Faculty and Students in the 1920s 

Faculty and Students in the College of Architecture.
Photograph. June 1920.

Professors seated in the third row include [student Arthur L. Martsolf], Christian Midjo, Olaf M. Brauner, Hubert E. Baxter, Hiram S. Gutsell, Dean Francke Huntington Bosworth, Clarence A. Martin, Leroy P. Burnham, Shepherd Stevens, Albert C. Phelps, and George Young.

Beaux Arts Ball. Invitation. ca. 1920.

The Beaux Arts Balls began in the 1920s. As Professor Eugene D. Montillon reminisced in a later interview,

“... the balls were held in White Hall. All of the drawing tables were moveable, out of the central drafting room, the fourth floor of White Hall, which was the width of the building, about 60 by 120 feet. The room was cleared completely.... The Beaux Arts Ball disrupted the work of the College for darn near a week, but the faculty approved of it. There was always a competition for the design of the Beaux Arts Ball and it was a sketch problem for credit, design credit. And the actual design that was executed was usually a composite of some one or two of the better solutions....

Gargoyle Banquet menu. 1919.

Gargoyle was organized in 1904 as a social and academic student group.

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