eusebio Mujal, Victor Reuther, Enrique Cueto, Macario Martinez, Alejandro Estrada Mayedo, Luis Alberto Monge.
Cuba - Correspondence
Box 4 Folder 4
Correspondence centers around the ORIT revolution re Cuban situation under Batista with Castro Revolution threatening, Mujal and CTC leadership vehemently protest the labeling of the CTC as a Communist and anti-democratic regime. Some correspondence deals with the Venezuelan labor situation. The bulk of the correspondence is with Mujal.
Cuba - Correspondence
Box 4 Folder 5-6
Contains personal correspondence as well as letters discussing the Cuban situation after Bastista's fall. Reports from inside Cuba and letters of intent from the supporters of Castro's Revolution. Includes a declaration of the principles of the "Labor, Humanist and Cuban Front" and letters of Romualdi from a contact within Cuba (Hernandez) on the communist influence and status of various labor leaders.
Cuba - Correspondence
Box 4 Folder 7
Correspondence to Romualdi from Hernandez in Cuba describes the political and labor situation in Cuba. Includes requests for visas to US and problems of labor leaders being arrested, etc. Other correspondence deals with ORIT-ICFTU and AFL-CIO relations to new Cuban labor organizations. Other corres. includes a letter from Mujal on the new maritime union and some personal letters from Cubans both in Cuba and in exile.
Cuba - Reports_and Statements
Box 4 Folder 8
Includes reports from within Cuba on movement for free labor and its relationship to CTAL; 1952 report of address by Francisco Aguirre (ORIT Gen. Sec.) after military coup; reports by Robert Alexander on effect of coup on Labor in Cuba; and CTC report "Foreign Policy of the Confederation of Workers of Cuba" dated 1953.
Cuba - Reports and Statements
Box 4 Folder 9
Includes background information on history of Cuban labor mov't.; speech by Mariada Arensberg on her experiences in Cuba; Statement & proposals made by Fidel Castro, Raul Chibas and Felipe Pazos; ORIT visit to Cuba and its, report; reprints of articles re: CTC under Mujal and its relationship to CIT; a confidential report by F. Aguirre on Batista vs Castro tensions and the labor movement.
Cuba - Reports and Statements
Box 4 Folder 10
Includes report from ILO Conference in Havana; report by Romualdi on the impact of Castro in Central America; CTC report about its activities; Research Institute report on Cuba (Aug. 1, 1959); notes on a meeting in 1959 between representatives of the AFL-CIO and the CTC; ORIT report on trip to Cuba in response to May first invitation of the CTC; recommendations of Robert Alexander to AFL-CIO re Cuba; report by Monge and Quiros on an exploratory trip to Cuba in 1959 (confidential) and other reports by various delegations to Cuba.
Cuba - Notes
Box 4 Folder 11
Notes on Pellon, Knight, etc. on discussion during AFL-CIO-CTC meeting
Cuba - Clippings and publications
Box 4 Folder 12
Guiana, British
Box 5 Folder 1
Includes "The Facts about B.G." (1953) published by USA and deals with deterring Communist Coups and influence in gov't.; "The Communist Martyr Makers" Account of free trade unionism in B.G. in 1964; Excerpts from various publications concerning B.G.
Guiana, Dutch
Box 5 Folder 2
Contains Romualdi's report on his trip to Dutch Guiana in (1952)
Haiti Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 3
Includes corres. w/Earl Brennan concerning the political situation in Haiti and support for Jumelle (1956-58); copy of letter from Jumelle to Brennan concerning rigging of 1957 elections and possible US support; letter to Brennan concerning Duvalier administration and its problems; Romualdi letter to Millard re his arrest in Haiti (1958); Preliminary report on Haiti (1958) from two ex-officials of Haiti gov't.; Meany letter to Dulles concerning Romualdi's arrest and requesting gov't. action; memo from Nathaniel Michel concerning his underground activities and government persecution of National Union of Workers of Haiti leaders (1958); Complaint against the Haitian Government by ICFTU(1958) Letter from President of National Union of Workers of Haiti (1959) concerning change in leadership; correspondence concerning arrangements necessary to get some labor leaders out of Haiti (1959
Haiti - Reports - Releases - Clippings
Box 5 Folder 4
Includes report on the organization of the committee of trade union coordination of Haiti (1951); newspaper report of attempted revolution; 1956 report on Trade Union Mov't.; report on Organisation of Committee for Trade Union Coordination (1951) ;(1949) Romualdi visit report; Jim Bury report on Haiti (circa 1957-58); report and clippings of ICFTU/ORIT mission to Haiti (1958); Roger Rigaud (the Parti National) report to Foreign Ministers on repressive government activities (1959); report of InterAmerican Commission on Hunan Rights concerning human rights in Haiti (1963)
Honduras Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 5
Memo to Paul Reed concerning A. Jauregui's visit to Honduras (1955); Letter to Jauregui from Jose Cubas Gross concerning ORIT relation in Honduras and creditability of Alfredo Giardino (1955); corres. w/Ramon Villeda Moral. dealing with his being exiled from Honduras and the chances of free elections there(l956); reports of Andres McLellan on Trade Union activities and the political situation in Honduras (1956-59); letter by Ramon Villeda Morales to the Workers of Honduras concerning US support of free labor
Honduras Statements and Reports
Box 5 Folder 6
News release concerning settlement of United Fruit Co. Strike and the condition of union movement (1954); report from Honduras (1954) on strikes; confidential memorandum on Honduras concerning Communist labor movement activities (1956); other reports.
Honduras Clippings
Box 5 Folder 7
Jamaica Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 8
Correspondence w/Florizel Glasspole (Jamaican Sec. Labor) dealing with the Jamaican Labor Recruiting program (Farm Work Program). (1955)
Jamaica Reports
Box 5 Folder 9
Includes memo concerning history of labor movement in Jamaica since 1938; report by Robert Alexander on Organized Labor in Jamaica (1953); misc. reports
Jamaica Clippings
Box 5 Folder 10
Mexico Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 11
Correspondence w/Victor Serge concerning Mexican Labor Organization's, AFL & CIT Memo on Mexican Conference (1950); Corres. with Jose Antonio Genit concerning weakness of democratic forces in Mexico, communist control of press and murder of Negreiros (1950); correspondence with Tomas Palomino Rojas concerning work of the National Democratic Committee against communism (1950); various corres. w/Julian Gorkin re Mexican labor(195l); notes on the invitation to CTM (1952); letter to Jerry Holleman concerning meeting w/Fidel Velaquez (1955); corres. w/Robert Hill, Ambassador to Mexico.
Mexico Reports and Statments
Box 5 Folder 12
Includes Declaration of Conferencia del Hemisferio Occidental meeting in Mexico(l95l) as well as minutes & reports of that meeting; memo concerning meeting with Fidel Velaquez, Secretary General CTM, Mitchell and Romualdi (1953); Romualdi travel notes to Mexico(l954) includes notes on labor in Yucatan in Mexico; reports dealing with US-Mexico trade union delegations (1955)
Mexico Clippings
Box 5 Folder 13
Nicaragua Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 14
Corres. with Cesar Pazos Alvorez discussing Somoza's policies and plans (1956); Corres. w/Donald Easum (American Embassy) concerning Romualdi's trip to Nicaragua (1956); Corres. w/Tulio Garcia concerning labor situation in Nicaragua and Nicaragua-Honduras conflict; other correspondents include Jay Lovestone, Vincent Wilber, Alfonso Sanchez Madariaga.
Nicaragua Reports and Articles
Box 5 Folder 14a
Romualdi notes on Nicaraguan visit(l954); Romualdi report on Nicaragua (1956); Federation of United Transport Workers of Nicaragua statement espousing President Somoza's virture(l954); Romualdi's accusations against President Armas, president of Guatemala delivered in Nicaragua (1956); Report by A. McLellan report on trade union situation in Nicaragua (1959); ORIT statement on Nicaraguan Revolution (1959); "Free Labor and Nicaragua" by SR(l959).
Panama and Canal Zone - Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 15
Corres. with Luis Alejandro Cuellar (UNSO) concerning AFL trip to Panama (1948); corres. dealing with arrangements for Romualdi's trip to United Fruit Co. plantation in Panama(l955); Newspaper accounts of Romualdi's arrest(l955); memo to Meany re Romualdi's arrest(l955); letters from Ricardo Vargas to Jauregui concerning United Fruit Co.'s persecution of labor (1955). Meany letter to Panamanian Ambassador supporting Panama's allowing of outside labor assistance; Romualdi corres. with Galo Paza concerning SR's views on United Fruit Co.; Letters to Meany on various canal zone labor meetings concerned with Green bill (equal pay for equal work in zone).
Panama Reports
Box 5 Folder 16
Report to AFL Executive Council for Committee to study labor conditions on Canal Zone(l949); unsigned report on Panama (1954) concerning trade union mov't. and reasons for its slow growth; Romualdi report on his visit to Panama (1956) including discussions with CTRP leaders; Romualdi visit (1957) to Panama report; series of reports from A. McLellan concerning trade union situation in Panama 1958- 59.
Panama Clippings
Box 5 Folder 17
Paraguay - Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 18
Includes letter to Meany from William Sanders of OAS concerning Meany's request re democratic free labor in Paraguay (1959); letter to Meany from CPT in exile re their fight against communism (1960); report to Jauregui concerning educational program (ORIT) in Paraguay (1966); letter from Ricardo Leyva concerning overthrow of dictatorial elements in Paraguay (1966); other corres. & news releases.
Paraguay Reports
Box 5 Folder 19
Reports on Paraguay from Madariaga (1954) and list of names of labor leaders and background on them (1966)
Paraguay Clippings
Box 5 Folder 20
Peru Correspondence
Box 6 Folder 1
Includes corres. w/ George Meany concerning contacts and labor situation in Peru (1946); letter to Nelson Rockefeller concerning Haya de la Torre visit to U.S. (1946); Other corres. in relation to Haya de la Torre's visit; corres. w/Jose Genit concerning Military Junta in Peru and his views on regimes (1949-50); correspondence w/Partido Aprista Peruano in in Chile concerning oppression, etc., inside Peru (1949); Other corres. concerning asylum and slanders against Haya de la Torre (1950)
Peru Correspondence
Box 6 Folder 2
Correspondence concerning Peru's union situation w/Leopoldo Pita, and various other corres. w/ Manual Seone (51), Victorio Casagrandi(51), Cesar A. Carrillo Salinas (5l0, Juan F. Moya (51)5 Luis Aliaga concerning his son's wish to be schooled in U.S.; ORIT statement on trade union situation in Peru(52); Corres. w/and about Arturo Sabroso Montoya concerning his daughter's schooling in U.S. (52); Letter from Arturo Sabroso concerning labor ills in Peru; Memo and statement on lead-zinc import quotas (1958)
Peru Reports and Statements
Box 6 Folder 3
Report by Manuel Seoane on La Junta Military del Peru and the adulteration of the truth (1949); Confidential report on present political situation in Latin America and in Peru in particular with reference to Communism and US Latin America Policy(l949); Meany Speech in Lima in South America Goodwill Tour (1956); Information on the trade union situation in the mining zone of Peru (1957
Clippings Peru
Box 6 Folder 3a
Peru - Victor Raul Haya de la Torre Corres.
Box 6 Folder 4
Correspondence with Haya de la Torre over the period 1948-1960 concerning the Peruvian Labor situation, trend towards totalitarianism and the accusations against Haya de la Torre. Candid views of many of the leaders, press people and labor organizations.
Peru Victor Raul Haya de la Torre Reports and Statements
Box 6 Folder 5
Memo on Victor Raul Haya de la Torre(circa 1950); Memo to Mathew Woll concerning contacts in Peru mainly Torre's control of Peruvian labor (1946); "The crises of Peronism and Militarism in Indo-American" by Haya de la Torre (1955); statement and resolution on the Right of Asylum; clippings.
Puerto Rico
Box 6 Folder 6
Correspondence with Hipolito Marcano (1950) concerning Nationalist Party Rebellion and the impropriety of elections in which Marcano was "ousted" (1951). Also includes various publications and corres. including those w/ Luis Munoz Marin; Clarence Senior.
El Salvador Correspondence
Box 6 Folder 7
Includes correspondence with A. McLellan concerning recovery of pro- democratic labor movement and description of junta (1957); Instability in Junta and possible pro-Castro forces gaining control (1960); corres. w/Rafael Saravia (1961)
El Salvador Reports and Statements
Box 6 Folder 8
Includes a series of reports by A. McLellan on trade union activities in El Salvador (1957- ); Memo to Jose Lumus (candidate for president) from Partido Revelucionaire de Unificacion concerning the labor sentiment (1955); article from La Prensa concerning Confederacion General de Trabajodores (1957); report by Romualdi concerning trade union situation in El Salvador (1958); brief history of the Salvadorian labor movement.
El Salvador Clippings
Box 6 Folder 9
Uruguay Correspondence
Box 6 Folder 10
Includes corres. w/Hermes Home concerning strikes in Uruguay, Horres's position w/ICFTU (1950); corres. w/Jauregui concerning union situation in Uruguay (1951); Corres. w/Jesus Carbonell (CTC) to Juan Acuna concerning Acuna's labor position; Acuna concerning ORIT and labor situation (1960); corres. w/Antonio Reina (1960) re unification of labor movement; other correspondents include Tomas Berretta (43); Jose D'Elia (1943-7); Carlos Carballo (of SDCFF) (1950); Nicolas Cilia (1950-1); Raul Migone (1950); Alberico Searabino (1950); Candido Gregorio (1950); Ernesto Sammartino (1950); Alfredo Fidanza (1951).
Uruguay Correspondence
Box 6 Folder 10a
Includes various corres. dealing with Romualdi's brother as well as ORIT, ICFTU, CIOSL and other labor activities
Uruguay Reports, Statements and Speeches
Box 6 Folder 11
Includes Romualdi report to Meany concerning donating funds to labor movement and the weakness of communist forces (1946); memo to Woll (?) concerning contacts in labor movement in Uruguay and their activities (1946); suggestions for establishing an Inter-American University in Uruguay (1953) made by Raul Migone; Report on Uruguay (1956); Meany address in Uruguay (1956); ORIT Executive Board statement on Uruguay supporting CSU against domination (1958); comments by a Uruguayan communist, Mauricio Rogencof, on Meany's address (1958); Memo dealing with possibility that Acuna had been paid to take a pro-Communist stance (n.d.).
Uruguay Clippings
Box 6 Folder 12
Venezuela - Correspondence
Box 7 Folder 1
Includes ORIT position paper against political and trade union persecution (1952); Facts about the Venezuelan Dictatorship by Valmore Rodriguez (1953); corres. and press release by AFL-CIO concerning whether to attend the oil conference in Caracas (1955); corres. w/Monge concerning allegations and possible assassination of Betancourt (1956); corres. with various AFL-CIO leaders concerning aid for Venezuelan deportees (1956); corres. concerning accusations against Betancourt(1957).
Venezuela Correspondence
Box 7 Folder 2
Includes ORIT position paper concerning Venezuelan government (1958); Letter to Romualdi concerning fall of dictatorship (1958) Letter to Rubottom of State Dept. re CTV doctrine (1958) from ex-CTV officer; Schnitzler to Millard concerning dispute between Romualdi and Millard (1958); Press releases and corres. concerning visas (US) for Jimenez and Estrada (1958); corres. dealing with delegation to inauguration of new president (1959); corres. w/Augusto Malave concerning Nixon's arrival and the unrest in Caracas (1960-6l); report on the third Congress of the CTV (1959); memo from Calvani to AFL-CIO concerning Communist influence in Venezuelan labor (1960); corres. w/Augusto Malave concerning attitude of ORIT & labor meetings in Venezuela (1960); SR report in memo to Meany re trade union situation in Venezuela (1960); letter from CTV rep. concerning buying weapons for defense of labor.
Reports, Statements, etc.
Box 7 Folder 3
Includes SR report to Mathew Woll concerning his contacts and activities during visit to Caracas (1946); "Statement on Venezuela" (1952) report concerning trade union situation; agreements from 3rd Congress of Movimiento Sindical Independiente (1953); list of arrested union leaders (1956); report on Venezuela concerning government control of unions (1956); report on Machado and the Communist position (1958); Perez Salinas report on the general labor situation following overthrow of the dictator (1958); Salinas report on trade union situation in Venezuela (1958); memo on union situation (1958); statement at 5th Conference of American members of ILO; Reconstruction of the Labor Movement after Jimenez by Robert Alexander; Notes on Venezuela Labor, Political and economic situation (1966).
Venezuela Clippings
Box 7 Folder 4
Venezuela Correspondence w/Romulo Betancourt
Box 7 Folder 5
Corres. includes details and opinions of Democratic Conference in Havana; actions con-Corning visa for Betancourt to enter US; and the role of Latin American Labor in world affairs.
Venezuela Correspondence w/Romulo Betancourt
Box 7 Folder 6
Includes report of Cuban Secret Police concerning the attempted assassination of Betancourt; other correspondence concerns the admission by the Venezuelan gov't. to jailing Luis Tomar; Betancourt's view of Venezuelan internal situation, as well as the US Embassy in Costa Rica locating a man collecting funds for a Venezuelan revolution; letter from Juan Bosch to Ed Miller concerning US Embassy bugging Bosch's house; newspaper clippings concerning attempted assassination; corres. dealing with with May day demonstrations of workers.
Venezuela Correspondence w/Romulo Betancourt
Box 7 Folder 7
Includes corres. dealing with various article denouncing the Venezuelan situation, unrest in Venezuela and persecution under Jimenez, challenging the Venezuelan delegation to Geneva conference; Betancourt's opinions on Peronism, ORIT and Bolivia, and the assassination of Leonard Ruiz Pineda.
Venezuela Correspondence w/Romulo Betancourt
Box 7 Folder 8
Includes Betancourt's letter to Time concerning the article "Power Stall"; corres. between Romualdi and Millard dealing with loan to Venezuelan trade unions and Nixon's trip to Venezuela.
Venezuela Correspondence Misc. and undated
Box 7 Folder 9
Corres. re AFL-CIO resolution against Dominican Republic, other corres.
Venezuela. Betancourt. Clippings.
Box 7 Folder 10
Box 8 Folder 1
Box 8 Folder 2
Box 8 Folder 3
Box 8 Folder 4
Box 8 Folder 5
Box 8 Folder 6
Box 8 Folder 7
Box 8 Folder 8
Box 8 Folder 9
Box 8 Folder 10
Box 8 Folder 11
Box 8 Folder 12
Box 8 Folder 13
Box 8 Folder 13a
Box 8 Folder 14
no date; Italian
Box 9 Folder 1
Includes letter from Frederico Carrassi Del Villar commenting on Carlo Sforza's popularity in Brazil (11/20A3); carbon copy (cc) of a memorandum by SB entitled "Suggestions for Setting up a Latin-American Desk at the American Federation of Labor's Headquarters", 12/18/43; cc of SF letter to Adolph Berle questioning the return of certain Italian Communist leaders to Italy (2/2/44); letter from Spruille Braden, Asst. Secretary of State, to SR requesting SR to call at Spruille Braden's office to discuss impending visit of Latin-American labor leaders to U.S. (3/5/46); Letter from Christian A. Herter thanking SR for his participation in American Business in Latin American Course of the School of Advanced International Studies.
Box 9 Folder 2
Includes routine letters from Nelson Rockefeller (3/l4/47); confidential memorandum to Matthew Woll on interview with Norman Armour, Asst. Secretary of State and State Dept. Staff Members (7/10/47); memo's from SR to Lewis J. Hines re "Information on Latin America" (3/5/52) to Jay Lovestone re "Notes on Latin America" (1/10/55) to Lovestone re "Trip of Robert J. Alexander to Latin America" (3/25/53); memo on "Distribution of Communist literature for Latin America" (3/23/55)
Box 9 Folder 3
Includes "Report on Latin America" by R. Alexander (Puerto Rico, Barbados, Trinidad, British Guiana, Surinam);i letter from Congressman Francis E. Walter soliciting statement on Soviet cold war techniques (6/8/56); report from Robert Alexander (Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, & Jamaica) 10/7/56; SR report to George Meany on ORIT Havana meeting, 12/15/56
Box 9 Folder 4
Speech by George Meany entitled "Inter-American Trade Unionism" (5/10)
Box 9 Folder 5
Correspondence with B. Stephansky, Dept. of State, re establishment of a labor mgt. govt. committee to investigate unfair labor practices in Latin America (3/6, 4/15); corres. re Nixon trip to Latin America (4/23, 5/l6); "Report on Trip through Latin America" by Serafino Romualdi, Asst. Secretary ORIT" (7/15/58); "May Day Message to Latin America" by George Meany (5/1); Memo to George Meany from SF re "Anti-Union Campaign of United Fruit Company" (8/15).
Box 9 Folder 6
Corres. largely re SR's heart attack; letter by SR to John Miller of NPA Advisory Committee for the Study on United States-Latin American Relations for the Subcommittee on American Republic Affairs, US Senate re SR policy suggestions (7/6); letter to SR re Communist gains in Peru and Brazil from David Sternback (?) (11/3)
Box 9 Folder 7
Letters re SR's heart attack including letters from Norman Thomas 4/30, 12/2; letter to John Miller re SR's willingness to become a member of NPA Advisory Committee for the Study of United States-Latin American Relations for the Subcommittee on American Republic Affairs of the United States Senate, includes suggestions (7/59)
Box 9 Folder 8-9
Letters (April 13) from David Sternback discussing Venezuelan labor situation and (April 19) the trade situation in Chile. Also comments unfavorably (April 19) on special subsidy that Echenique is receiving from U.S. source; letters (passim) re Francisco Aguirre Paredes and Francisco Gregorio de Jesus de Praga Pereira y Ruiz, the son and nephew of Francisco Aguirre and their attempts to be allowed to remain in the U.S.
Box 9 Folder 10
Corres. concerning trip through South America in October; corres. concerning Tellechea and need for Mexican visa; various personal correspondence; corres, w/Dr. Manuel Ordonez (of Industrial Kaiser Argentina); letter from L. Martinez-Cavero concerning AFL-CIO publications in Spanish.
Box 9 Folder 11
Letters from Nelson Rockefeller; Richard Goodwin; Charles Gauld; other misc. corres.
Box 9 Folder 11a
Contains memo to Meany concerning political aspects of the Punta del Este Economic Conference; Excerpts of -remarks by Rockefeller at AIFLD Graduation Exercises, 1965.
Box 9 Folder 12
Letter from Rockefeller and from W. Wintz-Secretary of Labor concerning AIFLD
Box 9 Folder 13
Correspondence concerning Romauldi's appt. to work full time for AIFLD
Box 9 Folder 14
Routine correspondence
Box 9 Folder 15
Memo from Robert Hill to Romualdi recalling conversation concerning Communist infiltration of Castro Regime; other misc. corres.
Box 9 Folder 16
Includes letter from Arturo Jauregui concerning declaration of CLASC; corres. w/ Juan Acuna concerning book; other misc. corres.
AIFLD (American Institute for Free Labor)
Box 10 Folder 1
Includes newsletters, 1963-65
CIT (InterAmerican Confederation of Workers)
Box 10 Folder 2
Includes Resolution against dictatorial regimes in Latin America passed at 1949 Congress of ICFTU; motion presented by Cuban delegation to 1949 CIT Congress Trujillo; corres. w/Arturo Jaurequi between Jaurequi and Romualdi concerning CIT business and the Latin American Labor situation (1949-50); corres. w/Oscar Zuniga (1950); article "Inter-American Labor and Democracy" by Bernardo Ibanez, and Foreign Policy Bulletin of Jan. 30, 1948 concerning formation of CIT.
CIT Ibanez Correspondence
Box 10 Folder 3
Correspondence covers Ibanez's term as president of CIT - it deals with topics that include Conference in San Francisco (1949); CIT business; Latin American situation; Message from CIT in 1949 to workers; Canal Zone; CIT's principles against communism and totalitarianism; Venezuela; Chile; CIT-AFL relations, Meany; possible CTC payoff to CIT-officers; other correspondence as well.
CLASIC (Confederacion Latino Americana de Sindicalistas Cristianos)
Box 10 Folder 4
Includes corres. with Maspero (Exec. Sec. CLASC) concerning articles in Noticiero Obrero NorteAmericano on Venezuela; other information concerning Venezuela (1960)
IADF (Inter-American Association for Democracy and Freedom)
Box 10 Folder 5
Includes corres. w/Americo Ghioldi and others concerning planning of Conference Inter-americana de las fuercas democraticas; remarks of Dr. Adolph Berle, Jr. (former Ass't. Sec. State) at a dinner awarding him annual citation of IADF (1958); Romualdi report on IADF Conference (1957); IADF memorandum on Latin American Policy submitted to John Cabot (1953); various corres. w/Ms. Frances Grant (AIFD Secretary General); report of AFL Delegation to IADF Conference (1950); other corre. w/ Juan Bosch; Julian Gorkin; as well as various reprints.
IDFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions)
Box 10 Folder 6
Includes minutes of conference in 1951; report to J. Oldenbroek (Gen. Sec.) concerning Subcommittee on Inter-American Affairs and visit of AFL-CIO delegation to Latin America in 1956; agreements from First World Congress of Sugar Wkrs. (1953); Romualdi's remarks (1957) on Report of Education, Publicity and Publications Committee of ICFTU; Romualdi letter to Millard re split between Tellechea and Monge (1957); ICFTU Executive Board Agenda (1958) concerning trade union situation in various South America countries; Romualdi letter to Oldenbroek re his activities in Latin America and situation there as well as suggested policy (1951); Draft of statement on the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of American Republics (1951); ORIT report to Millard concerning ORIT-ICFTU ties and jurisdiction (1958); other correspondence concerning ORIT -ICFTU strain as well as clippings and reprints.
ICFTU Ortero Borlaff
Box 10 Folder 7
Corres. w/Borlaff concerning Chilean situation 1956; concerning CORVI (Asociacion de Obreros de la Corporacion de la Vivienda); corres. w/Gerardo Fuentes Gazmuri (Sec. Gen. of CTCH) (1956); Communist influence in CTC; Report on Communist influence in Co. Chilena de Electricidad; other corres. concerning ORIT-ICFTU ties w/Chile and Communist influence
ILO (International Labor Office)
Box 10 Folder 8
Includes Romualdi address to Fifth Conference of American States, Delegate list for First American Conference of ORIT (1936); articles by Romualdi and others relating to ILO conferences, and activities
ILO - Ibanez Corres.
Box 10 Folder 9
Includes corres. during Ibanez's holding office in ILO concerning Latin America labor situation, ORIT-ILO relations; El Salvador; visas for Ibanez's daughter, SR's heart attack
ILO Monge Corres. (l)
Box 10 Folder 10
Includes extensive corres. concerning the labor situation in Latin America (Guatemala, Venezuela, etc.) as well as details of the activities and views of SR, Monge, Jauregui, Eddy Alvarez. Corres. was written when Monge was Gen. Sec. of ILO. Also contains a report on the 3rd meeting of the International Labor Conference
ILO Monge Corres. (2)
Box 10 Folder 10a
Includes more corres. concerning labor situation in Latin America as well as corres. concerning Monge's resignation for ILO; Costa Rican situation in 1952
ILO Monge Corres. (3)
Box 10 Folder 11
Contains corres. between Monge & Romualdi during Monge's term as Secretary General of ORIT; corres. concerning ILO-KFTU relations; Arturo Jauregui's resignation as Ass't. Secretary of ORIT; ORIT-ICFTU relations Argentina (1957); and Jauregui's activities in South America as well as the labor situation in various Latin American countries.
ILO Monge Corres. (4)
Box 10 Folder 12
Contains corres. w/Monge concerning democratic vs Communist forces in Latin America; calling of the III Conference of the Consultative Committee of the Latin America Secretariat of the Socialist International; problems between Schnitzler and Monge; Monge's resignation from ORIT Secretary Gen. position
ILO Conference of American States -Havana, Cuba
Box 10a Folder 1
Contains report of US gov't. delegates to the 6th ILO Conference
Jauregui, Arturo
Box 10a Folder 2
SEE: Organizacion Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores
ORIT (Organizacion Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores)
Box 10a Folder 3
Includes corres. w/Jermes Horne dealing with various CIT businesses; other corres. deals with routine matters and one letter to Francisco Aguirre deals with the possibility of Malave being a Communist and possible effect on ORIT activities in Panama.
ORIT Correspondence
Box 10a Folder 4
Includes corres. w/Luis Alberto Colotuzzo (Pres. of ORIT) concerning Miami meeting of Secretariat of ORIT; Report of that meeting; other corres. w/Colotuzzo deals with Paraguay, Brazilians in exile in Puerto Rico; memo from students of Capacitacian Sindical (ORIT) concerning Donato Sangiovanni; corres. concerning ORIT - Pt. 4 plan; corres. w/Arturo Jauregui re CIOSL, CTP; other sub- jects, memo concerning ORIT-ICFTO relations, 1956; memo (confidential) from Monge to Oldenbroek concerning CSU convention (1957); letter from Millard to SR re special OBIT exec. bd. meeting and Millard's apparent opposition to the meeting.
ORIT Correspondence
Box 10a Folder 5
Includes Andrew McLellan report (1958) on trade union activity in Central America; message of Jose Mora (OAS) to IV Continental Congress of the ORIT(1958); ORIT Administrative Committee resolutions (1959); letter from Daniel Benedict (ORIT) to Schnitzler(AFL-CIO) concerning Latin America situation.
ORIT Correspondence
Box 10a Folder 6
Included report on the ORIT Executive Committee meeting (1959)
ORIT Reports, Minutes, Statements
Box 10a Folder 7
Includes statement on the meeting of Foreign Ministers of America (1951); 2nd meeting of Exec. Board ORIT (1951); SR report on trip to South America (1951); third meeting of ORIT Exec. Bd, (1957);. report of Regional Secretary of ORIT (1951-52); Gen. Sec. Aguirre report on Cuban Trade situation (1952); minutes of ORIT Sectariat meeting (1952); financial report of Puerto Rico School (1952); report by SR to ORIT Exec. Bd. on Education for Western Hemisphere; Acts passed at meeting of CIT (1950); report on trip to South America; ORIT report of Regional Secretary on ORIT's activities since it's founding in 1951(1952).
ORIT -Reports, etc.
Box 10a Folder 8
Includes report of Andrew McLellan on ORIT-ITS mission to South America (1956); notes on CADORIT (1955); documentary of the early years of ORIT; pamphlet on ORIT-CIOSL School; impressions of 1952 (Feb.) ORIT Exec. Bd. meeting by William Schnitzler; revised report of the Special Committee of ORIT Exec. Bd. (1958); report of Jim Bury re: Jamaica, Haiti and Panama (1957); minutes of 12th meeting of Exec. Comm. of ORIT (1958); IV Continental Congress of ORIT, 1958; ICFTO press release on Cuban Revolution (1959); McLellan report on ORIT activities in Central America and Panama, 1956-59.
ORIT Clippings
Box 10a Folder 9
ORIT - Arturo Jauregui Correspondence
Box 10a Folder 10
Includes corres. concerning CIT-ICFTU relations, Jauregui's candidacy for Asst Secretary of ICFTU; US-Latin American relations; excerpts of report by Jauregui on ICFTU Executive Bd. meeting, July 1956; other corres. deals with Jauregui's activities and labor situation in Latin America.
ORIT Arturo Jauregui Correspondence
Box 10a Folder 11
Includes corres. between Monge & Jauregui concerning Jauregui's activities in ORIT over the years and his resignation (1957); historical account of ORIT and the free labor movement; other corres. deals with misunderstanding over financial matters after Jauregui's retirement
ORIT 2nd Economic and Social Conference
Box 10a Folder 12
contains reports, agendas, resolutions and various information pamphlets
Box 11 Folder 1
Communism (See also: LATIN AMERICAN-GENERAL)
Box 11 Folder 2
Box 11 Folder 3
Box 11 Folder 4
Guiana, British
Box 11 Folder 5
Box 11 Folder 6
Latin America - General
Box 11 Folder 7
Latin America - General (2)
Box 11 Folder 8
Box 11 Folder 9
Nixon and Latin America
Box 11 Folder 10
Box 11 Folder 11
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 1
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 2
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 3
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 4
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 5
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 6
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 7
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 8
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 9
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 10
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 11
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 12
News clippings
Box 12 Folder 13
no date
Box 13 Folder 3
Includes corres. with Bruno Storti (CISI) re AIFLD (1965) with Sigfrido Ciccotti re his recollection of their Italian antifascist activities (1966); with officials of the Canadian International Power Company re their difficulties with government officials in Bolivia (1967)
Box 13 Folder 4
Includes proposed forward for SR's book by David Dubinsky
Box 13 Folder 5
Corres. with Funk & Wagnall re publication of Presidents and Peons, and with J.V. Freitas Marcondes (Superintendente de Instituto Cultural Do Trabalho) re RS's book and the Institute
Box 13 Folder 6
Corres. w/Peter Grace (W.R. Grace & Co.) concerning promotion of Presidents and Peons; also corres. w/Arturo Jauregui
Box 13 Folder 7
Corres. with William M. Hickey (United Corp.) about his work as Labor Consultant for United Corporation(l966 - 1967); with Robert Hill (former Ambassador) concerning Richard Nixon's support for SR's book (1966) and Nixon's positive comment about RS's analysis of Nixon's 1958 Latin America visit
Box 13 Folder 8
Ibanez to Romualdi re courses of Inter-American Labor College
Box 13 Folder 8a
Corres. with Arturo Jauregui re AIFLD meetings; ORIT Conferences; and copies of corres. with Jauregui from others
Box 13 Folder 9
Box 13 Folder 10
Includes corres. with Giuseppe Lupis (Sottosegretario di Stato per gli Affari Esteri der Italiana).
Land Tenure
Box 13 Folder 11
Includes corres. with George Aiken (Senator), F. Bradford Morse, (Congressman Carlos Sanz de Santamaria (Inter-American Committee on the Alliance for Progress); William C. Doherty, Jr. (AIFLD) and Leveo V. Sanchez (Dept. of State) re land use and tenure in Latin America; Also 3 memos by Romualdi (1961,1965) on the subject.
Box 13 Folder 12
Includes corres. with George Meany re SR's retirement; summary of rights of workers suspended by Castro
Box 13 Folder 13
Includes corres. with Richard Nixon re SR's book
Box 13 Folder 14
Corres. w/John O'Grady labor attache concerning Romualdi's trip to lecture in Colombia (1966)
Box 13 Folder 15
Routine corres. re SR's book
Box 13 Folder 16
Letters re SR's promotion of his book including an exchange of letters with Nelson Rockefeller and Victor Riesel
Box 13 Folder 17
Box 13 Folder 18
Letters re SR's work as a consultant for True Temper Corporation in labor and other negotiations with Industria Nacional de Implemetos Agricolas in Venezuela
Box 13 Folder 19
Largely corres. with William H. Hickey, President, the United Corp. re Latin-American affairs in general and work as a consultant to the United Corporations subsidiaries, the True Temper Corporation, Canadian International Power Co. Ltd. and the Bolivian Power Company
Box 13 Folder 20
Includes corres. with Ramon Villeda Morales (June 22, August 19) re SR's book
Box 13 Folder 21
Laudatory letters from John Wasson and Robert Wholey (AIFLO) upon SR's retirement and an invitation from George L-P Weaver (US Asst. Secretary of Labor, International Affairs) for Romualdi and his wife to attend a luncheon in nis honor (11/24/65)
"The AFL-CIO: Philosophy and Structure -The Functions of National and Local Unions"
Box 14 Folder 1
"The Structure of the AFL-CIO"
Box 14 Folder 2
"The Inter American Policy of the AFL" 2 lectures: 1) Defense of Freedom and Representative Democracy; 2) Economic Development and Living Standards
Box 14 Folder 3
"Role of Free Trade-Unionism in the Alliance for Progress"
Box 14 Folder 4
"Outline of the Development of Union Movement in Chile"
Box 14 Folder 5
no date
"Collective Bargaining in the United States
Box 14 Folder 6
"The struggle Against Communism in Latin America Labor"
Box 14 Folder 7
"Factors for Success in the Cooperative Enterprise"
Box 14 Folder 8
"The Function of Democratic Trade -Unionism in Modern Society"
Box 14 Folder 9
"The Role of Labor Education in Economic Development in a Modern Society"
Box 14 Folder 10
"Labor Union History" - US (See Also: US - Labor Union History)
Box 14 Folder 11
"General Considerations Concerning Unionism in the Americas"
Box 14 Folder 12
"Ideological Origins of the Latin American Labor Movement"
Box 14 Folder 13
"Characteristics of the Labor Movement in Latin America"
Box 14 Folder 14
"Necessities and Characteristics of the Labor Movement in Latin America"
Box 14 Folder 15
"Symposium on Latin America - Wellesley College - Problems of Economic and Social Development"
Box 14 Folder 16
"Law of Labor Management Relations"
Box 14 Folder 17
"ORIT and Labor Relations in Latin America"
Box 14 Folder 18
"History of the Development Union Mov't. in Peru"
Box 14 Folder 19
"History of Unions" by Pablo Jaime Garzon
Box 14 Folder 20
"The Relations of Unions With Governments and Political Parties"
Box 14 Folder 21
"The Function of Trade Unionism in Modern Society"
Box 14 Folder 22
"History of the United States Labor Movement - Economic and Social Theories"
Box 14 Folder 23
"The Functions of Trade Unions in The United States"
Box 14 Folder 24
"Short History of Union Movement in the United States"
Box 14 Folder 25
Miscellaneous notes.
Box 14 Folder 26
First Draft
Box 15
First Draft
Box 16
Second Draft
Box 17
Final Draft
Box 18
Nixon Clippings
Box 19 Folder 3
Clippings concerning Nixon trip to Latin America
Free Trade Union Committee
Box 19 Folder 4
Includes corres. with Jay Lovestone (Exec. Secretary) concerning John Fishburn and his activities; British Honduras General Workers' Union; Robert Alexander's trip to South America as reported by Arturo Jauegui (1952); ORIT and turkish islands (1953); Guatemala (1954)
Information Kit for U.S. Delegation to Inauguration in Buenos Aires.
Box 19 Folder 5
Includes program for Richard and Pat Nixon and profiles on various leaders in Argentina (April 28 -May 4, 1958)
Inter-American Trade Union Conference in Lima, Peru
Box 19 Folder 6
Jan. 10, 1948: Includes corres. dealing with establishment of the Conference and its objectives
AFL-CIO Tour of Latin-America
Box 19 Folder 7
Includes clippings and interview with Romualdi
AFL-CIO Good Will Mission to Latin America
Box 19 Folder 8
Includes corres. and reprints
Romualdi visit to San Paulo
Box 19 Folder 9
Includes clippings and photos of the trip
Report of AFL Delegation to Havana Cuba
Box 19 Folder 10
for the InterAmerican Conference for Democracy and Freedom.
Box 19 Folder 11
Condolences (to Mimi Romualdi)
Box 19 Folder 12
Misc. notes and clippings
Box 19 Folder 13
Misc. clippings
Box 20 Folder 1