Andrew Dickson White , “Semi-Annual Report of the President to the Trustees.”
Autograph manuscript draft. June 1871.

...I think that the time has arrived for adding to our other departments a College of Architecture. The reasons for such an establishment may be stated briefly as follows:
No one who has observed at all closely the condition of our larger towns and villages, especially those remote from the greater centers, can have failed to observe the great lack, not merely of architectural beauty in residences and public buildings, but also waste in expenditure, inconvenience and often unhealthiness coming from careless plans or lack of plans.... Unfortunately, outside of the great metropolitan cities there are very few architects who are really instructed in their profession.... In view of these facts, it seems to me that a College of Architecture is just one of those departments for the combination of liberal and practical study which our charter calls upon us to establish. As to the professorial staff required, we already have nearly all in the School of Civil Engineering. To set the College in successful operation, we simply need a Professor of Architecture; and at later period an instructor in drawing, with a moderate appropriation for models, etc.

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