Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen Photographs, 1831-1968
Collection Number: 5148 P

Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation & Archives
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Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen Photographs, 1831-1968
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation & Archives
Collection Number:
5148 P
This collection of photographs include photographs taken at Division and Committee meetings as well as Membership Banquets and Ceremonies. Some of the Divisions represented in the photographs are: 42, 43, 91, 133, 135, 139, 180, 236, 248, 313, 339, 518, and 647.
Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen (ORC&B)
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The Order of Railway Conductors of America (ORC) was a labor union that represented train conductors in the United States. It has its origins in the Conductors Union founded in 1868. Later it extended membership to brakemen. In 1969 the ORC merged with three other unions to form the United Transportation Union.[wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Railway_Conductors]

This collection of photographs include photographs taken at Division and Committee meetings as well as Membership Banquets and Ceremonies. Some of the Divisions represented in the photographs are: 42, 43, 91, 133, 135, 139, 180, 236, 248, 313, 339, 518, and 647.
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Order of Railway Conductors and Brakemen x Archives

Box 1 Folder 1
Association of General Chairmen- includes: officers in Chicago, Ill 1953, and GTW group picture.
Box 1 Folder 2
CAMA Meeting
Scope and Contents
August 1950 (Pittsburgh)
Box 1 Folder 3
Camp Claiborne, LA
Box 1 Folder 4
Cheyenne Meeting
Box 1 Folder 5
Christiansen, C. F.
Box 1 Folder 6
Committee of Grievances and Appeals
Box 1 Folder 7
Committee on Officer Reports
Box 1 Folder 8
Box 1 Folder 9
Congressional Candidates
Box 1 Folder 10
Scope and Contents
includes: Rock Island; Florida; Southern Railway; Eastern; Seaboard Airline Railroad; Canadian; and Texas
Box 1 Folder 11
Division 42, Entertainment Committee
Scope and Contents
Box 1 Folder 12
Division 43 Special Grand Division
Scope and Contents
September 2, 1946- includes: Transportation Committee; Committee on Officers Reports; Local Housing Committee; Codifying Committee; Special Caucus Committee; Jurisprudence Committee.
Box 1 Folder 13
Division 91, Portland, Oregon
Box 1 Folder 14
Division 133
Box 1 Folder 15
Division 135
Box 1 Folder 16
Division 139
Box 1 Folder 17
Division 180, Atlanta, Georgia
Box 1 Folder 18
Division 236
Box 1 Folder 19
Division 248, Sheffield, Alabama
Box 1 Folder 20
Division 313, Tucson, Arizona
Box 1 Folder 21
Division 339
Box 1 Folder 22
Division 518
Box 1 Folder 23
Division 647
Box 1 Folder 24
Emergency Board #154, Washington, DC
Scope and Contents
Box 1 Folder 25
Event In Ballroom
Box 1 Folder 26
Fifth Sunday Meeting, Macon, GA
Scope and Contents
Box 1 Folder 27
Field Representatives
Box 1 Folder 28
45th Grand Division
Box 1 Folder 29
Fraser, Harry Wilson, President
Box 1 Folder 30
General Committees
Scope and Contents
includes: General Committee of Adjustments, Delaware & Hudson Railroad; Great Northern General Committee, St Paul; B & O General Committee, April 1957; L & N General Committee, May 1957.
Box 1 Folder 31
General Secretary- Treasurers-includes: W. J Maxwell;
Box 1 Folder 32
C. H Anderson; J. H. Rodgers, Cedar Rapids; G. H Oram.
Box 1 Folder 33
Grand Chief Conductors (1800s)
Scope and Contents
includes: Calvin S. Wheaton, Elmira, NY Div. 9, October 1880 to July 1890; Alfred G. Black, Crestline, Ohio, Div. No. 8, October 1869 to August 23, 1870.
Box 1 Folder 34
Grand Division, group photo (names are on photo)
Box 1 Folder 35
Hobart, (BLE) Assistant Secretary of Labor
Box 1 Folder 36
Hughes and Ives, J.L. D
Box 1 Folder 37
Insurance Commissioners- John A. Scott, Grant Sonders, W. D. Johnson
Box 1 Folder 38
Box 1 Folder 39
Leaders in Oregon
Box 1 Folder 40
Lechner, George
Box 1 Folder 41
Local Committees
Box 1 Folder 42
Meeting (President G. H. Harris, A. G. Wise, G. Cox, and others present)
Box 1 Folder 43
Membership Banquets and Ceremonies
Scope and Contents
includes: Montreal banquet; Chicago Pullman Banquet; Knoxville Div. No 139; merit certificates to 4 retired Southern Railway conductors
Box 1 Folder 44
Box 1 Folder 45
Milwaukee Railroad Lines East (Mr. Hughes and Mr. Kenney in photo)
Box 1 Folder 46
Box 1 Folder 47
Missouri Pacific Gold Spike
Scope and Contents
Box 1 Folder 48
Mo Pac
Box 2 Folder 34
ORC & B Convention
Box 2 Folder 1
Niesze, Chief Clerk (with Peg Oram and J. H. Rodgers)
Box 2 Folder 2
Scope and Contents
includes Joint Associations, June 1953; Henry R. Nelson; C. A. Watson (Vice President), W. G. Baker (Canadian Vice President) Jake R. Wilson( Chairman, Grand Trustee). W. H. Jeffries (Grand Trustee), J. A. Bryant (Grand Trustee), Rudolph Froehlich (Grand
Box 2 Folder 3
ORC Home, Savannah, Georgia
Scope and Contents
Christmas Day 1929 and Visitors, 1932.
Box 2 Folder 4
ORC & B 100th Anniversary Banquet combined with 50th year celebration of CBAMA Chicago, Illinois
Scope and Contents
Box 2 Folder 5
ORC & B Association of General Committees President Harris with chairmen of Eastern West & Southeastern Districts of ORCB, Ross Keller, SE; John Wolf, Eastern; J W Kennedy, Western
Box 2 Folder 6
ORC & B Centennials
Scope and Contents
includes retirement dinner, centennial pageant at Sacramento to commemorate Southern Pacific's Western lines; 100th Anniversary Special on ICRR from Freeport, Illinois to Amboy, with an ICRR Depot dedication of marker, June 14- June 15, 1968
Box 2 Folder 7
Oram, G. H., General Secretary- Treasurer
Box 2 Folder 8
Order of Railway Conductors
Scope and Contents
includes: ORC Building, 1948 and Railway Labor Building.
Box 2 Folder 9
Perkins, Robert, Editor- ORCB
Box 2 Folder 10
Political Candidates
Scope and Contents
includes: P. H. Tubin Williams, Texas State Legislative Representative; Congressman James E. Van Zandt, Pennsylvania.
Box 2 Folder 11
Port Richmond, PA
Scope and Contents
general view of the world's largest privately owned tidewater terminal, and a photo of the Coal Dumps with capabilities of dumping forty cars per hour.
Box 2 Folder 12
Scope and Contents
includes: Fraser, G. H. Harris; Edward Patrick Curtis, Smithville, TX, Phillips; James Andrew Phillips; R O Hughes; Garretson;
Box 2 Folder 13
Pullman Meeting- Pullman General Committee
Scope and Contents
Box 2 Folder 14
Railroad Workers
Scope and Contents
includes: Brakemen from Santa Fe RR Chillicothe, Ill, 1918; workers on local run between Streator and Pekin Ill. over the Toledo Peoria & Western, 1918; workers on Chicago & Northwestern RR, 1917.
Box 2 Folder 15
Box 2 Folder 16
ROE, with Brown and Lundborg
Box 2 Folder 17
San Antonio Group
Box 2 Folder 18
Scott, John (Wagner)
Box 2 Folder 19
Sleeping Car Conductors Officers
Scope and Contents
(January 26, 1944): A. G. wise, Executive V-P; J L D Ives, V-P; R. R. Nicholas, V-P; M. H. Barney, V-P; B. C. Johnson, V-P; R. O Hughes, V-P; J. R. Kelly. Trustee; J. F. Casey, Trustee; J. A. Scott, Chairman, Trustees; J. H Rodgers, V-P; H. Fraser, Presid
Box 2 Folder 20
Southern Pacific Group
Box 2 Folder 21
Ten Man Club
Scope and Contents
includes: Milner, B. C. Johnson, G. Redrup, Downing, J. H. Irwin, P. J. Hilton, F. E. Renville, April 1954; Finkenburger, B. C. Johnson, C. H. Anderson, T. G. Burke, L. S. Smith, Frank Freeburg, J. F. Byrne, John Willman, K. C. McLane, Roy Hirscheimer, H.
Box 2 Folder 22
Texas Joint Railway Labor Legislative Board
Scope and Contents
B. R. Cowan, (BRT Chairman), W. M. York (ORT Vice- Chairman); P. H. Tobin Williams (ORCB Sec.) E. F. Jergens (BLFE Treas.); C. F. Majors (BRS); H. O. Paul (BLE); R. R. Wheatley (BRO); Tom G. Hawkes (BMWE) and Clyde E. Johnson (Joint Board Public Relations
Box 2 Folder 23
Scope and Contents
includes: Chicago Rail Fair, September 5, 1949; Engine 22, O & C RR; postcards of the Pennsylvania # 8218, 4/5/53 and Pennsylvania #4191, 11/12/58; First steam on the NYC 1831; postcard of the train wreck of train 7, Trout Lake, August 7, 1912 (x 4); Nove
Box 2 Folder 24
Scope and Contents
George H. Harris, Grand; Lee F. Dover, Grand; J. R. Kelley; Grand Division; J. A. Bryant, Grand; W. H. Jeffries, Grand, Jake R Williams, Chairman trustees; J. A. Scott, Grand Division; Wilson; J. F. Casey, Grand Div.; Henry Zimmerman, Grand, July 31, 1934
Box 2 Folder 25
Vice Presidents
Scope and Contents
R. R. Nicholas; John F. Casey, Sr. V-P; James A. Paddock, Sr. V-P; W. D. Johnson, V-P and Nat'l Legislative Rep.; K. Hinks; Gannnou; Harry Fraser, Sr. V-P; Thomas A. Gregg; F. J. Williams; R. O. Hughes; B. C. Johnson; George W. Lange; A. W. Hair; J. E. Ma
Box 2 Folder 26
Wage Negotiations- Chicago, Ill.
Scope and Contents
9/1/1941; A. [Alvanley] Johnston, Grand Chief Engineer, BLE; Carl Goff, Asst President BLFE; H. W. Fraser, President ORC; A. F. Whitney, President, BRT, and T. C. Cashen, President, SUNA.
Box 2 Folder 27
Washington, D. C. Office- W. D. Johnson & secretary; unidentified group of 4 men including Johnson.
Box 2 Folder 28
White House Conference
Scope and Contents
Box 2 Folder 29
Whitney, General Secretary and Treasurer
Box 2 Folder 30
Wise, A. G. Executive Vice President Sleeping Car Conductors
Box 2 Folder 31
Scope and Contents
includes: General & Women's Group, B & O, Comm. Mtg. 1957, Hilton-Reicha-Hair; Mrs. Hazel Hand, President of the Ladies' Auxiliary; Mrs. M Rohm, secretary to Rochik; Peg Oram, Annabel Kurtz, Edith Stuart, Hazel Grady. Chas Winters; Nellie E. Douglas, Pres
Box 2 Folder 32
Workers- R W Rosenwinge, Fireman- Helper and G W Smith, Engineer Freeport, Ill.
Scope and Contents
Box 2 Folder 33
Oswego Harbor, with sailing vessels and bridges, Buffalo Creek Railroad Co.
Box 4 Folder 1
Oversize photos: 13 photographs sorted out of the 'misc. photos' box stored over the mapcase
Box 3 Folder 1
PA. Lines West - Full General Comm. - Jan 27, 1959
Box 5OP
District Meeting - O.R.C. - New England Hotel Manger - June 2, 1935 ; O.R.C. of America - Hist Grand Division, Toronto, Canada, May 1934
Box 5OP Folder 1
panoramic photos - District Meeting - O.R.C. - New England Hotel Manger - June 2, 1935 ; O.R.C. of America - Hist Grand Division, Toronto, Canada, May 1934
Box 6
Images digitized from the collection.