A Civil War-era photograph album compiled by Prince Louis-Philippe d'Orléans, Comte de Paris, the grandson of the last king to rule France, is being added to the Cornell University Library’s collections as its
8 millionth volume.

The Photographic Album of Comte de Paris was a recent gift to the Cornell University Library from Stephan and Beth Loewentheil.

The Comte de Paris volunteered, along with his younger brother, the Duc de Chartres, to serve in the Union army. As a member of General George McClellan’s staff for approximately one year, he closely observed the early progress of the war and assembled these photographs to document his experiences in America. Upon his return to Europe, he wrote a history of the Civil War.

Containing more than 265 albumen and salt print photographs, many by Matthew Brady and his associates, his photograph album includes images of soldiers in military camps, gun emplacements, artillery and cavalry regiments preparing for battle, scenes of Washington, D.C., “Contraband” slaves, as well as portraits of Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Union officers, foreign ministers and other dignitaries.

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