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International Workers Order records, 1927-1956.
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International Workers Order.
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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Administrative records and publications of the International Workers Order, including files on the organization's liquidation and the Jewish People's Fraternal Order.
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International Workers Order.

Socialism--United States.
Communism--United States.


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I. International Workers Order (IWO)
A. Administrative Records
Pre IWO Documents, 1927-31
Box 1 Folder 1-3
Workingmen's Sick, Benevolent & Educational Federation. Includes correspondence & Certificate of Incorporation. Joseph Kertesz, Executive Secretary correspondence with legal representatives re laws of various states relative to fraternal beneficiary societies; benefit claims; with various state Insurance Commissioners discussing the legality of the Federation.
Constitutions - IWO, 1942 & 1948.
Box 1 Folder 4
Included in "minutes" are actual minutes, summaries of minutes & reports.
Minutes - 1938
Box 1 Folder 5
Minutes of Plenary Sessions of the General Executive Board of the International Workers Order, Inc. held at Hotel Center, New York City, September 10th and 11th, 1938. 25 pages.
Minutes - 1938
Box 1 Folder 5
9/10/38 - General Secretary Max Bedacht reported to the Board on the convention goal of 300, 000 members by next convention (2 years). Suggests more rapid growth & development of IWO, discusses weaknesses & shortcomings and the importance to organize politically not mechanically. "We must mobilize anti-fascist fighters -- not membership solicitors". Discusses how to organize lodges, educating the public to the meaning of proletarian fraternalism, improving communication between national & local leadership. Bedacht then submitted a plan for the general membership drive.
Minutes - 1938
Box 1 Folder 5
9/11/38 - National Treasurer, Peter Shipka - submitted financial report, discussed membership in relation to dues income, and selling sanitarium stamps.
Minutes - 1938
Box 1 Folder 5
English Section Secretary - Louise Thompson - read letter of President Weiner from Commissioner of Insurance, Commonwealth of Massachusetts which states that IWO is communist. Thompson comments that Massachusetts Commission created its own Dies Committee to engage in a "Red" hunt. Explains steps taken when the letter arrived & what occurred at the following hearings
Minutes - 1939
Box 1 Folder 6
Minutes of the Semi-Annual Plenary Session of the General Executive Board of the International Workers Order, Inc., held at Manhattan Center, New York City, March 4th, 5th and 6th, 1939. 27 pages.
Minutes - 1939
Box 1 Folder 6
3/4/39 - General Secretary Max Bedacht's report - possibility of establishing a home for aged members, status of the campaign for doubling membership by the next convention, inadequate sick benefit fund, dealing with neighborhood problems as a means to increasing membership. He states that growth in English speaking lodges is a priority and discusses organizers will be help responsible for speeding up growth in their areas, leadership training in May
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
General Counsel J. Brodsky - reports that the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision on license renewal should be handed down any day and that "the outlook is that the decision will be favorable to the Order".
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
3/5/39 - Treasurer Shipka - submitted financial report as of 12/31/38.
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
B. McLaurin reported favorably for the Auditing
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
3/6/39 - N. Polak - reports of misappropriation of lodge moneys by financial secretaries and suggests bonding of same.
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
M. Bedacht - submits resolutions for consideration - including resolutions on work among and with National Groups, and establishment of Negro Work Commission - all passed unanimously.
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
3/6/39 (cont) - Brother Levin - submitted proposals on educational work - unanimously adopted
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
G.E.B. Plenary Session, Summary of Discussion - March 6, 1939. Brother Bedacht. 8 pages
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
1/4/39 - Report of Max Bedacht, General Secretary I.W.O. To the Organization Committee and Eastern District Organizers Hotel. Pennsylvania, New York. January 4, 1939. 18 pages.
Congressman Vito Marcantonio addressed the Board
Box 1 Folder 6
Discusses speeding up the organization effort, campaign quotas, restructuring the apparatus of I.W.O., Figures and comparisons of recruits and losses, analyzes the weakness of English section, suggests consolidation of lodges, role of district leaders as problem solvers in their territory, solutions for turnover, financial problems.
Minutes - 1940
Box 1 Folder 7
Summary of the Discussion By General Secretary Max Bedacht - Meeting of the General Executive Board - January 29, 1940. 5 pages.
Minutes - 1940
Box 1 Folder 7
Commended Polish section for successful organizing, mentioned turnover discussion including Philadelphia, Jewish, Italian, English, Chicago, Ukrainian lodges. Political Responsibilities of Districts, citing Turkish lodge problems.
Minutes - 1940
Box 1 Folder 7
Minutes of General Executive Board Meeting. September 14-15-16, 1940. Hotel Picadilly, New York. 4 pages
Minutes - 1940
Box 1 Folder 7
Brother Benjamin submitted report on Social Security Campaign, during discussion, proposals made including endorsement of American Youth Act, support of bill protecting foreign born - report & proposals adopted. Motions adopted include - American Peace Mobilization, constitutional changes.
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Minutes of Executive Committee, April 11, 1941. 1 page.
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Minutes of the Executive Committee, September 3, 1941. 1 page. Routine.
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Minutes of the Executive Committee, October 21, 1941. 6 pages. Resolution passed supporting Federal Program for Civilian Defense including directives for participation in civilian defense work.
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Minutes of Plenary Session of the General Executive Board, February 22-23-24, 1941. 5 pages.
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Two guests introduced - Paul Robeson, Earl Robinson. Discussion of Supreme Courts dismissal of the appeals of William Weiner and Earl Browder. Rev. B.W. Harris of Norfolk addressed the Board, and discussion followed on Negro problems
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Minutes of Semi-annual Plenary Session of the General Executive Board - September 6-7, 1941. 6 pages.
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Resolution to support the U.S. fight against Naziism following Hitler's assault on the Soviet Union discussed, support of Earl Browder, William Weiner and Brother Sam Darcy discussed. Resolution opposing discrimination against Negro people in the armed forces & defense industries, and repeal of Poll tax adopted. Resolution selling Oakridge Jewish Cemetery, Proviso Township, Hook County, Illinois lost to IWO Cemetery Dept.
Minutes - 1941
Box 1 Folder 8
Summary of Discussion by Brother Max Bedacht, Meeting of the General Executive Board. September 7, 1941. 3 pages. Includes comments on ending the IWO's isolationism.
Minutes - 1942
Box 1 Folder 9
Minutes of the General Executive Board Plenary Sessions - February 7-8, 1942. New York City. 10 pages & resolutions
Minutes - 1942
Box 1 Folder 9
"Resolution passed enacting a Plan and Program for National Group Victory Councils. Sam Pevzner read a message from President Weiner. Peter Shipka submitted financial report. Resolutions to urge the House of Representatives to disband the Dies Committee, establish of Victory Councils, to release Earl Browder, to restore Dale Zysman to active duty on the Navy, on Negro rights, citizenship cases were adopted. Resolution to communicate with Secretary of Navy Knox re dismissal of IWO members from Navy Yards in New England on the basis of their IWO membership was referred to Resident Board for Study."
Minutes - 1942
Box 1 Folder 9
Speech of Herbert Benjamin, General Executive Meeting, February 7, 1942. 11 pages. Discusses how IWO members can best serve the war effort, Victory Councils, Nationality Group, Civil Defense, condemns Red Cross attitude toward Negro donors, Navy attitudes toward Negroes, Browder imprisonment
Minutes - 1942
Box 1 Folder 9
Minutes of General Executive Board, June 27, 1942. 6 pages. Discuss resolutions including Herbert Benjamin's resignation, activating more members for the war effort, setting up a Western front, urging Front Line Fighters Fund to intensify Russian War Relief.
Minutes - 1942
Box 1 Folder 9
Proceedings of the General Executive Board, November 6,7,9, 1942. 7 pages. Senator Stanley Nowak of Michigan addressed the Board. Reaffirmed effort to free William Weiner, read telegram to be sent to CIO convention, discussed membership lethargy re war activities, establishment of a commission to study Negro problems.
Minutes - 1943
Box 1 Folder 10
Proceedings of General Executive Board, February 26-27, 1943. 21 pages. Vice President Rockwell Kent in his address to the Board discusses IWO leaders in the armed forces, reads a letter from Dave Green which includes treatment of Negroes in the service. The Board approves postponement of National Convention for 1 year due to the war, establishment of an Organization Department with outline of duties and representatives, Treasurer Shipka submitted financial report, Establishment of Negro Subdivision - Frederick Douglass Society of the I.W.O. R. Muenich reported on the work of the Women's Commission. Resolutions passed on Hitler's Anti-Semitism Program, Congressional Economy Bloc, Repeal of Poll Tax, Hobbs Bill, Negro Work.
Minutes - 1944
Box 1 Folder 11
Minutes of General Executive Board, Plenary Session, February 12-13, 1944. 19 pages.
Minutes - 1944
Box 1 Folder 11
Milgrom's resolutions call for National Unity citing the Teheran Conference, IWO's role in the war effort, building the Negro American section, Executive Secretary of New York District, Middleton submitted subreport on the general lodges. Brother Vail, Secretary New England District, suggested a name change for I.W.O. Vrabel remarked on the progress of the Slovak Workers Society as affected by the war. Middleton spoke on a fourth term for President Roosevelt, June Gordon reported on the Front Line Fighters Fund, and called on the GEB to take a stand against the "Equal Rights Amendment" which would "wipe out all protective legislation for women...". Rymer proposed a resolution in favor of the Wagner-Murray-Dingell Social Security Bill. A resolution on Legislative work was proposed including passage of Lucas-Green-Worley Federal Ballot Bill, Marcantonio Anti-Poll Tax Bill, Lynch Bill, Marcantonio-Scanlon-Dawson Bills to establish Fair Employment Practice Committee (FEPC), and defeat of Bankhead Bill. Resolutions submitted to combat anti-Semitism, on British White Paper re Jewish Community in Palestine, on Japanese slayings of American P.O.W.'s, on deportation of Mrs. E. Browder, on repatriation of Italian anti-fascist refugees to return to Italy, convention arrangements.
Minutes - 1944
Box 1 Folder 11
Minutes of General Council Meeting, November 24-25-26, 1944. 15 pages. General Secretary submitted report on plans for the future. Treasurer Shipka discussed new membership certificate decided on at 6th convention, detailing new endowment plan for adults and savings-insurance plan for juniors. Discussion on General Secretary's report included problems of returning veterans. President Croatian Society IWO, Gerlach introduced Mr. Alatko Balokovic who addressed the Council re heroism in Yugoslavia and support of a Relief Ship to Yugoslavia. Discussion on organizing the Negro Community, including repealing the Poll tax, establishing closer relations with organizations of the Negro people. Mr. James W. Ford, 1936 candidate for Vice President was presented and spoke on Negro situation. Mrs. Eurah Gerrard spoke about Negro community in Chicago. Nationality leaders gave reports on their sections. J. Brodsky, IWO attorney read New York Insurance Examiners Report of June 9, 1944 and a motion was made to carry out recommendations contained in that report. Resolution on Social Security, anti-fascist election campaign, anti-discrimination legislation, war risk clause, war relief, servicemen's welfare, anti-semitism, Taylor Rape case.
Minutes - 1944
Box 1 Folder 11
Closing remarks by Max Bedacht, General Secretary - IWO -- General Council Semi-Annual Session, November 24-26, 1944. 4 pages. Stresses cultural activities, political activities
Minutes - 1946
Box 1 Folder 12
Minutes of General Council Meeting, March 16-17, 1946. 8 pages.
Minutes - 1946
Box 1 Folder 12
Message from Rockwell Kent read re cultural activities. Reports from lodges, General Treasurers financial report submitted by Peter Shipka, J. Brodsky reported that Indiana approved license, Wisconsin is still pending and Missouri has denied the application. Resolutions on Social Security, Negro rights, People's Peace Movement, Women's Activities, Price Control, Democratic Europe including condemnation of Churchill's anti-soviet activities and restoration of Roosevelt's foreign policies.
Minutes - 1947
Box 1 Folder 13
Minutes of Meeting of General Council, March 1 and 2, 1947. 7 pages.
Minutes - 1947
Box 1 Folder 13
Sam Milgrom's Executive Committee report included discrimination against national groups by reaction forces, reorientation of General Lodges. Lodge reports, Skipka submitted Treasurer's Report. Letter from Max Bedacht asking for leave of absence and granting of request with full pay. Constitution Committee Report.
Minutes - 1947
Box 1 Folder 13
Minutes of Executive Committee, December 5, 1947. 1 page. Discussion on Attorney-General Clark's charges.
Minutes - 1947
Box 1 Folder 13
Minutes of Executive Committee, December 8, 1947. 3 pages. Statement on Attorney-General Clark's designation of the IWO as an organization of questionable loyalty and discussion on this subject.
Minutes - 1947
Box 1 Folder 13
Minutes of Executive Committee, December 16, 1947. 1 page.
Minutes - 1947
Box 1 Folder 13
Report of Brother Charles Musil, to the Executive Committee. 1 page. Establishment Czech Workers Society IWO, report of the Czech lodges of IWO
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of General Council Meeting IWO Saturday-Sunday, March 13-14, 1948, Fraternal Clubhouse, New York City (10 pages, 10 pages resolutions).
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Secretary-Treasurer, Shipka presented financial report, discussion on new name for the IWO, Memorial observance for J. Brodsky, Welfare Fund, Dave Greene reported on membership drive, Resolutions discussed included adopting an official ritual establishing Welfare Fund, Resolution on unconstitutional list of attorney General Clark, Peace, Work in Negro community, Mrs. Rosa Lee Ingram, Deportation, children's work, English speaking work.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee - March 8, 1948. 2 pages. Financial Report, proposed name changes for the IWO, discussed aged members in re Welfare Fund, retiring Lee Pressman as attorney for case against Clark listing.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee, March 30, 1948. 3 pages. Discussed Pilgrimage to Washington arranged by the United Committee to Save the Jewish State and United Nations, General Council meeting re IWO Defense Fund.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Executive Committee, April 6, 1948. 2 pages. Discussed name change for IWO, Welfare Fund, IWO Defense, progress of membership drive.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Executive Committee, April 7, 1948. 3 pages & 2 page attachment. Discussed cultural festivals, membership drive, letter from Dave Green to organizers.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee, April 20, 1948. 3 pages. Approved recommendation opposing Un-American Committee Bill in Congress. Discussed State of Pennsylvania's inquiry to Attorney General Clark's listing of IWO, and challenging revocation of IWO's tax exempt status by U.S. Tax Commissioner, radio censorship of foreign language broadcasts.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee, May 4, 1948. 3 pages. Discussed possibility of organizing Mexican-Americans, Draftee rates, Saltzman reported on his European trip, Negro communities, Defense Fund, defeat of Mundt Bill, and Hobbs Concentration Camp Bill.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee, June 4, 1948. 3 pages. Discussed Treasury Department's revocation of IWO's tax exempt status
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee, June 15, 1948. 2 pages. Greene reported on Defense Fund, membership drive. Discussed citizenship cases.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee, June 29, 1948. 3 pages. Saltzman reported not to recruit Mexican Americans. Recommendation to continue to correspond with the Hollywood Ten. Discussed Platform Hearings of the New Party.
Minutes - 1948
Box 1 Folder 14
Minutes of Executive Committee, September 14, 1948. 4 pages. Discussed Attorney Clark's reply to court case, Starr reported on delegation to State Department, discussed United Nations week, Shipka reported on Festivals, Greene reported on Defense Fund
Reports - 1937
Box 2 Folder 1
Report of Max Bedacht, General Secretary to the Enlarged Meeting of the National Executive Committee, I.W.O. - Hotel Latham, New York City, October 2, 1937. 47 pages.
Reports - 1937
Box 2 Folder 1
Discusses membership - capacity to recruit, maintain members, "We want the masses, we must have them", definition of solidarity and workers fraternal benefit society, changing fascist workers into progressive ones, occupational health, Negro problems, women's activities, sports, "anti-fascist month", establishing an official organization.
Reports - 1938
Box 2 Folder 2
Report to the G.E.B. by the General Secretary. 21 pages. See: Box 1 - Folder 5 - Minutes, 1938 for report summary, also includes list of officers, G.E.B. members, plan for official organ, "Policy To Guide the Order."
Reports - 1939
Box 2 Folder 3
Report to the G.E.B. Meeting, March 4, 1939, by the General Secretary. 36 pages. See: Box 1 - Folder 6 - Minutes, 1939 for report summary.
Reports - 1939
Box 2 Folder 3
Report of General Secretary Max Bedacht To The Plenary Session of The General Executive Board, August 26, 1939. 31 pages. Discusses the organizing campaign, home for the aged, structure of I.W.O., Organization of lodges, social membership, English-speaking lodges, support of New Deal, Social Security finances, - also includes pre-convention discussion, "Our Tasks."
Reports - 1940
Box 2 Folder 4
Report of General Secretary Max Bedacht to the Plenary Session of the G.E.B. - January 27, 1940. 25 pages. Discusses organizing campaign, progress of lodges, consolidation of IWO, attacks on IWO.
Reports - 1940
Box 2 Folder 4
Report of the General Secretary Max Bedacht to the Plenary Session of the G.E.B. - September 14, 15, 16, 1940. New York. 27 pages. Discusses the threat of reaction, organizing campaign, district financing, Youngstown, Ohio lodges, consolidation, Brighton Beach area in Brooklyn, English and Jewish lodges.
Reports - 1940
Box 2 Folder 4
Report of Brother Max Bedacht for the General Executive Board. 19 pages. Delivered at District Convention, discusses fascism, war, Social Security campaign, General Lodges, consolidation, New Jersey lodges. Also includes proposed draft resolution on consolidation, list of G.E.B. members, two pre-convention discussion issues "Our Tasks", "Resolution on the establishment of an IWO Home for the Ages", supplementary resolution on consolidation, Directives on applying the Policy of Consolidation.
Reports - 1941
Box 2 Folder 5
Report of the General Secretary to the G.E.B., February 22-23, 1941. New York City. 9 pages. Discusses fascism, world politics, Dies Committee, raid on Philadelphia office, William Weiner's conviction, Jewish Section finances, (incomplete).
Reports - 1941
Box 2 Folder 5
S - Summary of Discussion on Report on Social Security Campaign by Brother Herbert Benjamin. 8 pages.
Reports - 1941
Box 2 Folder 5
Remarks of Brother Herbert Benjamin in Discussion on the Resolution Meeting of the G.E.B., I.W.O. New York, September 6, 1941. 18 pages. Discusses resolution to support U.S. fight against Naziism following Hitler's assault (see also Box 1, folder 8).
Reports -1942
Box 2 Folder 6-7
Report (2/7/42) 15 pages. Discusses organizational problems including consolidation, community lodges and councils, Williamsburg, New York Community Council, establishment of a membership department, recruiting, community centers, financing system.
Reports -1942
Box 2 Folder 6-7
Officers' Report to the G.E.B., February 7-8, 1942. 19 pages. Discusses fascism, political activities, service to unions, Dies Committee, Front Line Fighters Fund, Civilian Defense, youth activities, Stelmach Scroll, activities of Nationality Sections, and Departments, membership
Reports -1942
Box 2 Folder 6-7
"IWO & Its Tasks" - Report by Max Bedacht, General Secretary at the Functionaries Conference - August 24, 1942. 15 pages. Discusses Jewish Section problems, organizing congressional elections, Nationality Sections, and 4 page summary of this report. Report on the State of the Order by Max Bedacht, General Secretary, IWO to the GEB - November 6-9, 1942. 22 pages. Discusses anti-fascist activities, war bonds, war propaganda, civilian defense, war relief, congressional elections, major IWO weaknesses, organizing, national group lodges, women's work, Negro communities, district functionaries & staffs, also includes Bedacht's report on work for victory, motions on IWO work for victory and memo on the structure of the IWO.
Reports - 1943
Box 2 Folder 8-9
Report to the GEB on the Progress of the Order during the year 1942. February 26-27, 1942. 32 pages. Discusses war activities, politics, fascism, Finnish-American Lodge in Norwood, MA re: red cross auxiliary, Front Line Fighters Fund, Aid to Russia, finances, postponement of convention, home for aged, Social Security, benefits, organizing, membership, licensing, departments, nationality sections, cultural activities.
Reports - 1943
Box 2 Folder 8-9
A memorandum on the problems of our youth work by Max Bedacht. 6 pages.
Reports - 1943
Box 2 Folder 8-9
"Our Civic and Organizations" Report to the GEB of the IWO, February 26, 1943. 24 pages. Discusses the Russians in the war effort, Nazism in North Africa, Fascism in America, Democracy, Dies Committee, sectarianism, functionaries, organizing, postponing convention, tribute to Peter Shipka - also includes
Reports - 1943
Box 2 Folder 8-9
"Resolutions for Action" adopted by GEB, September 25-26, 1943.
Reports - 1944
Box 2 Folder 10-12
Pre-convention discussion reports by W. Weiner, President & Max Bedacht, General Secretary - GEB, February 12-13, 1944. New York City. 31 pages
Reports - 1944
Box 2 Folder 10-12
Report to the General E.B. by Max Bedacht, General Secretary, IWO, Hotel Riverside Plaza, New York City, February 12-13, 1944. 18 pages and summary. Discusses fascism, education members on political matters, cultural work.
Reports - 1944
Box 2 Folder 10-12
"Towards 175,000 members by the 6th National Convention" by Ben Gordon, Secretary, National Organization Department - Report given at G.E.B., IWO, February 12-13, 1944. 16 pages and G.E.B. resolutions passed at February 12-13, 1944 meeting. See also: Box 1, folder 11.
Reports - 1944
Box 2 Folder 10-12
Report to the General Council by Max Bedacht, General Secretary, New York, November 24-26, 1944. Includes discussion on Fraternal Committee for the Reelection of President Roosevelt, elections, organizing drive, Negro equality & organizing, relief activities, social security.
Reports, 1945
Box 2 Folder 13
Financial report, Report to the General Council of the IWO by the General Secretary - "The Order in 1944" 34
Reports, 1945
Box 2 Folder 13
"Our Anti-Fascist Task of Today" Report of Max Bedacht, General Secretary, to the General Council, September 15-16, 1945. 38 pages, 19 pages. Discusses post-war fight against fascism, including national unity, Social Security, election campaigns, Negro rights, fraternal insurance, youth, immigration, veterans
Reports, 1946
Box 2 Folder 14
The Order in 1945 and its perspectives for 1946 - Report of Max Bedacht, General Secretary to the General Council, March 16-17, 1946. 23 pages and 8 pages statistics. Discusses work of Jewish Society, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Carpatho-Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, Finnish, general lodges, organizing campaign, Western Pennsylvania Drive, finances, Front Line Fighters Fund, Fascism, ideological mobilization, Wagner Health Bill
Reports, 1946
Box 2 Folder 14
Report to the General Council on Veterans Work by Jerry Trauber - March 16-17, 1946. 9 pages
Reports, 1946
Box 2 Folder 14
Report of Max Bedacht, General Secretary, To the General Council Meeting of the IWO - September 7-8, 1946. 16 pages and 2 pages summary. Discusses Negro persecution, Social Security legislation, Fascist immigration, congressional elections, national society, lodges.
Reports - 1947
Box 2 Folder 15
Report by Sam Milgram to the General Council of the IWO - New York - March 1-2, 1947. 31 pages. Discusses discrimination against Negroes, Jews, establishment of FEPC, second generation in lodges, "Youngstown Story".
Reports - 1948
Box 2 Folder 16
Section of Executive Secretary, Brother Sam Milgrom's Report to general Council, Sunday, March 14, 1948. 6 pages. "Our English-Speaking Work" also a resolution on this subject, minutes of Committee on English-Speaking Work, March 24, 1948. 4 pages.
Reports, 1949
Box 2 Folder 17
Report of Brother Peter Shipka, General Secretary-Treasurer to the General Council of the IWO held on November 12-13, 1949. 25 pages. Discusses Examination Report of New York Insurance Department, financial, membership, expulsions, Dunne's Insurance Report, Welfare Fund.
Reports - 1951
Box 2 Folder 18
Report of the Officers Presented to the General Council, IWO, February 3-4, 1951 - Delivered by Peter Shipka, General Secretary-Treasurer. 21 pages. Discusses convention cancellation, liquidation, Report of Examiners of New York Insurance Department, Injunction, Mr. Haley, George Powers, Manning Johnson, Mr. Bohlinger
IWO Financial Data
Box 2 Folder 19
1930-1952 incomplete misc. financial data.
Convention Documents - 1938-47
Box 3 Folder 1-6
Includes reports, speeches, resolutions, attendance lists, proceedings, bulletins
B. Correspondence
President - Kent, Rockwell - 1940-41
Box 3 Folder 7
Two letters to Max Bedacht discusses Kent's book, "This Is My Own". Kent suggests trying to keep cost down so members (IWO) and others can afford it. Kent says how important education is for the IWO and "An important part of education is the reading of books". Also discusses the possibility of a radical book club, the IWO membership being the nucleus of such a club.
President, Kent, Rockwell - 1947-48
Box 3 Folder 8
Correspondence generally to and from Sam Milgrom, Executive Secretary re some legal matters, Hungarian celebrations, recruiting drive, meeting arrangements, Henry Wallace political campaign; 3/1/48 to Milgrom, "I believe that if we could get through the iron curtain of faculty control and talk directly to the students we could change the world."; Ukrainian society folk festivals promoting the Wallace campaign; correspondence with Dr. T. Addis, Stanford University discusses setting up a national movement of all "subversive" organizations - "votes for Wallace are our ammunition"; re Kent running for Congress (33rd District); includes a broadside "Rockwell Kent for Congress".
President, Kent, Rockwell - 1949
Box 3 Folder 9
Mostly with Sam Milgrom re meeting and speaking arrangements; re financial difficulties for those identified with the left wing in politics, 10/15/49; 12/10/49 statement to NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) endorsing their civil rights campaign and letter from Roy Wilkins, 12/21/49 thanking Kent for his statement but advising him that IWO was not invited to participate in the mobilization.
President - Kent, Rockwell - 1950
Box 3 Folder 10
With Milgrom re sending observers to the NAACP crusade meeting; celebrations of IWO's 20th Anniversary; NY Times quoted TASS (USSR) in Kent's speech in Moscow saying "that the United States government is not my government" and Kent's letter with corrected version of the statement; Milgrom's arrest on deportation charges; Milgrom asks Kent to draft a mailing to thousands of people outside the Order, "informing them about the attack... through a deportation drive to brand the Order as an organization which advocates force and violence."
President - Kent, Rockwell - Miscellaneous manuscripts
Box 3 Folder 11
Includes statement, appeal, articles.
General Secretary - Bedacht, Max - 1938-48
Box 3 Folder 12
August 25, 1942 memo from Gene Kahn, National Fraternal Congress to Bedacht enclosing list of organizations of National Fraternal Congress, Kahn explains "I have designated in pencil on the side names of IWO functionaries to whom I believe letters or memos should be sent to ascertain which persons are now known sympathetic contacts"; with Moran Weston re organizing campaign-reporting on contacts and new members signed up in various locations; letters from political leaders in Washington thanking Bedacht for his organizations' statement re the Dies Committee; from Bedacht to Peter Shipka, 3 page letter says "in membership there is stagnation" (of the IWO) suggests special efforts to be made to build up the order, 9/1/43; 5/25/43 - memo from Bedacht clarifying the relationship of the national group sections of the IWO to the order as a whole and to its GEB; and correspondence, form letter and publication from German-American Committee for Spanish Relief (1938) unable to translate and correspondence, 1944 with American Youth for Democracy.
General-Secretary - Bedacht, Max - Miscellaneous Mss.
Box 3 Folder 13-15
Includes "Our General Project for 1941-42"; "Our Anti-Fascist Task of Today," 1945; "Labor Fraternalism, A Guide to the Lodges and Members of the IWO," 29 pages; "Our Plan for Plenty,"; "The Concern of All..." - about National Health Act and miscellaneous
Vice-President - Middleton, John E. 1940-42
Box 4 Folder 1
Includes correspondence, form letters, speeches re civil service employee being questioned about his association with IWO; 8 page report, "For An Offensive On a Second European Front"; speech, "Defeat Fascism's Attack on the Soviet Union"; "The IWO and the National Groups," 1942, 17 pages.
Director of Organization - Milgrom, Sam, - March 1945 -June 1947.
Box 4 Folder 2
Correspondence re organizing new lodges; to various societies re meeting arrangements; national health bill legislation; membership drive, plans for general convention of Slovak Workers Society; organization of a city committee in Milwaukee; urging of all societies to issue agitation material in connection with the Truman message, (memo 3/27/47); report of junior activities in the IWO; rights of foreign born; actions against the infamous activities of the Austrian monarchist-fascists in the U.S.; fight for Negro rights by the Polonia Society; greetings to the Convention of the Polonia Society, (5/27/47) by K. Witaszewski, Chairman, Central Committee of Trade Unions in Poland; correspondence re OPA, (Office of Price Administration).
Director of Organization - Milgrom, Sam - July-September, 1947.
Box 4 Folder 3
Correspondence re membership; memo re proposed organizational changes; plans for separate Portuguese lodge in Fall River, Massachusetts; lists (1947) by Society giving number of lodges, and active builders.
Director of Organization - Milgrom, Sam - 1946-47
Box 4 Folder 3a-b
Johannes Steel Tour
Director of Organization - Milgrom, Sam - 1946-47
Box 4 Folder 3a-b
Correspondence with Steel re speaking tour, newsletters, broadsides and routine.
General Director of Organization - Greene, Dave - 1947-49
Box 4 Folder 4
Correspondence from United Resort Workers of America requesting IWO to hire union people for work in summer camps; from I. Gish, government employee, re criticism of Camp Kinderland by Sam Friedlander; other correspondence re Cam Kinderland; deportation; attack of Attorney-General Tom Clark on IWO; with expelled members for nonpayment of dues urging them to pay up because of lack of insurance protection.
General Director of Organization - Greene, Dave - 1950-51
Box 4 Folder 5
Correspondence re deportation of Krishna Chandra and others because of past membership with IWO; Johnstown, Pennsylvania Lodge concerned re officers being accused of being Communists; 7 page outline "Attacks on the IWO," 6/19/50; memorandum re aid to IWO members in miners strike.
General Director of Organization - Greene, Dave - 1953
Box 4 Folder 6-8
Memo to all societies re preparation of the appeal to secure a reversal of the liquidation decision, to Rockwell Kent requesting him to attend hearing in Albany; reinstatements of membership; and other correspondence re appeal hearings; memo including annual financial statement; letter from member of Lodge 3543, Philadelphia voicing concern re Insurance Department representatives being paid by IWO; re IWO lodge officers giving lists of members to FBI agents; correspondence pertaining to legal matters re Subversive Activities Control Board; and documents re Gwinn Amendment.
General Director of Organization - Greene, Dave - Training School correspondence - 1948-50
Box 4 Folder 9-11
Includes correspondence, lists, financial reports, notes, programs for various training schools within the IWO, some of which were held at Camp Kinderland.
General Director of Organization - Greene, Dave - Training School - Miscellaneous
Box 4 Folder 12
Includes mss. of reports re schools
Executive Secretary - Milgrom, Sam - 1947
Box 5 Folder 1
Includes correspondence, minutes, form letters with
Executive Secretary - Milgrom, Sam - 1948-50
Box 5 Folder 2-4
Minutes, 2/27/48 - Committee for Establishment of National Council of Lodges in Negro Communities; information on General Lodge Milk Fund Campaign; membership drive reports; reports and resolution on English-speaking work; tours; anti-lynching bill; statistics on transfers of members; "memo on Press Reactions to the Wallace Candidacy,; 1/14/48; correspondence from John Middleton discusses political campaign in Western Pennsylvania; correspondence with Society reps re Defense Fund drive; Ukrainian Folk Festivals; requests to all Societies to send Milgrom outlines of their plans for 1949; correspondence re politics and Communist Party; release from Ohio NAACP re civil rights legislation.
Milgrom, Sam - Miscellaneous - 1946-49
Box 5 Folder 5
Includes notes, memos, statistics, correspondence re Portuguese located in various geographical areas; lists of organizers by society; report on Parent-Children's Festival Tour; membership stats by society, 1946; letter to Milgrom from J. Finley Wilson, Order of Elks re IWO representatives joining the Elks in a Legislative Assembly and Rally for Civil Rights, 1/21/49.
Executive-Secretary - Benjamin, Herbert - 1941-42
Box 5 Folder 6
Includes "Resolution on Brother William Weiner," (President, IWO) to show support after his arrest and imprisonment, along with Earl Browder; 4 page form letter to all District and Section Secretaries re the building of membership in the organization; 6/27/42 5 page letter of resignation as Executive-Secretary which outlines conflict within the leadership of the organization; recruitment during the war; letter requesting lodges to send letter of support to Philip Murray, Steel Workers Organizing Committee, on the event of their 1st constitutional convention; 6 page re organizational problems within IWO.
Executive Secretary - Benjamin - Mss., reports, speeches
Box 5 Folder 7
re personnel policy; "The True Picture of America," 31 pages; "For Victory in the War Against the Fascist Axis," 11 pages; "Work Among the National Groups," 7 pages; "Review of Our Work, Our Shortcomings, Our Further Tasks,; 36 pages; Remarks by Benjamin, 9/6/41 re "National Unity Against Hitlerism," 10 pages
Executive Secretary - Benjamin - Mss., reports, speeches
Box 5 Folder 8
"We Give Aid and Comfort - Report on Income Disbursements Activities Response, Front Line Fighters Fund, 1941-42," unpaged; "To the GEB"; 11 page memo re problems within the organization of the IWO; "Summary of Discussion, GEB, 4/27/42 by John Middleton," 6 pages re political and organizational problems, abolition of the Office of Executive Secretary.
Executive Secretary - Benjamin - Mss., reports, speeches
Box 5 Folder 9
"Resolutions and Proposals on the Work of the Order Among National Groups," 4 pages; "Introduction to the Discussion on Resolution and Concrete Proposals for Improved National Group Work," 2/22/41, 13 pages; "Concrete Proposals Recommended for Adoption by Special Committee on National Group Problems," 4 pages; "Americans All-Immigrants All-Want Peace," 4/6/41, 17 pages
Executive Secretary = Benjamin - Mss., reports, speeches,
Box 5 Folder 10
"Labor's Battle, The Fight for William Weiner is the Fight For Freedom and the People's Welfare," 13 pages; Radio Speech, "The Plan For Plenty," 3/13/41, 30 pages; "For An Offensive On A Second European Front," 5/25/42, 8 pages; Speech "Unity for Victory", 2/7/42, 13 pages.
Rymer, Harry - Administrative Department, 1944-48
Box 5 Folder 11
Includes routine office correspondence between Rymer and past and present employees
Officers - General Information - 1944-51
Box 5 Folder 12
Lists of officers; requests for leaves of absence; resignations; list of dates of renewals for State Insurance Department licenses; memo re activities of IWO and other organizations, n.d.; memo from P. Shipka to William Karlin re collection of assessment for the Old Age Home, 1/9/51.
Administrative Correspondence - General - 1938-47
Box 5 Folder 13-16
Mostly routine office correspondence re dues, membership eligibility, staff recommendations, life insurance and general operation of headquarters.
C. City/State Lodges
Alabama - 1949
Box 6 Folder 1
Includes one letter from George Glover to "Eddie", an organizer in Alabama. Discusses loss of IWO Charter in Alabama.
Baltimore - 1940-47
Box 6 Folder 2
Correspondence re membership (suspension & reinstatements), local offices, recruitment drive, minutes of City Central Committee, for 8/23/44, letter to Milgrom from Baltimore, Secretary of City Central Committee Robert Meyers, re problems of the Committee as far as coordination of activities of lodges and organization of a Negro lodge in Baltimore, re problems with offices at headquarters - Meyer's suggests disbanding the Baltimore City Central Committee unless better cooperation is received.
Bronx - 1943
Box 6 Folder 3
Includes 33 page, "Report by H. Shiller, Secretary of the Bronx District Committee of the Jewish-American Section of the IWO to the Third Annual Convention of the Bronx District, held on Saturday and Sunday, March 27th and 28th, 1943." Report discusses Jewish unity, the war, Congress, poll tax, reorganization of lodges in the Bronx, Jewish Children's Schools, women's clubs, statistics on membership.
California - 1939-50
Box 6 Folder 4
Correspondence re San Diego Local 577 members involved in strike with employers of a furniture company represented by United Furniture Workers - asking for IWO to investigate the situation and to give support; correspondence and legal documents re case of slander of family members of IWO Lodge 4310; Building of the Croatian order on the West Coast; and other routine.
Chicago - 1938-39
Box 6 Folder 5-13
Correspondence between Louise (Thompson) Patterson and Sam Milgrim and other re activities of lodges throughout the Chicago area, which includes Du Sable Lodge 751 and Midwest District (Miriam Cheifitz), re recruitment, IWO publications, social activities, meetings and conferences, Negro membership; Negro conference; request for information re establishment of an Arabic lodge; internal conflicts between Chicano lodges and International Office re coordination of efforts and activities; support for Miners and Packing House Workers during strikes; and routine.
Detroit - 1944-48
Box 7 Folder 1-9
Correspondence generally between officers of Michigan State Committee and Sam Milgrom re conflict between officers with Detroit lodges; Negro History Week Program plans; financial problems; recruitment drive; political campaign for Roosevelt; Romanian Fraternal Society re new recruits; establishment of new lodges in Detroit; athletic activities - youth groups; recruitment of Negro members; financial reports; and routine.
Florida - 1949
Box 7 Folder 10
Correspondence between Edward Nelson, organizer and person interested in establishing a lodge in Florida once application for charter is approved.
Indiana - 1946
Box 7 Folder 11
Re IWO supporting Steel strikers; plans for state conference.
Michigan - 1946-47
Box 7 Folder 11a
Correspondence re recruiting drive, lists of members, and routine.
Minnesota - 1943-46
Box 7 Folder 12
Correspondence with Secretary of Lodge 596, St. Paul re election of officers and defense of the farmer labor movement; with member of Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union who is eager to establish a Scandinavian lodge in Minnesota; resolution on Black Market from Lodge 596, St. Paul.
New England District - 1940-49
Box 8 Folder 1
Includes "Proceedings, 1st Constitutional State Convention, IWO of Massachusetts, Held November 9 and 10, 1940," 17 p. mimeograph; correspondence between Sol Vail, Executive Secretary, New England District, Max Bedacht, General Secretary, and Sam Milgrom, Director of Organization, re changing the name of the organization; political campaign plans for the re-election of Roosevelt; building Portuguese and Negro lodges in New England; district budget disbursements; form letter to members re supporting organized labor; resolution re Black Market form President, Fall River, Massachusetts
New Haven, Connecticut - 1945
Box 8 Folder 2
Correspondence between Harold Peters, New Haven organizer and later President of New Haven Lodge, and Sam Milgrom re recruitment and establishment of new lodge which was named "Frederick Douglass Society, IWO, Lodge 909."
New Jersey - 1940-45
Box 8 Folder 3
Includes "Minutes, 5th Annual Convention, IWO, New Jersey, November 30th and December 1st, 1940," unpaged; correspondence between David Vines, Executive Secretary, New Jersey, IWO, and Milgrom and others re district budget; plans for the political campaign for Roosevelt; Morris Forer, Trenton, New Jersey, re organizing a general lodge in Trenton and celebration of Negro History Week and Negro recruitment; and routine.
New York City - 1941-45
Box 8 Folder 4
Includes monthly program announcement for Lodge 500; lists of members of Hungarian, Carpatho-Russian, Greek, Roumanian, Yugoslavian, Puerto Rican, Spanish, Russian, Slovakian, and Italian members in New York City, 1942; correspondence with John Middleton, Executive Secretary, New York City Central Committee re support to rally sponsored by IWO Negro Organizing Committee; correspondence and legal documents of Charles A. Stevenson, Lodge 691 re expulsion of membership due to his criticism of some of the IWO leaders and of Roosevelt; 5 p. mimeograph, "Constitution of N.Y.C. IWO."
Ohio - 1944
Box 8 Folder 5
Correspondence re support of the Price Control Bill; personnel problems with officers in Cleveland District; Toledo, Lodge 770 re problems with financial secretary office; Ohio District re political campaign for Roosevelt and state elections.
Ohio - 1945
Box 8 Folder 6
Correspondence re situation of IWO lodges in the Ohio Valley; 2 p. mimeograph of "Minutes, June 25, 1945, Cleveland City Committee of IWO"; also minutes for July 30, 1945 and September 24, 1945; and routine.
Ohio - 1946
Box 8 Folder 7
Correspondence re personnel needed for organizing in Ohio; plans for Health and Social Security Conference re bill, S. 1606; re organizing a City Central Committee in Youngstown; and routine.
Ohio - 1946-47
Box 8 Folder 7a
Correspondence re recruiting drive in Ohio, largely correspondence with Cleveland City Committee; membership lists; and routine.
Ohio - 1947-48
Box 8 Folder 8
Correspondence form an organizer relating experiences of members dropping out because of fear; financial problems in lodges - Milgrom writes that expenses have to be cut; "Minutes of the City Central" (Cleveland), 2/10/47; from a member in Akron requesting cancellation of insurance and membership because of Atty. Clark's statement.
Pennsylvania - 1938-49
Box 8 Folder 9
List of Anthracite Districts by lodge number, giving Secretary's name and number of members, June 1938; "Proceedings of the Anthracite Area, 5th District Convention of the IWO, November 9-10, 1940" and "Resolutions of the Anthracite Area, 1940"; correspondence re membership drives in mining towns; political campaign re re-election of Roosevelt; report of Western Pennsylvania Tour by Sam Pevzner, 1/17-2/2/47.
Philadelphia - 1944-49
Box 8 Folder 10-11
Correspondence between Sol Rotenberg, Executive Secretary, Eastern Pennsylvania District Committee and Sam Milgrom re election campaign; recruitment of Negroes; Social Security campaign; National Health Act legislation; correspondence and newsclippings re problems of Croatian Lodge 4267 in Philadelphia re raid in which several members were accused of being illegal aliens and lodge called "a Commie outfit."
Pittsburgh - 1944-50
Box 8 Folder 12
Correspondence re recruitment drive and 9 p. "Draft Plan - Western Pennsylvania Membership Drive" by Sam Milgrom; memo on Christmas parties for miners' families; statistics on membership campaign tour; "Report on Western Pennsylvania Drive," n.d.; and routine.
West Virginia - 1941-44
Box 8 Folder 13
Correspondence re financial difficulties with operation of Lodge 624 in Charleston; and routine.
Wisconsin - 1945
Box 8 Folder 14
Correspondence re obtaining a charter for Milwaukee, Wisconsin; dissolving the Italian lodge in Milwaukee; building up the City Central; list of Wisconsin lodges.
D. General Lodges
General lodges - 1938-45
Box 9 Folder 1
Correspondence with Immigrant and Naturalization Services re becoming naturalized citizens whether or not members of IWO; re IWO licence in state of Ohio as fraternal beneficiary society; statistics on membership by lodge # (1944); program planning for building the Order among Negro people; "Minutes National Conference of the General Lodges of the IWO, 7/4/44", 3 pages; "Proposals on General Lodges", (1944) which includes membership statistics by geographical area and nationality; "The Guide", January 1945 (4 pages) newspaper of General Lodges; "The Role of General Lodges in the Negro Communities", 6 pages by John E. Middleton & routine.
General Lodges - 1946-48
Box 9 Folder 2
Statistical sheets, "Membership Campaign" gives number of members by Lodge number; "Membership in Negro Concentration Lodges" - statistics by Lodge number, also gives location; draft program of "Summerdale Leadership Training School"; "Minutes of General Lodge Interim Committee," October 5, 1946, November 9, 1946, December 7, 1946; memo to Middleton from Peter Shipka re financial situation of General Lodges; re City Central Committee established in Washington, D.C.; calendar of events for New York General Lodge Council includes plans for May Day Celebration; re Social Security Campaign; 3 pages "Memo on... National Convention of the IWO General Lodges" (1946) by John Middleton; 3 page report of lodges, by lodge number for New Jersey and Connecticut; Minutes of General Lodge National Committee, 1/18/47 and 2/15/47; and routine.
E. Ethnic Societies
Carpatho-Russian Society - 1942-49
Box 9 Folder 3-7
Substantial amount of correspondence from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Bridgeport, Connecticut and Gary, Indiana most of which I cannot translate - The few letters in English contain certain routine correspondence re death and sick claim benefits, meeting arrangements, etc.
Cervantes Fraternal Society - Miscellaneous - 1944-47
Box 9 Folder 8
7 page mss., "The Hispanic American Section from January 1940 to January 1944;" statistical sheet re membership of Society for 1946.
Cervantes Fraternal Society - Lodge 4792 (New York City) 1947-51
Box 9 Folder 9-12
(Spanish) Unable to translate - The few letters in English re sick benefits for members; dues payments; list of members.
Cervantes Fraternal Society - Convention - 1947
Box 9 Folder 13
Includes 3 page, "Short Report on the Highlights of the National Convention of the Cervantes Fraternal Society of the IWO, June 13-14, 1947, New York City." Remainder of folder in Spanish - (minutes, constitution).
Croatian - American Section - 1940-52
Box 10 Folder 1
Correspondence re problems with personnel and the location of headquarters; 5 page report in letter from to Bedacht from N.S. Rajkrovich, Secretary of Section giving detailed report of developments and activities from 1940 - January 1944; sheets re membership by lodge number, unable to translate same; report given at 1940 convention - unable to translate; resolution re Black Market from Lodge 4310, San Francisco, California.
Czechoslovakian Workers Club - 1933-36
Box 10 Folder 2
2 items - unable to translate
Douglass-Lincoln Fraternal Society - 1949-50
Box 10 Folder 3
Includes scattered minutes; 4 pages "Remarks to Thirty Party Platform. Hearings Committee, Philadelphia, July 21, 1948" re health, wages, housing of Negroes; memo re Societies forming a Fraternal Committee of the American Labor Party; Report of Lodge 816 of Douglass-Lincoln Fraternal Society, n.d.
Finnish Workers Federation - 1941-46
Box 10 Folder 4
Includes pamphlet "The Unity & Merger of the Finnish Workers Federation with the IWO," January 1941. 10 pages; 5 page report to Bedacht covering the period 1942-44 of Activities of Finnish Workers Federation; 2 page report to Bedacht, January 1946 re the building of the Society and the 40th Anniversary of the Finnish-American Labor Movement and the Social Security Campaign
Greek-American Fraternal Society - 1944-56
Box 10 Folder 5
Includes constitution; Report (3 pages) on the development of Greek-American Section & Activities, and political problems in Greece; list of members of National Committee of the Hellenic-American Fraternal Society; correspondence.
Hungarian-American Section
Box 10 Folder 6-7
Constitution (n.d.); "Hungarian-Americans, Who Are They?" by John Roman, IWO, n.d., 48 pages; 4 page report re membership, United Front Actions, 1946 re issue of the Hungarian minority in Czechoslovakia, aid to new Hungarian democracy, American Hungarian Relief; letter from Max Bedacht to E. Komlos, Secretary Hungarian-American Section re working towards reaching quota for membership - Bedacht states, "... obviously there is very little hope that you can reach even a considerable portion of your original quota"; Resolution re "The Fraternal Outlook does not serve the interests and needs of the Hungarian Brotherhood ..."; memo re support of trade unions against the anti-labor legislation, February 20, 1947; monthly expense sheets.
Italian-Garibaldi American Fraternal Society - 1937-43
Box 10 Folder 8
With Congressman Vito Marcantonio re Society's political support and giving his assurance to do "all in my power ... to end Hitlerism"; letter to "Supreme Order Sons of Italy in America" form National Commission of Italian Americans Section IWO re joining forces to support President Roosevelt's policy of fighting Nazism; 3 page "Statement of the National Committee, Italian American Section, IWO on Speech Made by Francis Biddle, Attorney General, on October 12,1942," re removing the stigma of enemy-alien from 600,000 Italians living in this country; correspondence in support of anti-lynching legislation and the Anti-Poll Tax Bill; letter to Joseph Brodsky from William Hull, U.S. Civil Service re IWO members and government employment.
Italian-Garibaldi American Fraternal Society - 1944-47
Box 10 Folder 9
Letter to War Department in support of funds being sent to Sicily, 2/14/44; political election (1944); to Congressmen re Marcantonio's resolution to recognize Italy as an Ally (1945); routine with Congressman Vito Marcantonio; financial; membership recruitment; from Max Bedacht re unsatisfactory status of the membership statistics of the Society.
Italian-Garibaldi American Fraternal Society - 1948-51
Box 10 Folder 10
Several issues of Society's Monthly Letter; Correspondence re "defense of the Order"; memo (7 pages) re Shipka's report to General Council concerning the attack on the Order; correspondence re member in Arnold, Pennsylvania, "framed" due to his membership in IWO - Communists forced to register with the police within 5 days after the new ordinance, 8/50; and routine.
Italian-Garibaldi American Fraternal Society - (n.d.)
Box 10 Folder 11
10 page "Prospectus for an Italian-American Community Center in East Harlem"; and routine.
Italian-Garibaldi American Fraternal Society
Box 10 Folder 12
Unable to translate.
Italian-Garibaldi American Fraternal Society
Box 10 Folder 13
Unable to translate.
Italian-Garibaldi American Fraternal Society
Box 10 Folder 14
Unable to translate.
Polish-American Section - 1940-46
Box 11 Folder 1
Correspondence re suspension of members of Lodge 3544 for not abiding by constitution of the Order; 4 page memo to Max Bedacht from Boleslaw Gebert, President (Polish-American Section) re proposals for building membership, 6/30/42, "the best possible base for building the Order is among organized Polish-Americans in the trade unions"; 6 page letter from Gebert to President's War Relief Control Board, 11/1/44 re American Assistance for Poland; from Bedach re unsatisfactory status of membership statistics of Society; "Appeal to Polish Americans," 2 pages, December 1945, re the re-building of Poland and endorsement of Roosevelt's policies; 16 pages, "Poland of Today"; 3 page speech by Gebert at "Rally for Delegation of the Central Committee of Polish Jews," 6/11/46; 2 page form letter sent to trade unionists urging them to join the Polonia Society, 9/46; 4 page press release, "Prominent Americans Ask President Truman to Strengthen U.S.-Polish Friendship," 9/16/46.
Polish-American Section - 1947-57
Box 11 Folder 2
3 page "Extracts from the Speech delivered by President Gebert at the Conference of the Polonia Society ..., December 14-15, 1947" re fight against fascism, supporting the labor movement, and political support; 8 page description of various Polish organizations in the U.S.; documents re Polonia Society training school including "IWO-National Leadership School" lodge programs.
Polish-American Section - n.d.
Box 11 Folder 3
Membership Record sheets by lodge number.
Polish-American Section
Box 11 Folder 4-5
Unable to translate.
Romanian-American Fraternal Society - 1944-46
Box 11 Folder 6
10 page "Informative Notes on the Situation in Lodge 4503 - Dearborn, Michigan," re religious situation and lodge involvement; membership statistics; 4 page report (in letter form) to Bedacht from Mary Mila, describes political efforts, war efforts, membership loss and budget needs.
Russian National Mutual Aid Society - Convention, 1927
Box 12 Folder 1
Convention material in Russian including delegates list, proceedings, correspondence, delegate instructions.
Russian National Mutual Aid Society - Convention, 1929
Box 12 Folder 2
Proceedings in Russian.
Russian National Mutual Aid Society - Convention, 1930
Box 12 Folder 3
Proceedings in Russian.
Russian National Mutual Aid Society - Convention, 1933
Box 12 Folder 4
Minutes in Russian and English - discusses unemployment, unity with IWO, Comrade Radsy - representative from Russian Section, Communist Party addressed the delegates, White Guardists, political militancy, International Labor Defense, organizing women's, children's, youth sections, Novy Mir, grievances, motion to telegram President Roosevelt to recognize the USSR.
Russian National Mutual Aid Society - Convention, 1935
Box 12 Folder 5
Proceedings and pamphlet in Russian.
Russian National Mutual Aid Society - Certificates and Licenses, 1928-34
Box 12 Folder 6
License from Division of Insurance, Ohio, certificates from Pennsylvania, Insurance Department.
Russian Section, IWO - Reports and Proceedings, 1931-50
Box 12 Folder 7
Proceedings and finances of Russian Section, in Russian.
Russian Section, IWO - Reports and Proceedings, 1936-38
Box 12 Folder 8
Plenum proceedings of the Central Committee, Russian Section, IWO, 1936; Report of Daniila Kazoushchika at the meeting of the Russian Section, IWO - 1938; proceedings of Russian Section, IWO, 1938, in Russian.
Russian Section, IWO - Reports and Proceedings, 1940-44
Box 12 Folder 9
Report of the Russian Section, IWO to the 5th National Convention, IWO, in Russian.
Russian Section - Lodge 3057
Box 13 Folder 1
Sick Benefit correspondence expulsion correspondence, and routine, mostly in Russian, 1946-17.
Russian Section - Lodge 3103
Box 13 Folder 2
Sick Benefit correspondence in Russian, 1947.
Russian Section, IWO - Miscellaneous
Box 13 Folder 3
Memos, speech, certificate of Incorporation of United American Societies for Soviet Relief, Inc., 1944-47; correspondence in Russian, unable to translate, 1945.
Serbian-American Federation, IWO - Correspondence, 1943-45
Box 13 Folder 4
Routine correspondence; report on progress since 1940; plan for recruiting drive; correspondence re Yugoslav Relief, Peter Vukcevich correspondence.
Serbian-American Federation, IWO - Correspondence, 1946-47
Box 13 Folder 5
Form letter re Tag Day Campaign; pledged projects, correspondence re Yugoslav relief and routine; copy of letter to Max Bedacht from Edward C. Carter re American Society for Russian Relief; memos; N. Baltich correspondence.
Serbian-American Federation, IWO - Miscellaneous
Box 13 Folder 6
Leaflet from American Committee for Yugoslav Relief; IWO bulletin of Activities Aids; newsletter; minutes of the regular bimonthly meeting of Executive Committee of the American Association for Reconstruction in Yugoslavia, November 30, 1946, at Hotel Roosevelt, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Serbian-American Federation, IWO
Box 13 Folder 7-11
In Serbian (unable to translate), 1938-47, includes Nikola Baltich correspondence.
Slovak Workers Society, Pre-IWO 1922-25
Box 14 Folder 1
Unable to translate.
Slovak Workers Society - Constitutions and By-laws, 1915-38.
Box 14 Folder 2
Slovak Workers Society - Convention Reports, 1923-47
Box 14 Folder 3-5
Unable to translate.
Slovak Workers Society - Reports to IWO Conventions, 1933-44
Box 14 Folder 6
Unable to translate.
Slovak Workers Society - Bulletin, 1917-33
Box 15 Folder 1-2
Unable to translate.
Slovak Workers Society - Correspondence, 1943-1947
Box 15 Folder 3
Unable to translate.
Slovak Workers Society - History of Slovaks, 1938-41
Box 15 Folder 4
Unable to translate.
Slovak Workers Society - Miscellaneous, 1945-47
Box 15 Folder 5
Unable to translate
Ukrainian Section, IWO - Constitutions, 1938-45
Box 15 Folder 6
Unable to translate.
Ukrainian Section, IWO - Proceedings and Reports, 1935-50
Box 15 Folder 7
Unable to translate.
Ukrainian Section, IWO - Correspondence, 1944-51
Box 15 Folder 8
form letters; letter from M. Bonn (Pittsburgh) discussing John Derkascz incident; routine; and untranslatable correspondence memo form Frank Ilchuk, President re Ukrainian folk festivals.
Ukrainian Section, IWO - Miscellaneous, 1926-50
Box 15 Folder 9
Unable to translate, includes itinerary of lecture tour - Brother Riback
F. Subject Files - General
Abraham Lincoln School - 1945
Box 16 Folder 1
Documents re summer school in Chicago for IWO members.
Aliens - 1941-42
Box 16 Folder 2
Pamphlets, releases, clipping (some published by the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born).
American Labor Party - 1949
Box 16 Folder 3
memo re national registration campaign proposals and fund raising.
Atlantic Charter - 1942
Box 16 Folder 4
Includes official text of White House statement and articles.
Camp Association - 1939
Box 16 Folder 5
Includes proposed constitution of the IWO Camp Association, form letter and list of members to be called to Camp Committee meeting.
Civil Defense - 1941-42
Box 16 Folder 6
Pamphlets; newsclippings; memo re volunteers; statement by General Executive Board, IWO on responsibilities.
Clippings - 1942
Box 16 Folder 7
Miscellaneous clippings.
Committees - Administration Committee - 1941
Box 16 Folder 8
Form letter re dues paid by social members may be applied to initiation fee.
Committees - Appeals Committee - 1940-41
Box 16 Folder 9
Minutes of the National Appeals Committee discusses various issues and cases brought before the Committee by lodges.
Committees - City School Committee - 1938-43
Box 16 Folder 10
Correspondence re annual census of Jewish Schools in New York; statistics on the number of pupils; and generally routine correspondence.
Committees - Committee for the Freedom of Sam Milgrom -1952-53
Box 16 Folder 11
Broadsides, form letters, releases re the unconstitutional denial of bail in the McCarran Act deportation of Sam Milgrom.
Committees - Executive Committee - 1941
Box 16 Folder 12
Includes May 5, 1941 "Minutes of the Executive Committee," 2 pages.
Committees - IWO Policyholders Protective Committee - 1952-53
Box 16 Folder 13
Form letters, releases, brochures, statement, memos re the Attorney-General's McCarran Act citation ("Communist-front" organization).
Committees - National Education Committee - 1941
Box 16 Folder 14
"Minutes of the National Education Committee (IWO), May 7, 1941," 2 pages.
Committees - National Women's Committee - 1941
Box 16 Folder 15
Routine form letter; minutes, 4/26, 5/7, 9/3, 1941.
Committees - New York City Central Committee - 1941
Box 16 Folder 16
Routine form letter re plans for May Day celebration.
Committees - Organization Committee - 1940-41
Box 16 Folder 17
Includes minutes of the committee and "Report to the Organization Committee and Plan of Concentration for Negro Work," by M. Moran Weston, 4 pages.
Committees - Social Security Committee - 1941-46
Box 16 Folder 18
Report of income (1941) and release February 1946.
Committees - State Legislative Committee - n.d.
Box 16 Folder 19
3 page release published by the Committee re legislative bills before Congress.
Consumers - 1941-44
Box 16 Folder 20
2 publications re consumer information (not published by IWO).
Cultural Activities - 1943-51
Box 16 Folder 21
Includes minutes, reports, correspondence, broadsides, clippings, release re various cultural events.
Cultural Activities - Abner Greentour - 1945
Box 16 Folder 22
Correspondence generally re plans for meetings in various cities; broadside re "I Am An American Day."
Film Division 1944-45
Box 16 Folder 23
Financial reports, reports of activities.
Fraternal Outlook - memos - 1942
Box 16 Folder 24
Routine form letters
Fraternal Welfare Fund - 1948
Box 16 Folder 25
Form letter re aid for aged members of the Order
Front Line Fighters Fund - 1940-44
Box 16 Folder 26-28
Includes correspondence, articles, pamphlets re "fund that provides aid in a spirit of patriotic devotion and international solidarity"; correspondence with President's War Relief Control Board re rules and regulations of fund raising activities by organization; drafts of articles; excerpts of letters (and letters) from servicemen and organizations thanking the FLfolder for their contributions; financial data (statement covering 1941-42 and 1942-44).
Health 1942-43
Box 16 Folder 29
Includes publications, clippings, bulletins, (non-IWO) re general public and workers' health during wartime.
Health and Social Security Campaign - 1945-46
Box 16 Folder 30
4 page resolution on organization of the Campaign adopted at IWO Conference.
History - c. 1947
Box 17 Folder 1-3
Includes typed drafts of various sections of Part 1 "History of the IWO and Role of the Fraternal Movement in the U.S."; Part 2 "Insurance"; Part 3 "The Lodge Program."
Home for the Aged - n.d.
Box 17 Folder 4
5 page manuscript, "IWO Home for the Aged" re plans and preparations for a home for aged members of IWO.
I Am An American Day - 1945
Box 17 Folder 5
Correspondence; release; lists of supporters by Society; brochure, "Thoughts of an American" by Frank Sinatra.
IWO Defense Fund - 1948-50
Box 17 Folder 6
Correspondence; handwritten notes; form letters re raising funds "to defend our beloved Order against the unconstitutional, slanderous attacks made against us by Attorney-General Clark"; also includes financial/statistical information - report "Present Status of the Fight for the Life of the Order," 20 pages, n.d.
Ingram Children's Education and Welfare Fund - 1948-49
Box 17 Folder 7-9
Correspondence releases re raising funds for the education and care of the children of Rosa Ingram, Negro mother of 12 children who, with 2 of her sons, was sentenced to a life sentence for the self-defense slaying of a white sharecropper.
Jewish History Week - 1945-46
Box 17 Folder 10
Includes handwritten notes, correspondence, minutes, 28 page "Verbatim Report of Proceedings at a Meeting Against Anti-Semitism and for a Jewish History Week - Under the Auspices of New Masses," 1945.
Labor - Miscellaneous - 1945-47
Box 17 Folder 11
Newspaper clippings, information sheet on proposed labor legislation, publications, form letter.
Legal Correspondence - 1944-50
Box 17 Folder 12
Generally correspondence with Lee Pressman, IWO Attorney, and others re income matters, incincorporationorportaion certificates, various court cases, naturalization proceedings, financial matters and other legal routine.
Legal Correspondence - 1951-53 (and undated)
Box 17 Folder 13
Generally correspondence with Lee Pressman, IWO Attorney, and others re income matters, incorporation certificates, various court cases, naturalization proceedings, financial matters and other legal routine.
Legal Deportation and Loyalty Cases - 1948-53
Box 17 Folder 14
Includes correspondence, releases, form letters, court brief re Gwinn Amendment (Housing) occupancy of building if "subversive"; legal correspondence re members requesting assistance in fighting deportation and concern re possibilities of revoking citizenship based upon membership in IWO, deportation proceedings against Andrew Dmytryshyn, alias Andrew Dolin
Legal - Loyalty Petitions - 1947-48
Box 17 Folder 15
Signed resolutions form lodges all around the country condemning the arbitrary, scandalous declaration of the Attorney-General who questioned the IWO's loyalty.
Legal - New York State Insurance Department - 1949-50
Box 17 Folder 16
"Report on Examination of the International Workers Order, Inc." by Jamers B. Haley, Opinion and Findings of the Deputy Superintendent, Brief to Dismiss Proceedings.
Legal - Use of Corporate Funds - 1938
Box 18 Folder 1
17 page legal document, "Report of Examination re: Use of Corporate Funds of the IWO, Inc.," submitted in Boston, Massachusetts, re sending corporate funds to support the Spanish government, using funds for publication of political magazine, and using funds to run political rallies in Massachusetts.
May Day - 1946-47
Box 18 Folder 2
Publications and clippings.
Membership and Lodge Membership Records - 1952-53
Box 18 Folder 3
Sheets re membership - new, reinstatements, expiration, by Society; also information re discontinued lodges.
Membership Campaign - 1944
Box 18 Folder 4
[15] page document, "Vital Information on 6th Pre-Convention Membership Campaign, March 1 to June 15, 1944," (IWO National Organization Department).
Membership Department - Reinstatements - 1952-53
Box 18 Folder 5-10
Correspondence with members requesting to be reinstated under special plan announced by IWO whereby members who had dropped out over a 3 year period could apply by paying only 3 months back dues along with a signed health statement.
Membership Drive - 1939
Box 18 Folder 11
Includes report, manual for builders, 10 page "Why and How the IWO Organizes - Its Grand Campaign of 1939."
Membership Drive - Pennsylvania - 1945
Box 18 Folder 12
9 page document "Draft Plan - Western Pennsylvania Membership Drive" re strengthening the Order in the mine, steel and aluminum industries, strengthening existing lodges, etc.
Membership - General - 1938-49
Box 18 Folder 13-15
Includes completed questionnaires from lodges re number of members, what language, average attendance, women members, and of special interest, which are replies when asked for General Remarks concerning experiences or opinions on any of the problems of the lodge (folder 13); routine memos and form letters; to National Group Societies form Peter Shipka re FBI agents visiting lodges and demanding lists of members; statistical data re recruiting and general.
Membership Records - 1938-40
Box 18 Folder 16-17
Statistical sheets giving membership information by Sections.
Membership - Social Members - 1947-50
Box 19 Folder 1-2
Sheets stamped "social members," giving date, names and lodge number.
Membership - Weekly Recruiting Reports - 1938
Box 19 Folder 3
Statistical charts re weekly reports on District recruiting and recruiting of sections.
Memoranda - General - 1941
Box 19 Folder 4
General memos re office supplies, etc.
Memorial Day - 1945
Box 19 Folder 5
Lists of members killed in World War II, newspaper clippings.
Miscellaneous - n.d.
Box 19 Folder 6
Miscellaneous manuscript drafts re U.S. Dilemma in the Middle East, Guiding Policy for the Communists in their leadership and work in the IWO; memo on Editorial policy of Fraternal Outlook; manuscript, "Activities of the Order on Behalf of Labor," 16 pages; "IWO Program With Respect to Juniors," 11 pages; "The Order's Program and Activities with Respect to Civil Liberties, Equality and Democracy," 20 pages.
Mundt-Nixon Bill - 1948
Box 19 Folder 7
Includes 4 page "Analysis of the Mundt Police State Bill (HR 5852)" by IWO; clippings; transcript of proceedings of IWO National Conference to Defeat the Mundt Bill; copies of the bill; form letter from President Kent to all lodges and miscellaneous.
National Women's Committee - 1941
Box 19 Folder 8
Minutes of meeting, 3/19/41, 2 pages.
Negroes - 1941-49
Box 19 Folder 9-12a
3 page letter to the editor of The Daily Compass from Edward L. Nelson, New Haven, Connecticut, in disagreement with an editorial by a Mr. Ottley concerning the Negro people's progress in general (includes several drafts) (folder 9); 3 page "Minutes of the National Commission on Negro Work, 4/8/41"; 7 page "Resolutions and Proposals on Negro Work in the IWO"; 16 page "Proposals for Negro Work in the Order" (folder 10); publications re Negroes and the war, defense production; news releases; clippings; articles; speech, 7 pages, "The Negro and the Fight for Victory" by Edward E. Strong, National Secretary of the National Negro Congress, 4/10/43; Negro History Week - 1945; 1946 - news releases, broadsides, pamphlet, etc.
People's Radio Association - n.d.
Box 19 Folder 13
Form letter sent out to potential sponsors for PRA.
Peoples Songs, Inc. - 1946
Box 19 Folder 14
Brochures and newsletter re songs of labor.
Politics - 1942-44
Box 19 Folder 15-17
Articles; endorsements of IWO by state; broadsides; news clippings; "Report on Movie Tours and Showings During Election Campaign," 4 pages, 1944.
Publications - Requests for - 1944-46
Box 20 Folder 1-3
Routine requests for IWO publications.
Publications Department - Negro History Week - 1947
Box 20 Folder 4
Order blanks; plan of publicity and promotion; news releases and routine re publications to be issued.
Publication Department - Requests for Film Strip - 1946
Box 20 Folder 5
Requests for film strip "Health and Security for America," by IWO.
Publications Department - Requests - "Negro History Week Bulletin" - 1947
Box 20 Folder 6-8
Includes routine requests for publications.
Radio Programs - n.d.
Box 20 Folder 9
Form re IWO broadcasts.
Radio Project - n.d.
Box 20 Folder 10
Re suggestions for project re Russian Radio Project (some handwritten pages).
Relief and Rehabilitation - 1946
Box 20 Folder 10a
Correspondence, news releases, requests for publication, re United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration's distribution of food to invaded countries.
Roosevelt, F. D. - 1941-43
Box 20 Folder 11
Includes newspaper clippings, 8 page "President Roosevelt's Radio Address - George Washington's Birthday, 2/22/48."
Salvage and Conservation - 1942
Box 20 Folder 12
Broadside and government publication.
Servicemen's Vote - 1944
Box 20 Folder 13
Servicemen's Welfare - 1944
Box 20 Folder 14
"Memorandum on Servicemen's Welfare, Prepared for Brother Bedacht, September 1941-April 1944," 4 pages, re gifts sent to servicemen by IWO.
Sick Benefit Department - Lodge 1517, 2001, 2002, 2004 - 1950-53
Box 20 Folder 15-19
Correspondence re payment of sick benefit claims to members of Slovak local lodges. (Unable to translate some of this correspondence.)
SBD (Sick Benefit Department - Lodge 2005-3548 - 1950-53
Box 21 Folder 1-40
Correspondence re payment of sick benefit claims to members of Slovak local lodges, appears to be all Slovak locals. (Unable to translate most of box.)
SBD - Lodge 3549-4385
Box 22 Folder 1-18
Correspondence re payment of sick benefit claims to members of Slovak local lodges, appears to be all Slovak locals. (Unable to translate most of box.)
Social Security Crusade Fund - 1940-41
Box 22 Folder 19
Statistical/financial sheets, "Report of Income."
Soviet-Nazi War - 1941
Box 22 Folder 20
6 page "Speakers's Guide on the Soviet-Nazi War and Its Significance to Americans."
United Nations - 1942
Box 22 Folder 21
Includes publications, Declaration by the U.N., copy of the Atlantic Charter, and brochures.
United Office and Professional Workers, Local 16-1949
Box 22 Folder 22
Union represented National Office staff of IWO - Includes correspondence, seniority lists, agreement and supplemental agreement
Veterans Work - 1945
Box 22 Folder 22a
Correspondence form Dave Green re benefits for veterans; news releases; broadsides; form letters.
War Relief - 1942
Box 22 Folder 23
Release; pamphlet; article re war relief.
Win the Peace Conference - 1946
Box 22 Folder 24
Releases; program; form letter.
Women - 1941
Box 22 Folder 25
Form letters from IWO, National Director of Women's Work, re pending legislation.
Women's Draft - National - 1942
Box 22 Folder 26
6 page "Mother's Day - 1942 - For Victory"; and 1 page "Proposals on Work of the IWO Women's Clubs".
Workers Alliance of America - 1938
Box 22 Folder 27
Form letter re conference on unemployment.
Workmen's Benefit Fund - 1945
Box 22 Folder 27a
Minutes of Joint meeting with IWO.
Young Fraternalists - 1941
Box 22 Folder 28
7 page "Proceedings of the Eastern National Encampment - Young Fraternalists."
II. Liquidation
A. Files by State
Liquidation - General - 1951-53
Box 23 Folder 1
Correspondence re Supreme Court ruling listing the IWO as a subversive organization was arbitrary and unconstitutional; 3 page memo from Shipka to Raphael H. Weissman, Esq., re the impact of the injunction upon the overall operations of the IWO; memos re information and facts in preparation for trial; 5 page "Digest of the Opinions of Supreme Court Justices in the IWO Suit Against the Attorney-General's Subversive List - Its Meaning for the Order and Its Effect on the Liquidation Proceedings"; court document re IWO being on the subversive list; 1950 report, 141 pages, entitled "The Order" by Mary Kaufman; informational memos; "Analysis of the Decision," no author.
Liquidation - Illinois - 1950-51
Box 23 Folder 2
Court documents; correspondence with Illinois Department of Insurance requesting list of all lodges in the state.
Liquidation - Illinois - 1950-53
Box 23 Folder 3
Court documents and routine correspondence.
Liquidation - New York State - 1951-53
Box 23 Folder 4
Includes releases, form letter, 4 page release "War with Russia Given as Grounds for Liquidation of Fraternal Order" by Elmer Bendiner; letters to Alfred Bohlinger, Superintendent of Insurance, in reply to his letter which was sent to all locals - IWO replies: "It was a little masterpiece of arrogance and insult"; fact sheet; statement by Rockwell Kent.
Liquidation - New York State - 1951-53
Box 23 Folder 5
Correspondence; form letters to lodges re steps in fight for life of the Order; fact sheet and questions re Albany hearing; 3 page "Statement to the Members of the New York State Senate and Assembly by a Delegation of the IWO Policyholders Protective Committee"; list of legislators seen by Albany delegation.
Liquidation - New York State - 1952-53
Box 23 Folder 6
Releases; 57 page "Analysis of Haley Report - for Purposes of Cross Examination."
Liquidation - New York State - 1950-53
Box 23 Folder 7
Correspondence re request for approval of purchase of building for IWO home office use and routine re hearings, membership, requests for information; broadsides; IWO News Bulletin, 2 issues, (April 1951 and May 1951); 3 page list of signers of petition requesting that Governor Dewey act to withdraw liquidation proceedings against IWO; notice of scheduled picket line and delegation in front of the Insurance Department building.
Liquidation - New York State - Court Documents - 1950
Box 23 Folder 8-10
Includes petitions, order to show cause, briefs.
Liquidation - New York State - Court Documents - 1950-53
Box 24 Folder All
Briefs, opinions, reports.
B. Files by Subject
Liquidation - American-Russian Fraternal Society.
Box 25 Folder 1
Liquidation - Carpatho-Russian Society .
Box 25 Folder 2
Liquidation - Croatian Society.
Box 25 Folder 3
Liquidation - Douglass-Lincoln Fraternal Society.
Box 25 Folder 4
Liquidation - Garibaldi Society.
Box 25 Folder 5
Liquidation - IWO Files from Sam Milgrom.
Box 25 Folder 6
Liquidation - IWO Translation of Loose Matters on Top of Files.
Box 25 Folder 7
Liquidation - JPFO Cabinet D-8.
Box 25 Folder 8
Liquidation - JPFO Cabinet D-9.
Box 25 Folder 9
Liquidation - JPFO Translations, etc. - Cabinet D-10.
Box 25 Folder 10
Liquidation - JPFO Cabinet G-22.
Box 25 Folder 11
Liquidation - Jewish Young Fraternalists Cabinet D-36.
Box 26 Folder 1
Liquidation - Albert E. Kahn Files, Cabinet D-207.
Box 26 Folder 2
Liquidation - Polish.
Box 26 Folder 3
Liquidation - Serbian American Federation.
Box 26 Folder 4
Liquidation - Slovak Workers Society.
Box 26 Folder 5
Liquidation - "Spanish Original Copy."
Box 26 Folder 6
Liquidation - Ukrainian-American Fraternal Union Cabinet D-66 and D-67
Box 26 Folder 7-8
Liquidation - "Cabinet D-50 - IWO."
Box 26 Folder 9
Liquidation - Miscellaneous Material Transferred from Empty Cabinets - General Lodges.
Box 26 Folder 10
C. Miscellaneous Files
Liquidation - Miscellaneous - 1949-56 and undated
Box 26 Folder 11
3 page manuscript to "General Council" re special meeting called because of the "Fraternal Report" issued by the New York Insurance Department; IWO property, Arrow Farms, Inc., legal correspondence; handwritten notes re textbook Workers School - We Learn and Fight; miscellaneous other handwritten notes re Rockwell Kent, minutes of Russian Section (1937), infiltration, IWO properties, financial information, and others; court brief before U.S. Court of Appeals; court documents - U.S. Supreme Court; speech in support of IWO, n.d., no author, 51 pages.
Liquidation - Miscellaneous -1951-53
Box 26 Folder 12
Letters of support and miscellaneous. (Mostly Yiddish.)
Liquidation - Miscellaneous - 1950-56
Box 26 Folder 13
Yiddish and English support letters, clippings, financial data and miscellaneous.
Liquidation - Mail Received by Insurance Department - 1953-56
Box 26 Folder 14
Correspondence re loans to Camp Lakeland and Camp Kinderland; legal notices; insurance claims; real estate; release sent to all lodges by New York State Insurance Department re liquidating and miscellaneous notes.
III. Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order (JPFO)
A. Administrative Records
1. Declaration of Principles
2 page "Declaration of Principles Adopted by the JPFO of the IWO, Inc.," n.d.
Box 27 Folder 1
Constitution and By-laws, 7 pages, n.d.
Box 27 Folder 1a
2. Minutes and Reports
Minutes, National Executive Committee, 1930-49
Box 27 Folder 2-3
Early minutes (1930-31) discuss funeral fund, establishment of a National Cemetery Fund, land purchase for cemetery (non-sectarian); 1939 - discusses budget proposals; 1945 - re 15th Anniversary of the Order, membership drive, the Order in Canada, JPFO official organ, People's Radio Foundation, textbooks for schools; 1946 - upcoming convention activities, relationship with American Federation of Polish Jews, delegates to attend American Jewish Congress Conference, May Day parade, membership campaign; 1947 -report on New Jersey lodges; 1948 - membership campaign, Relief and Rehabilitation Campaign, placed on "subversive" list, youth recruitment; 1949 - minutes of the JPFO National Board - re home for the aged members, Negro-Jewish unity, fighting anti-Semitism, development of a Yiddish theatre movement, report by IWO attorney, Lee Pressman, re being a "so-called subversive organization."
Resident Board - Minutes - 1940-47
Box 27 Folder 4
1940 - movement for social security, replacement of editor of Fraternal Outlook "who can better fill the present need of the magazine"; 1941 - membership campaign, Dies attack, the war effort; 1946 - report on Peace Conference in Washington, reports on membership of various lodges; 1947 - National Youth Convention, organization of the National Board, Rehabilitation Fund, evaluation of the convention, evaluation of Emma Lazarus Convention, action on Attorney-General Clark's report, Jewish Community in Palestine, National School Campaign, death of Brother Joseph Brodsky, report on Emma Lazarus Division.
Resident Board Minutes - 1948-53
Box 27 Folder 5
1948 - National Leadership Training School, old age home, membership campaign, cultural work, report of the schools, crisis in Palestine; 1949 - report on Pavis Peace Congress, Centenary of Emma Lazarus, old age home, membership drive; 1950 - 20th Anniversary drive, protest Mundt-Ferguson-Nixon Bill, Youth Convention report, concert tour; 1952 - report on youth work, reinstatement of members; the appeal of the order to be heard by the New York Court of Appeals, deportation; 1953 - loss of members, legal matters pertaining to Insurance Department investigation.
Reports to National Board by General Secretary R. Saltzman - 1946-48
Box 27 Folder 6
1946 - Hitlerism, Jewish Labor Committee, contribution of JPFO relief effort, unity movement, political elections building of the order; 1947 - 1946 elections and the Jewish people, aftermaths of the war, American-Jewish Conference and the Jewish Congress, Palestine, membership drive, etc.; 1948 - attack against the Order, fascism, National School Committee, Morgen Freiheit, World Jewish Congress, home for aged members; 1950 - fighting the reactionary coalition through unity, progress of the Order, goals of the American Jewish Congress.
Reports to National Board - 1935-48
Box 27 Folder 7-9
In Yiddish.
3. Convention Documents
4th Convention - 1938
Box 27a Folder 1
Includes report of Yiddish Section (in Yiddish).
5th and 6th Conventions - 1940-1944
Box 27a Folder 2
Includes reports and speeches in Yiddish with the exception of "Committee on English-Speaking Work Report" by George Starr (1944), p. 81-94, discusses Jewish contributions to America, Jewish culture, growth of lodges, schools, youth movement, need for Jewish magazine; p. 95-99, "Sol Vail - Report of New England District"; p. 100-102, "Sol Rotenberg - Report of Philadelphia District"; p. 103-104, "H. B. Rotman - Chicago"; p. 105, "Sylvan Gottshef - United Jewish Appeal"; p. 106-107, "Dave Vines - New Jersey District"; p. 108-112, "Report of the Emma Lazarus Women's Division - June Gordon"; address by Senator James E. Murray.
Report of Pre-Convention Problems - 1947
Box 27a Folder 4
In Yiddish - pre-presidential election of 1948.
7th Convention - Minutes - 1947
Box 27a Folder 5
Held at Camp Kinderland, 48 pages, includes reports from secretaries of lodges and chairmen of various committees, and resolutions.
7th Convention - Minutes - 1947
Box 27a Folder 6
In Yiddish. Held at Camp Kinderland, 48 pages, includes reports from secretaries of lodges and chairmen of various committees, and resolutions.
7th Convention - Reports and Speeches - 1947
Box 27a Folder 7
Includes corrected drafts of reports and speeches, R. Saltzman report to the 7th Convention, "Looking to the Future," 31 pages.
7th Convention - Speech - 1947
Box 27a Folder 8
Order Convention by P. Novick in Yiddish.
7th Convention - Miscellaneous - 1947
Box 27a Folder 9
Includes "Plan for English-Speaking Lodges", "Pre-Convention Discussion Outline", and miscellaneous.
1949 - Report of R. Salzman on Plenary Session - 20th Anniversary of IWO in Yiddish.
Box 27a Folder 10
8th Convention - 1951
Box 27a Folder 11
Includes 3 page "Call to the Convention" in both English and Yiddish, forms for delegates, and form letter.
B. Divisions/Committees
Emma Lazarus Division - Action Letter - 1946-47
Box 28 Folder 1
Newsletter published by Emma Lazarus Division, Women's Organization of the JPFO.
Emma Lazarus Division - Correspondence - General - 1945-48
Box 28 Folder 2
Includes statement of Division re FEPC, outline for discussion of International Women's Day, and routine correspondence.
Emma Lazarus Division - Membership Drives - 1946-47
Box 28 Folder 3
Form letters re membership drives.
Emma Lazarus Division - Minutes - 1946-47
Box 28 Folder 4
Includes minutes for June 9, 1946 and August 21, 1947
Emma Lazarus Division - Miscellaneous - 1946-49
Box 28 Folder 5
Includes bulletin, newsletter, form letters, leaflets, release.
Cultural Conference Committee - 1948-49
Box 28 Folder 6
Includes financial statements, programs, clipping, 8 page "Main Address to Cultural Conference - Answer to a People Calling" by Morris Schappes.
Jewish Community Council of Detroit - 1945
Box 28 Folder 7
Correspondence re JPFO contributing to Civic Defense Fund Drive - requests that none of the funds be given to the Jewish Labor Committee which is a "destructive force within Jewish life."
Los Angeles Jewish City Committee - 1950
Box 28 Folder 8
Includes 5 page "Bulletin of the City Committee of the JPFO, Los Angeles, California, February 1950."
New York Jewish City Committee - 1940-46
Box 28 Folder 9
Includes correspondence (mostly Yiddish), program, announcements, form letters.
Committees - Minutes, Miscellaneous - 1946-53
Box 28 Folder 10
Includes August 1947 minutes of the 2nd meeting of the National Youth Committee of the JPFO; Committee on English-Speaking Work, February 1946; City Legislative Action Committee of the City Youth Executive, May 1946; Joint Distributive Committee, release, April 1947; minutes of the City Committee of the JPFO, October 1953.
C. Correspondence - Officers
Kahn, Albert E. - President - 1946-48
Box 29 Folder 1
Correspondence re situation in Poland; Jews in Palestine; form letters; memo, "Statement on Second Session of World Jewish Congress, 1948, to Executive Committee Members."
Pevzner, Sam - National Activities Director and Editor of the Jewish Fraternalist - 1946-48
Box 29 Folder 2
Letter to Pevzner from Peter Seeger, National Director, People's Songs, Inc. requesting his presence at their first National Convention; form letters re various activities; and routine.
Rymer, E. N. - National Director Youth and Veterans Activities - 1946-50
Box 29 Folder 3
Correspondence form letters re meetings, conferences, membership and routine.
Saltzman, Rubin - General Secretary - 1938-41
Box 29 Folder 4
Routine correspondence, letter from M. H. McIntyre, Secretary to the President of U.S., thanking Saltzman for patriotic support, 11/11/41
Saltzman, Rubin - General Secretary - 1942-43
Box 29 Folder 5
Includes 4 page letter from Saltzman to Meyer M. Weisgal re asking for re-consideration of the IWO's application for membership on the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Assembly and letter from Russian Ambassador, letter to Governor Dewey re imprisonment of Morris U. Schappes.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1944
Box 29 Folder 6
2 page "Nora Van Leewen Zhitlowsky, (A Short Biographical Sketch)"; correspondence and form letters re July 4th celebration; correspondence with Nora Zhitlowsky re her lectures in various cities, letter from War Department re segregation of races.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1945
Box 29 Folder 7
Correspondence re financial contribution to the American Jewish Conference, hadassah, Jewish Council for War Relief and routine.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1946
Box 29 Folder 8
Correspondence re new IWO organizations in Fresno, California and Tucson, Arizona, setting up Jewish Orphans home in Poland, correspondence re a monument to Sholem Aleichem and routine.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1946
Box 29 Folder 9
Correspondence with Nora Zhitlowsky re routine and other routine correspondence.
Saltzman, Rubin - Tour - 1946
Box 29 Folder 10
Mostly re arrangements for tours.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1946-47 - Yiddish
Box 29 Folder 11
Correspondence re the Children's relief and Rehabilitation Homes in Belgium and France and the events in Warsaw, and routine.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1947
Box 29 Folder 12
Letter from Joseph Brainin, 3/26/47 to Saltzmann re whether the JPFO should include an effective department to counteract anti-Semitism in the U.S.; 5/15/47 letter from Brainin suggesting "the Committee of Writer to tender a dinner in honor of Gromyko"; 4/29/47, 2 page letter from Saltzman to David Petegorsky, Executive Division, American Jewish Congress which answers questions pertaining to the position of the JPFO on issues effecting the Yishuv in Palestine; and routine
Saltzman, Rubin - 1948-49
Box 29 Folder 13
Letter from Rockwell Kent, 5/5/49, re speaking engagement arrangements, and a short report of the Paris Congress which Rockwell attended; report on "Ridgefield" and "Our Home for the Aged"; and routine.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1949 - Yiddish
Box 29 Folder 14
5/2/49 - complaints about Comrade Weinstein's management of Camp Kinderland and the old age home; and routine.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1950
Box 29 Folder 15
Saltzman, Rubin - 1951
Box 29 Folder 16
Letter from A. Bohlinger, New York State Department of Insurance, requesting all records on Saltzman's possession turned over to Bohlinger, 7/25/51.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1952
Box 29 Folder 17
Correspondence re members' dues; correspondence with Insurance Department re lodge bank statements; letter re discrimination at New York University killing of Enus L. Christiani, certificate and assignment of Bail Fund of the Civil Rights Congress of New York; and routine.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1953-56
Box 29 Folder 18
Re cultural tour, status of legal fight for the Order; from Los Angeles Office re "desperately in need of funds"; letter re Workmen's Circle, 1956.
Saltzman, Rubin - 1953 - Yiddish.
Box 29 Folder 19
Saltzman, Rubin - n.d.
Box 29 Folder 20
Form letter re fund raising for protection of the shules; "New Year's Greetings From Rubin Saltzman"; letter to President Truman; citation from the Council of Fraternal and Benevolent Organizations.
Saltzman, Rubin - Speeches and Lectures - Yiddish
Box 29 Folder 21
Re Children's Camps, schools as a war front, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; manuscript and speech - "On History of the Fraternal Movement" and "The Forward and the IWO"; speech re liquidation of IWO; speech "What Constitutes a `Hazard'" re liquidation; "Twenty Years of the International Workers Order," 66 pages; news release, 1946; article, "We Saw Them Build."
Sandler, G. - Executive Secretary - 1946
Box 30 Folder 1
Correspondence and form letters re routine (meeting announcements, speaking engagements, etc.); includes, in Yiddish, statement and report of contribution and support of orphan homes in Biro-Bidgan and Poland pogroms.
Sandler, G. - 1946 - Yiddish
Box 30 Folder 2
Correspondence with Zaltzman and Yukelson; branch affairs - constitutional issues, transfers, concert tours, camp.
Sandler, G. - Executive Secretary 1947
Box 30 Folder 3
Sandler, G. - 1950-52
Box 30 Folder 4
Sandler, G. - 1953
Box 30 Folder 5
Re reinstatement of members; tour agenda and expenses; arrangements of officers to visit all lodges to explain legal difficulties, keeping membership intact, etc.
Starr, George - National Director and Director of English-Speaking Lodges - 1945
Box 30 Folder 6
Routine correspondence.
Starr, George - National Director - 1946
Box 30 Folder 7
Form letters re support of Crusade to End Lynching; Million Dollar Drive; Jews in D. P. Camps and Palestine; and routine.
Starr, George - National Director - 1944
Box 30 Folder 8
Correspondence re organizing a lodge in Kingston, New York; letter from member in Hartford, Connecticut, asking about JPFO-owned cemeteries and Starr's reply; from lodge in Milwaukee re activities of the lodge; and routine.
Starr, George - National Director - 1946
Box 30 Folder 9
Substantial correspondence with Samuel S. Shapira who called himself "the father of the revival of the ideals of liberty, democracy and the Bill of Rights ... against growing fascism in America...."
Starr, G. - 1947
Box 30 Folder 10
Starr, G. - 1948
Box 30 Folder 11
Starr, George - National Director - 1950
Box 30 Folder 12
Correspondence with Mike Hecht re article in The Fraternalist about the wages of employees at the Ridgefield Resort.
Starr, George - National Director - Tours, 1946-47
Box 30 Folder 13-14
Generally routine correspondence re arrangements, although some information about lodges in Houston, Texas, Florida, and California.
Yukelson - Editor of the Tribune and Morgen Freiheit - Yiddish 1946
Box 30 Folder 15
Correspondence re printing articles and notices - all Yiddish.
Zhitlovsky, Chaim - President, Committee of Jewish Writers and Artists in America - 1941-43
Box 30 Folder 16
Correspondence mainly with Saltzman re opposition to "Tanks for Russia" Campaign; lecture tour itineraries; press releases and telegrams concerning his death, letter from his family re publication of his manuscripts.
Correspondence - General - 1944-49
Box 30 Folder 17
Routine re changes of addresses, requests for publications and information.
Correspondence - Inter-Office Memos - 1951-53
Box 30 Folder 18-21
Re meeting arrangements; recruitment; general activities; dues; reinstatements.
Correspondence - General - Yiddish - 1938-53
Box 30 Folder 22
Correspondence - Form Letters - Yiddish - 1945-50
Box 30 Folder 23
To various IWO branches re Book news, relief appeal, anniversary of the Order, banquets, membership drives, tours, holidays, district conventions.
D. Lodge Files
Lodge 5 and 14 - 1949-55
Box 31 Folder 1
In Yiddish - re help for Polish journey; not allowing a Communist to become a member of Lodge 14 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Lodge 19 - 1946
Box 31 Folder 2
Yiddish - re $10,000 campaign to open a branch in Harlem.
Lodge 20 - 1945
Box 31 Folder 3
Yiddish - re setting up relief campaign of which 60% would be returned to collecting lodge.
Lodge 24 and 26 - 1945-51
Box 31 Folder 4
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 27 - 1948-50
Box 31 Folder 5
Some Yiddish - local member resigns his membership because of IWO being placed on list as subversive organization; Sandler (Yiddish) - fund raising is the very survival of the organization.
Lodge 31 and 34 - 1945
Box 31 Folder 6
Both Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 37 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 7
Lodge 45, 46 and 48 - 1946-53
Box 31 Folder 8
English and Yiddish - routine
Lodge 49 and 51 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 9
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 55, 57 and 61 - 1945-50
Box 31 Folder 10
Yiddish routine.
Lodge 62 - 1947-50
Box 31 Folder 11
English - Atlanta, Georgia, Lodge - Correspondence re dues, correspondence re Henry Wald, member, re insurance premiums and coverage and his wife being involved in a loyalty board hearing - Wald says, "I am apparently affiliated with an inefficient and unbusinesslike organization" - they finally resign form the organization.
Lodge 62 - 1948-50
Box 31 Folder 12
Yiddish - re members resigning, attack on the Order, dissolving the lodge.
Lodge 69, 71 and 77 - 1948-53
Box 31 Folder 13
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 90 - 1948-49
Box 31 Folder 14
Yiddish and English - routine.
Local 91, 92 and 93 - 1947-49
Box 31 Folder 15
English and Yiddish - re problems in Ohio and lodge with Youngstown Jewish Community Relations Council demanding that JPFO be expelled as a member of the Council.
Local 98 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 16
English and Yiddish - re dissolving Lodge 257 and members transferred to Lodge 98.
Lodge 100 and 101 - 1938-53
Box 31 Folder 17
Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 102, 103 and 104 - 1945-50
Box 31 Folder 18
Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 105 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 19
Yiddish and English - routine re sick benefit claims and a resignation of a member.
Lodge 106 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 20
English - re backing Saltzman and other leaders in the struggle to re-establish the rights and privileges of members.
Lodge 111 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 21
English - reinstatement of a member.
Lodge 112 - 1946
Box 31 Folder 22
Yiddish - re campaign to open branch in Harlem
Lodge 113 - 1938-53
Box 31 Folder 23
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 115 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 24
Yiddish - routine
Lodge 117 and 120 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 25
English and Yiddish (Lodge 117) re meeting in New Haven and routine.
Lodge 122 - 1952
Box 31 Folder 26
English - re inquiry by Insurance Department as to financial statements of lodge.
Lodge 124 and 126 - 1944-53
Box 31 Folder 27
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 128 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 28
English - routine
Lodge 132 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 29
Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 36 - 1946-47
Box 31 Folder 30
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 136 - 1945-53
Box 31 Folder 31
Yiddish - routine
Lodge 138 - 1945-53
Box 31 Folder 32
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 141 and 142 - 1950-53
Box 31 Folder 33
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 143 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 34
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 148 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 35
English - routine.
Lodge 149 - 1944-53
Box 31 Folder 36
English and Yiddish - routine
Lodge 153 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 37
English - routine.
Lodge 158 and 159 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 38
English and Yiddish - routine
Lodge 160 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 39
English - routine.
Lodge 165 - 1949-46
Box 31 Folder 40
English and Yiddish correspondence re low wages of kitchen help at Ridgefield Resort; scattered issues of Local newsletter.
Lodge 167 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 41
Yiddish support letter and reply.
Lodge 169 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 42
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 170 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 43
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 175 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 44
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 176 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 45
English and Yiddish routine.
Lodge 182 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 46
Yiddish - routine
Lodge 184 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 47
Yiddish - routine
Lodge 186 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 48
English - routine.
Lodge 187 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 49
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 191 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 50
Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 192 - 1946-47
Box 31 Folder 51
English - Miami, Florida re wanting to form a "General Lodge rather than JPFO Lodge; and routine.
Lodge 192 - 1945-53
Box 31 Folder 52
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 196, 198 and 200 - 1938-52
Box 31 Folder 53
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 204 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 54
English - routine.
Lodge 206 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 55
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 211 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 56
Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 215 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 57
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 223 and 224 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 58
English - routine.
Lodge 228 and 230 - 1945-54
Box 31 Folder 59
Yiddish and English - includes "General Report" in Yiddish; and routine.
Lodge 232 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 60
English - routine.
Lodge 236 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 61
English - routine
Lodge 247 and 250 - 1938-53
Box 31 Folder 62
English and Yiddish - routine
Lodge 251 and 256 - 1949-53
Box 31 Folder 63
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 257 - 1947-53
Box 31 Folder 64
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 258 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 65
English - routine.
Lodge 263 and 265 - 1945-53
Box 31 Folder 66
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 267 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 67
English - routine
Lodge 273 - 1953
Box 31 Folder 68
English - routine.
Lodge 277 - 1946-53
Box 31 Folder 69
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 278 and 279 - 1942-53
Box 32 Folder 1
Yiddish and English routine.
Lodge 281 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 2
English - routine.
Lodge 283 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 3
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 283 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 4
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 302 and 304 - 1938039
Box 32 Folder 5
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 337 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 6
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 358 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 7
English - routine.
Lodge 400 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 8
Yiddish - routine
Lodge 419 - 1944
Box 32 Folder 9
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 438 - 1947-53
Box 32 Folder 10
English - routine.
Lodge 440 - 1950
Box 32 Folder 11
English - routine.
Lodge 443 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 12
Lodge 448 - 1947
Box 32 Folder 13
English newsletter.
Lodge 454 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 14
Lodge 463 - 1947
Box 32 Folder 15
English - routine (members request to have names removed from all mailing lists).
Lodge 464 - 1952-53
Box 32 Folder 16
English - routine.
Lodge 465 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 17
English - routine
Lodge 466 - 1950
Box 32 Folder 18
English - routine.
Lodge 467 - 1950
Box 32 Folder 19
English - routine.
Lodge 469 - 1947
Box 32 Folder 20
English newsletter and correspondence re staffing problems in this Los Angeles lodge.
Lodge 471 - 1946-47
Box 32 Folder 21
English newsletters.
Lodge 477 - 1945
Box 32 Folder 22
English and Yiddish - re resolution against World War II and concentration camps.
Lodge 482 - 1945-53
Box 32 Folder 23
English - Washington, D.C. lodge, substantial amount of correspondence, mostly concerning routine lodge activities
Lodge 484 - 1950
Box 32 Folder 24
English - member (Indiana) with post office position requested to have his name removed from mailing list because the FBI and Post Office Department Taken every name of person receiving Fraternal Outlook
Lodge 486 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 25
English - routine
Lodge 488 - 1947
Box 32 Folder 26
English correspondence with Jack Greenhill (President Lodge - Los Angeles) re his resignation due to the IWO splitting up into nationality groups which he called "discrimination".
Lodge 489 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 27
English - routine
Lodge 491 1950-53
Box 32 Folder 28
Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 493 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 29
Lodge 498 - 1947
Box 32 Folder 30
English - one issue of newsletter.
Lodge 498 - 1947
Box 32 Folder 31
English - routine.
Lodge 508 - 1948-53
Box 32 Folder 32
English - routine.
Lodge 514 - 1952-53
Box 32 Folder 33
English - routine.
Lodge 517 - 1946-47
Box 32 Folder 34
English newsletter and routine.
Lodge 521 - 1946-47
Box 32 Folder 35
English correspondence re Ridgefield Resort (a JPFO Institution) being too expensive for the "average worker".
Lodge 523 -1945-50
Box 32 Folder 36
English correspondence re the Jewish Community Center in Poughkeepsie, New York, denied use of Center to JPFO.
Lodge 540 - 1948
Box 32 Folder 37
English - routine.
Lodge 543 - 1945
Box 32 Folder 38
English - routine.
Lodge 562 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 39
English - routine.
Lodge 580 - 1945
Box 32 Folder 40
Lodge 585 - 1947
Box 32 Folder 41
English newsletter.
Lodge 600 - 1946
Box 32 Folder 42
English - routine.
Lodge 607 - 1952-53
Box 32 Folder 43
English - routine.
Lodge 658 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 44
English - routine.
Lodge 620 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 45
English - routine.
Lodge 660 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 46
English and Yiddish - routine.
Lodge 704 - 1946-53
Box 32 Folder 47
English - routine.
Lodge 746 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 48
English - routine.
Lodge 751 - 1945
Box 32 Folder 49
English - routine.
Lodge 760 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 50
English - routine.
Lodge 795 - 1944-48
Box 32 Folder 51
English - 1 issue of newsletter and routine.
Lodge 803 - 1946
Box 32 Folder 52
Lodge 805 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 53
English - routine.
Lodge 807 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 54
English - routine.
Lodge 817 - 1947-53
Box 32 Folder 55
English - routine and newsletters.
Lodge 818 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 56
English - routine.
Lodge 828 - 1944-50
Box 32 Folder 57
Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 860 - 1953
Box 32 Folder 58
English - routine.
Lodge 905 and 926 - 1945-53
Box 32 Folder 59
Yiddish and English - routine.
Lodge 953 - 1944
Box 32 Folder 60
English - routine.
Lodge 3292 - 1944
Box 32 Folder 61
English - routine.
Lodge 4507 - 1944
Box 32 Folder 62
English - routine.
Chicago Lodge - 1949
Box 32 Folder 63
English broadside re Chanukah Party.
Los Angeles District - 1950
Box 32 Folder 64
English resolution to Governor Thomas Dewey re liquidation
Manhattan District - n.d.
Box 32 Folder 65
2 page manuscript "The Fight Against Racist Poison in the Manhattan District, JPFO"; 2 page manuscript "An Act of White Chauvinism."
Philadelphia District - 1944-47
Box 32 Folder 66
7 page "Minutes - Philadelphia Cultural Conference - JPFO, October 27, 1946"; scattered issues of newsletter; clippings; correspondence re 15th Anniversary Celebration in Philadelphia; correspondence between Sol Rotenberg, Executive Director, and John B. Kelly re demanding a public apology for calling the JPFO "subversive" in a speech quoted in The Philadelphia Record (1945); and miscellaneous
Locals - Miscellaneous - 1948-51
Box 32 Folder 67
Routine correspondence re some California lodges; Volume 1, Number 1, issue of The Spark (January 1948).
Locals - Miscellaneous - 1948
Box 32 Folder 68-71
Completed forms by lodge number, "Report to General Office on Election of Officers" giving elected officers' names and addresses, location of lodge and replies to questions such as: address of meeting place, frequency of meetings, medical service available, own cemetery, issue own bulletin, etc.
E. Cultural Department Files
Concert Tours - 1951-53
Box 33 Folder all
This section arranged alphabetically by city. Contents include form letters and follow-ups, dates and details of the tours, press releases, printing leaflets, etc.
Concert Tours - 1951-53
Box 34 Folder all
This section arranged chronologically by date of tour. Contents include questionnaires, form letters, schedules and wages of performers, accounting sheets, hotel receipts, leaflet proofs, scripts, etc.
Educational Activities - 1944-49
Box 35 Folder 1
Includes draft of "Plan for Cultural Work in the English Speaking Lodges"; "Jews in American Democratic Movements" by Morris U. Schappes, 13 pages, 1949; "Warsaw Ghetto Program, Activities Manual No. 1," 7 pages, 1946; "The Jews in the Post-War World," outline for discussion, 8 pages; proposals for educational work; outlines; quizzes; bulletins; memo; "Educational Material," April 1946; and Educational, Cultural Bulletin.
Jefferson Players - 1946
Box 35 Folder 2
News release; photographs; form letter; programs; routine correspondence; history of Jefferson Players and constitution; rates for bookings.
Jewish History Week - 1949
Box 35 Folder 3
Speech; episode in the story of Jews in America; recommended bibliography for Story Week (in Yiddish).
Miscellaneous - 1943-51
Box 35 Folder 4-5
Routine correspondence; proposed program services for Peoples Radio Foundation, Inc.; Cultural Fund ledger sheets; form letters; cultural bulletin; recommendations for Culture Panel Conference.
Music - 1946-47
Box 35 Folder 6
Includes sheet music; routine correspondence; a corrected copy of "Program Material for the Jewish Folk Song" by Ruth Rubin, 13 pages; leaflets; tickets; etc.
Music - 1949-52
Box 35 Folder 7
Contents include pamphlet "Sing, America"; news release; routine correspondence; outline for music series; leaflets; memo; souvenir journal of Jewish People's Chorus of Washington Heights.
National Jewish Youth Conference - 1950-53
Box 35 Folder 8
Includes proposed constitution and by-laws of the NJYC, 8 pages, 1950; "Dispel the Climate of Fear - Save the NJYC," 27 pages, 1953
National Jewish Youth Conference - 1949-51
Box 35 Folder 9
Includes standing committee reports; special committee reports; outline of "Program of `Adoption' of Recently Established Agricultural Settlements by Youth Organizations Overseas" for presentation at assembly, 2 pages, 1950; special committee report on Reciprocal Adoption Project, 2 pages, 1950: plenary session minutes, 2 pages, 1950; report on Jewish Youth Week, 1950; minutes of Executive Committee meeting, 9/8/50; agendas; handwritten minutes of meeting with Chafzan (in Yiddish).
National Jewish Youth Conference - 1950-52
Box 35 Folder 10
Includes form letters, post cards.
National Jewish Youth Conference - 1950-52
Box 35 Folder 11
Includes a call to the annual conference, bulletins, newsletters, pamphlet, newspapers.
Other - 1947-55
Box 35 Folder 12
News release "Opening of ORT School in Havana", and miscellaneous.
Plays - 1941-49
Box 35 Folder 13
Includes plays, sample scripts, routine correspondence, some correspondence in Yiddish.
Plays - (Yiddish).
Box 36 Folder 1
Poems and Songs - 1942-49
Box 36 Folder 2
Includes program of 25th mid-winter concert; Pageant Jewish Folk Chorus; and (in Yiddish) a song to the Order, tank poems and songs to be delivered at "Tentanks to Russia".
Poems and Songs - Yiddish
Box 36 Folder 3
Tank poems and songs for "Tentanks to Russia".
Postwar Rebuilding Program - Yiddish - 1946
Box 36 Folder 4
Includes discussion program, broadening social security, Jewish resettlement problems, Jewish Culture in America lectures.
Programs - 1944-47
Box 36 Folder 5-6
Includes Warsaw Ghetto Program; Passover Program; 15th anniversary of JPFO Program (Yiddish and English); Folklore Program; Chanukah; Emma Lazarus; Washington and Lincoln; I. L. Perez.
Radio Scripts - 1942-46
Box 36 Folder 7
People to Remember series; Our Order; routine correspondence; etc.
Speaker's Guides
Box 36 Folder 8
Outlines and guides on anti-Semitism, Palestine and Zionism, Structure of the Jewish community, Purim, etc.
Speeches - Yiddish - 1943-47
Box 36 Folder 9
F. National School Committee
National School Committee. Minutes of National School and Culture Committee - 1931-33.
Box 37 Folder 1
NSC. Minutes of School Conference held in Camp Kinderland - 1943
Box 37 Folder 2
Yiddish - program, report, speech.
NSC. Workmen's Circle School Convention - Philadelphia - 1943
Box 37 Folder 3
Yiddish - resolutions, speech.
NSC. Minutes - National School and Cultural Committee (NSCC) - 1943-49
Box 37 Folder 4
Yiddish - resolutions, speeches, report of teacher conference held in Camp Kinderland.
NSC. Report of NSCC meetings - 1945
Box 37 Folder 5
Yiddish - includes staff report, Camp Kinderland report, theatre ensemble report, article, speech.
NSC. NSCC 9th Convention of Schools - 1949-50
Box 37 Folder 6
Yiddish - includes ideas for agenda, delegate form, reports, program plan.
NSC. Minutes of meetings of NSCC - 1949-50
Box 37 Folder 7
In Yiddish.
NSC. Correspondence - 1938
Box 37a Folder 1-2
I. Goldberg correspondence, mostly routine, re publications: Proletarische Derziung and Yungvarg.
NSC. Correspondence - 1938 - Yiddish
Box 37a Folder 3-4
Re changing name of publication from Proletarische Derziung to Haim un Derziung, and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - 1939
Box 37a Folder 5-6
Routine re publications - I. Goldberg and Synoptic translation of "Home and Education," January 1939; and articles for Haim un Derziung.
NSC. Correspondence - 1938-39 - Yiddish
Box 37a Folder 7-8
Re Haim un Derziung, receipts, collection notices, book orders, etc.
National School Committee. Correspondence - 1940-42
Box 37a Folder 9
Includes letter form Sadie Doroshkin, State Secretary, California District, JPFO, to S. Davidovich and reply re problems with schools; Dr. Levine's qualifications as a teacher being questioned by Jewish Education Bureau; I. Goldberg routine (Yiddish).
NSC. Correspondence - 1942 - Yiddish
Box 37a Folder 10-11
Includes responses to letters from I. Goldberg and Sandler re openings and closings of schools, teacher appointments, draft deferments, also correspondence from Prebel and Chefetz re Chicago Schools.
NSC. Correspondence - 1939-44 - Yiddish
Box 37a Folder 12
I. Goldberg letters to teachers re hiring and firing and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - 1944-46 - Mostly Yiddish
Box 37a Folder 13
form letter re 1st May, Warsaw ghetto, million dollar campaign; letter to Saltzman re new book, routine; letter to Marc Chagall acknowledging book Brenendiger Licht and other routine; letter from Corporal W. Saltzman to I. Goldberg re his views on the war from the front.
NSC. Correspondence - 1947-48 - Yiddish
Box 37a Folder 14
To Marc Chagall re Bayla Chagall's 2nd book; to prospective member that there is no danger in joining the JPFO; and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - 1949
Box 38 Folder 1
NSC. Correspondence - 1948-49
Box 38 Folder 2
Letter to S. Davidovich from Estelle Thomas in Poland re pen-pals; letter to S. Davidovich from George Starr and reply re Peretz, Cheifitz and problems in the Chicago schools; letter from Sadie Doroshkin to I. Goldberg and written copy of phone reply re Sandler vs. Rontch teaching in California and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - 1945-50
Box 38 Folder 3
Form letters re meetings, salaries, attacks of Jewish reactionaries, loss of right to teach in public schools, organized committees to remove children from the schools, fund raising, convention (English and Yiddish); and I. Goldberg's resignation from National Schools and Cultural Committee.
National Schools Committee. Correspondence - 1940-52 -Yiddish
Box 38 Folder 4
Re publications of JPFO.
NSC. Correspondence - 1947-56 - Yiddish
Box 38 Folder 5
Routine and news of Supreme Court appeal hopes to cancel liquidation order.
NSC. Correspondence - 1950-56
Box 38 Folder 6
Routine re California Schools, and letter from I. Goldberg to Mrs. Marovitch describing curriculum in schools.
NSC. Correspondence - n.d.
Box 38 Folder 7
Brief history of Camp Kinderland; memo on the schools of the JPFO, 4 pages; listing of schools in New York City area; and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - Boston District - 1937-50 - Yiddish
Box 38 Folder 8-9
Re teachers pay meetings, routine with I. Goldberg, S. Davidovitch, Sonia Sokol, Jack Weinman; English language clippings and letter (7/20/49) re attack on Chelsea school being Communist, by Jack Weinman, teacher, Chelsea Jewish Children's School, to Chelsea Record editor and by R. Saltzman.
NSC. Correspondence - The Bronx - 1939-50 - Yiddish
Box 38 Folder 10
NSC. Correspondence - Brooklyn - 1948-50 - Yiddish
Box 38 Folder 11
S. Davidovitch and I. Goldberg correspondence re distribution of Yungvarg; description of Brooklyn schools; and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - Chicago - 1943-44 - Yiddish
Box 38 Folder 12-13
Correspondence from I. Goldberg re teacher negotiations and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - Chicago - 1943-50 - Yiddish
Box 38 Folder 14
Correspondence from G. Sandler, S. Davidovitch re more teachers needed and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - Cleveland - 1950 - Yiddish
Box 38a Folder 1
Correspondence with I. Goldberg, S. Davidovitch re camp for children, teachers' salaries, Yungvarg distribution, increasing school attendance and routine.
National School Committee. Correspondence - Los Angeles - 1942 - Yiddish
Box 38a Folder 2-3
Correspondence to Paver, Maymudes, Lottie Moloch, Zelig Zipper re articles for publication, membership drives, complaints in teachers' salaries, argument between Lottie Moloch and Z. Zipper and routine.
NSC. Correspondence - Montreal - 1942-44
Box 38a Folder 4-5
I. Goldberg routine correspondence.
NSC. Financial - 1935-44
Box 38a Folder 6-10
Routine financial material including bills, receipts, ledger sheets of various schools.
NSC. Financial - 1935-45
Box 38b Folder 1-17
Routine financial including bills, receipts, ledger sheets, routine financial correspondence.
NSC. Financial - 1937-1949
Box 39 Folder 1-17
Routine financial including bills, receipts, ledger sheets and routine correspondence.
NSC. Classroom Materials - 1942-45 - Yiddish and English
Box 40 Folder 1
Posters; materials for observance of Week of Sorrow and Protest and Purim carnival; routine correspondence; United Nations pamphlets; study guides; workbooks, Jewish history, bulletin, speech and lecture notes; lecture re use of Jewish languages for the dissemination of Jewish-American culture.
NSC. Classroom Materials - Yiddish - n.d.
Box 40 Folder 2
Composition projects for elementary and high schools, test.
NSC. Essay Contest - 1948
Box 40 Folder 3-5
Essay contest entries.
NSC. General Information - 1949-51 - Yiddish and English
Box 40 Folder 6
List of how many schools in each district, lists of Educational Directors in Brooklyn District and Schools in New York, brief history and outline of JPFO schools.
NSC. May Day - 1941-50 - Yiddish
Box 40 Folder 7
Form letters and program.
NSC. Mendele Moicher Sforim - 1947
Box 40 Folder 8
Speaker's Guide.
National School Committee. Miscellaneous - 1941-50 - Yiddish
Box 40 Folder 9
News article reply to attack on JPFO Schools by New York Board of Education; news release; insurance policy; minutes of Teacher Committee on JPFO Schools; school publications weekly report, report cards.
NSC. Miscellaneous
Box 40 Folder 10-11
Exams from children's schools (Yiddish).
NSC. New York City - Legal - 1948-49
Box 40a Folder 1-2
Court documents re Board of Education of the City of New York denying the use of public school buildings for the conduct of classes or lectures to the National School Committee of the JPFO; also pamphlet "i am a jewish child"; pamphlet "The Law and Rules of Practice Relating to Appeals to the Commissioner of Education"; partial minutes of a meeting - Board of Education and Lee Pressman; handwritten notes; articles; news releases; etc.
NSC. Teacher Personal Fact Sheets - 1946-47 - Yiddish
Box 40a Folder 3
Includes also inspection visit report - JPFO schools.
NSC. Training School - 1948-52
Box 40a Folder 4
Form letter announcing a national leadership training school at Camp Kinderland,; daily schedule; student roster; applications; correspondence to Sam Pevzner re training school from Sol Rotenberg, Samuel Cheifetz, handwritten notes.
NSC. Universal Jewish Encyclopedia - 1942-43
Box 40a Folder 5
Includes description of encyclopedia and price; routine correspondence; news release.
NSC. Yungvarg (monthly magazine) - 1940-43
Box 40a Folder 6-8
Articles and miscellany; statement of ownership; bills; proofs; photographs; etc.
NSC. Yungvarg - 1941-45
Box 41 Folder 1-5
Articles and miscellany, bills, proofs, photographs, etc.
NSC. Yungvarg - Article on I. L. Peretz - Yiddish - n.d.
Box 41 Folder 6
NSC. Yungvarg - 1943 - Yiddish
Box 41 Folder 7-8
Articles and miscellany.
G. Subject Files
Almanac - 1944
Box 42 Folder 1
Routine correspondence re photos and articles for the Almanac.
American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists, Inc. - 1946
Box 42 Folder 2
(R. Saltzman, member of the Joint Executive Committee) - correspondence and form letters re funds for Black Book Committee, rally arrangements and other routine; clipping entitled "Anti-Sovietism and Anti-Semitism, Text of Speech by Albert E. Kahn, Madison Square Garden Meeting on Jewish Black Book, March 27, 1946."
American Jewish Committee - 1946-51
Box 42 Folder 3
2 issues - May and August 1946 of The Committee Reporter, published by the American Jewish Committee; memo re: Analysis of New York State - IWO Liquidation, 1951, 5 pages.
American Jewish Conference - 1943 - Correspondence
Box 42 Folder 4
Correspondence re discrimination against JPFO lodges by American Jewish Conference - not invited to participate in Conference; request to become affiliated with the American Jewish Assembly and reply from the Assembly denying membership - much correspondence in an effort to get a reversal of the decision.
American Jewish Conference - 1945 - Correspondence
Box 42 Folder 5
Correspondence re request for JPFO representation on the Interim Committee of the American Jewish Conference; fund raising and routine.
American Jewish Conference - 1947 - Correspondence
Box 42 Folder 6
2 page "Statement on the Scope and Purpose of the American Jewish Conference" by Albert Kahn and Rubin Saltzman; death of Henry Monsky, Chairman of American Jewish Conference; form letters and routine.
American Jewish Conference - 1948 - Correspondence
Box 42 Folder 7
Correspondence re defense of the Jews in Palestine; organization of proposed American Jewish Assembly; financial status; list of members; re conference ceased to function.
American Jewish Conference - Miscellaneous - 1943-48
Box 42 Folder 8
Includes delegates lists; 2 page statement "The Future of the American Jewish Conference"; and other miscellaneous documents.
American Jewish Conference - Publications - 1944-48
Box 42 Folder 9
Miscellaneous clippings; publications; releases.
American Jewish Conference - Yiddish
Box 42 Folder 10
Unable to translate.
American Jewish Congress - Correspondence - 1946-48
Box 42 Folder 11
Includes constitution (1946) and routine correspondence.
American Jewish Congress - 1946-49
Box 42 Folder 12-14
Includes form letters; clippings; brochures; reports; minutes; "Program Notes"; an appeal by R. Saltzman re expulsion of JPFO from AJC; Spotlight, published by Committee for a Democratic American Jewish Congress; and miscellaneous.
American Jewish Labor Council - 1948
Box 42 Folder 15
2 page statement "American Jewish Labor Council Statement on Contributions and Activities Within the Last 3 Months."
Anti-Semitism - Press Releases - 1944
Box 42 Folder 16
2 releases.
Book League of the JPFO - 1940-49
Box 43 Folder 1
Includes routine correspondence and 1 bound volume ledger of Yiddish Cooperative Book League.
Camp Kinderland - 1943-50
Box 43 Folder 2
List of "Camp Committee"; programs; correspondence; list of "interracial camps"; form letters; financial data; student roster; and routine.
Camps - n.d.
Box 43 Folder 3
Form letter describing Camp Nitgedaiget.
Cemetery Department - 1950-53
Box 43 Folder 4
Includes correspondence, blank forms, lists of cemeteries, financial statements, form letter describing benefits to members, 2 page "Rules Governing Funerals, Graves Used and Reserved on Our Cemeteries in New York and Vicinity"; and miscellaneous.
Children's Anti-Nazi Protest Meeting - 1943
Box 43 Folder 5
Includes clippings and miscellaneous documents.
Civilian Defense - 1941-42
Box 43 Folder 6
Committees for the Protection of Foreign Born
Box 43 Folder 7
Clippings; articles; mimeographs; broadside.
The Day - 1948-51
Box 43 Folder 8
Correspondence re the newspaper refusing to publish JPFO ad.
Denikin - General - n.d.
Box 43 Folder 9
2 page "Memorandum to State Department on Expulsion of Denikin."
Germany - 1950-52
Box 43 Folder 10
Clippings; handwritten notes; broadside; articles.
Haim un Derziung - 1942
Box 43 Folder 11
Yiddish - apparently articles for the publication.
Independent Workmen's Circle - n.d.
Box 43 Folder 12
3 page "Statement of the United National Committee to the Injunction Executive of the Independent Workmen's Circle"; excerpts from "50 Years of the Workmen's Circle in Jewish Life" by J. S. Hertz, 4 pages, n.d.
Israel - 1946-48
Box 43 Folder 13
Releases, resolutions, correspondence re Israel.
Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in the USSR - 1943
Box 43 Folder 14
Letter thanking JPFO members for the hospitality shown while in the United States.
Jewish Fraternal Home Committee - 1951-52
Box 43 Folder 14a
Form letter; minutes of a conference called by Board of Directors for Jewish People's Home; financial data; speech; reports; agreement to buy Ridgefield Country Lodge, Ridgefield, Connecticut.
Korea - 1950-52
Box 43 Folder 15
Mostly newspaper clippings re Korean War.
Los Angeles Jewish Community - 1949
Box 43 Folder 16
Broadside re Los Angeles Jewish Community Council moving to expel the JPFO.
Leadership School - 1949
Box 43 Folder 17
Lists; agenda; leaflet re softball tournament; proposed budget for National Junior Leadership School at Camp Kinderland; school announcements; schedule; outline; and miscellaneous.
Medem, Gina - 1946-50 - Yiddish
Box 44 Folder 1
Re distribution, advertisement, publication, etc. of Wanderings and Meetings by Gina Medem
Membership - Drives - 1946-50
Box 44 Folder 2
Re JPFO's successful membership drive; newsletters; "Facts for JPFO Builders".
Membership - Dues - 1952-53
Box 44 Folder 3-3a
Correspondence re dues lists; form letters; lists; G. Sandler correspondence stressing importance of maintaining membership.
Membership - Reinstatements - Correspondence - 1946-53
Box 44 Folder 4-6
Routine correspondence from G. Sandler re reinstating expelled members; form letters from IWO General Secretary Peter Shipka re dues, standing of members and importance of reinstating members in light of the liquidation proceedings; also R. Saltzman correspondence on same matters
Membership - Reinstatements - 1951-53
Box 44 Folder 7-9
Reinstatement lists including lodge number, membership, suspensions, expulsions
Miscellaneous - 1944-53 and n.d.
Box 45 Folder 1
Includes newspaper clippings; office staff medical questionnaires; resolution to save the Office of Price Administration (OPA); legislative and political action newsletter re OPA; Dumbarton Oaks Proposals, broadsides; Earl Browder speech re Freiheit; "Jewish Fraternal Orders in the U.S." by Philip Sandler, 41 pages; and miscellaneous.
Miscellaneous - 1946 - Yiddish
Box 45 Folder 2
Correspondence re Cuban contact; thank you from Polish Jewish Organization; establishment of refugee colony in Belgium.
National Conference of Christians and Jews - 1947-48
Box 45 Folder 3
Plays; brochure on American Brotherhood Week; program guide "for Brotherhood U.S.A."
Photographs - Miscellaneous - 1942 - Yiddish Correspondence.
Box 45 Folder 4
Relief - Rehabilitation Fund - 1946-51
Box 45 Folder 5
Bills; letter from June Gordon, President, Emma Lazarus Division, JPFO, to Brother Raishi re foster parents plan; "Help! Rehabilitate the Jewish People" outline and material on the million dollar relief and rehabilitation drive of the JPFO, 15 pages; form letters re the drive; pamphlets; miscellaneous correspondence; news releases; "Reconstruction of Jewish Life in all Lands," 7 pages; E. Rymer, report on DP camps to Officers Committee, 1/14/47.
Relief and Rehabilitation Fund - 1946 - Yiddish and English
Box 45 Folder 6-7
Correspondence re children's home in Paris and summer camps; financial request from Warsaw to support rebuilding; clippings; questionnaires; and routine.
Rosenberg Case - 1952-53
Box 45 Folder 8
Petitions for clemency for the Rosenbergs; broadsides; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes; form letters; miscellaneous.
Russia - Articles and Poetry - Yiddish - n.d.
Box 45a Folder 1-4
Articles for publication in Unzer Vort Journal sent in by Hebrew Anti-Fascist League of USSR.
Russia - Campaign Against Soviet Propaganda - 1942-43
Box 45a Folder 5
newspaper clippings re Ehrlich-Alter case; press releases; government document re anti-discrimination (Yiddish and English).
Russia - Stories About - Yiddish - 1946
Box 45a Folder 6
Social Security Campaign - 1945-47
Box 45a Folder 7
Summary of Conference on Social Security in Washington, D.C., by IWO, 11/25-26/45; memo; statement by E. Rymer.
Soviet-Jewish Life - 1940-44 - Yiddish
Box 45a Folder 8
Bibliography; news clippings; articles; correspondence from Medem.
Ten Tanks to the Red Army Campaign - 1942 - English and Yiddish
Box 45a Folder 9
Bulletin, brochures, "What Russia Means to Us" by Albert Einstein, 2 pages; "An Appeal to New England Jewry!" by IWO Jewish Section, 2 pages; broadsides re sending tanks to Red Army to fight Hitler; broadside.
War and Relief Publicity Material - 1944-49 - English and Yiddish
Box 45a Folder 10
Correspondence from soldiers re war effort and thanks for gifts; new clippings; letters of thanks from war relief organizations
War Service Campaign Ads - 1943 - Yiddish
Box 45a Folder 11
Proofs; copy of letter from British Embassy on behalf of Winston Churchill thanking IWO for sending him a copy of Wallace's "Century of Common Man."
Warsaw Ghetto - 1943-47 - Yiddish
Box 45a Folder 12
News clippings; news release; poems; program for remembrance - copy in English of "Lest We Forget," 1943, 40 pages, compilation of reports received by World Jewish Congress.
Women's Clubs - 1941-44 - Yiddish and English
Box 45a Folder 13
Correspondence re various activities including aid to strikers at Dertog newspaper and Transport Workers Strike; support of anti-discrimination bill and routine.
Women's Clubs - Speeches - Yiddish - n.d.
Box 45a Folder 14
Speech on women's role in purpose and Society of Women's Clubs including women at work and home; political and economic rights; woman in USSR.
Zionism - 1951
Box 45a Folder 15
Newspaper clippings and articles.
IV. Publications
A. JPFO Publications
1. English
The America of Despair
Box 46
American Intervention in Greece
Box 46
The American Jewish Conference (Jewish Assembly)
Box 46
American Policy in Greece
Box 46
Ask Hannah
Box 46
Belgium at War
Box 46
Bombardier (Lodge 466)
Box 46
Budget for Survival
Box 46
The Builder (Lodge 253)
Box 46
Characteristics of Young Gifted Children
Box 46
Child-Welfare Legislation
Box 46
Children Engaged in Newspaper and Magazine Selling and Delivering
Box 46
Children In the Land of Socialism
Box 46
Children's Progress
Box 46
Contemporary Jewish Record
Box 46
A Crime Against Jewish Unity
Box 46
The Democratic Government and Army of Free Greece
Box 46
Divide and Conquer
Box 46
Escape To Life
Box 46
Facts About Child Health
Box 46
Facts About the Jewish National Fund
Box 46
Five Things You Can Do Today To Help Win the Peace
Box 46
Foreign War Relief
Box 46
Fortissimi sunt Belgae
Box 46
Fraternalist (Lodge 817)
Box 46
Fraternally Yours (Lodge 795)
Box 46
Good Posture In the Little Child
Box 46
Greater Security In the JPFO
Box 46
The Growth of Hebrew Culture in America
Box 46
Box 46
Haganah Speaks To the U.N.
Box 46
Help! Rehabilitate the Jewish People
Box 46
Box 46
Higher and H-I-R-E Education
Box 46
The Home Front
Box 46
Insurance in Wartime
Box 46
The Jewish Fraternalist
Box 46
Jewish Life
Box 46
The Jewish People Will Live On
Box 46
Jews In American Democratic Movements
Box 46
Box 46
A Letter From Madame Chiang Kai-Shek...
Box 46
Letter To a Zionist Friend
Box 46
Lodge Life (Lodge 517)
Box 46
Lodge Log (Local 585)
Box 46
Masaryk Charts Jewish Future
Box 46
Model Meeting (Lodge 600)
Box 46
Never To Forget (The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto)
Box 46
News From Belgium
Box 46
Number 871433 Sends You Thanks
Box 46
Observations of Successful Business Executives
Box 46
Organized Labor and the Fascist Danger
Box 46
Oust Bilbo
Box 46
The Patriot (Haym Salomon Lodge)
Box 46
Plans For Jewish Schools
Box 46
Box 46
Purim Time Is Here
Box 46
Questions and Answers About Progressive Jewish Childrens Schools
Box 46
Remember the Dead - Rescue the Living
Box 46
The Road Back
Box 46
The Schools and Civilian Defense
Box 46
School For Teachers and Higher Jewish Education
Box 46
Security Equality Fraternalism (Lodge 471)
Box 46
So Your Son Wants To Be a Doctor
Box 46
Soldiers' Village
Box 46
Solemn Assembly of Sorrow and Protest
Box 46
Sosua-Refugee Haven in the Caribbean
Box 46
Speaking As American Jews and Zionists
Box 46
Survey Midmonthly
Box 46
Shushan Review
Box 46
Tale of a City
Box 46
Technology In Palestine
Box 46
Three Gifts and Other Stories by Peretz
Box 46
Together As Jews - As Americans
Box 46
Trade Unions in Greece
Box 46
The Tuscon Fraternalist (Lodge 453)
Box 46
Unity of the Jews For Victory
Box 46
Unity Won the War - Unity Won't Win the Peace
Box 46
Victory For Freedom
Box 46
We Suffer In A Thousand Ways
Box 46
What Happens To Your $4 Hadassah Dues?
Box 46
Women of the USA and the USSR
Box 46
Work Camps For College Students
Box 46
You Gave Them This Courage
Box 46
Box 46
2. Yiddish
Abraham Goldfoden
Box 47
Almanac of JPFO
Box 47
Anti-Semitism in U.S.
Box 47
Box 47
Capitalism, Socialism and Communism
Box 47
Commemorating Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Box 47
Communism For What and For Whom
Box 47
Communist Manifesto
Box 47
Culture and Nation
Box 47
Culture, Work, Fraternalism in Inner Life
Box 47
David Bergelson
Box 47
David Edelshot
Box 47
Der Hammer
Box 47
Disqualified Not 1947
Box 47
Ethics and Purpose of the IWO
Box 47
For Homeland In Battle
Box 47
For the Security and Health of the People
Box 47
For Soviet Russia
Box 47
For Unity and For a Victory
Box 47
Germany - Destruction
Box 47
Give Back the World, Bourgeois and Other Songs
Box 47
The Great Conspiracy
Box 47
Guidebook For Builders of the Order
Box 47
Help! Rehabilitate the Jewish People
Box 47
Box 47
In Service To the People
Box 47
The IWO In Jewish Life
Box 47
IWW Songbook
Box 47
Jane Adams
Box 47
Jews In the Soviet Union
Box 47
Jewish Culture Society In Poland, Record of National Convention
Box 47
Jewish Folk Songs
Box 47
Jewish Literature in America
Box 47
Jewish People In American Freedom (Labor) Organization
Box 47
Jewish Unity Towards Victory
Box 47
Kinder Journal
Box 47
Marxism Study Course
Box 47
The Molly Maguires
Box 47
Mother Bloor
Box 47
My Book Reader
Box 47
Nation and Culture
Box 47a
NAI Teatur
Box 47a
Negro Poetry in America
Box 47a
On the Hill
Box 47a
Order Bulletin
Box 47a
Our Debt To the Soviet Union
Box 47a
Our Heroes and Leaders: Who Was Steve Kataves?
Box 47a
Peretz, Y. L.
Box 47a
Proletariat Educator
Box 47a
Questions and Answers About the Jewish Progressive Schools
Box 47a
Response To Sholom Asch and H. Levik
Box 47a
Response To David Pinsk
Box 47a
Morris Pozenfeld (Songs and Poetry)
Box 47a
School Bulletin
Box 47a
Seforim, Mendele Mocher
Box 47a
Shalom Aleichem
Box 47a
The Solving of the Jewish Question in Soviet Russia
Box 47a
Soviet Union Build Socialism
Box 47a
The Spark
Box 47a
Ten Years of Fraternalism
Box 47a
Under the Silk Curtains of the American Jewish Congress
Box 47a
Unzer Wort
Box 47a
Vintchusky, Morris
Box 47a
The Voice of the Progressive Cloak Finishers
Box 47a
The War and the Working Class
Box 47a
The War Danger
Box 47a
Why You Must Join the IWO
Box 47a
The Woman at Home, Factory and In Society
Box 47a
Worker-School Studybook
Box 47a
Yearly School Almanac
Box 47a
Your Child
Box 47a
Box 47a
B. IWO Publications and Mss.
Aptheker, Herbert. The Meaning of Negro History. n.d. 8 p.
Box 48
Bardi, Gino. Are We Aryans? 1939. 39 p.
Box 48
Bedacht, Max. Labor Fraternalism - the Fraternal Principles and Program of the I.W.O. 1941. 31 p.
Box 48
Bedacht, Max. The Organizer and His Problems. n.d. 18 p.
Box 48
Bedacht, Max. Unity of the Fraternal Movement. 1936. 24 p.
Box 48
Benjamin, Herbert. For an Offensive on the Second European Front. 1942. 8 p.
Box 48
Blake, Ben, Ed. 12 Plays for Boys and Girls. 1935. 79 p.
Box 48
International Workers Order (IWO). Add IWO Protection to Your Union Protection. n.d. 12 p.
Box 48
IWO. Air Raids, Blackouts, First Aid. [1942]. 47 p.
Box 48
IWO. The Best Insurance Protection For Your Family. 1947.
Box 48
IWO. Civilian and National Defense Exposition. n.d. 3 p.
Box 48
IWO. The Film Division of the IWO Presents. 1946. 2 p.
Box 48
IWO. Food For Freedom Bulletin. July, 1946. 4 p.
Box 48
IWO. Five Years of the International Workers Order. 1935 123 p.
Box 48
IWO. Fraternal Outlook. 1939-1950, scattered issues.
Box 48
IWO. How to Organize an IWO Lodge - a Point by Point Outline n.d. 5 p.
Box 48
IWO. The IWO - History and Role in Political Life of Our Country. (Includes instructor's outline, 8 p.) n.d. 8 p.
Box 48
IWO. IWO On Parade - 4th Convention, Pittsburgh, PA. n.d. 22 p.
Box 48
IWO. An Indictment - The People vs. Attorney General Tom Clark Before the Court of Public Opinion. n.d. 6 p.
Box 48
IWO. IWO Junior Guide. May, 1940. 8 p.
Box 48
IWO. The Lodge Program - II. n.d. 6 p.
Box 48
IWO. The Lodge Program - III. n.d. 13 p.
Box 48
IWO. Membership Book. n.d. 12 p.
Box 48
IWO. News Bulletin. April, 1951. 8 p.
Box 48
IWO. News From the International Workers Order. 1942-50, scattered issues.
Box 48
IWO. Notes and Materials For Speakers On Attorney Genera Clark's Report To The Loyalty Board. [1947]. 15 p.
Box 48
IWO. Our Plan For Plenty. n.d. 32 p.
Box 48
IWO. Our Plan For Plenty. n.d. 3 p.
Box 48
IWO. Our Spring Offensive ... Report To the National Women's Committee. 1942. 10 p.
Box 48
IWO. An Outline of Parliamentary procedure and the Conduct of a Lodge Meeting. n.d. 10 p.
Box 48
IWO. Promoting Security - Facts About the Role and Purpose of the IWO. 1940. 15 p.
Box 48
IWO. Rate Schedule. 1945.
Box 48
IWO. Speaker's Outline On ... the IWO and Social Security. n.d. 5 p.
Box 48
IWO. Special Bulletin. July, 1945. 4 p.
Box 48
IWO. Season's Greetings from International Workers Order. 1943. 1 p.
Box 48
IWO. Three Years - 1944-1947. A Review of the IWO Between the 6th and 7th Convention. 1947. 89 p.
Box 48
IWO. To Every Member of the IWO - A Message From Our President - William Weiner. [1941]. 7 p.
Box 48
IWO. Workers School, Textbook For the Third Year. 1934. 113 p.
Box 48
IWO. City Central Committee. Education Department. War Activities Guide for IWO Community Councils. n.d. 7 p.
Box 48
IWO. Cultural Council. Cultural Counsel. December, 1943 (Volume 1, Number 1). 12 p.
Box 48
IWO. Film Division. Films For Victory. 1945. 35 p.
Box 48
IWO. Front Line Fighters Fund. This Is Your Enemy - A Documentary of Nazi Atrocities Against Citizens and Soldiers of Our Soviet Ally. 1942. 45 p.
Box 48
IWO. General Executive Board. Manual For Lodge Officers of the International Workers Order. 1939. 72 p.
Box 48
IWO. General Office. Discussion Guide - "The People Have Never Abandoned F.D.R.'s Policies". 1947. 16 p.
Box 48
IWO. General Office Staff. The Paper. January, 1948 - Number 4. 10 p.
Box 48
IWO. Medical Department. At Your Service 365 Days a Year. n.d. 2 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Army Welfare Committee. Dear Son Max:. n.d. 4 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Committee of Young Fraternalists. Fraternalism in Action - Army Welfare Campaign of the IWO. [1941]. 6 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Department For Children's Activities. IWO National Junior Leadership School. 1948. 3 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Department For Children's Activities. Let's Have a Party - Parties For IWO Juniors. n.d. 11 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Education Department. Education For Victory -Series 1. 1942. 8 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Education Department. Education For Victory Series 2. 1942. 16 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Education Department. The Hungarian People Their Traditions and Contributions. n.d. 8 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Education Department. Labor and the IWO - A Handbook. 1937-41. 10 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Education Department. My Country's Peace Policy Course. 1940. 9 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Education Department. Our Civic Duty - Keep America Out of War. 1939. 12 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Education Department. Social Games For Lodges (Tenth Anniversary Publication). 1939. 37 p.
Box 48
IWO. National Executive Committee. Manual of the IWO. 1936. 64 p.
Box 49
IWO. National Executive Committee. A New Worker's Stronghold What Is the IWO and Why Every Worker Should Join It. 1930. 16 p.
Box 49
IWO. National Training School. Workers Fraternalism As a Force In the Community. 1938. 13 p.
Box 49
IWO. National Youth Committee. Parliamentary Procedure. 1937. 12 p.
Box 49
IWO. New York Council. 1930-1948, Eighteenth Annual Almanac. n.d. 36 p.
Box 49
IWO. New York District. Call To a Cultural Conference. n.d.
Box 49
IWO. Ukrainian American Fraternal Union. First Ukrainian National Folk Festival. 1948. 44 p.
Box 49
IWO. Young Fraternalists. Those Who Serve - Deserve. [1941]. 1 p.
Box 49
IWO. Youth Section. The New Order. Volume 1, Number 1-3 and 7, 1933. (Title change from Barricade.)
Box 49
Marcantonio, Vito. Security With FDR. 1944. 31 p.
Box 49
Schaeffer, Jacob, comp. "Mit Gezang Tzum Kamf" - Songs For Voice and Piano. 1932. 74, 16 p.
Box 49
Starobin, Joseph. Never Again! 1945. 16 p.
Box 49
Vail, Sol. This Is Treason. 1943. 28 p.
Box 49
Wallace, Henry. Century of the Common Man. 1943. 46 p.
Box 49
Miscellaneous manuscripts.
Box 49
Untranslatable IWO publications in Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Box 49
C. Bound volumes of various publications, mostly Yiddish.
Box 50
Der Funk, official organ of the Order, Volume 1, Number 1 (September 1930) to Volume 3, Number 6 (December 1932); magazines put out by Workmen's Circle and IWO schools during the 1920's and 1930's, including Unzer Veg, Unzer Shournal, Serp un Hammer, Prolet Shul, Shul un Arbet, and Arbeter Kinder; official publications of Workmen's Circle addressed to children, includes Kinderland, Yungvarg, Kinderring, Unzer Yungt, Morganshtern, Ershtertrit, Zichere Trit; annual almanacs of non-partisan Jewish workers' children's schools, 1927-1930. (4 bound volumes and 1 single item.)
V. Photographs and Misc. Clippings
Box 51
Miscellaneous clippings.
Box 52